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  Jon "Duck" Gray is one of our most ardent web site supporters. His main sport is basketball, but he's becoming a legend on the football trail, too. How cool is it that his nickname is a good fit with Tom "Puck" McKenna and Ed "Huck" Palmer?
 You may contact Duck at jdtrilogy@aol.com

DEC. 2
   I decided this year not to do prospect looks in different installments, instead I opted to do this. If I didn't see your team play this year, I didn't comment. That may seem harsh, but with all fairness, I have to remain honest and credible. That being said, I may have missed you, I'm human. (Actually I'm a mallard.)  There is no particular order when I put the names down. Also, they're my Public League Awards at the bottom of the report.

Studs (Offense)
Sean Singletary 6-1 190 Penn Charter Jr.

  Amazing athlete, makes highlight film catches look easy. Solid speed and great hands. Tougher than he looks as he packs a wallop on defense. Great student, basketball top 75 guard in class, nationally. Could be just as good on gridiron.
Steve Quinn 6'0   165   St. Joseph's Prep So.

  Put on a big catch clinic in the Catholic Red Division Semifinals aginst O'Hara. Every time the ball came his way he made the catch. He has excellent hands. Kind of kid you want on your team because of his on field intensity. Possible big-timer.
Akil Stokes 5'11 165 Germantown High Sr
  Makes acrobatic catches. Great strides and has "hops." Runs precise routes and grabs big catches. Touchdown's are us. Great student over 1000 SAT's. Future in either I'AA or lower level I'A.
Jordan Anderson 6'3 195  Central High Sr.

  Was used as a wingback late in the year. Guess what, I still like him at receiver, but it showed one of his true strengths- versatility. Solid speed, great physical build and good hands. Also excels at track and basketball. Has chance to be special. Should do well at summer camps and combines. Will get tons of mail from IAA's and IA's.
Charlie Evans 6'1 190 North Catholic Jr.

  It's hard to comment on guys you see once, but trust me that one time was good enough. What great hands? Also, keeps playing hard when team is down large amounts. Had a couple ESPN Gameday catches when I saw him, earlier. I'll head to Erie-Torresdale next year to see some more major league grabs.

Dorian Brewer 6'4 365 Germantown High Sr.
  Great kid and underrated player. When he loses some weight will be a MONSTER. Moves more than well for a man his size. Qualified. Being slept on like a pillow. Somebody will get a STEAL bigger than that Lufthansa heist in Goodfellas.
John Quinn 6'3 270 St. Joseph's Prep Sr.

  Excellent technique and is crazy physical (that is how I like them "o" lineman) is suppose to play the game. He knocks people on their rears out of habit. Would be a good to great IVY player and can play higher than that. Anchor of offensive line on team ranked 22nd in the nation by USA Today.
Ronald Blue 6'5 295 Murrell Dobbins Sr.
  Always hustling to the line of scrimmage (a Dobbins' trademark.) Plays rather physically. He is an excellent run blocker because he always makes solid first contact with the opposing end. I-AA.
Kyle Easley 6'0 260 George Washington Sr.

  Very physical and moves okay. Brings intensity to the offensive line. Just a player. Probably will be a guard in college. PSAC/I-AA.
David Eshun 6'4 275 Thomas Edison Sr.
  Underrated big boy. Blocks well, and isn't too shabby as a center. Needs refinement but the investment should be worthwhile. I-AA
Edwin "Goose" Cruz  6'3 280 Benjamin Franklin Sr.
  Team leader and a better player than you would think. Did decent against Washington and they play a very physical brand of football. Anchor of offensive line on team that won Public League Division C. PSAC
Kyle Hatch 6'3 275 Simon Gratz Sr.
  Solid lineman, holds his blocks and create holes for the RB's to run through. Often overshadowed by the Bulldogs' "Big Three." He was part of an excellent bunch of Bulldog linemen.

Running Backs
Anthony Heygood 6-2 225 Cardinal O'Hara  Jr.
  Whew, he is a load, has speed though and still appears to be growing and filling out. (Like CL linebackers and defensive backs want to hear that.) Big name schools keeping very close tabs, they have good sense. Will be one of state's top prospects next year.
Pat Kaiser 6'0 195 St. Joseph's Prep  Sr.
  Has received tons of accolades and probably will receive more, but I will say this he deserves every one and then some. It might sound strange but for my money, Kaiser maybe underrated. (Correction, he is) Big East schools should be involved.
Tyree Watson 5'11 175 Simon Gratz  Sr.

  Had a big year, but guess what he is just scratching the surface. Will probably be a defensive back long range, but his rushing accomplishments merit this mention. Has an easy-going running style, and is known for his cutbacks and  sharp turns. I'A
Larry Turner 5-10 180 George Washington Sr.

  Brassy and confident, makes things happen. 20 yard back, with potential to break the big one at any time. Also, packs punch on defense. Leader by example and work ethic. Gets better each snap. I'AA/IA
Khalif Boldin 5-8 190 Murrell Dobbins Tech Sr.

  Combines speed, desire and toughness. Will run wild on you with sweeps. Has breakaway speed. Strong legs hardly ever stop churning, has added some shiftiness but can still (and will) run your weak ______ over. IA
Chris Williams 5'11 190 Central High Sr.

