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   Sean Woods, a FB player at McDevitt and ace basketball reporter, is now checking in with baseball blurbs. Lord only knows why we're letting him. (smile).  
Sean may be reached at Swoody84@netscape.net


   The McDevitt family extends its condolences to the family of sophomore Ryan McGinty,
who passed away April 16 after a lengthy illness. Please keep Ryan's loved ones in your
prayers. Thank you.

MAY 29

Frankford 6, Central 2
    “Why would I read this report when Ted already did two of his own (one for the Daily News and the more important one for the site)?” you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you why! If for one reason only, you should check out my take on this Public League semifinal game to see the outstanding new photo that graces the heading of this page. Although at time of print it still did not appear so it is possible that this scorching hot picture melted Ted’s camera, or that my picture broke his camera like it does to so many mirrors.
    After covering McDevitt sports pretty thoroughly during the basketball and baseball seasons, I finally met the notorious Ted Silary for the first time since becoming Knock on Woods. I had exclusive seating for this game, sat with the bigwigs of high school sports, and was returned the $5 I paid for admission- nice! I also had the pleasure of meeting PL commissioner Joe Stanley, who is as nice and down to earth as they come; and Brother John Kane, who is a great guy and a Maple Glen legend, even though he did hire Jack Rutter at West Catholic (smile). I’m kidding, JR is my boy now.
    As for the game, Thursday just wasn’t Central P Brandon Watson’s day to shine. He labored for 3.1 long innings, which is probably more than he should have. Watson conceded two runs in each of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th innings- that’s six for all of you math whizzes. He relinquished ten hits, four of which were doubles. He walked four batters, hit one, and committed two errors. Central reliever Andrew Reynolds came in to pitch 2.2 impressive innings of run-less, hitless baseball while walking just two.
   While Watson wrestled and reliever Reynolds repaired, Frankford’s Farina flourished. Junior P Joe Farina did a fine job to ensure his team a trip to the Final. The hefty hurler maintained a complete-game by giving up just four hits, and striking out nine Lancer batters. The majority of his K’s were looking, and four of his victims went down on three straight pitches. Farina had a shut out going until the 7th, when Central 2B Erick Navas poked a single to score 1B Craig Baumbach and C Ron Daukus.  Farina also had a decent game with the bat, as he earned a single, a run, and an RBI. Also making noise with the metal was Adam Hartman (2-3, run, RBI, stolen base), who moved from left field to catcher when starter Matt Colon broke his nose after fouling off a pitch that hit him in the face, and 3B Carlos Rivera, who went 2-4 with a double and a run. 2B Howard Sherman added two hits, a walk, and a run, and was the recipient of many smoking grounders in the field and handled them all nicely.
  Player of the Game: Joe Farina.

MAY 27

Northeast 9, GAMP 3
   The Pub. Until Tuesday it was a foreign world to me. An exotic matrix with mysterious rules and unfamiliar teams.  I went into this game expecting the league to be trash, and the game to be sloppy, but was treated to a hard fought game filled with passion. This match-up has recently developed into a nice rivalry, mostly because of their meeting in last year’s championship game. GAMP’s staff ace Mario Malatino gave a patchy performance. He showed great control at times by punching out eight Viking batsmen and forcing many to ground out, but seemed periodically to be in search for command.  The usually marvelous Mario walked 5 batters, hit one, allowed eight hits, threw two wild pitches, and tossed some beach balls over the plate, but his biggest problems were pickoff attempts and communication troubles. His wide pickoff throws to first were troublesome, but the ones to third were disastrous and allowed runners to score on more than one occasion. NE’s 1-2 punch pitching combo of Craig Solomon and Andrew Lihotz was tremendously successful. Solomon started the game and permitted just five hits and one earned run to pick up the win. Lihotz entered with no outs and runners aboard with the Vikings holding onto a 4-2 lead in the 5th.  2B Paul LaBruna smacked a long sac fly to left allowing Anthony Caines to tag up and score, and cut NE’s lead to one. Vince Evangelista advanced to 3rd on the play and GAMP Coach Art Kratchman decided to gamble. Evangelista was sent home in a suicide squeeze attempt, but the batter, 3B Gabe Natale never made contact and Evangelista was easily tug out at home. Lihotz was almost immaculate in his save, pitching three more hitless innings to increase his streak to eight. NE broke loose with a 3-run fifth inning that was started with a homerun over the centerfield fence by Bryan Adamson (3-3, 2 runs, 2RBI, walk, double, homer). Not only did the leftfielder have a remarkable game at the bat, he also had an eventful day in the field that included making the final out of the game. DH Dennis Heebner (2-4 ,run, 2 RBIs) followed Adamson’s HR with a single, and Lihotz boarded with a walk. RF Jay Banks then cashed in with a single to score Lihotz and Heebner and give the Vikings a 7-3 lead. While Lihotz suppressed the Pioneers, NE added two more runs as Adamson singled in Joe Cross, and scored when LaBruna misplayed a ball hit by Heebner. After being eliminated from the playoffs three years in a row by GAMP, Northeast’s team, fans, and especially their managers were thrilled to finally throw that monkey off their back and move on. “Mario is a great pitcher.” Adamson said. “He always pitches great against us but today he made some mistakes and we played a good game. Now we can enjoy this and look ahead to Thursday.” That is when they will face Randy’s George Washington Eagles. Remember what happened the last time these teams played each other? (GW 24, NE 23) Even I read about that Pub game. Let’s hope this week’s contest is a little quicker.
Player of the Game: Bryan Adamson

MAY 22

McDevitt 5, Carroll 3
    Some people might be surprised to see this result, especially after McDevitt’s recent 14-0 loss to Wood, but the McDevitt players are not too shocked. “This is the way we’ve played all year”, said coach Buddy Glemser, “We lose to the bad teams and beat the good ones.” Lancer shortstop Brian Fisher offered his explanation for the team success against superior teams, “Our mind set is different, we go in expecting to do poorly; therefore, we have already rationalized for any mistakes that may be made, this causes the team to be more relaxed.” Well said, Fish! McDevitt was an impressive 7-3 against playoff bound teams, but had a pitiful record of 1-7 against teams that will be watching the playoffs from the stands. Archbishop Carroll needed this win to secure a 1st or 2nd place seed for the playoffs, while the game meant absolutely nothing to Lancers. The Patriots arrived at Penbryn extra-early, while only five of the players on McDevitt’s limited roster had shown up. The Patriots were in for a looong wait. The game was scheduled to start at 3:30 but the umpires went to Carroll instead, which is quite a hike from McDevitt. A lone ump arrived at 4:45 and the game started shortly thereafter. In the meantime, Carroll players waited patiently on the bench while half of McDevitt’s team went to BK, and the other half went to the outfield where they engaged in an intense made-up game that involved hitting batted baseballs back and forth with the bats. Yeah, we looked like idiots and are probably the joke of the CL, but hey we have a good time. Several players, including Captain Andrew Kovach, were unable to make today’s game, but it didn’t matter, the Lancers were just there to have some fun. And did we ever!
  Senior captain Bob Mitros took the mound for the last time in his career, and went out with a bang. He was originally only supposed to pitch two innings, but after a five-pitch first inning, in which he retired the Patriots in order, it was obvious that Bob was sharp and ready to go the distance. Carroll got all four of its hits in the 2nd inning on consecutive singles from Colin McHale, Brian Rorick, John Gardner, and Matt Lisowski to jump out to an early 3-0 lead. Other than that, Mitros’ pitching was nothing short of spectacular. He allowed just one walk, and forced the majority of his opponents to hit into first-pitch ground outs. The Carroll pitchers, starter Joe Harris and reliever Dan Ritter, did exceptional work on the hill as well. Harris left the game after the second, when he gave up a 3-run double to SS Brian Fisher that scored Bob Mitros, Mike Loftus, and Brian Mitros. That was only the second hit given up by Harris, but enough for an impatient Fran Murphy to bring Ritter in for relief. Ritter had a beautiful sinker that dropped from above the batters’ heads down to their midsections immediately before reaching the plate. This pitch duped many Lancer batters and the ump into thinking it was a ball. After two speedy innings of scoreless baseball, Brian Mitros started the bottom 6th by reaching on an error, and moved to second after a sacrifice from Fish before stealing 3rd.  Senior OF Anthony Kunz walked and attempted to steal 2nd.  Patriot’s C Matt Lisowski’s throw to second was long, and allowed Mitros to cross home for the go ahead run. McDevitt jr. C Jim Romano then ripped a hard hit single down the 3rd base line to score Kunz and give the Lancers a 5-3 lead. Bob needed just four pitches to close out the Patriots in the seventh, as Tim Myers caught Dave Puliti’s fly ball with a signature U.D. (unnecessary dive) to wrap up the upset. This catch came just before six o’clock and wrapped up an amazingly fast game that lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  Today’s victory was bittersweet because it proved that McDevitt had the talent and ability to accomplish their goals this year. Sadly, like so many times in sports, things did not work out as planned. The Lancers can all say they had fun this season, which is more important than any stat or record.
  Players of the Game: Bobby Mitros and B.Fish

