Annual Prospects List
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(Note: At the time this list was compiled for Daily News, we were
unable, on short notice, to determine whether King SF-WG Stefon
"D.J." Jackson was a senior or junior. He is a junior with senior
eligibility. He is now inserted among the SFs.)  


by Ted Silary, Daily News Sports Writer

    For the 26th consecutive season, the Daily News is attempting to give
college basketball coaches a helping hand with recruiting.
    Our five categories for seniors are point guards, wing guards, small
forwards, power forwards and centers. Players are categorized by the position
we expect them to play in college. But remember, a player's role can depend
upon the level of school he attends.
    The players in "The Best" category are those we believe would be most
capable of playing in Division I or the higher levels of Division II, or in a
competitive junior-college program if there's a need for academic
strengthening. "Others" are Division IIs or IIIs.
    Our rating system: 1. big time; 2. midmajor; 3. low Division I; 4. high
Division II.
    The notation "NCAA OK" means the player is qualified for freshman
eligibility under NCAA academic guidelines. Those not qualified may become so

Point guards
  The best: Michael Green, Franklin Learning Center, 6-1, smooth and spidery, best days ahead, will add weight, decent shooter, two low-I offers, NCAA OK, rating 3; Antwain Wynn, Neumann, 5-9, lefty, feisty, maintains team's rhythm, sensible penetrator, digs in on defense, rating 3-4; Charles Jones, Bartram, 6-foot, solidly built, snappy passer, takes guys' hearts, natural leader, NCAA OK, rating 3-4; Brian Smith, Franklin, 6-foot, flashy, deep treys no problem, boundless energy, father played D-I ball, rating 3-4; Baltazar Feliciano, Kensington, 5-6, perpetual motion, fills stat sheet, Mr. Entertainment, lifts teammates, prep school/JC likely, rating 4.
  Fifteen others: Omar John-son, Gratz; Quincy Marshall, King; Bill Geiger, Judge; Tyree Wilson, Franklin; Tariq Wharton, Gratz; Rashawn Dennis, Parkway; John "Wes" Davis, Lincoln; Tyrone Crawley, Roxborough; John Hampton, Washington; Maurice Sammons, Northeast; Kevin Hightower, Roman; Tom Jakeman, Northeast; Steve Custus, Germantown; Joe Ndanu, Washington; Brian Welte, North Catholic.

Wing guards
  The best: Maureece Rice, Strawberry Mansion, 6-foot, relentless scorer, expert at getting to hoop in transition, fullback's build, possible PG, better passer than people realize, might opt for prep school/JC, rating 2; Tim Young, Edison, 6-2, tricky in traffic, soft jumper, wide wingspan, shows confidence/smarts, could be special in time, rating 2-3.
   Fifteen others: Bryant Leach, Bartram; Ramik Roberts, Olney; Isaac Greer, Dougherty; Chris Feggans, GAMP; Greg Arrow, Wood; Chris Hanes, McDevitt; Kenny Fulton, Neumann; Brenden Stoner, Masterman; Mike Devine, Ryan; Andre Hammond, King; Darnell Johnson, Central; T.J. Valerio, St. Joe's Prep; Pat Whitworth, Chestnut Hill; Ronnie Frazier, Episcopal; Victor O'Connor, Lamberton.

Small forwards
  The best: Troy Roundtree, Northeast, 6-4, strong with soft hands, knocks down midrange jumpers, uses savvy to get to foul line often, good team player, Towson strong possibility, rating 3-4; Tyreek Byard, FLC, 6-5, big potential, athletic and learning, rises to hole, possible WG, rating 3-4; Stefon "D.J." Jackson, King, 6-4, master of the midrange game, springy with high release and soft touch, finds openings, still blossoming, needs prep school, rating 3-4.
  Fifteen others: Todd Johnson, Neumann (committed to Shippensburg); Khalil Abdus-Salaam, Bartram; Tariq Chandler, Fels; Andrew Myatt, West Phila.; Shawn Taylor, Northeast; Tyrell Mathis, Straw. Mansion; Mike Ross, McDevitt (committed to Mansfield); Brian Holsey, Masterman; Keith Shanks, Germantown; James Robbins, Mastbaum; Jamel Wellman, Franklin; Brandon Weston, West Catholic; Brandon Wicker, West Catholic; Mike Thornton, Bonner; Jim Glowienka, Judge.