  Nice build. Good back, he handles all three responsibilities with ease. Running, blocking and pass receiving. Similar to last year's underrated Central back Munir Nurriddin, except has a better football build. IAA/PSAC
Jestin Brisbon 5'11 195 Ben Franklin  Sr.

  Hard running style, attacks the defense with head down and evil intents. Needs prep. Deserves consideration, team leader type. Has a refuse to be brought down by first tackler mentality. Could be I-AA after prep.
Taurean Filmore 5'9 175 Germantown High Sr.

  Chiseled, give him space and he hits that hole at full speed. And that is track speed. Best football is ahead of him. Qualified . PSAC/I-AA
Brandon Norris 5'8 160 Frankford High Fresh
  Stay focused, do your homework and keep working. No other comment because you're too young to be playing like this. Don't be flash in the pan.

Matt Ryan 6'5 195 Penn Charter  Sr.
  Boston College Signee*
Darrell Turner 6'6   210  Frankford High Sr.

  Nice arm, great size. Doesn't get to throw it as much as he would like, but shows very well when given a chance. Smart, classy kid. I-A/I-AA
Matt Stefanski 6-0 180 St. Joseph's Prep Sr.
  Good game manager, makes sweet passes when I've seen him. Kind of quarterback who doesn't hurt you. Projection: Good small college signal caller.
Brian Mitchell 6-0 210 North Catholic Sr.

  Heart of  a Lion. Does of a bit of everything, nice arm and plays hard. Mobile. I like his toughness. Div.II

 Studs (Defense)
Bryant Jennings 6'2 230 Ben Franklin Sr.
   Large frame can add weight. Mixes strength with speed. Never gets blocked easily.  Playmaker extradonnaire and has I-A's keeping extremely close tabs.
Paul Johnson 5'11 280 Germantown High School Sr.

  Qualified, hardworking nose tackle with a penchant for making big plays. Great kid.  Also a good long snapper on special teams.
Darryl Watson 6'2 295  West Philadelphia Sr.

  Making strides, clogs up the middle. Moves okay for a "big un" possible nose guard. Has a chance to be very good. I-AA
Dominic Bland 6-1 270 Simon Gratz Sr.

  One of my favorites in the city. Intense to say the least. Had this two play sequence in the semifinals, with two BIGTIME tackles. Really, coming on strong. PSAC
David "Wolfman" Williams 6'0 260 Simon Gratz Sr.

  Makes  big plays, a monster when motivated. Very aggressive. Came up huge against Dobbins with a couple of big time stops. PSAC

Brian Tracz 6'2 225 St. Joseph's Prep Jr.

  I don't like to speak in superlatives, but this kid is a bonafide stud. I mean he hits people and the sound echoes for a couple of miles. Best linebacker I saw. "The Bone Collector" is a probable BIG TIMER.
Jameel McClain 6'2 240 George Washington Sr.

  Temple and West Virginia involved with good reason.  This monster controls the entire midway. Physical, grimey and capable a dangerous combination.
Robbie "Beano" Spivey 6'2 195 Simon Gratz  Sr.
  Was banged up by the end of the year. Combines speed with strength and all out approach, I mean he has a big upside. Best football ahead of him when he learns some nuances. I-A
Lateef Ferguson 6'1 210 Murrell Dobbins Tech Sr.
  Nice build can add weight. Makes play after play. Hits with aggression runs seemingly from side to side in no time. Had a good year as a FB, can create holes there. I-A/I-AA
Corey Cannon  6'0 210 Cardinal O'Hara Sr.
  Physical to say the least. Makes plays and remains active and disruptive. I liked this kid a lot. I apologize for not seeing him twice. I saw IAA with refinement.
Omar McDonnaugh 5'10 185 Germantown High Jr.

  Could be listed as an Athlete, but is one of the top weakside linebackers around. He makes play after play mostly big ones. Carries the ball on offense. And then blasts big holes as a fullback. Probable college strong safety. If he does well at camps WATCHOUT.
Ervin Hook 6'2 170 Frankford High Jr.

  Only needed to see him once. Was playing some defensive end, but on the real, long range could be a stud outside linebacker. Could make big splash in Pub Final.
Joe Farina 6'2 210 Frankford High Jr.

  Big man in the middle is a wrestler, plays like one too. That means trouble  for Public League teams next year. Has a lot of potential.
Masai Lord 5'11 210 Central High Sr.

  Confident, makes plays. Middle linebacker and a tough guy. Talks plenty of trash. Was for awhile his teams only consistent tackler. I like his game. PSAC

Serta Perfect Sleepers
Voncel Harrigan 5-10 205 Athlete Simon Gratz Sr.
  Arguably team's most indispensable player. Disses out wicked hits. Blocks like a madman from his fullback position. Good athlete. Has HEART of Ten men. I-AA
Dante Bryant 5'10 175 HB/LB Roxborough High School Jr.

  Underrated performer could be one of the top unknown talents in the Public League and that is the truth. Scary part would shine brighter on a team with more talent.
Brandon Peaker 6'0 170 Athlete George Washington Sr.