MAY 21
Wood 14, McDevitt 0
    Before today’s game the McDevitt Lancers' playoff hopes were still alive. They were on life support and hooked up to a million machines, their hearts barely beating and in desperate need of help, but still alive. Today the Vikings of Archbishop Wood attacked the Lancer’s hospital room and pounded on the already dying team before spitting in their faces. I was fortunate enough to be spared and not have to witness most of this horrific atrocity. This Viking invasion was led by Chris Kirk, who conquered the Lancers from his home on the hill. Kirk threw a shutout extravaganza in this Lancer massacre in which he rung up 14 of the mere 23 batters he faced. He only allowed one walk and one infield hit, both to Sean Cahill, while fanning more than half of the McDevitt lineup. The Wood hitters did their part in support of Kirk’s near perfect game by racking up 14 runs against Cahill and P Rob Dougherty. To the best of my knowledge, Wood did not earn these runs by hitting the stitching out of the ball, just by getting a boatload of walks, singles and errors. This was the same problem that plagued the Lancers in their last game, a 13-4 loss to Ryan. According to the McDevitt book, only one player, SS Justin Cunnane, recorded an extra-base hit with a double. Catcher Travis Roth registered three hits, three runs, three runs and a double shot of RBIs. Kirk helped himself out by adding three hits, but I’m not sure who else had standout performances for Wood. I only have these stats from looking at Ted’s “Results” page, but that tends to conflict with my own stats so I can’t be too sure of its validity (smile). My teammates gave up on the book and the game after about the fifth inning and decided to just enjoy the remainder of the season. I arrived at the game fashionably late at quarter of six, with two down in the top 7th. The game was originally scheduled to be played at McDevitt, and after waking up after three o’clock this afternoon, I hurried to Glenside only to find a soggy and empty field, and figured it was postponed. I returned homewards to find that none of my teammates were home, so I went back to McDevitt to see what was going on. There I was informed that the game was being played at Wood. My next obstacle was finding my way to Wood. It’s closer to me than McDevitt, and I’ve been there quite a few times, but that did not stop me from getting completely lost. I finally arrived to see our LF Anthony Kunz on the mound and a scoreboard that read “Visitors 14, Home 0”. My jovial teammates tricked me into thinking that we had the lead, but it never occurred to me that we were really the home team, and that Kunz would not be pitching if Doc, the starting pitcher, had a shutout in progress. I know this had no bearing on the game, I just thought I’d let you know. With rain in the forecast for the Lancers' final contest, a meaningless game against Carroll, this might be my last report on McDevitt baseball so I’ll contribute some closing thoughts, thank you’s, and recaps later.
  Player of the Game: Chris Kirk.

MAY 20

Ryan 13, McDevitt 4
    Many times in sports, people will talk about how one position on a sports team, like a quarterback or goalie, is far more important than any other. Today the Bishop McDevitt Lancers learned the hard way that without a pitcher who can throw strikes and get outs, it is impossible to win a ball game. It was a perfectly gorgeous afternoon for baseball, and with so much at stake, a close, clean, competitive game was expected to take place.  Spectators were treated to just that through three innings in a showdown between Lancer sr.  P Brian Rooney and Ryan ace Tom Dolan, but that was just the calm before the storm. The Lancers led 2-1 until the 4th when Rooney, who hadn’t pitched in nearly two weeks, completely lost his ability to throw strikes. His control problems were apparent when he hit Raider 3B Rob Fisher with a pitch to start the inning. Rooney then walked SS Anthony Carter (0-2, 3 runs, 2 walks) before giving up a blast to C Nick DiEnno (1-3, 2 runs, 2RBIs) to give the Raiders the lead for good. DiEnno’s smash flew deeeeep into left field, and would have cleared any fence in the league, but OF Anthony Kunz played it perfectly to hold Dienno to a triple. That was the end of Rooney’s occupancy of the mound, and Rob Dougherty was called in from 3rd to try to stop the bleeding. Doc wasn’t anymore successful in his attempt to quiet the Ryan bats, as he gave up back to back singles to 1B Greg Michalowski (2-2, 2 runs, 2 RBI, double) and OF Anthony Turco (1-3, 2 runs, 2 RBI). Junior 2B Sean Costello (1-2, 2 runs) walked to load the bases for sr. OF Mike Maule (3-4, 1 run, 3 RBIs, triple) who singled in the fifth run of the inning and became the seventh consecutive Raider to reach base that inning. McDevitt finally got its first out in the inning when Joe Kline (2-3, 2 RBI) flied out, but Ryan still got a run out of it. The 5th inning featured more of the same, with jr. T. C. Sawick’s failure to find the strike zone. Sawick walked the first three batters he faced, and McD coach Buddy Glemser decided to give little-used Ricky Sheehan a shot. He was not expected to strike-out the Raider line-up, just get the batters to put the ball in play, and let his fielders do the rest. That’s exactly what he did, but still no avail. Sheehan let up a hit to every batter he faced, including a Mike Maule triple to left that matched DiEnno’s shot. Those were the two hardest hit balls I’d ever seen at Penbryn, but this one hit a tree and Maule was also robbed of a round-tripper. The Lancer fielders did all they could, but it was not enough. Mike Loftus’s diving catch, Tim Myers’ push off the RF fence to grab a ball, Kunz’s perfect positioning, and the entire defense’s 0 errors were all insignificant because to the pitching problems. Sawick and Sheehan combined to allow six runs in the inning, before soph. Dan Fannon made his first league appearance, and retired every batter he faced. I’m not sure if the Raiders decided that they had enough and tried to get out, but in Fannon’s three innings on the hill, not one Ryan player reached base. The bottom of the 5th featured a breath of life from the Lancers after back to back triples from Brian Fisher (2-3, 2 runs, triple) and Anthony Kunz (2 for 4, 1 run, RBI, double, triple). Fisher, who is best known for his fielding, did a very impressive job at the plate in his started over captain Bob Mitros, who visited the bench for the first time this year. Although this was a horrible loss for the Lancers, it was nice to see some players get into the game for the first time. Steve Snyder had his first at-bat this year with two down in the home seventh. Steve fought off a lot of pitches, and had a quality showing at the plate before grounding out. The Raiders were lucky to get him out, because on deck was the mighty Sean Woods, and that could have been trouble! (smile) Tom Dolan got the win for Ryan, and was the only Raider to leave without any offensive stats.
  Player of the Game: Mike Maule

  "*Sorry for the lateness in this report, but tonight I was faced with one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. I was forced to choose whether to write this report, study for tomorrow's Trigonometry exam, or watch the season finale of “Smallville”. But don’t worry parents, after a lot of thought I made the sensible decision and watched Smallville."

MAY 19

McDevitt 6, North 5
    Shaun Gallagher. He wasn’t really a factor in today’s game, but after reading through “Pat the Stat” I figured it was customary to start off any report on a North game with the words “Shaun” and “Gallagher”.  Instead, The Lancers faced P Mike Berretta, who pitched a good complete game and showed great fortitude in his losing effort. He didn’t walk many batters, or allow a ridiculous amount of runs, but he did give up 9 hits that McDevitt took advantage of.  Senior OF Tim Myers (2 for 4, 1 run, 2 RBIs, 2 steals, double) scored the first run and had an all around good game. Myers, C Andrew Kovach (2 for 3, 1 run, walk) and 1B Steve Norris (2 for 4, 1 run) each picked up 2 hits, and were rewarded with 1 run apiece. P Bob Mitros held the Falcons to seven hits. Shaun Gallagher made a brief appearance in a pinch hit at bat, and grounded to shortstop for an RBI fielder’s choice. North must have gotten word of SS Sean Cahill’s one-game suspension and tried to take advantage of it by hitting almost every ball to short. Unfortunately for them, they were not aware of the fielding skills of his backup, senior INF Brian Fisher, who gobbled up anything and everything in his vicinity and always made the right play.  Guiding the Falcons in flight was Sr. CF Stan Orzechowski, who gathered 2 hits including an RBI double. North was down 5-4 in the home seventh with the heart of the order up to bat. SS Dan Paluch led off by drawing a walk, and made his way to third after an error and a sacrifice. Berretta refused to go down without a fight and flied out to deep center, enabling Paluch to tag up and score to send this one into extra innings. 3B Rob Dougherty started the 8th by drawing a walk, and advanced on a beautiful sac bunt from Fisher. Freshman Brian Mitros, who enjoyed a very productive day (1 for 3, 2 runs, 1 RBI, 2 walks, 5 steals), smacked a single to give Doc a trip around 3rd and attempt to score on a play at the plate. Falcon C Mike Karpovich was right in the base path, and was punished for his mistake. Lest we forget, Doc was McDevitt’s QB who leveled C-E’s manchild Matt Brazil after picking off one of his passes. The throw to home was wide, and Karpovich was absolutely steamrollered by Dougherty. This run was all the Lancers needed to wrap up a well played baseball game and head home with a win in their pockets.
  Game balls go to: Brian Fisher, and Bob and Brian Mitros.

