Philadelphia High School Cross Country
Boys City Title Meets, 1945-79

(compiled by Ted Silary)

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  The original City Title meets were held from 1945 through 1979. They matched the Catholic League
champion vs. the Public League champion.
  Because the leagues used different scoring systems, the CT scoring format went back and forth. In
odd numbered years, the CL system was used -- five scorers per team. In even numbered years, the
PL system was used -- eight scorers per team.
  The CL won 30 outright championships. The PL won four.
  There was one tie (in 1962).
   Note: In 1947, the AAU scoring system was used. Only the first five runners for Central were
counted. Though a Central runner finished ninth, North Catholic's final two scorers were moved up
from 10th and 11th to ninth and 10th, enabling NC to win the championship.

  If you notice a misspelled name . . . Thanks!

*record performance

Courses . . .
SM -- Strawberry Mansion, 33rd  & Dauphin, Fairmount Park, 2.33 miles.
BP1 -- Belmont Plateau, Fairmount Park, 2.5 miles.
BP2 -- Belmont Plateau, Fairmount Park, 2.9 miles.

Year Teams Pts Scorers for Champ Place Winner School Time
1979 Overbrook


Calvin Dunning 2nd Marty Loscalzo Wood 14:42
BP2 Wood 29 Anthony Sullivan 3rd      
      Steve Dickens 5th      
      Roy Gilliam 6th      
      Jerry Lawson 11th      
1978 Ryan


Tim Naylor 1st Tim Naylor Ryan 15:08.4
BP2 Central 86 Jim Trusdell 4th      
      Jamie Hennessy 6th      
      Joe Costick 7th      
      Jim McGee 8th      
      Mike Meistering 9th      
      Joe Mooney 10th      
      Bill Beahr 13th      
1977 Ryan