Power forwards
  The best: Jason Cain, Bartram, 6-9, agility equals huge upside, some say he's nation's top available big man, Temple/Villanova among the involved, will add weight, rating 1-2; Mark Zoller, St. Joseph's Prep, 6-5, makes good decisions quickly, sturdy, sticks jumpers, rebounds in traffic, NCAA OK, possible Ivy, rating 3; Jordan Ingram, Carroll, 6-6, Fairleigh Dickinson signee; Delton Morgan-Hines, Strawberry Mansion, 6-6, loves dirty work, wiry, slinks between defenders, good defender, rating 3-4.
  Ten others: Darryl White, Frankford; James Mitchell, O'Hara; Kevin Lauer, Neumann; Phil Burns, Dobbins; Elijah Talbert, Overbrook; Domenique Wilson, West Phila.; Andrew Martin, Engineering and Science; Maurice "Grease" Thomas, Olney; James Norcome, Mastbaum; Anthony Shelton, Univ. City.

  The best: Wayne "Gobby" Marshall, King, 6-10, Temple signee; Dontay Tabbs, Washington, 6-8, runs/jumps well, scratching surface, getting inquiries, likely needs prep school/JC, rating 3-4.
  Three others: Will Furey, La Salle; John Brown, Bok; Tom Keenan, Judge.

  Top 10: Sean Singletary, Penn Charter, 5-11, PG; Charron Fisher, Roman, 6-3, PF-C; Kyle Lowry, Dougherty, 5-10, PG-WG; DeSean White, Dougherty, 6-7, PF-C; Rob Kurz, Penn Charter, 6-8, SF; Antoine "Doo Dirty" Brown, Southern, 6-1, PG; Richard "Tabby" Cunningham, Neumann, 5-9, PG; Shane Clark, Dougherty, 6-6, SF; Brian Grandieri, Malvern, 6-1, PG-WG; Bilal Benn, Dougherty, 6-5, WG-SF.
  Twenty more goodies: Marshall Taylor, West Catholic, 6-4, SF; Mark Tyndale, Gratz, 6-4, WG-SF; Shawn Sabb, Southern, 6-5, PF-C; Matt Walden, Gratz, 6-7, PF-C; Chris Clark, St. Joe's Prep, 5-8, PG; Kechan Myers, Engineering and Science, 6-foot, WG; Adon El, Neumann, 6-3, SF; John Griffin, St. Joe's Prep, 6-2, WG; Mike Springman, Carroll, 6-4, WG-SF; Joe Gill, Gtn. Academy, 6-6, SF; Amarildo Matos, Kennedy-Kenrick, 6-2, WG; Andre Sloan-El, Roman, 6-3, WG-SF; Joe Mullin, Ryan, 6-5, SF; Tywain McKee, Furness, 6-foot, PG-WG; Randy Reid, Bonner, 6-4, SF-PF; Brett Johnson, Roman, 6-4, PF; Steve Wolf, Judge, 6-4, PF-C; Ivan Evans, Germantown, 6-3, SF; Tracey Worley, Straw. Mansion, 6-4, SF; Erik "Ugs" Adams, Olney, 6-5, PF.

Top 10 youngsters
(Sophomores unless noted)
  Gerald Henderson, Episcopal, 6-4, SF-PF (freshman); Carlos Monroe, Bonner, 6-5, SF-PF; David Burton, Neumann, 6-5, WG-SF; Raymond "Doodles" Sims, Edison, 5-8, PG (freshman); Ryan Ayers, Gtn. Academy, 6-5, SF; Brian Grimes, Gtn. Academy, 6-6, SF; Daziah Miller, Bartram, 6-5, PF; Kevin Riley, Olney, 6-4, PF; Zack Zeglinski, Penn Charter, 5-11, PG-WG; Matt Spadafora, Wood, 6-3, WG-SF.