MAY 14
La Salle 6, McDevitt 0
  Hey, you know who's good at baseball? Dan Waters. In fact he's really
good. La Salle's ace pitcher and reigning MVP showed the McDevitt
Lancers and their many followers what all the hype was about. Waters
went the distance for the Explorers and notched a whopping 13 K's while
holding McDevitt to just 5 scattered hits in his shutout pitching
exposť. Waters was equally effective with the bat, as he went 3 for 4
with a run, an RBI, and two doubles. Waters and his fellow Explorer
batsmen got the best of Lancer sr. P Rob Dougherty and his fielders. The
McDevitt infielders were guilty of a repulsive 10 errors, which
accounted for La Salle's first four runs. McDevitt's inability to field
groundballs worked greatly to the advantage of SS sr. Andrew Carnevale,
who reached base in his first three at bats because of errors, and
scored twice on them. OF Kevin McLoughlin did some good legitimate
hitting by hammering two doubles for two RBIs and a run. The
rightfielder is more of the big and powerful type than a lean and quick
athlete, but he also did a fine job in the field where he stayed with a
long fly ball that sr. Bob Mitros sent deep over his head. It looked
like extra bases for sure, especially with a bulky outfielder going
after it, but McLoughlin played the ball perfectly and continued to
pursue it before a full extension reach to snag the ball as it began to
drop. Waters continued to have his way with Lancer batters and never
gave them a chance to get anything going. The only Lancer that stood out
at all was sr. LF Anthony Kunz, who managed to get two hits off Waters,
and displayed solid defense with the many balls hit to him. Kunz, who
was the only Lancer to reach 3rd all day, continues to make a strong
argument for All-Catholic consideration. This contest was over by the
6th inning and Coach Buddy Glemser began to use some reserves. With
Waters still on the hill, the pinch hitters tried to get something
going. Subs Chuck McLaughlin and T.C. Sawick walked, so with two on and
two out in the 7th, Buddy decided he needed a big hitter. That was when
my number was called. Let me apologize in advance for taking you through
this whole at bat, but its not too often that I get to report on myself.
With the large crowd finally getting what they had been begging for, PH
Sean Woods  (Ted's note: ABOUT TIME!!) came to the plate

with his intimidating Gary Sheffield-style
stance. He decided to work the count, and took a first-pitch strike. He
then check-swung at a pitch that was a little outside to make the count
1-1. After a nice long stare-down, Waters delivered the pitch that Woods
cannot resist. He swung at a chest-high fastball and was unable to make
contact. The weary Waters, who had already walked to batters in the
inning, did not seem up to the challenge and threw the next pitch into
the dirt. I wish I could say that I got an RBI hit to spark a huge
rally, but the plate ump was in no mood to stay any longer, and called a
third strike on an ankle length pitch to end the game and claim a 13th
victim for Dan Waters. Hey, I wasn't the first person even to be struck
out by Waters, and definitely won't be the last.
The game featured some uneven officiating and a good deal of the
McDevitt squad felt the need to voice their opinions. Two McDevitt
assistant coaches and a starting player were tossed for arguing, but the
biggest problem came within the Lancers' own bench, where factionalism tore
the team apart. The team needs to regroup and prepare for their big game
against Archbishop Carroll, one of the top teams in the city, at 8
o'clock on Sunday night at Pen Bryn.
Player of the Game: Dan Waters
* Sorry for the lateness with the McDevitt over Judge report, as soon as
I get the book from my coach I'll treat you all to a juicy report on an
exciting game.

MAY 12
McDevitt 8, Judge 7
   The last time McDevitt and Judge met, Judge smacked around Lancer sr. hurler Bob Mitros, while Crusader slinger Chris Panas hushed McDevitt batters. After a 4-game slide, McDevitt was desperate for a win, but it looked like we were in for a repeat of the teams' last meeting. Judge's first two batters, SS Ryan Carrelli and OF Don Winterbottom, led off with singles and eventually scored. Before Mitros got out of the 1st, he had given up 3 hits and faced 7 batters. McDevitt then went down in order to bring on another rally inning. Bob's troubles continued as Judge scored 5 runs in the inning, thanks to hits from C jr. Dale Curry and OF Eric Blade. The 'Saders batted around plus one, and the inning seemed to last forever. This was an extremely rough start for Mitros, but I have a feeling he did it on purpose. You see, it was pouring rain during the first two innings and my guess is that Bob realized that if the game was called early with Judge still ahead, McDevitt would be handed another loss. Instead, he decided to let the inning go on and on, until the rain got so bad that the umps would be forced to call a rainout. That's just my thinking. The umps decided to fight off the rain and continue with the game. After two sloppy innings in the field, Assistant coach Tom "The Dictator" McAdams got the team together and rallied the troops. The Lancers answered in a big way, getting three runs and four hits, most notably a 3-run bomb from 3B Rob Dougherty to bring home sr. 1B Steve Norris (2 for 3, 3 runs) and sr. OF Tim Myers. The switch-hitting Dougherty batted left in this at bat and sent the first pitch he saw just over the 325-foot fence in right. As the weather began to settle, Mitros started to heat up-and so did the trash talk. There was a lot of friendly banter throughout the game, but things turned ugly when 3B Dan Leonard could not take a joke. The Lancer fans, who were out in full force, were at the top of their game and picked on all of Judge's players. After hearing a comment about his hair, Leonard stepped out of the batters box and yelled a completely unacceptable remark to a McDevitt student. It is worth noting that Leonard struck out on three pitches during that atbat and his next plate appearance. When I asked teammate Jim Romano if he was worried about Dale (Judge's All-Catholic catcher, Dale Curry), he responded by saying "not as much as I'm worried about Chip" in a voice loud enough for Curry to hear. Curry was not all he was cracked up to be . . . That's right readers, I dissed another All-Catholic so let the hate mail begin. (No offense, I just feel like I haven't sparked much controversy lately.)  Mitros, who is a big fan of trashtalk, seemed to be fueled by it and pitched brilliantly for the rest of the game. While his teammates did their part by picking up more runs, Bob kept the team in the game by not allowing any more runs since the 2nd inning. Jr. SS Sean Cahill started the home 7th off with a triple, and was knocked in after a single from Doc (his 5th RBI) to send the game into extra innings. The teasing reached an all-time high in the 8th, and one Lancer fan was thrown out. After retiring the first two batters, Mitros hit substitute OF Steve Toroni with a pitch. This provoked Leonard, who had been benched for his earlier comments, to jump up and ask "why don't you hit me with that pitch?" along with a few other choice words in there. He was ordered to watch the rest of the game from the parking lot and on his way up the hill Romano yelled, "If you go up a little further and make a left there's a barber shop down the street." After striking out soph. Dan Higgins (Leonard's replacement) to end the inning, Mitros gave one of his signature "See ya" comments along with a nice long look toward the Judge bench. Sean Cahill delivered the game-winning hit with a single to score Steve Norris and end the Lancers' losing streak.
  Game balls went to: Cahill, Doc, Bob, and coach Hitler.
  Bad Boy chanters: Mike Haggerty and John Maha. These krazy kats led the jousting by hissing off many of Judge's players and making fun of the umpires. They called
plate ump Stevie Wonder because of his big sunglasses and blindness, and told the other ump, who was small and looked like a jockey, to get on his horse and ride back into the outfield.

Wood 6, McDevitt 3
  The Bishop McDevitt Lancers continue to lose their grip on a playoff
berth after being handed a loss by yet another inferior team. This time
it was the lowly Wood Vikings that taught the Lancers not to
underestimate them. Ex-Viking Brian Rooney took the loss for the usually
hot-hitting Lancers, who were held to just 5 hits by jr. P Brian
Klumpp. Aside from his teammates providing a lack of run support, Rooney
also got no help from the umpire and his puzzling strike zone. Whatever
his strike zone was, it was much bigger when the home team was in the
field. Wood got the first run of the game and a lot of nice defensive
plays from Arizona Diamondback's CF Steve Finley, who was posing as
senior third baseman attending Archbishop Wood. McDevitt started off
the 2nd when C Jim Romano reached on a double. Rooney followed with a
double, but the terribly sluggish Romano barely made it to 3rd. It took
a double from freshman 2B Brian Mitros to bring in Romano and Rooney and
give the Lancers a fleeting 2-1 lead. Senior CF Ryan Parsons started off
the 4th inning by taking all 4 pitches thrown to him and walked to
first. "Why did he walk?" you ask. "Because it's pretty hard to run with
4 balls." (One of my teachers told that joke to my class today, no
lie.) Parsons was followed by a perfect bunt by Brian Klumpp (2 for 3, 2
runs, double) and a walk from 2B Matt Connolly to load the bases for 1B
Andrew Sieracki, who slapped a 3-run double off the fence in left field.
As if things weren't bad enough for the Royal Lancers, they were faced
with hostility during their whole stay in Warminster. As we walked to
the field Wood's lacrosse team asked, "Who are these (deleteds)?", and
the harsh treatment continued during the game. The plate umpire told
coach Buddy Glemser that he couldn't call timeout for the rest of the
game after his first trip down to talk to one of his batters, but Viking
C Travis Roth was allowed to visit the mound after every single Lancer
batter. McDevitt also had to tolerate incessant belittlement from a member

of Wood's coaching staff, who has become very unpopular among Lancer
players (nervous smile). Now that I said that about him I'll probably lose some stats
and have to look to him for assistance.
  Player of the Game: Brian Klumpp
  Request for special favor: Mr. Rutter, since I give you so much good ink,

could you please return  the favor and let me go to the Prom? (And Doc,
and the rest of the Dirty Dozen?)