Tim Naylor 1st Tim Naylor Ryan 14:54
BP2 Central 48 Walt Smith 2nd      
      Tim Kelly 3rd      
      Jim Mooney 4th      
      Mike Meistering 6th      
1976 Ryan 50 Keith Davies T-1st T-Keith Davies Ryan 15:25.8
BP2 Overbrook 89 Tim Naylor T-1st T-Tim Naylor Ryan  
      Brian Boyle T-1st T-Brian Boyle Ryan  
      Bob Malkowski 6th      
      Jim Oerth 7th      
      Jamie Hennessy 8th      
      Ray Trusdell 10th      
      Walt Smith 13th      
1975 Ryan 15 Mike Thom 1st Mike Thom Ryan *14:34.6
BP2 Overbrook 48 George Petrick 2nd      
      Brian Boyle 3rd      
      Ray Trusdell 4th      
      Tim Naylor 5th      
1974 Bonner 48 Tom Weber T-1st T-Tom Weber Bonner 12:01.8
SM Dobbins 101 Joe Genther T-1st T-Joe Genther Bonner  
      John Nicholson T-1st T-John Nicholson Bonner  
      Charlie McGinnis 5th      
      Mike Callahan 7th      
      Steve Austin 9th      
      Tom McCaney 10th      
      Steve Black 11th      
1973 Ryan 18 Mike Thom 1st Mike Thom Ryan *15:17.4
BP2 Overbrook 41 Al Cicchitti 2nd      
      Rick Steinberg 4th      
      George Petrick 5th      
      Jack Kuhar 6th      
1972 La Salle 44 Mike Magarity 1st Mike Magarity La Salle 12:01.7
SM Overbrook 95 John Burns 2nd      
      Rich Landers 3rd      
      Mark Daniele 4th      
      Rich Biddle 5th      
      Mike Sommar 6th      
      John Maloney 11th      
      John Li 12th      
1971 La Salle 15 Mike McMonagle T-1st T-Mike McMonagle La Salle 13:37
BP1 Overbrook 55 Pat Hannon T-1st T-Pat Hannon    
      Jim Zorbach T-1st T-Jim Zorbach    
      Dave McKee T-1st T-Dave McKee    
      Mark Daniele T-1st T-Mark Daniele    
1970 McDevitt 53 Mark Gilman 1st Mark Gilman McDevitt *11:35.1
SM Overbrook 83 John Quinn 2nd      
      Phil Jeronis 4th      
      Pete Heeson 5th      
      George Barton 6th      
      John Rapp 7th      
      Ed Fox 12th      
      Tim Brady 16th      
1969 Wood 19 Steve Landis 1st Steve Landis Wood 13:32.8
BP1 Overbrook 45 Mike Patterson 2nd      
      Bob Brewer 4th      
      Mike Kleinot 5th      
      Joe Law 7th      
1968 Bonner 49 Phil Genther 1st Phil Genther Bonner 12:04.6
SM Bartram 109 Rich DiSebastian 3rd      
      Fran Klick 4th      
      Joe Murray 6th      
      Bill McKeown 7th      
      Paul "Dixie" Dunbar 8th      
      Lou Leone 9th      
      Joe O'Loughlin 11th      
1967 Dougherty 15 Frank Krieger 1st Frank Krieger Dougherty *13:20.5
BP1 Overbrook 55 Joe Smith 2nd      
      Jim Burns 3rd      
      Mark Connelly 4th      
      Jack Marko 5th      
1966 McDevitt 38 Pat McKenna 1st Pat McKenna McDevitt *11:36.5
SM Overbrook 134 John Devlin 2nd      
      Joe Brady 3rd      
      Tom Nelson 4th      
      Pete Ebert 5th      
      Frank Jamison 6th      
      Dave Bennis 8th      
      Thom Toole 9th      
1965 Dougherty 19 Juan D'Estrada 1st Juan D'Estrada Dougherty 11:59.6
SM Overbrook 42 Bob Donnelly 2nd      
      Kevin O'Rourke 4th      
      Frank Krieger 5th      
      John Sheridan 7th      
1964 Dougherty 46 Joe Ryan 1st Joe Ryan Dougherty 11:51.8
SM Overbrook 90 Joe Connelly 2nd      
      Juan D'Estrada 3rd      
      Kevin O'Rourke 4th      
      Mike DeBlasi 5th      
      John Sheridan 7th      
      George Edwards 10th      
      Pat Funston 14th      
1963 Dougherty 21 Don Campbell 2nd Ken Davis Overbrook 11:58.8
SM Overbrook 35 Joe Connelly 3rd      
      Kevin O'Rourke 4th      
      Joe Ryan 5th      
      Chris Tatreau 7th      
1962 Dougherty 69 Hal Spiro 1st Hal Spiro Dougherty 12:06.5
SM Overbrook 69 Dave Kelley 3rd      
    (tie)   Don Campbell 6th      
      Paul "Rocky" Grevy 9th      
      Frankie Tate 11th      
      Joe Connelly 12th      
      Joe Ryan 13th      
      Chris Tatreau 14th      
  Overbrook   Ken Davis 2nd      
      Ron Brodie 4th      
      Ron Moore 5th      
      Jerry Wicker 7th      
      Eldridge Johnson 8th      
      Franklin Pringle 10th      
      Ernest Staten 16th      
      David Moore 17th      
