Philadelphia High School Cross Country
Catholic League Champions, Boys

(compiled by Ted Silary)

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(We are posting this info little by little. Any help with missing info would be appreciated. Thanks!)

  Thanks for the help! -- Joe Ryan, Paul Minehan, Dave Koons, Dave Thomas,
Pete Dougherty. Tom Kennedy, Kevin Cunningham, Kevin Schultz, Brother
Jim Williams, Tom Donnelly, John McDevitt, Rich DiSebastian, Jim Racine ,
Eileen McGlinn. 

*record performance

Courses . . .
1941-42 -- Villanova University, 2 1/4 miles.
1943-64 -- Strawberry Mansion, 33rd  & Dauphin, Fairmount Park, 2 1/3 miles.
1965-72 -- Belmont Plateau, Fairmount Park, 2 6/10 miles.
1973-88 -- Belmont Plateau, Fairmunt Park, 2 9/10 miles.
1989-present -- Belmont Plateau, Fairmount Park 3 1/10 miles (5000 meters)

Year Champion Pts Runners Place Winner School Time
3.1 miles (5000 meters)
2021 La Salle


Zach Brill 2nd Gary Martin Wood 15:46.1
      Cole Casadei 5th    
      Josh Lloyd 6th  
      Will Rau 7th      
      Francis Dougherty 8th      
2020 Canceled Due


to Covid-19        
2019 La Salle


Ethan Maher 1st Ethan Mather La S 15:59.8
      Bradden Koors 2nd    
      Vincent Twomey 3rd  
      Patrick Coyle 5th      
      Ben McGrath 8th      
2018 La Salle


Vincent Twomey 1st Vincent Twomey La S 16:20.2
      Ethan Maher 2nd    
      Paul Ghantous 3rd  
      Matthew Zilligen 4th      
      Bradden Koors 5th      
2017 La Salle


Evan Addison 1st Evan Addison La S 16:19.70
      Vincent Twomey 2nd    
      Ethan Maher 3rd  
      Sean Egan 4th      
      Bradden Koors 5th      
2016 La Salle


Evan Addison 2nd Ryan James O'Hara 16:09.70
      Stephen Paul 4th    
      Brendan Price 7th  
      Quinn O'Neill 8th      
      Vincent Twomey 9th      
2015 La Salle


Eddie Goebel 3rd Rob Morro O'Hara 16:22
      Evan Addison 4th    
      Stephen Paul 5th  
      Frank Livolsi 6th      
      Patrick Grant 9th      
2014 O'Hara


Kevin James 1st Kevin James O'Hara 16:22.58
      Ryan James 2nd    
      Rob Morro 3rd  
      Billy Donovan 7th      
      Drew Pastore 11th      
2013 O'Hara


Kevin James 1st Kevin James O'Hara #15:45.26
      Nick Smart 2nd #-course extended by 110 meters  
      Jim Belfatto 3rd (would have topped Hallinan's record)
      Drew Pastore 4th      
      Rob Morro 6th      
2012 O'Hara


Dan Savage 1st Dan Savage O'Hara 15:56
      Ernie Pitone 2nd      
      Kevin James 3rd      
      Matt Hayes 5th      
      Chris Pastore 6th      
2011 O'Hara


Dan Savage 2nd Tom Coyle La Salle 15:56.2
      Mike Bilotta 3rd      
      Chris Pastore 5th      
      Ernie Pitone 8th      
      Kevin James 10th      
2010 O'Hara


Chris Garrity 1st Chris Garrity O'Hara 16:25.46
      Christian Ostroski 4th      
      Dan Savage 6th      
      Chris Pastore 7th      
      Mike Bilotta 9th      
2009 La Salle


James Stevenson 4th Tom Kehl Judge 17:08
      Shawn Quinn 5th      
      Tom Trainer 6th      
      Nick Molloy 7th      
      Seamus Morgan 9th      
2008 La Salle


Nick Molloy 4th John Pickhaver Prep 16:26.0
      Pat Donnelly 5th      
      Tom O'Kane 7th      
      Sean McCullough 8th      
      Tom Trainer 10th      
2007 La Salle


Dan Lowry 1st Dan Lowry La S 16:31.19
      Pat Donnelly 6th      
      Tom O'Kane 7th      
      Tom Buoncristiano 12th      
      Sean McCullough 14th      
2006 La Salle


Phil Wood 1st Phil Wood La S 16:04
      George Pinchock 6th      
      Steve Dorsey 7th      
      Colin Barrett 8th      
      Dan Lowry 10th      
2005 La Salle


Bob McCullough 2nd Greg Thomas O'H 16:01
      Pat Jeffers 5th      
      Dan Lowry 6th      
      Sean Casey 8th      
      Steve Dorsey 14th      
2004 La Salle