McDevitt 2, Dougherty 2
  McDevitt’s team arrived at Cardinal Dougherty’s field wearing their
intimidating black jerseys, but just as they unloaded their stuff onto
the visiting bench, they were overcome with a strong inexplicable
feeling. The unpromising skies were gloomy, and seemed to be a bad omen
of what might take place if the black jerseys were worn. The Lancers
quickly changed into their white jerseys, and were ready to play. The
familiar Dougherty vs. Dougherty match up was staged as McD Pitcher Rob
Dougherty took the mound. Doc looked good until he faced Cardinal’s
slugger Jose Medina. Medina is arguably the Cardinals’ best player, and
made a strong case by smacking the first pitch he saw to deep
left-center. It was an extra-base hit for sure, but probably not a
homer. Shortly before OF Anthony Kunz chased the ball down, it slowly
rolled into a truck parked on the street. Kunz threw it into 3rd just as
Medina was safely reaching the base. A triple right? Nope. Dougherty’s
coach argued that because the ball hit the truck it was a home run-
turns out, he was right. The next batter was SS Chris Jackson, who hit a
ball even farther to center field, where it landed deep into the
bleachers in CF. This one, however, was ruled a triple, but a throwing
error allowed Jackson to score. The 1st inning ended with Dougherty up
2-0. The Lancers tied the game in the 3rd when Kunz singled in Bob and
Brian Mitros. In the top of the 4th Medina came in to relieve P Tim
Lighthill, who had just let up a single to Steve Norris, and walked Jim
Romano. Medina’s first challenger would be Lancer hit-machine Rob
Dougherty, who had a chance to do some damage with 2 runners on and 1
out. But just as McDevitt was threatening, so was the weather. Before a
pitch could be thrown to Doc, lightening pierced the sky, followed by a
loud roar of thunder. The ump called the players in and took all the
information down so the game could be resumed. After a few minutes of
the teams sitting and waiting for the clouds to pass, the downpour
To Be Continued….
(or started over)

Dougherty 5, McDevitt 4
   This remake of Friday’s rain-out between these teams was very
similar to the last meeting (that didn’t count for anything). The game
was still a must-win for McDevitt, but then again so is every game.
Once again the forecast called for rain, the score was close, and McD P
Rob Dougherty would be on the hill against Dougherty. The Lancers kept
the same line up from Friday, while the Cardinals’ was shuffled a bit
with Dan Metague taking the mound. (Rob) Doc gave up three consecutive
singles in the 1st, enabling 2B Mike Wood to score off a SS Chris
“Jackson 3” Jackson
base hit. The Cards added another when 1B Mark
Lynch, who reached base on an error, scored after a fielding error on a
ball hit by OF Dave Rolan in the 2nd. McDevitt made it 2 up after Brian
Mitros (1 for 2, 2 runs) led off with a single and a stolen base. Tim
Myers grounded back to the mound where Metague fielded it and turned
around quickly to freeze little Mitros between 2nd and 3rd. The angle
that Metague pursued Mitros at gave Brian the freedom to move back to
second or continue toward third. He shook the pitcher from side to side
with moves that any point guard would envy. He juked the crap out of
Metague and got safely back to 2nd while Myers reached 1st. Brian’s
older brother, senior captain Bob Mitros, then came to the plate and
ripped a 2-run single to tie the game. Dougherty took the lead again in
the 4th, as Dave Rolan (1 for 4, 2 RBI) hit a single to score 3B Kyle
Donohue, and got some insurance when OF Pat Peters picked up the first
of his 2 decisive RBI singles to score Jackson (3 for 4, 1 run). The
pressure was on for the Lancers in the seventh as the Cardinal’s ace
Jose “Funky Cold” Medina came in to pitch what they hoped would be the
final inning. Junior 3B Sean Cahill led off the inning with a walk,
followed by a another walk to Brian Mitros. Tim Myers (1 for 3, 2 runs,
stolen base) then exercised a perfect bunt for an infield single. Bob
Mitros hit a grounder that forced Cahill out at home. With one out and
ducks on the pond, McDevitt’s #1 student, Anthony Kunz came to the plate
and delivered a clutch single to bring in 2 runs and tie the game at 4 a
piece. Only someone as smart as Kunz would have known to get a hit in
that situation. The Lancers failed to tack on anymore runs, and headed
into the bottom seventh deadlocked. Doc, who had pitched four innings in
Friday’s game, didn’t have much gas left in his tank and walked Medina
before being replaced by junior T.C. Sawick. T.C. was obviously cold and
let up a single to Chris Jackson, and walked Metague before facing OF
Pat Peters (2 for 4, 2 RBI, stolen base) with the bases loaded and no
outs. Sawick was unable to get himself out of the jam, and Peters sent a
game winning blooper over second base in shallow center to score Medina
and continue the Cardinals’ Lancer-killing. Half of Dougherty’s wins
this season have come against McDevitt, and the Lancers once bright
playoff hopes have began to grow dim after three straight losses.
Players of the Game: Chris Jackson, Pat Peters, and WP Jose Medina all
had commendable games.
- Props to Andy Barks for doing a fine job and succeeding at what I had
intended to do- being a player/reporter and getting to use the word I in
a factual sports report. Theres no “I” in team, but there are a whole
bunch in “QualIty sports reportIng, whIle fIeldIng and hIttIng well In
games to show up the other player/columnIst on thIs sIte.” Hey, at least
my team Is wInnIng. (or was).

Conwell-Egan 7, McDevitt 3
   It's nice see to a friendly game of competitive baseball involving teams that have great respect for one another and get along well. But sometimes it's fun to see a cutthroat, spiteful match up with plenty of trash talk and flared tempers. Those in attendance for McDevitt vs. Egan game on Wednesday were treated to the latter, and most fans participated in the bickering as well. The hostility began early on. Egan went right to work when 2B Nick Natriello (2 for 5, 2 runs) led off with a base hit, followed by an RBI double from OF Tim Carroll (2 for 3, 2 runs). 1B Matt Brazil reached on an error and advanced to 2nd when Matt Burns grounded out. With two outs, OF Todd Puzycki grounded toward 3rd base, but the ball hit Brazil on his way to 3rd. Brazil was called out to end the inning, and Egan coach Rich Papirio blew a fuse. He ran over to the umps screaming and the next thing I knew, I was being called for. No, I was not going in. I was keeping the book, and the umps needed it. Papirio wrote, "Fielder had chance to field ball. Ball hit runner. Protest!" all over it, and covered the line score section. Thanks dude. On a positive note, the book was then autographed by both umpires and the coach. I bet that upped the book's value big-time. It's now for sale on Ebay (smile).  This prompted McDevitt heckler extraordinaire Mike Haggerty to yell " I Protest that!" after every single pitch. Haggs and the rest of the Lancer faithful exhibited great performances, and were reprimanded by the plate ump. Back to the game- The Eagles garnered 4 runs in the 3rd inning. Brazil hit an RBI single to score Carroll and advance Matt Fischer, who had walked. Pitcher Bob Mitros began to seem tense with 1 run across and 2 runners on with no outs, but regained his confidence after striking out SS Matt Burns. As Burns swung at the 3rd strike, Mitros uttered, "See ya" and felt back in control. The Eagles were deeply insulted by this, and Papirio let loose a spicy comment to rally his team. His players definitely responded. Puzycki hit a sac fly RBI, P Chris David singled and Gene Stricker doubled to give C-E a 5-1 lead, before David was picked off at 3rd. Mitros and newly crowned class valedictorian Anthony Kunz were aboard when C Andrew Kovach smacked a 2-run single to cut the deficit to 2. Egan added two more runs, while McDevitt only managed to get one more hit. The decision puts both teams at 5-5 and tied for the 4th and final playoff spot. The post-game hand shakes and "good games" were some of the least sincere I've seen. As McDevitt was packing up their equipment, and the Egan bus was departing, the Eagles all turned back and yelled. "See Ya!"
  Player of the Game: Tim Carroll
  Chanters of the Game: Mike Haggerty and Jimmy Stevenson. Jimmy doesn't go to McDevitt, but has A LOT of Lancer pride. He could be heard with his noisemaker and chanting "We want Sean Woods" and "We want JR (Jim Romano)" all game. McDevitt fans might be trashtalkers, but they are also bona fide masters of repartee.

SJ Prep 12, McDevitt 7
  Beautiful day. Gorgeous field. Ugly baseball- at least by McDevitt. The sizzling Lancers came into Richie Ashburn Field eager to secure their 1st place spot in the North division with a win over the St. Joseph's Prep Hawks. The Prep's baseball team is nowhere as good as the school's football, soccer or basketball teams, and not nearly as intimidating. It could have been the Prep's mediocrity that helped them win today and allowed McDevitt to underestimate them. McDevitt jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead thanks to an RBI double by senior LF Tim Myers. The Lancer bats were dead silent for the rest of Prep's Joe McElwee's tenure on the hill, while the Hawks bats started cracking. St. Joe's got back into the game by hitting 3 doubles in the 2nd inning from 1B Tom Noonan (3 for 5, run, RBI), LF Paul Aspan, and Kevin Walker. Walker did a fine job at 2B and was remarkable at the plate, going 4 for 4 with 3 runs, 2 doubles and 3 RBIs. Every Prep starter had something to be proud of, each one picking up a run or a hit. Most of the Prep's hits were routine fly balls, and most of their extra-base hits were routine singles, but they were greatly helped by McDevitt outfielders who could not see the ball off the bat. The line score shows only three errors on the Lancers, whose mental mistakes and misjudged balls accounted for much of the Prep's success. Frustration could not begin to describe the mood on the McDevitt bench, but St. Joe's seemed mighty satisfied. Already up 5-3, the Hawks all but put the game away in the 6th inning. With two outs and 3 runs already across, relief P Sean Cahill walked 3 consecutive batters before OF Ed Sullivan poked a triple to score his 3rd, 4th and 5th ribbies of the afternoon. The game was out of reach at 12-3, but utility infielder Brian Fisher sparked a light of hope by leading off the 7th with a triple. He scored on an RBI single from SS Bob Mitros, who also eventually scored. The Lancers snatched 4 runs in the inning, to make the score a little more respectful, and less embarrassing. Before this game McDevitt was tied for first place in the North, but this loss and Father Judge's win over West Catholic gave the Friars sole possession of the #1 spot. Judge's win came pretty easily because everyone beats West. Everyone but the Prep, that is.
Sorry for the lateness in this one troops, but schoolwork comes first. Haha, who am I kidding?!
  Players of the Game: Ed Sullivan and Kevin Walker
  *Special Thanks to fellow TedSilary.com reporter P.J. Mullen, who helped me with the first names of Prep players. I lost the Prep roster, which is completely out of character for me (smile).