  Really impressed me both times I've seen him. He makes things happen with his speed, intelligence and desire. 930 SAT and 3.3 GPA a real sleeper because his talent are often overshadowed by his Teammates. Possible I-AA, performer
Andre Odom 5'11 185   Athlete George Washington  Sr.
  Talented defensive back, got better every game I saw him play. Also, was a decent HB. Could be better than I thought because he plays on a good deep team.
Brandon Sutton 5-10 185 LB/FB Roxborough High Sr.

  Makes plays and runs through tackles. I liked him every game he played for the 'Boro. Has good hands should be solid PSAC player.
Jerome Johnson 5-10 230 LB Ben Franklin Sr.

  Physical player. Makes hard tackles. Potential state school star. Has to remain consistently aggressive. Occassionally, becomes hit happy.
Darrell Fincher 5'8 150 DB Ben Franklin Jr.

  Had a very good year, makes tackles grabs interceptions then is a legit threat to return them the whole way. Has lots of football savvy. Will be one of the top DB's in the city next year.
Dion "Flea" Whittington 6'2 210 Athlete Martin Luther King  Sr.*

  Needs prep. Great athlete. Some similarities to former Franklin legend David Carter '96, in that he could play a numerous amount of positions at the next level. Loads of potential, excellent frame.
Keenan Nelson 5'9 155 Athlete Thomas Edison Sr.

 Prep should be an option, it would give Nelson time to grow. Has a huge heart and has the ability to make a play out of nothing. Good kick return prospect. A school should take a chance on him.
Marcus Kennedy 6-0 185 Athlete George Washington Sr.

 Has played two positions well in high school. Quarterback and defensive back. Could easily play either at next level. Good athlete packs plenty of savvy.
Marcel Quarterman 5-11 175 QB Central High School Jr.

  Great ball-handling skills and a nice arm. Has plenty of potential to grow by next year. I think he will be one of the Pub's top signal callers next year.
Jeremy Benson 5-10 225 LB Frankford High School Jr.

  Plays hard makes tackles. Quite a character. Should be ready for a big year next year. Talented could also be a an offensive backfield factor.
Brahim Bilal 6-0 175 Athlete Lincoln High School Sr.

  Good upside. Mobile, played a mean cornerback when I saw him. At QB, he is a playmaker and decision maker. Request a tape, I think he maybe I-AA. But I can't say for sure.
Jesse Edney 5-6 125 Athlete Franklin High School Sr.
 Small wonder sure can deliver a pop. State indoor 55 meter superstar. He surprised me on the gridiron, so for real he should get a look. Why not?
Vondell Parson 5'9 175 HB Simon Gratz Jr.

  Excellent at times, this guys was in the shadow of Gratz' vaunted Big 3 of Watson, Spivey and Harrigan. Good instincts and is already a veteran of late game and big game situations.
Kyle Patillo 6'4 280 DT Martin Luther King Sr.

  Surprisingly active defensive player, who gets the job done the old fashioned way. He earns it. Played very well against G-Town. Sleeper come on PSAC
Charles Whittington 5-9 230 FB Lincoln High School So.

  Potential beast. Runs hard and through tackles. Could be special with improvement. Drags tacklers with the best of them.  Just scratching surface.
Sharif Nash 5'11 170 DB Frankford High School Sr.

  Big time burner, one of the city's top track stars. Has wheels to say the least. Good looking corner as well. Covers ground quickly, stock rising quickly I-A/I-AA
Quindel "Milky" Ladson 5'10 200 Athlete Central Jr.

  Impressive fullback packs a punch at linebacker. After the summer camps and combines his stock should soar.
Adam Hartman 5-10 175 SS Frankford High School  Sr.

  Hard hitter, good hands. I-A's keeping tabs. HEART and soul of team's excellent defensive eleven team. I'm convinced that he is I-A material.
Lamont Lee-Edgefield 6-0 260 OL-DL Gratz High School  So.

  Anchored Gratz offensive line from center position. Late in the season gave them inspired minutes on defense. High upside, could be a Gem down the line.
Kevin Snyder 5-10 220 LB King High School Sr.

  Good player with an edgy approach to the game. Makes plenty of tackles. Likes to kick down doors. High energy player. Classic tough guy. PSAC
Craig Haywood 5-11 185 CB Cardinal O'Hara Sr.

  Big time cover corner has the ability to shut down receivers. Also a quarterback with tools. I-A
Steve Sizer 6-0 170 DB St. Joseph's Prep Sr.
  Nice defensive back, can give a good hit and can keep a good receiver without a catch.
Leonard Johnson 5-10 270 Ol-Dl Germantown High School Sr.
  Underrated offensive lineman who does a good job of creating holes for his running backs. PSAC performer.
Greg Meyers 6'0 180 RB-LB Murrell Dobbins Tech Jr.

  Meyers is going to be one of the city's top two-way players next year. He makes tons of plays from his linebacker position. Also, he is a quality running back. Should be another in the long line of Dobbins two-way stars.
Phil Wood 6'3 245 OL Frankford High School Sr.

  Missed most of last year with a serious injury bounced back to become an All-Public performer. Tough kid, an excellent tackle but could be a pass catcher at the next level. Request a Tape.
Art Johnson 5-10 165 WR Simon Gratz Jr.