Sean McGinley 1st Sean McGinley La S 16:08
      Pat Jeffers 4th      
      Tim Heck 6th      
      Tim Shea 9th      
      Dan O'Toole 11th      
2003 La Salle


Joe Fedorowicz 6th Steve Hallinan O'H *15:44
      Sean McGinley 8th (ran course record    
      Kyle Rodden 9th 15:42 in invitational)    
      Steve Horvath 11th      
      Chris Ross 14th      
2002 O'Hara


Steve Hallinan 1st Steve Hallinan O'H 16:19
      Vince Gravelle 3rd      
      Mike Callanan 5th      
      Greg Thomas 8th      
      Jack Braconnier 12th      
2001 O'Hara


Steve Hallinan 1st Steve Hallinan O'H 16:13
      Joe Francisco 4th      
      Vince Gravelle 5th      
      T.J. Coll 10th      
      Mike Callanan 16th      
2000 O'Hara


Rich Anderson 2nd Matt Mereba Dough *16:11
      Sean Duffy 6th      
      Kevin Cunningham 9th      
      Joe Francisco 14th      
      T.J. Coll 15th      
1999 Judge


Kevin Carroll 1st Kevin Carroll Judge 16:24
      Mike Brennan 5th      
      Tom Taggart 6th      
      Ryan Grant 13th      
      Pat Bickel 15th      
1998 Judge


Kevin Carroll 2nd Mike Donohue La S 16:30
      Chris Baker 3rd      
      Mike Brennan 5th      
      Pat Bickel 8th      
      Tom Taggart 13th      
1997 La Salle


Colin McManus 3rd Ryan Cobb O'H 16:41.1
      Al Clay 5th      
      Greg Bielecki 6th      
      Jeremy Palo 7th      
      T.J. Bartkowski 9th      
1996 St. Joe's Prep


Steve Walsh 1st Steve Walsh Prep 16:25.3
      Joe McCool 3rd      
      Sean Gavin 13th      
      Mike DiJulia 17th      
      Nick Groch 24th      
1995 Wood


Geoff Angelone 4th Dave McClafferty Con.-Egan 16:28.4
      David Polis 8th      
      Chris Haas 14th      
      Nick Pagano 16th      
      Brian McVan 17th      
1994 Bonner 29 Kevin McGinnis 2nd Jack Horgan La S 16:24
      Art DiCola 3rd      
      Kevin Hager 4th      
      Rob Lythgoe 6th      
      Colin Benner 14th      
1993 Ryan


Mark Herley 3rd Kevin McGinnis Bonn 16:23.2
      Tony Woodruff 7th      
      Chris O'Rourke 9th      
      Mike Stewart 10th      
      Joe Carlin 17th      
1992 St. James


Kevin McGinnis 5th Brendan Benner Bonn *16:16.5
      Kevin Hager 7th   (*ran record 16:04    
      Bill Lynch 8th   at Belm. Plateau;      
      Fred Ogden 14th   Arch. Ryan Inv.)    
      Bill Clark 15th      
1991 Wood


Brian McCafferty 3rd Brendan Benner Bonn 16:30
      Jason Switzer 4th      
      Keith Clements 6th      
      Dennis Monahan 7th      
      Mike Coyne 12th      
1990 Wood


Brian McCafferty 3rd Mike McClafferty Egan #16:17
      Jason Switzer 7th   (#ran record 16:07    
      Doug Menzak 10th   in division meet)    
      Keith Clements 12th      
      Dennis Monahan 16th      
1989 St. James


Mark Hager 6th Al Connelly Egan 16:40
      Rich Struzynski 8th      
      Zep Greto 12th      
      Jim Green 21st      
      Bill Lynch 24th      
  2.9 miles            
1988 Wood


Brett Amberson 4th Matt McCloskey Ryan 15:12
      Chris Wiegand 7th      
      David Crowley 10th      
      Michael Vivian 15th      
      Rob Templeton 20th      
1987 Wood


Mike Ewing 2nd Shawn Schneider Ryan 14:44
      Brett Amberson 8th      
      Brian Moroney 14th      
      Curt Burkholder 21st      
      Michael Vivian 26th      
1986 Wood


Mike Ewing 1st Mike Ewing Wood 15:41
      Brian Moroney 6th      
      Curt Burkholder 10th      
      Dave Penko 14th      
      Brett Amberson 18th      
1985 Bonner 45 Bill Donovan 1st Bill Donovan Bonn 14:43
      Chris Saddler 5th      
      Jason Lagana 10th      
      Jim Racine 13th      
      Dave Walsh 16th      
1984 Wood 49 Mike Lieb 3rd Bill Donovan Bonn 14:59
      Mike Ewing 6th      
      Mike Haney 8th      
      Bob Winkler 9th      
      Greg Penko 23rd      
1983 Wood 50 Bob Winkler 5th Jack Schneider Ryan 15:05
      John Meighan 6th      
      Mike Lieb 9th      
      Bob Devlin 13th      
      Tom Brewer 17th      
1982 La Salle