McDevitt 15, Ryan 11
    For a little while I thought I was watching a rerun of our win over
North Catholic on Wednesday. Just like in the previous game, this one
featured a ridiculous amount of hits, incredibly lengthy rally innings,
huge leads blown, and an absurd amount of runs. The Lancers of Bishop
McDevitt came into Ryan knowing that this game would be one of their
toughest and most important contests of the year. A win would put them
atop the Catholic League North, while a loss would drop them into
company of the rank and file. They would be facing a worthy opponent in
a similar position in the Archbishop Ryan Raiders. Any doubts that this
Lancer team was for real were put to rest early on in this game. The
unfamiliar sight of scouts and newspaper reporters surrounded the
McDevitt team, who came out firing on all cylinders. With senior Bob
Mitros on the hill, the Lancers played competitive baseball before
blowing open their 3-1 lead in the 3rd after hits from sr. C Andrew
Kovach (3 for 4, 2 runs, 2 RBIs, triple), and sr. 1B Steve Norris (2 for
3, 2 runs), a double from jr. SS Sean Cahill (2 for 4, 2 runs, 4 RBIs,
double, home run), and a home run from sr. OF Mike Loftus (2 for 3, 3
runs, 2 RBIs). Loftus has great speed, and is most at home in center
field, where he catches anything in the air with little effort and makes
it look easy. With the Lancers up 7-1 after 3 innings, the game seemed
all but over. It could have been tenacity on the part of the Raiders or
the feebleness of the Lancers, but I think it was the lovely Miss Dana
Gavaghan who sidetracked the Lancers. Miss Gavaghan, a Ryan grad and
McDevitt religion teacher, came to the game around this time and looked
on from behind the backstop, in clear view of pitcher Bob Mitros. Other
than a tired arm, I can't think of anything else that could have
flustered the ordinarily suave Mitros. Ryan chipped away at McDevitt's
lead by adding 2 runs in the bottom of the 3rd when C Nick DiEnno (1 for
2, RBI) and 3B Rob Fisher (1 for 3, 1 RBI) brought in RF Joe Kline (1
for 2, 2 runs, RBI) and CF Tom Dolan (2 for 4, 2 runs, 2 doubles),
respectively. The Raiders then proceeded to tie the score in the 4th
when losing pitcher Mike Szegalowski led off with a single and was
followed with a monster homer of the bat of LF Mike Maule, (3 for 4, 3
runs, 3 RBIs), who caused trouble for the Lancers all day. Hits from
Kline and Dolan forced Mitros's exit, and an RBI single by 2B Anthony
Carter scored both runners before 3B/Relief Pitcher Rob Dougherty could
escape the inning unscathed. The Lancers finally went ahead for good
after an 8-run 5th inning, in which every player picked up either a hit,
run or RBI. This inning was highlighted by triples from LF Anthony Kunz
(2 for 4, 2 runs, 2 RBIs, 2 triples) and Andrew Kovach, and a long ball
by Sean Cahill. Also providing an offensive spark was freshman wonder
Brian Mitros, who collected a double, a triple and a run. The Raiders
threw up the white flag in the 6th and put their subs in. The Ryan
reserves took advantage of their time and showed what they could do
while the Lancer substitutes were anxious to get the game over with.
Ryan's bench players put together an impressive 4-run 7th that included
a home run, a double, and a hit, but was also helped by the cold
McDevitt fielders. The win gave Doc his first win of the season and was
a dream day for hitters, everyone of which earned at least a run and a
Player of the Game: Too many praiseworthy performances to pick just one.
--McDevitt's Head Basketball Coach/Disciplinarian Jack Rutter was in
attendance to see the red hot Lancer baseball team. Although he had
nothing to do with it, I am going to blame him for all 11 runs that
McDevitt let up. When Mr. Rutter stops annoying me about not wearing
my ID card in school, I'll be nicer to him (smile).

McDevitt 12, North Catholic 11
    Talk about a slugfest. It seemed like everybody and their mother got a
hit in this high scoring roller coaster game in which McDevitt narrowly
escaped the North Catholic Falcons. The Lancers were coming off a huge
win over LaSalle and were hoping to win their second in a row to put
them at 4-3 for the first time in 7 years. North on the other hand, was
hoping to bounce back from three straight losses in order to get over
.500. Senior P Brian Rooney lasted only 2 innings wherein North jumped
out to a 4-0 lead. Rooney did not get much support from his fielders,
and only 2 of the 4 runs were earned. Replacing him was jr. INF Sean
Cahill, who had never pitched prior to yesterday's practice. Falcons
Pitcher Robby Thompson did okay until the Lancers attacked him with a
mega-rally in the 3rd. With one out, 3B Rob Dougherty hit a single to
start the insanity, and was followed by a base hit from SS Bob Mitros (3
hits, 2 runs), a triple from OF Anthony Kunz (2 hits, 3 runs, 2 RBIs), a
free pass to first for C Andrew Kovach (1 hit, 3 runs, 1 RBI) after
taking one for the team, and singles from 1B Steve Norris (2 hits, 1
run, 4 RBIs), OF Tim Myers (hit, run, RBI), P Sean Cahill (2 hits, 1
run, 2 RBIs), and OF Mike Loftus (1 hit, 2 RBIs). Before the game was
over, 9 of the Lancers' 10 batters picked up hits. That tremendous 3rd
inning put the Lancers up 7-5. McDevitt had multiple-run innings again
in the 4th and 5th but scored just 2 in the 4th despite sending seven
batters to the plate. The Falcons refused to go quietly and picked up
scattered runs before putting together a rally of their own in the 7th.
Cahill was pitching well with his limited arsenal of pitches, but was
fatigued when it came time to close the game. The bases were loaded with
no outs for North catcher Mike Karpovich, who is one of the goofiest
players in the league and looks like Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks.
Karpovich hit a dribbler back to Cahill, who bobbled the ball before
throwing home to Kovach. The throw was wide and 3B Craig Kubis scored.
The ball hit the pole in the backstop and rolled back into the field. As
Kovach walked slowly and discontentedly toward the ball, 3B Dan Paluch
(3 hits, 3 runs, RBI) ran home. Dougherty then came in to relieve and
switch positions with Cahill. Doc gave up two quick RBI singles that cut
the Lancers' lead to one run. He retired the next two batters before
facing 2B Chris Wenger with 2 outs and runners on 2nd and 3rd. Wenger
spanked a would-be RBI single over second base where it was snagged out
of the air by freshman 2B Brian Mitros. And they said white men can't
  Players of the Game: Steve Norris and Sean Cahill

McDevitt 6, La Salle 3
   McDevitt versus La Salle. It's one of the fiercest rivalries in the
history of the Catholic League. Games involving these teams are usually
always very close in every sport. But this year…ehh not so much. The
Explorers trounced the Lancers on the gridiron 37-0. On the hardwood
McDevitt was handed losses of 63-46 and 73-59. The gem of a game that
everyone was longing for finally came on the baseball diamond. The
Lancers were sporting new black sleeveless jerseys and are now 2-0 in
games in which they wear new jerseys. With a record like that, I think
we should get new uniforms for every game. McDevitt has only 3 pitchers
in their rotation, and Explorers' pitcher Kevin Heselpoth was forced to
go against Bob Mitros. Lancer batters had little trouble hitting
Heselpoth, especially after the McDevitt bench was able to decipher the
pitch signals. OF Anthony Kunz had a fabulous game. He scored the first
run of contest after being walked, stealing two bases, and scoring on an
RBI single from Andrew Kovach. Kunz is a very solid player who gets the
job done quietly. He finished with 3 runs in 3 at-bats and 4 stolen
bases. He is also an excellent fielder and never lets anything behind
him in left field. Also providing dependable outfielding and consistent
on-base hitting was sr. RF Tim Myers. Over the last two games Myers has
gotten on base 5 times in 6 at bats- every one of them being a Seeing
Eye single. He also has a hose that helps him to routinely gun down
runners trying for extra bases. For LaSalle sr. OF/P Dan Waters is all
he's cracked up to be. The McDevitt faithful were prepared to chant
"overrated" at his first plate appearance, but they were silenced when
the lefty hit a hard single to right side and eventually scored. He
knows how to play and keeps right fielders and second basemen on their
toes when he is up. Waters scored two of the Explorers three runs. The
second came in the 6th when he poked a base hit up the middle and scored
on a Kevin McLaughlin RBI single. It is hard enough to get star players
like Waters out, and the umps don't make it any easier. In the 6th
inning Waters was clearly picked off at 1st base, but he was called
safe. Players like himself and Chris Lubanski will never hear a called
3rd strike as long as they are in the Catholic League because umpires
don't want to make them look bad. (ha ha) After 4 innings,Glen Center
Pharmacy's own Nick Shields came in to try to put out the fire. I was
prepared to talk up my Co-Worker and fellow delivery boy, but Shields
was unable to deliver what coach Joe Parisi had prescribed. The main
hindrances in Shields's game were his hideous white cleats and the
baseball pants that he wears to his ankles. If a pitcher wants a W he
needs to look GQ. The Upper Dublin native had some control problems and
gave up 2 runs, 2 hits, a walk, and hit a batter before getting out of
the 5th inning. Junior SS Sean Cahill was the batter struck, and he took
quite a beating before the game was done. He was hit by pitches in two
separate at bats, and collided with Waters while attempting to catch him
stealing at 2nd base. Andrew Kovach, who is back at his regular catching
position, reached 1st base four times in three at bats with two singles,
a walk, and a wild pitch strike-out. The final run of the game came when
3B Rob Dougherty smacked a triple and scored on a fielding error by the
third basemen. Bob Mitros pitched all 6 innings to nab his 2nd win in as
many appearances. The McDevitt baseball team is now 3-3 for the first
time in ages and ages and is quickly become the pride of McDevitt
   Players of the Game: Tim Myers & Bob Mitros
-Over the Easter holiday, The 1,000,000 mark that I planned to achieve
was hit out of nowhere, and the number continued to grow. Here is my
Hypothesis of what happened: Seeing that Easter was also 4/20, I imagine
that many visitors celebrating the holiday logged on to TedSilary.com
and were completely fascinated with the Hit Counter. They watched in
amazement as they repeatedly hit the "refresh" button only to see that
that number was increasing every time they hit it. These celebrants were
completely oblivious to the fact that a major milestone was on the verge
of being reached as they continued their mindless activity while
munching on Easter candy.
  -If this was not the case I am going to say that I went to check and see
if an article of mine was posted and accidentally closed the screen at
the very moment that I noticed the hit counter was exactly 1,000,000.
Thus making me the winner of a book and numerous other prizes. If the
real millionth visitor does not step forward, I declare myself the
winner. Chances are the 1,000,000th visitor was logging on to read
"Knock on Woods" anyway. (smile)