  Speed demon deluxe, also a good defensive back. Teams with Eugene Wright in track and they are awesome both play football. Good defenders, on offense they don't get much of a chance to catch the long ball.
Mike Cappelletti 6'0 207 DE St. Joseph's Prep Sr.

  Hard nosed defender impressed against North only to impress me again versus O'hara. Undersized defensive end could be small college stud.
Danny Jones 5-9 165 KR St. Joseph's Prep Jr
  Something tells me that this guy could have a huge year next year. He was a dangerous player this year on special teams and we can expect more contributions. He was an okay defensive back as well.
Kenneth "Dirt" Barnes 5'6 125 MP Martin Luther King Sr.

  See Jesse Edney, has speed, toughness that can't be weighed on a scale or measured with a yard stick.
Raymond Massey 6-3 210 QB Germantown High School

  Missed year with injury good student and a promising quarterback. Probably would have had  a big year if not for injury.

Finally My "Pub" Awards
They're named after former "Pub" Players
Eddie Gaskins Award (Offensive MVP)

Tyree Watson 5'11 175  Simon Gratz
Maurice Bennett Award (Defensive MVP)
Jameel McClain 6-2 240  George Washington
Jeffrey "JT" King-Deshone "Stink" Cotton Awards
(If I had to go to war and could only take 15 guys to fight 500 men. I would
take "JT" and "Stink" against a thousand men: I like my odds)
Voncel Harrigan, Gratz
Omar McDonnaugh, Germantown
Larry Turner, Washington
Dorian Brewer, Germantown
Robbie "Beano" Spivey, Gratz
Jeremy Benson, Frankford
Lateef Ferguson, Dobbins
Taurean Filmore, Germantown
Darrell Fincher, Franklin
Dion Whittington, King
Joselito Cruz,  Frankford
Jameel McCain, Washington
Leon Richardson, Central
Ryan Coffey, Franklin
Ricardo Rivera, Washington

Take care, everybody it is a joy to cover football week in and week out. I just want you kids to concentrate on your books take the SAT/ACT and go to college.

Jon "Duck" Gray

NOV. 28
Germantown 24, Martin Luther King 10
  King and Germantown's "Turkey Bowl" is always in my humble opinion the best event in the city on "Turkey Day". And when these two schools go at it; they always put their best foot forward. I mean whether it is the marching bands, drill teams, cheerleading squads and fan support. This game is always more than just football. I expected a comfortable win for the Bears but I was incorrect. On the opening kickoff, the Cougars recover the onsides kick. Despite being rather inept on offense with a three and out, the Cougars had seized control. The defense led by the super brassy combo of LB Kevin Snyder (5-10 215) and Dion "Flea" Whittington (6-2 210) would force the Bears to punt on their first possession. A bad snap goes over P/WR Akil Stokes' head and out of the end zone. On the ensuing kickoff, King's blur of a junior multipurpose player, Daniel Smith (5'9 155), got the kickoff and was off, untouched for a 48 yard touchdown return. After Snyder plows in for a conversion run. It was 10-0 King. The first carry of the ensuing G-Town drive, senior HB Taurean Filmore (5'9 175) turned a run inside the outside along the King sideline for a 78 yard touchdown explosion. It would not be the last we heard from him. After a scoreless second quarter, it was Filmore again taking a run inside and then out for a 35 yard touchdown run that got the "old heads" chanting "We, we are the Mighty G and we don't care about nobody else." (That has to be most complex chant in history.) Filmore top play was called back on a questionable call, he had returned a punt 65 yards while reversing his field and down the G-Town sideline, they called a clip. Filmore had 16 carries for 147 and 2 scores. Plenty of time for the Cougars to attack, but the G-town defense held strong as they controlled the line of scrimmage all day. Senior OL-DL Dorian Brewer (6'4 375) had a great day, he was manhandling the Cougars upfront. He really had an excellent year without much fanfare. His partner Paul Johnson (5'11 280) had 7 tackles and a fumble recovery. Fellow senior Leonard Johnson had 5 tackles, 2 for loss. The  Bear linebacking core was led by junior standout Omar McDonnaugh (5'10 185) who had 7 tackles and freshman MLB Andre Fisher (5'7 175) who was also in on 7 stops.  King would threaten because of the speed of its offensive skill players namely Kenneth "Dirt" Barnes, who is similar to Franklin's Jesse Edney. Barnes had some ultra-shifty moves, one in particular on a punt return in which he eluded 7 Bears and had a 35 yard run. He had 5 stops on defense as well. Also, showing promise was sophomore MP Sammy Tranks (5'9 140), who had some bursts of exceptional speed. But they couldn't score. Backup Quarterback Brandon Cuff threw a td pass to Stokes, who procured his Public League record 14th touchdown reception of the year it provided a one-score cushion of 18-10 Bears. But this is BIG game, and we all know that "Big time players make big time plays." So where is #44? McDonnaugh had to provide the exclamation point. He made a great read and snared an interception and then juked a King lineman to the ground, broke an arm tackle and then outran everybody to the house for some Turkey with cranberry sauce. King's defense was led by Snyder's 13 tackles. But the magic number today was 11, that's right, 11 years since King's last triumph.
  Sidenotes- You have to love  this game, it just invigorates you. That familiar aroma of G-Town/King that comes from the sky, through the stands and on the field. The amazing amount of women in the stands that are at least 8's in my book….. A teammate of the year nomination has to go to Raymond Massey from G-Town. He always was a positive force on the sidelines despite missing his senior year. Good job Raymond….. The best band was MLK's, the cheerleaders were even, G-Town had the better pep squad. I would like to give major props to both sides, managers they both do a real good job. G-Town: Camaar Harrison, Aisha Smiley, Jodian Lewis, Nelica Cordice, Jessica Sanders. And for King: Erica Garrett, Hashima Rahman, Jasmine Dandy, Ashley Holland.