Steve Gallagher 1st Steve Gallagher La S 15:01
      Connor Smith 2nd      
      Tom Shallow 5th      
      Tom Burns 20th      
      Dave Casale 22nd      
1981 O'Hara


Chris McHugh 2nd Jamie Welborn Egan 15:07
      John Flanagan 8th      
      Paul O'Donnell 10th      
      Tony Torelli 15th      
      ??? 23rd      
1980 O'Hara


John Flanagan 4th Dave Ott La S 15:06.4
      Paul Sorenson 10th      
1979 Wood


Marty Loscalzo 1st Marty Loscalzo Wood 14:55.4
      Lee Resinski 5th      
      Tom Tokarski 13th      
      Kevin Chern 15th      
      Ed Boscola 30th      
1978 Ryan


Tim Naylor 3rd Charles Kelly Roman 14:45.4
      Joe Costic 8th      
      Walt Smith 16th      
      Joe Mooney 23rd      
      Mike Meistering 25th      
1977 Ryan


Tim Naylor 1st Tim Naylor Ryan 14:45.2
      Walt Smith 7th      
      Tim Kelly 13th      
      Jim Oerth 18th      
      Joe Klaiber 30th      
1976 Ryan 56 Keith Davies 2nd Mike Ludovici Wood 15:04
      Tim Naylor 8th      
      Brian Boyle 9th      
      Jamie Hennessy 18th      
      Walt Smith 19th      
1975 Ryan 55 Mike Thom 1st Mike Thom Ryan 14:38.6
      George Petrick 10th      
      Ray Trusdell 13th      
      Tim Naylor 14th      
      Brian Boyle 17th      
1974 Bonner 38 Tom Weber 3rd John Burns La S *14:23.2
      John Nicholson 4th      
      Joe Genther 5th      
      Mike Callahan 9th      
      Tom McCaney 17th      
1973 Ryan 86 Mike Thom 6th James Cranney Roman 14:48.2
      George Petrick 10th      
      Jack Kuhar 20th      
      Kevin Maguire 23rd      
      Al Cicchitti 27th      
  2.6 miles            
1972 La Salle 55 Mike Magarity 3rd John Jennings Dough 12:41.5
      Mark Daniele 5th      
      Rich Landers 8th      
      John Burns 9th      
      Rich Biddle 30th      
1971 La Salle ?? Mike McMonagle ?? John Jennings Dough 12:53.5
      Dave McKee ??      
      Mark Daniele ??      
      Paul Morrison ??      
      Pat Hannon ??      
1970 McDevitt 39 Mark Gilman 2nd Ray Tomczuk Judge 13:00.4
      John Quinn 3rd      
      Phil Jeronis 7th      
      George Barton 13th      
      Pete Heeson 14th      
1969 Wood 82 Steve Landis 3rd Joe Tomczuk Judge 13:22.0
      Bob Brewer 4th      
      Mike Patterson 16th      
      John Gall 29th      
      Joe Law 30th      
1968 Bonner 86 Fran Klick 2nd Joe Brady McD 13:03.8
      Phil Genther 15th      
      Rich DiSebastian 19th      
      Paul "Dixie" Dunbar 22nd      
      Joe Murray 28th      
1967 Dougherty 50 Frank Krieger 1st Frank Krieger Dough 13:24.0
      Jim Burns 7th      
      Mark Connelly 11th      
      Joe Smith 14th      
      Jack Marko 17th      
1966 McDevitt 42 Pat McKenna 2nd Jack Lyons Roman *12:58.0
      John Devlin 3rd      
      Joe Brady 10th      
      Pete Ebert 12th      
      Tom Nelson 15th      
1965 Dougherty 65 Juan D'Estrada 2nd Jack Lyons Roman *13:11.3
      Bob Donnelly 6th      
      Kevin O'Rourke 15th      
      John Sheridan 18th      
      Frank Krieger 24th      
  2.33 miles            
1964 Dougherty 40 Joe Ryan 2nd Tom Donnelly La S *11.19.8
      Kevin O'Rourke 4th      
      Joe Connelly 8th      
      Juan D'Estrada 9th      
      Mike DeBlasi 17th      
1963 Dougherty 44 Don Campbell 3rd Tom Donnelly La S *11.20.4
      Kevin O'Rourke 4th      
      Joe Connelly 6th      
      Joe Ryan 12th      
      Chris Tatreau 19th      
1962 Dougherty 37 Hal Spiro 2nd Tom Donnelly La S *11.34.5
      Paul "Rocky" Grevy 7th      
      Dave Kelley 8th      
      Joe Ryan 9th      