Dougherty 7, McDevitt 6
   It was a case of classic McDevitt baseball at Penbryn field on Thursday.
After beating a great team, the Lancers' numerous errors allowed them to
be beaten by a mediocre team. McDevitt posseses three great defensive
outfielders in Anthony Kunz, Mike Loftus and Tim Myers; but also has two
good catchers with big bats in Andrew Kovach and Jim Romano. With a lot
of depth at every position, the juggling act in McDevitt's line up
continued against Cardinal Dougherty with Kovach starting at 3rd. The
natural catcher did not look comfortable at the hot corner, as he made
three errors. Kovach later moved to right field, where he was much more
at home. On the mound for McDevitt was sr. Rob Dougherty. Dougherty did
not pitch badly against Dougherty, but gave up 7 runs, only one of which
was earned. Doc had the difficult task of pitching on a very cold day,
and did not have the help of his secret remedy for pitching woes: HOT
ICE. Jose Medina on the other hand, showed great drive and stamina, as
he went the distance to pick up the win. The Cardinals got the scoring
under way first with a four-run 2nd inning that included hits by Chris
Jackson and Mike Copestick and 3 errors that enabled Jackson, Copestick,
Lynch and Pat Peters to score. The Lancers tried to get even in the
bottom of the inning. Andrew Kovach tripled and scored after the relay
to 3rd was bobbled. Romano walked and Myers reached on an error. Romano
scored on a Greg Golding single, and Myers crossed home on a sac fly
from Mike Loftus. The Cardinals scored runs in each of the next three
innings, to force the departure of Dougherty. Taking the hill for the
first time this season was T.C. Sawick. T.C. hadn't even pitched in
practice, but pitched the final two innings with out allowing a run.
The Lancers had another three-run inning in the 4th that was started by
a grounder by Myers, a carbon copy of his last hit that was bobbled by
Dougherty's SS. Jr. 3B Sean Cahill, who entered the game in the top of
the inning, smacked an RBI triple, and scored on a triple by Brian
Mitros. The triple is the least common hit in Major League Baseball, but
it's beginning to seem like the most common in Glenside. Rob Dougherty
laid down a perfect sac bunt RBI to end the Lancers scoring of the day
at 6. Cardinal Dougherty went ahead 7-6 in the 5th when Pat Peters
scored on an error after a poke from the bat of Andy Meyers. Dougherty
threatened to add to their lead in the 6th, but Tim Myers threw a
perfect throw to home to gun down Chris Jackson. Another great defensive
play came in the 7th when Bob Mitros fielded a hard hit grounder and
rolled a pair with the bases loaded and one out. McDevitt had a chance
to tie the game in the bottom of the seventh when Sawick and Mitros were
aboard with no outs. Sawick decided to steal third after a passed ball,
but decided to turn around when he was halfway there. Mitros was already
on his way to second, so Sawick was forced to go to 3rd where he was
tagged out. Instead of having 2 on with no outs, the Lancers now had one
on with one out, and neither Anthony Kunz nor Andrew Kovach could bring
around Mitros.
   Player of the Game: Chris Jackson
   Runner up: Tim Myers. Myers reached base on 2 of his 3 at-bats. He also
made a diving catch and a throw to home, both with two outs and the
bases loaded.

McDevitt 6, Bonner 5
   McDevitt Coach Buddy Glemser made some changes to prepare for his
team’s game against Bonner. First and foremost, the team was outfitted
with new uniforms. We were psyched for the game with our pristine white
mesh sleeveless jerzees (although I personally am not a big fan of them)
and players and players and coaches could be heard saying, “Now that we
look like a team we can play as one!” We always had matching uniforms so
I don’t see how we didn’t look like a team before, but hey whatever gets
you pumped. Glemser’s other changes came in the lineup. Captain Andrew
Kovach was moved from his catching position to right field to make way
for jr. Jim Romano. Greg Golding started at 1st base, Tim Myers started
in center, and Rob Dougherty, who is enjoying a nice hitting streak,
started at 3rd and moved into the leadoff spot. Golding made several
great plays at 1st; snagging a lot of balls it hard down the right field
line and getting in front of some scary line drives. Bonner looked sharp
warming up, a big contrast to the very inconsistent McDevit team. Things
did not augur well for the Lancers, as the Bonner Friars got their bats
crackin’ early against Brian Rooney. CF Frank Nunan started the game
with a base hit to right and was followed by a John Cuccinotta bomb over
the fence in DEEP right field. The hits gave Bonner a 2-0 lead, and a
nice welcome to Kovach in his new position. Two batters later, catcher
Kevin Ward blasted one up over the hill in centerfield. It would have
been a round-tripper for any other player in the PCL, but he
got a triple out of it. It wasn’t the kind of innings pitchers
like to have, but to Rooney’s credit, he kept his head up and pitched a
good 6 1/3 innings. Bonner added to its lead in the third when OF Kevin
Horning hit a dinger of the right field fence. I have yet to see any
Lancer ever clear that fence, but the Friars accomplished that feat
twice in the same game! Rooney ended McDevitt’s hitting drought with a
base hit to start the bottom of the third. He scored on a triple from
freshman Brian Mitros, who is really coming into his own. Jr. Catcher
Jim Romano challenged Paul Cashin and made a strong case for slowest
player in the league in the 4th, as he legged out a triple of his own at
molasses speed. Brian Mitros started a rally in the first when he was
walked, but an errant pickoff throw and his blinding speed allowed him
to reach third. Rob Dougherty continued his hitting streak with an RBI
single. Bob Mitros hit a single but got out on a fielders choice on a
grounder from Anthony Kunz. Andrew Kovach flexed his hitting muscles
with an RBI double to score Doc and Kunz to give McDevitt a 5-3 lead.
Bonner tied it back up in the 6th when Mike Shalon and Joe O’Leary
scored on RBIs from PH Steve DeVito and Frank Nunan. Dougherty walked to
start off the bottom of the seventh, and advanced to 2nd on a sac bunt
that relief P Kevin Leddy could not handle, enabling Bob to reach 1st
safely. Kunz grounded out, but advanced both runners. With two runners
in scoring position, Andrew Kovach, the team’s slugger, was up. Kovach
worked a long count and was walked to load the bases for Romano. With a
lot of pressure on him, Romano sent the ball right back to the pitcher,
who threw home to force out Dougherty (although he appeared to be safe).
C Paul Cashin then tried to throw out Romano, who was still making his
way down to 1st. The throw was wide and Mitros came around to score the
winning run. Mitros also came into relieve Rooney in the 7th and earn
his first victory of the season.
   Player of the Game: Jim Romano. Jim won the prestigious chanter of the
game award just yesterday for his performance as the letter “E” in the
Phillies game. How can one man handle having so many honors bestowed
upon him on back-to-back days?