NOV. 15
SJ Prep 38, O'Hara 13
   Don't let the score fool you, this one was a ballgame. Early first quarter, the Prep begins to exert its will on the Lions. Sophomore Steve Quinn (who made 6 clutch catches on offense for 124 yards and 5 tackles on defense) hauled in a 29 yard td strike from senior quarterback Matt Stefanski. Quinn made an all-hands catch while beating O'Hara star CB/QB Craig Haywood. The Lions would show brass. After an interception by small defensive back Bob Hogan, gave the Lions good field position, junior standout Anthony Heygood plowed into the end zone from 5 yards. A key play was Haywood to Bob McAndrews for 21 yards, the pass was almost intercepted but McAndrews grabbed it from the Prep defender's grasp.  The Hawks and their enthused fan base took care of that. S. Quinn got open again for 30 yards from Stefanski plus add an unneccessary roughness penalty and they were well in striking range. They give the ball three times within the 10 yard line to Pat Kaiser and of course he closes the deal with a one yard scoring run. "Kaiser the Closer" or "Kaiser Wilhelm" or whatever the Hawk fans were screaming randomly made the extra point. The next possession, the Lions where moving nicely picking up two first downs and then a big interception by junior defensive back Greg Ambrogi ( 6'0 155) killed that. O'Hara's defense stiffens and Prep is forced to punt. A big return from Steve Cook set up the O'Hara offense nicely. Haywood took over and got the Lions in close for another Heygood short touchdown run. On the drive the Prep lost star linebacker, jr. Brian Tracz (6'2 225) and nose tackle, Will Oleckna. (Tracz was clipped in the knee according to Tom"Hockey Puck" McKenna.) But the extra point is blocked by Hawks' senior Pat James. So with only 40 or so seconds remaining the Hawks have the ball. What do you think? Take a knee, run a couple plays or make a memorable drive? The Drive was the choice. From their 17, Kaiser for nine yards. Then a beautiful "hook and ladder." Stefanski to Jim Daly for 6 yards and then Kaiser running all the way down to the O'Hara 21 yard line. Kaiser attempts a field goal it looks good (the referees didn't signal) and call a penalty. Stefanski hits Quinn for a big gain. Kaiser will nail a field goal at the death of the half. Then it was time for the onslaught. Stefanski adds a third quarter touchdown run. Kaiser scored two late touchdowns. (On one he showed a great second effort to nudge the ball in.) We know all about Kaiser, Stefanski, John Quinn (5 tackles). But the "unknown" Hawks played big, Ambrogi 5 tackles and 1 big int., sr. DE Mike Cappelletti (6'0 207), jr. DT Mike Robinson (5'11 252) and jr. Bill Gennaro (6'0 193) made big plays. Cappelletti had 6 tackles, Robinson 4 and Gennaro had a huge sack on the speedy Haywood. Even lightly used senior wide receiver Chris Paley caught a big reception, a 48 yarder. The Lions defense was paced by Tom O'Brien with 9 tackles and Corey Cannon with 7 tackles.
  Sidenotes- The best chant of the night from the Prep cheering section: "He's a sophomore!!!!!!!" When Steve Quinn made a sensational catch. I liked the Neanderthal chant of "The Girl got to go." It shows that guys with 1400 SAT's respect male bonding. You have to love Prep's assistant Chuck Hart, he is always screaming "Let's go D!" Hockey wanted to chat with him, but we didn't have time. I would have loved that, though. O'Hara had a very impressive marching band.