1961 Dougherty 24 Mike Coffey 1st Mike Coffey Dougherty *11.37.7
SM Overbrook 31 Larry Bolger 2nd      
      Pete Dougherty 4th      
      Bob Giordano 8th      
      Tom Kelly 9th      
1960 West Cath. 66 Tom Stubblebine 2nd Josh Brown Overbrook 11:49.6
SM Overbrook 70 Marty McGehean 4th      
      Pat Ward 6th      
      Mike Myrtetus 7th      
      Gene Avella 8th      
      Rich Daly 11th      
      Jim Andrews 12th      
      Tom Cotton 16th      
1959 Dougherty 22 Francis Carver 2nd Fred Anderson Overbrook *11:38.8
SM Overbrook 33 Tom McDonnell 3rd      
      Paul Minehan 4th      
      Bill Clark 6th      
      Lou Campi 7th      
1958 Dougherty 67 Owen McGuire 3rd Roger Harmon West Phila. *11:48.0
SM West Phila. 70 Tom McDonnell 4th      
      Francis Carver 5th      
      Lou Campi 6th      
      Charles Kearns 8th      
      Jim Martin 10th      
      Fernando Woodley 14th      
      Joe McQuillan 17th      
1957 Overbrook 25 Frank Smith 2nd Angelo Sivieri West Cath. *11:55.6
SM West Cath. 30 Carroll Anderson 3rd      
      Alan Stokes 5th      
      Fred Anderson 7th      
      Leon Glover 8th      
1956 West Cath. 67 Angelo Sivieri 3rd Dennis Johnson West Phila. 11:57.8
SM West Phila. 73 Walt Thompson 5th      
      Robert Madden 6th      
      George Light 7th      
      John Holbrook 8th      
      Ed Courtney 11th      
      Bob Shea 12th      
      Joe Stubblebine 15th      
1955 West Phila. 20 John Stokes 1st John Stokes West Phila. 12:08.0
SM West Cath. 35 Ronald Sullivan 2nd      
      Ron Merriweather 3rd      
      Joseph Barnett 5th      
      Dennis Johnson 9th      
1954 West Cath. 42 Jim Baldwin 1st Jim Baldwin West Cath. 11:56.7
SM Overbrook 108 Jim Shields 2nd      
      Joe McGinn 3rd      
      Gerald Keegan 4th      
      Harry Reid 5th      
      John McFadden 7th      
      Bill Rahn 9th      
      Al Carlin 11th      
1953 West Cath. 20 Bob Farrell 1st Bob Farrell West Cath. *11:49.0
SM Overbrook 35 Jim Shields 3rd      
      Jim Baldwin 4th      
      Joe McGinn 5th      
      Gerald Butler 7th      
1952 West Cath. 59 Bob Davis 3rd Gene Brodie Overbrook 12:02.0
SM Overbrook 93 Bob Farrell 4th      
      Jim Shields 5th      
      Mike Flaherty 7th      
      John Dolan 8th      
      Gerald Butler 9th      
      Jim Baldwin 11th      
      Joe Stacy 12th      
1951 West Cath. 22 Bill Farrell 2nd Gene Brodie Overbrook 12:34.0
SM Overbrook 33 Gerry McGinn 3rd      
      John Dolan 4th      
      John Amlaner 6th      
      Henry Nealis 7th      
1950 Overbrook 44 Bill Griggs 1st Bill Griggs Overbrook 12:01.3
SM West Cath. 121 Gene Brodie 2nd      
      Herb Bruce 3rd      
      Al Entriken 4th      
      Gilbert Laws 7th      
      James Montague 8th      
      Dan Johnson 9th      
      Herbert Rogers 10th      
1949 West Cath. 22 Joe Atmuff 1st Joe Watmuff West Cath. *11:56.2
SM Overbrook 23 Joe Merkins 3rd      
      Phil McCloskey 5th      
      Charles Timko 6th      
      Francis Manion 7th      
1948 West Cath. 57 Joe Watmuff 2nd Robert Walton Overbrook 12:17.3
SM Overbrook 86 Joe Martin 3rd      
      John Luttrell 5th      
      Jim Rodgers 7th      
      Jim Kelly 8th      
      Bill McGinn 9th      
      Joe Merkins 11th      
      Francis Manion 12th      
1947 North Cath. 27 Tom McKenzie 1st Tom McKenzie North Cath. 12:47.0
SM Central 28 Charles O'Neill 2nd      
      Tom Higginbotham 5th      
  (9th) by AAU   Jim Fraties 10th      
  (10th) system   George Schrader 11th      
1946 North Cath. 62 Al Erbrick 1st Al Erbrick North Cath. *12:16.0
SM Overbrook 76 Charles Beatty 4th      
      Charles Canally 5th      
      Bill Hanley 7th      
      Charles O'Neill 8th      
      Ed Yeakel 11th      
      Robert Cameron 12th      
      George Schrader 14th      
1945 West Cath. 21 Jim Kennedy 1st Jim Kennedy West Cath. *12:37.9
SM Central 35 Frank Trainer 2nd      
      Paul McSorley 3rd      
      Lawson Fowler 6th      
      Patrick Anderson 9th