Phillies 4, Marlins 3
   I know what you're thinking. "What is this kid doing a report on a
Phillies game for?" Well, Kieran Leary once did a report on a college
game that no one cared about, so what the hell. Plus, I have my own
column so I can write whatever I want (or at least what Ted doesn't cut
out.) The famed Krazy Korner/McDevitt baseball team made a visit to the
Vet tonight, and anyone who was there, or saw the game on TV, felt our
presence. Boasting more members that Thome's Homies, Padilla's Flotilla,
or even the Wolf Pack, McDevitt's own "Placido's Amigos" turned out to
be the main attraction in an excellent Major League game between the
Phillies and the Marlins. It was obvious to other Phils' fans that these
students were educated at McDevitt because our sign read "Placido's
Amigo's." When a Phillies representative approached us and asked us why
"amigos" was possessive, we just explained that we went to McDevitt and
didn't know any better. I was pretty worried when I saw that Mr. Heat,
Joe Roa, would be on the mound, but with his job at risk he stepped up to
the pressure and pitched 5 quality innings with out giving up a run. He
was also responsible for knocking in the first run of the night, with an
RBI single that scored Pat Burrell for a 1-0 lead that put the Phils
ahead for good. Unfortunately he did not pitch long enough to pick up
his first win of the season. The Amigos went crazy whenever Placido
Polanco was up and drew A LOT of attention. Although we had many more in
our bunch, the main noisemakers were the 10 of us that had our faces and
chests painted. Many onlookers came and took our pictures, and even more
took off their shirts and joined us. After a few innings of quiet
baseball with the Phils had a 1-0 lead, The 10 colorful Amigos decided
to get the crowd into it by running around the entire stadium and
stopping to chant "P-H-I-L-L-I-E-S- exclamation point- Phillies!" in
front of each section. Let me tell you, it's nowhere near as easy to
spell as "Eagles", so we chanted that as well. The game got interesting
again in the 6th when Florida got into position to score some runs. Roa
was replaced by Hector Mercado, who managed to dig himself out of a
bases loaded, no-outs situation, but did allow 1 run. Then in the 7th,
the Phightins broke the tie when Jimmy Rollins hit a three-run shot near
"Thome's Target" in right, with Ricky Ledee and Tyler Houston aboard.
After that our hero came to the plate. Palcido Polanco was hit with a 98
mph fastball and both benches- and bullpens ran onto the field. Even
Placido's Amigos felt like they should back up their friend, but
refrained from taking the field. Polanco stayed in to run, but left
after the inning with an injured pinky and was replaced by Tomas Perez.
Carlos Silva came in to pitch the 7th inning, and his one inning of work
was good enough to earn the win. Larry Bowa continued to go to his
bullpen, and used 6 pitchers altogether. Terry Adams let up 2 hits and a
run. Closer Jose Mesa made an early appearance to get the 3rd out in the
eighth, but worried fans in the 9th by loading the bases with no outs.
Pinch hitter Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez groundout out, but Juan Encarnacion
scored from 3rd on the play. With two outs and men on 2nd and 3rd, Alex
Gonzalez, who already had 2 hits and two RBIs, hit a grounder to 3rd. It
looked like the play would not be made in time, and Mike Lowell would
score. But 3B David Bell managed backhand the ball and hurl an off
balance through to 1B, where Jim Thome made a great scoop to end the
game an help give his new team their 4th win in a row.
   The game was very exciting indeed, but most fans left Veterans Stadium
thinking about those crazy fans in left center field. Phanavision showed
a bunch of highlights of Polanco, just to set up our appearance on the
big screen. On our way out, packs of fans shouted, "There they are!" and
took pictures. One kid even asked me to pose for a picture he was taking
on one of those new Sprint picture cell phones. It truly was something
you had to see to believe. We had more fans than the Phils themselves. I
would like to close this report by reminding readers of a headline that
appeared on TedSilary.com in the good ol'days. It said: "Thanks for
relying on this site for quality info and nuttiness." With RTs, ITs, the
fan tourney and everything else that kept this site silly gone, I am
trying to continue to provide fans with quality info and a whole lot of
nuttiness. Thanks for understanding.
   Player of the Game: Placido Polanco. I was never a really big fan of his
work, but after "Placido's Amigos" was the only section name my
teammates could come up with, I am forced to become one of his biggest
  Chanters of the Game: Jim Romano and Mike Haggerty.

Judge 8, McDevitt 1
    After over a week of idleness caused by rainouts, a rusty McDevitt team was handed a loss by a sharp Father Judge team. I don't know if Judge had any practices or games since their April 4th win over La Salle, but they looked fundamentally sound and didn't have half as many errors as the maladroit Lancers. Their only error came on a wide throw by sr. SS Ryan Carrelli, but his throw was off-balance after making an outstanding fielding play. Although Carrelli does not seem to produce much in the hitting department, his quickness and athleticism make him stand out as a fielder. McDevitt showed that they were not as defensively skilled as the Crusaders by making 5 errors, and many other foolish decisions. Despite permitting 7 runs, McDevitt P Bob Mitros picked up 9 strikeouts. With a shaky field behind him, it seemed as though Mitros felt he had to get the job done by himself. It was too arduous a task for the cold pitcher, who issued 7 hits and 5 free passes. His counterpart, sr. P Chris Panas pitched a nearly flawless 1-hit game in which he picked up 6 K's and surrendered only one run to a streaking Rob Dougherty before being replaced by sophomore Shane Erb with two outs in the 4th. Erb also did a fine job for the remainder of the game and forbid all the Lancers he faced to visit their 1st base coach. Just as they did in their last game against Kenrick, The Lancers let four-run rallies in two separate innings put the game out of reach. The Crusaders' biggest offensive weapons were #1 and 2 hitters in the order: sr. 2B Don Winterbottom and soph. OF Dan Higgins. Both players reached base in 3 of their 4 at bats, scored 2 runs a piece, and were factors in both of Judge's rallies. Also causing a lot of damage for Judge was jr. C Dale Curry, who doubled in 2 runs in the 3rd, and knocked in another 2 with a triple that McDevitt CF Mike Loftus lost in the sun. Although it did not have a profound effect on the game, the umpires' calls were ridiculous and inconsistent.  I can't even count the number of times I heard the McDevitt bench cry "are you kidding me?!" after horrendous calls.
  Celebrity Sighting: Peter Gabriel
  Player of the Game: Ryan Carrelli

Kennedy-Kenrick 8, McDevitt 7
   Who ever said baseball was boring? In a great baseball atmosphere that had a minor league feel, The Kennedy-Kenrick Wolverines narrowly escaped the relentless McDevitt Lancers in a thrilling ball game. McDevitt showed up with only 15 players, 13 of which eventually played. Senior Rob Dougherty was originally scheduled to pitch this game, but with a dearth of players caused by the Junior Prom, Dougherty was forced to play 3rd and Chuck McLaughlin started on the hill. McLaughlin struggled in the 1st inning, giving up four runs and four hits. Leading off for the Wolverines was 2B Brian Rainone, who started off the madness with a base hit. Following Rainone in the order was OF Tom Grady, who tripled to give Kenrick a quick 1-0 lead. Next up was reigning Catholic Leauge MVP Chris Lubanski. He looks like he is ready for the Majors, not only because of his excellent play but also because of his ridiculously lengthy warm up ritual at the plate. Before each pitch, Lubanski felt the need to rest the bat between his legs, take off his helmet, fix both of his batting gloves, hit his shoes and the plate with the bat and take a few swings. This routine helped him to smack a mile-high shot to the lights in center field. It looked like a homer for sure, but dropped before the fence for an RBI triple. The slaughter continued as 3B Jon Smolenski came to the plate. Before each at-bat the Kenrick Announcer/DJ played a clip of Ed McMahon's "Heeeeres Johny", which motivated him to bring in Lubanski with a RBI single. Smolenski advanced to 3rd after an errant pick off throw by McLaughlin, a sacrifice ground out by 1B Victor Evangelist, and scored on a sac fly from OF Marcus Ronca. McLaughlin was able to get out of the inning by punching out P Sean McManus, who had a strong complete game with 10 K's. McManus posted six of his strikeouts in the first to innings with a decent breaking ball that eluded Lancer hitters. He surrendered two runs in the 4th after sophomore 2B Brian Mitros ripped a double to score Rob Dougherty. Mitros later scored when a McManus pickoff attempt landed in the outfield. Kenrick increased their lead with another four run inning in the bottom of the 4th. This time the rally came from the bottom of the order and forced the departure of McLaughlin after 3 1/3 IP. Dougherty took the mound and gave one of his usual outstanding relief efforts. Doc has the nastiest, meanest, most disgusting knuckle ball that leaves bewildered looks on his victims. The ugliest facial expression caused by this pitch was not from a Wolverine batter, but from his catcher Andrew Kovach. The pitch even fooled Kovach's glove and hit him square in the… cup. The loud pop rang a sound of pain that could be heard from the outfield. The Lancers went into the 7th trailing by 5 before putting together one of the most exciting innings that I've ever witnessed. McManus was still on the hill for the Wolverines, despite being very fatigued. He started off the inning by walking sr. OF Anthony Kunz and then yielding a base hit to Kovach. Senior sub OF Tim Myers sent a pitch back to McManus, but McManus overthrew the ball, allowing Kunz and Kovach to score. Rob Dougherty was walked and 1B Steve Norris popped out before Brian Mitros came up to bat. Brian continued his solid play that night by getting another single to score Myers and put the tying run on board. Dougherty and Mitros advanced on passed balls to put two runners in scoring position for 3B Brian Fisher. With a tired pitcher on the mound and a substitute catcher behind the plate, Dougherty executed a straight steal of home! No one saw it coming and Doc slid perfectly under the tag. The Umpire, who called a perfect game until that point, didn't see any of it but looked over the catcher's shoulder to try and see what he had missed. He hesitated and then called Doc out. The McDevitt bench was furious. McManus's troubles continued when he balked on the very next pitch to send Mitros to 3rd and walked Fisher. I can't understand why McManus was not pulled after that. Sometimes coaches have to realize whether it's wiser to give his pitcher a complete game, or risk losing it. After getting behind in the count to OF Mike Loftus, the frustrated McManus turned his back on Mitros, who seized the opportunity to stealthily trot across the plate. If Doc had been called safe, that run would have tied the score 8-8. After Loftus walked, Bob Mitros, The Lancers' captain and most consistent player, came to bat. The team was confident that he could bring in the tying run supported him with a lot of chatter. Bob had a great at bat before ripping a would-be hit down the third base line. Jon Smolenski snagged the ball and tagged third for the final out of the game.
Player of the Game: Rob Dougherty & Sean McManus

McDevitt 7, Conwell Egan 5
    After an unacceptable performance on Wednesday, there was no doubt in my mind that the Bishop McDevitt Lancers would be leaving Bristol with a win on Friday. The assurance of victory came on the bus ride to Conwell-Egan, as the team was getting pumped for a big game. Often times sports teams will listen to songs like "Eye of the Tiger" or "We're Not Gonna Take It" before a game, and I could feel the emotion on the bus as the team joined together to sing Monica's "Angel of Mine". No, this team would not be beaten! Expect the Lancers' rendition of the soul hit to reach the airwaves soon. Although the Lancers continued to make careless mistakes in the field, they some how found a way to win through clutch hitting and resilient play all around. Picking up the Big W for McDevitt was senior P Brian "Roondawg" Rooney, and I am going take a lot of credit for his success on the mound. No I was not helping him by making great plays in the field, but by providing him with a beautiful wardrobe that allowed him to look and play great. With the help of my cleats & a long-sleeve shirt, and a new shamrock tattoo that closely resembles the fake tater featured in my blue steel photo (at top of page), Rooney was able to go the distance to give McDevitt their first win. Going into the 6th, I told him that if he pitched a complete game, I'd try to give him a mention in the article. One of the biggest factors in the game was the return of the chatter. Egan proved to be nothing without Mullet Boy, and the Battle of the benches was no contest. The Ump ordered us to stop chanting and return to our bench, but I think he did it to show mercy to the Egan bench.
I'm posting this "report" late because Head Coach Buddy Glemser needed to borrow the book and I didn't have the necessary info to write a report. He forgot to bring it to our next game so I still can't fully write a report because I forget everything from this game. You would think that I would remember our first win, but I decided to start the weekend early and I was pretty smashed for the game (smile). Sorry to everyone that deserved recognition and to anyone who is reading this in hopes of being enlightened on the McD-Egan game.