NOV. 14
Washington 22, Franklin 0
   I came into this game thinking that this game was gonna play out like most boxing matches. They would be some exchanges early and then eventually somebody would take control and continue to back the other team down. One thing I knew was that the Electrons could "hang." Also, I knew that if they wanted to get that win, they would have to knock out the champion. Games like this are made for fans of defense. The Electrons are a very stingy bunch and the Eagles are annually the toughest bunch of kids you can find. In an interesting first half where the Electrons offense was unable to move the ball consistently, their defense made it interesting. After denying an Eagles drive  that began on the Electrons' 25 yard line, the Electrons surrendered a safety when GW junior LB Marcus Banks (5'8 160) tackled Franklin senior RB/DB Jesse Edney in the end zone. Then after a good drive from the Eagles, they threatened three times in the first half, GW quarterback Marcus Kennedy (6'0 185) was intercepted by Franklin's star free safety Darrell Fincher (5'8 170), which ignited the Electron faithful. The two-time defending champs actually took some "hard rights" and  a few "good left hooks"  in the early going. Close to the end of the half an interesting exchange took place; with Washington looking to add another score before the half, Kennedy is picked off again (this was tipped ball) by another of the Electron's "Small Wonders", David Calloway (5'7 190), who tip-toed the sideline and that got the crowd into it. (Right cross to the chin.) The Electrons take over and look to advance the ball, calling a pass play, Calloway is picked off by Larry Turner who leaped up and over a defender to make the grab. Then he looked over at the Franklin sideline and flashed that "look" over on the Electron sideline. The "look" that Kyle Bell had last year in the championship game against Northeast. You know that  "I've already won this game" look. And on your boxing scorecard the Eagles scored a knockdown. Then after the second half bell rang, it was time to back that look up. Turner ran wild on the first position of the second half, thirteen yards up the gut and then twenty four yards to set up a one yard scoring  run by Kennedy. Then after a  defensive stop from the Eagles (highlighted by the stellar play of two-way end Brandon Peaker 6'0 170). Turner ran 16 yards for a score. Only three carries in the second half for Turner to accumulate 53 yards and give the Eagles clear command. (Two eight counts.) Turner carried 8 times for 77 yards total. The Electrons received a game effort from senior linebackers Ryan Coffey (5'9 195) and Jerome Johnson (5'10 230) who both had 10 tackles. Edney and Fincher each had 6 tackles. But it wasn't enough. The Eagles featured an excellent effort from Peaker, who had 9 tackles (5 solos and 2 for loss.) He rung bells like Sunday at twelve o'clock. He is only 6'0 170, he looks like he can hold more weight and has a 3.3 gpa and 930 on the SAT, in other words . . . can you spell -SLEEPER. And according to Coach Ron Cohen, he always gives "110 % effort." Junior OLB Ricardo Rivera added 8 tackles and played in a physical fashion. Standout senior LB, Jameel McLain (6'2 240) was a man amongst smaller men with a hard fought 7 tackles, and on several occasions he went  "straight up" against Franklin franchise back Jestin Brisbon ( 5'10 185), who carried 17 times for 31 yards. Finally in the fourth quarter, the Eagles' Andre Odom ran for a 3 yard td run and had a highlight reel interception. (GW winner by TKO in the 11th round.)
  Sidenotes-  The Eagles feature four highly touted stud seniors -McLain, Turner, Odom and Kennedy. Being the fan of Kung Fu Flicks that I am, I want to call them the "Four Deadly Venoms."…… Franklin' defensive secondary is known as the "Small Wonders."

NOV. 8
Benjamin Franklin 26, Thomas Edison 0
   Benjamin Franklin football came into this one with a full opportunity to win its second Division C title in three years, and took full advantage of it. Early on, the Electrons rode top rusher Jestin Brisbon and he responded with a one yard touchdown run in the early stages of the first quarter. After some empty possessions by Edison, it was time for a second quarter score.  Senior running back Tariq Sabree capitalized on an Edison turnover with a 6 yard touchdown run.  After a blown Edison coverage, Brisbon hauled in a 25 yard touchdown catch from junior QB/DB David Calloway (5-7 180). Although Franklin dominated both sides of the ball, they didn't put the exclamation point on this game until impressive junior DB Darrell Fincher (5'8 170) returned one of four Franklin interceptions 76 yards to the house. It is about time that somebody point out that prior to coach Allen Rushing taking over at Broad and Green winning the C Division for Franklin was like going to the moon. Now they feature an absolutely lethal defensive secondary, with Fincher (7 tackles 1 int.), Calloway (1 int. and 5 tackles) and   5'10 185 pound senior Naim Ferguson (who held Edison star receiver Devon Weston without a catch.) But along with Fincher, the cream of this quality crop, is Jesse Edney (5'6 125), he brings much intensity and is one of the state's top 55 meter track stars. Edney was involced in 7 tackles. Also making a statement was #50, senior LB Jerome Johnson (5'10 230), who had a feast on the Owl backfield. He had 10 tackles and two sacks. One of the sacks was highlight material, he knocked down the fullback and slammed the quarterback in a single motion. Bryant Jennings had two pass deflections and generally didn't allow himself to be blocked by one player.  It was a wonder that Edison star quarterback Keenan Nelson completed two passes. Edison had its moments, Brad Parker had 11 tackles including two sacks. Tiny sophomore halfback Dontae Williams had some nice runs while totaling 28 yards on 6 carries. Yet Edison lost the North Philly "Soul Bowl" yet again.
  Sidenotes- Coach Rushing got the Gatorade treatment. Edison coach Larry Oliver has school spirit because I wouldn't be found dead in those green pants. Sorry man, I have to tell the truth. This should be an interesting PL playoff run.