  Joe Connelly) 11th      
1961 Dougherty 50 Mike Coffey 1st Mike Coffey Dough *11.38.0
      Larry Bolger 3rd      
      Pete Dougherty 8th      
      Terry McNally 15th      
      Bill Milles 23rd      
1960 West 57 Tom Stubblebine 4th Joe Turner ST More *11:50.2
      Mike Myrtetus 8th      
      Pat Ward 10th      
1959 Dougherty 58 Francis Carver 1st Francis Carver Dough 11:54.0
      Tom McDonnell 7th      
      Paul Minehan 10th      
      Lou Campi 19th      
      Ed Ulmer 21st      
1958 Dougherty 43 Owen McGuire 2nd Pat Traynor Bonn 11:54.0
      Francis Carver 3rd      
      Tom McDonnell 6th      
      Lou Campi 12th      
      Bill Sheridan 20th      
1957 West 57 Angelo Sivieri 1st Angelo Sivieri West *11:54.3
      John Holbrook 10th      
      Robert Shea 12th      
1956 West 45 Angelo Sivieri 1st Angelo Sivieri West 12:05.0
      Walt Thompson 7th      
      George Light 8th      
      Robert Madden 12th      
      ??? 17th      
1955 West 41 John Holbrook 4th Harold Thorson Roman 12:12.0
      George Light 7th      
      Harry Reid 8th      
      James DenHaese 9th      
      Don Ardell 13th      
1954 West 17 Jim Shields 1st Jim Shields West 12:12.3
      Jim Baldwin 2nd      
      Gerald Keegan 3rd      
      Harry Reid 5th      
      Joe McGinn 6th      
1953 West 19 Bob Farrell 1st Bob Farrell West 12:16.0
      Jim Shields 2nd      
      Jim Baldwin 3rd      
      Joe McGinn 6th      
      Bob Haggarty 7th      
1952 West 28 Henry Nealis 1st Henry Nealis West 12:17.0
      Jim Baldwin 4th      
      Bob Davis 6th      
      Bob Farrell 8th      
      Mike Flaherty 9th      
1951 West 28 Bill Farrell 1st Bill Farrell West 12:15.0
      Henry Nealis 5th      
      Joe Amlaner 6th      
      Charles Durney 7th      
      Bob Davis 9th      
1950 West 57 Bill McGinn 2nd Vince Morris ST More 12:16.9
      Bob Smith 8th      
      Bill Dransfield 14th      
      Gerald McGinn 16th      
      Ed Dever 17th      
1949 West 22 Joe Atmuff 1st Joe Watmuff West 12:13.0
      Joe Merkins 2nd      
      Francis Manion 4th      
      Bill McGinn 7th      
      Phil McCloskey 8th      
1948 West 34 Joe Martin 3rd Ed McMenamin Roman 12:14.5
      John Lutrell 5th      
      Joe Merkins 7th      
      Jim Rodgers 9th      
      Joe Watmuff 10th      
1947 North 33 Charles O'Neill 3rd Bill McNichol Roman 12:20.2
      Tom Higginbotham 5th      
      Tom McKenzie 6th      
      Jim Dick 8th      
      Bill Hettel 11th      
1946 North 28 Al Erbrick 1st Al Erbrick North 12:12.2
      Charles Canally 5th      
      Charles Beatty 6th      
      Charles O'Neill 7th      
      Bill Hanley 9th      
1945 West 40 Jim Kennedy 1st Jim Kennedy West 12:14.0
      Frank Trainer 4th      
      Paul McSorley 8th      
      Pete Anderson 11th      
      Lawson Fowler 16th      
1944 North 35 John McDermott 1st John McDermott North *12:03.0
1943 West 39 Tom English 3rd Joe Devlin North Unav.
      Bob Stratton 5th      
      Don Farrell 6th      
      Bob O'Flynn 7th      
      Jim Leavens 18th      
  2.25 miles            
1942 Roman 27 Gerald McGlinn 1st Gerald McGlinn Roman *11:36.0
      Lawrence Keefer 2nd      
      Ed McGlinn 5th      
      Gene Feeney 8th      
      Robert Clark 11th      
1941 North 25 John Comas 2nd Gerald McGlinn Roman *11:47.5
      Jim Harrigan 3rd      
      Francis Funston 4th      
      Francis Flanagan 7th      
      Ted Farrell 9th      

Earlier champions . . .
Note: The first CL championship meet was held in 1941 at Villanova. The course was
2 1/4 miles and Roman's Gerald McGlinn was the winner in 11:47.5. He had never run
in a race, according to a story in The Inquirer. He also won the 1942 race, likewise at
Villanova, and posted a time of 11:36. He competed in college at St. Joseph's.

(Thanks to Chris Carabello, La Salle's
information director, for his help.)