Neumann 5, McDevitt 2
   On a day in which Catholic League teams made visits to teams in
opposite divisions (interleague play if you will), The McDevitt Lancers
forgot to pack their game for their visit to St. John Neumann. The
Lancers were handed a disappointing loss after they failed to generate
much offense or make plays in the field. Leading the Pirate charge was
jr. Centerfielder Billy Canady, who crossed the plate twice and
sparked a big rally with an RBI triple. In his first at-bat of the game
he reached 1st safely after a fielding error by the McDevitt second
baseman. He then stole 2nd and an error on the pickoff attempt sent him
to 3rd. Second baseman Billy Sheridan sent the next pitch deep to
center. Senior OF Mike Loftus was able to make the catch but Canady
scored from third on the sacrifice fly to give Neumann a 1-0 lead. The
Neumann bats were cracking in the 4th as the Pirates got a hold of
McDevitt ace Bob Mitros and increased their lead to 5-0. The rally began
when P Michael Clancy led off with a single. The next batter was
Canady, who tripled to bring in Clancy. Once again, A Billy Sheridan sac
fly scored Canaday. 1st baseman Jimmy Porreca, who was Neumann’s star RB
in Football, earned a trip to 1st base with his good eye and scored on
an RBI single from Right Fielder Johnathon Brady. The slugfest continued
as 3rd Baseman Joe Camperchioli smacked a triple to the gap in right
center to knock in Brady. The inning finally ended for McDevitt when the
next two batters flied out to center. The Lancers tried to fight back in
the bottom of the inning, where they got their only runs of the game.
Senior left fielder Anthony Kunz, who is one of the team’s most reliable
hitters, started the inning off with a base hit. Andrew Kovach then
walked to put runners on 1st and second with no outs. 1B Steve Norris
sent a grounder to second, but the fielder was unable to make the play
and the bases were loaded for Bob Mitros. Mitros also grounded to second
where Norris was forced out on a fielder’s choice, but an error on the
Pirate’s 1B allowed Mitros to reach safely and Kovach and Kunz to score.
The inning ended after one of the many misunderstandings between base
runners and Head Coach Buddy Glemser occurred. Pinch runner Tim Myers
thought he got the signal to go, and was caught stealing. There was a
lot of confusion about the signs all day and many times Lancers thought
they were asked to bunt or steal when that was not Glemser’s intention.
It was one of these same misunderstandings that ended the game for
McDevitt. In the bottom of the 7th with the scored 5-2, T.C. Sawick was
caught stealing in a situation when it would be unwise to steal with 2
outs and a 3 run deficit.
   After the game the McDevitt players and bench were chastised for our
lack of involvement and intensity in the game. McD Assistant Tom
McAdams went off on the bench and his voice could be heard
throughout all of south Philly. Apparently we were “Standing out and
looking up with our thumbs in our ears like it was Custer’s last stand.”
I don’t know what it means either, but I’m pretty sure it’s not good. On
Friday the Lancers will drop in on the Conwell-Egan Eagles so expect a
lot of chatter. As you may have noticed, I did not mention the names of
the players responsible for the many fielding errors. Players were
singled out and humiliated all game, so I thought I’d give them a break

  Player of the Game: Billy Canady

Germantown Academy 4, McDevitt 0
   It was a rough outing for McDevitt Pitcher Dan Fannon, who
transferred from LaSalle for the opportunity to play at McDevitt. In 2/3
of an inning of work, Fannon walked 4 batters, and gave up 2 hits and 3
runs. Reliever Rob Dougherty came in to clean up the mess, and did an
incredible job for the rest of the game, but the damage had been done.
GA pitcher Peter “Paco” Vernon gave a pitching clinic in his performance
that featured 7 strikeouts, 2 hits and 2 walks and no runs. He also had
a really nice pick off move that forced three Lancers into run-downs
before being tagged. McDevitt catcher Andrew Kovach proved that Vernon
was not the only player that could pick off base runners, as he gunned
down two Patriots leading off 3rd base. The bats were pretty quiet for
both teams, and the game ended very quickly. Germantown Academy’s Sean
Grieve had a solid game that included a leadoff hit and the first run of
the game. I wasn’t going to mention him in the article, but I don’t
think he received enough attention as GA’s quarterback during football
season so I thought I’d give him some recognition here. (just a hint of
sarcasm there) GA acquired their fourth and final run of the game on a
sacrifice fly from Kaplan to send Matteo home. (I guess these kids don’t
have first names). Bob and Brian Mitros looked good working together as
the 2nd Baseman and Shortstop for McDevitt. Brian, the freshman, is
lucky to be working with such a good leader and captain in his brother,
Bob. They will only get better as the season progresses and they learn
each other’s style.
Celebrity Sighting: Tyler Green is on the GA coaching staff and is still
sporting the official haircut of the ’93 Phils- The Mullet. I’m just
surprised GA was able to afford the services of the much sought after
Players of the Game: Pitchers Peter Vernon and Rob Dougherty.

O’Hara 4, McDevitt 3
   I almost made it to school today, the stock market is going crazy,
and the country is at war. Yep it’s that time of year again: Baseball
season is upon us! After barely missing the playoffs last year, McDevitt
has a great chance to make it this season. This year I will be along for
the ride as the Lancers hope to make their first playoff appearance
since 1995, and only the 2nd in the program’s 32-year history. McDevitt
got their season underway today with a preseason game against Cardinal
O’Hara. They wasted little time and went to work early when sr. OF
Anthony Kunz took Lions’ pitcher Josh Richards yard with a fly ball that
found its way over the short right field fence for a 2-run homer in the
1st. McDevitt’s Ace and work horse Bob Mitros did a masterful job both
on the mound and at the plate. He was 3-3 with 2 singles and a double
and pitched three scoreless innings before struggling in the 4th. In his
first 3 innings of work, Mitros surrendered only one hit and one walk.
In the top off the 3rd senior catcher Andrew Kovach reached base on a
single and advanced to 3rd after a Sean Cahill walk and Mike Loftus
grounded into a fielder’s choice. McD Assistant coach Dorn “Doo-Doo”
Taylor explained Vach’s hitting abilities best: “That boy can HIT!” A
sacrifice fly RBI from T.C. Sawick brought Kovach home, and gave the
Lancers what seemed like a comfortable 3-0 lead. O’Hara got their bats
going in the 4th and were helped by fielding errors and stupid mistakes
by McDevitt. Lions senior catcher Kevin Ahern started the inning off
with a walk and moved his way to 3rd after a failed pickoff attempt and
a passed ball. Ahern then scored on a base hit from OF Brian Placido.
Next up was CF Steve Cook, who blasted a two run shot to left center to
tie the game at 3. Bob Mitros led off in the sixth inning with a base
hit for McD. Following him in the lineup was his younger brother, Brian
Mitros a freshman 2B, but Brian went 0-3 (all strike outs) so P Chuck
McLaughlin pinch-hit for him. He didn’t do much better and struck out
looking at 3 pitches. O’Hara LHP Mike Antonini also fanned Lancer 3rd
baseman Sean Cahill. Anthony Kunz then came to bat and sent a pitch
flying to deep left-center (where the fences are much longer). The ball
did not clear the fence, but just as Mitros was rounding 3rd, O’Hara
outfielders raised their hands and the Ump called a ground rule double,
which forced Mitros to stay at 3rd. The chatty McDevitt bench got up to
cheer on the hit-machine, Andrew Kovach ,and was confident that he could
knock in some runs. Kovach was very anxious and sent a ball hard up the
middle, where it was snagged by Antonini to end the inning. Brian Rooney
came in for Mitros and gave a great inning of relief in the 6th, but
gave up singles to Zac Bradley and Michael McDonald in the 7th. With one
out, Antonini sent a pop up over the head of McD 2B Brian Fisher that
landed behind second base and to bring home Bradley for the go-ahead
run. Lions’ Coach Frank Allison brought closer Brian Campbell in from
shortstop to preserve their lead for the win. Campbell struck out the
first two batters he faced before walking sr. OF Tim Meyers, who moved
to 2nd after a passed ball. With 2 outs and a runner in scoring
position, it was up to Brian Rooney to keep the game alive. Campbell
struck out Rooney with out much trouble to give the O’Hara pitching
staff their 15th K of the day and the win.
Player of the game: Bob Mitros