NOV. 6
Duck Lo Mein

   I rarely comment on Catholic League football, but an issue has come up in Intellligent Thoughts.  Somebody out there brought up that Catholic Blue is weaker than Catholic Red. Maybe that is the case, but I really don't like the fact that the Blue kids may feel stigmatized. Especially, when the league still is brimming with talent on most teams. This kind of reminds of Division E in the Public League for hoops during the '90s off and on. Please for the love of competition do not keep downplaying the Catholic Blue…. This might seem a little far-fetched but here goes; in the Philadelphia Public League they're far too many high schools that do not offer   football. (I went to one.) What makes this a huge issue is that so many of the "better" academic schools do not have the sport. (Save for Central and Northeast.) So why can't schools work together in the fall. Like a kid who attends Strawberry Mansion can play with William Penn, FLC kids can play with Franklin, Saul can play with Roxborough, Fels can play with Olney. Why not? Let the kids play! Why can't the kids have the option and still attend their preferred school? ……… Speaking of options, in covering basketball and track, I've seen athletes who I would just love to grab for a football team like Masterman track star/basketball player Corey Tolbert 5-11, 190 who runs the 100 meters in 11.3. Or Fels' monster leaper Tariq Chandler, who goes 6-2 215 and has about a 40 inch vertical. Or FLC junior forward, Joshua Grier, who just looks like a wide receiver and is a cousin of former Dobbins Football standout, Barren Grier. ………I have forgotten to mention two plays during the Rox/G-Town game, Dorian Brewer pulled from his tackle position and rather nimbly made monster pancake blocks. Brewer goes 6-4 375 and the linebacker who got drilled was 5-10 170…….. During the Gratz-Dobbins game, after running for a first down in the early fourth quarter, franchise tailback Tyree Watson of Gratz, yelled "We gonna finish this now." They did……… I'm really hoping that when the Big 33 game comes around that plenty of   Philadelphia talent will be in the mix for that team……. Sophomore, juniors and some seniors, tell your counselor tomorrow that you want to sign up for the SAT/ACT this year. Please trust me and take care of this now……. There is a college fair on Nov. 19 at the Convention Center over 600 schools will be in attendance……The "Pub" has so many teams with a chance at the crown that for the first time, maybe ever, there is not a true league favorite.

NOV. 1
Simon Gratz 6, Murrell Dobbins 0
   As the game began between the Mustangs and Bulldogs, strange weather accompanied it. From a seemingly clear sky rain fell on the field. And the epic that was Dobbins-Gratz began......... On the first play from scrimmage Dobbins star, Khalif Boldin (5'8 190) met Gratz star Robbie "Bean-O" Spivey (6'2 195) head on and the result was telling. Boldin had to miss three plays. Mentally and physically you could see the resolve deepen in Simon Gratz and the mental and physical toughness that has trademarked Dobbins since 1993 weakened. Gratz would threaten a couple of times in the first half and the Mustangs would have their moments as well, but it was 0-0 at the half. On the third play from scrimmage in the second half, Bulldog senior tailback, Tyree Watson (6'0 175) took a run up the middle, cut back to his right making two Dobbins defenders slip and fall, then broke an arm tackle and outsprinted the remaining members of their defense for the score.The 46 yard score was a thing of beauty to say the least. A hushed silence came over the field at 29th and Chalmers. The Mustangs regain their mettle and march down the field. Boldin has some breathtaking moves running over a couple of Bulldogs defensive backs. Also, taking a hard hit from Spivey and bouncing off of it and gaining eight more yards. Boldin and fullback Lateef Ferguson (6'0 215) carry the 'Stangs all the way to the Gratz 10 yard line for a first down. After gaining a yard on a running play, Dobbins would misfire on two pass plays. So this brings up 4th and goal. Dobbins sets up a reverse to junior wideout Aaron Gary, who has a chance to score if he gets by Watson. Watson makes a huge stop, saving a sure touchdown. Although Gratz would have some more success on the ground, highlighted  by Watson's 9 carries for 104 yards, they couldn't add another score. Dobbins has a chance after a missed field goal by senior, LB/FB/K Voncel Harrigan (5-10 205). Boldin broke a big run up the middle he gets ahead of the Gratz defense only one player can stop him. Guess who? Spivey, grabs Boldin by the back of the jersey and slams him violently to the ground ala NFL Blitz. Boldin picks up a huge 35 yard gain, but does not get the tying 76 yard score, which it appeared that he would get. Then I looked over at the Gratz sideline and the omen was present- a huge rainbow. Boldin, who ran 16 times for 90 yards, wouldn't get another carry.   He did have four additional stops on defense, he had seven tackles total. Gratz stopped Dobbins and then ran the clock down behind the play junior HB Vondell Parson (5'9 165), who took over for a banged up Watson in the late 4th quarter. Also making two huge carries in the 4th quarter was jr. FB Randal Scott (5'11 175). And two Gratz lineman were monsters sophomore Lamont Lee-Edgefield (6'0 270) 6 tackles and a fumble recovery and senior David "Wolfman" Williams (6'0 250) who had 5 tackles. But as Coach Leonard Poole said (quoting Germantown budding legend Omar McDonnaugh?) "Big time players make big time plays." So his three stars came up huge. Spivey led the 'Dogs with 11 tackles many of them of the Brian Dawkins variety. Harrigan rung up 10 tackles and Watson was in on 6 stops. Ferguson and highly promising, Greg Meyers (6'0 190) had 8 tackles apiece. And as you left the field, the rainbow still shown all over the Bulldogs.
  Sidenotes - What a year in the absolutely loaded "Pub" Division B.... I took a hit today, but I got up and didn't miss a stat..... Plenty of legendary people in attendance namely Vincent "School Shirt" Turner, who is neck and neck with  Dorian Brewer of G-Town for the funniest Public League character... This could have been the game of the year.

OCT. 25
Central 34, Roxborough 0
  The  score tells the story, for just once I'll show brevity. Central basically had four plays that they ran and they ran them well. Especially the "dive" to stud FB Quindel "Milky" Ladson, who ran wild (21 carries for 172 yards). Also they ran a counter play, quarterback draw and threw some passes, but that lead play, getting the ball to the "Milkman," did plenty of damage to the Roxborough defense. Ladson had touchdowns runs of 23 and 42 yards. Chris Williams also scored two touchdowns. And junior quarterback Marcel Quarterman, is the real deal. I like his savvy and ability to properly handle the football. (Always fundamental and cautious.) But the one Lancer with the best upside long-range may be junior wideout, Jordan Anderson. (6-2 maybe 6-3 195). He has good speed, decent to good hands and just seems to have that "look". He hauled in a 25 yard touchodwn from Quarterman, he made it look real easy when he completely turned around the defender and hauled it in. Central is a contender for the crown this year, and next year could be the league favorites. Ladson, Anderson and Quarterman all are juniors. On defense seniors, Masai Lord and Leon Richardson evenly split 14 tackles. The 'Boro had a rough ride, I think most of the fans where watching the cheerleaders after the first quarter, because they were real quiet.  But of course they were a couple of bright moments, junior OLB Kyle Earls had 10 tackles including two hard pops. He also tried to keep his teammates focused on the game. Dante Bryant toughed out 5 tackles all while missing a quarter with injury. I think I may have stated this before he looks like that he can be a very good player in time.
  Sidenotes- The best hit of the day was on special teams, number 33 Mark Savage sent a Roxborough player flying. People were yelling and screaming. "He killed you." "Get your weight up. " I like coming to Roxborough, the adminstrative assistant Jack Harmer, went to Rox' and has tons of stories, he played against Wilt in hoops. On one late run Dominic Glover-Williams dragged four "Boro" players for about 8 yards.

OCT. 23
On the Menu
"Barbecued Duck"
 What a surprising football season we are having. ……. Those Bulldogs of Simon Gratz  have been the "surprise" team of the Public League. Which causes me to think if they keep winning, will they get rid of those ugly-as-sin uniforms, which look like they were designed by the National Society for the Color Blind……You know when you have watched too many football games? When you spend your spare time thinking about new nicknames for players that you have seen. Especially the hard hitters, for instance, Brian "The  Bone Collector" Tracz and instead of Robert "Bean-O" Spivey, Robert "Uh-Oh Better Get Maaco" Spivey……. When I was on the sideline of St. Joe's Prep for their contest with North Catholic on October 5, I noticed that Coach Gil Brooks is up and down the sideline constantly exerting energy. It is like he is playing football on the sideline, which begs the question who is the more demonstrative Prep Coach Brooks or Speedy Morris? Tough Call…..I love competition and during the end of the G-Town-Roxborough   game, the cheerleaders got real competitive. I mean, they started competing on who can do the best pyramids and splits. They even exchanged plenty of trash talk…..Speaking of trash talk, a legendary sequence occurred during the G-Town-Dobbins game, a Dobbins player's Uncle, who shall remain nameless, said  told a G-Town player who will remain nameless (like it will be hard to tell who), "my nephew gonna run you guys over again." The player replied with a tackle and saying "Where you nephew at now?" The Uncle said "at least you backed it up," and the player said "I'm like a grown little boy out here. " Where do they find these kids?……Central-Dobbins, in the mud and rain, one strange play occurred, Quindel "Milky" Ladson went up the middle on a carry and was met by Lateef Ferguson, and they stood kinda still for a second, no push either way talk about standstill……. As an Eagles supporter, I'm having mixed emotions. It is great that they are having some success, but I just can't get over the fact that they brody 250 million dollars from Philadelphia taxpayers and then sold the naming rights to Lincoln Financial Group for 193 million, like Lincoln Financial Group helped build the place. And when you look at the condition, upkeep, lack of clocks at some high school sites, I feel that the kids are being cheated. When this stadium is complete I hope that the Eagles and Lincoln Financial will make this natural turf stadium available for FREE for Public and Catholic schools for big games…….Finally, let's all send our thoughts, prayers and concerns to the Washington D.C. area with this lunatic wrecking havoc killing people, threatening kids and ruining their freedom ……

OCT. 19
Dobbins 26, Germantown 14
   Early morning football in Mount Airy, crisp air on a fall, Philadelphia day. Yet, it resembled the 1960's Green Bay Packers, why? Cause when the Dobbins offense was on the field they would run sweep after sweep just like the Packers and Germantown knew it was coming, yet they couldn't stop it. Khalif Boldin was OUTSTANDING, he carried 24 times for 203 yards and two touchdowns. This "Wild Horse" ran all over the place. His first run put the 'Stangs on top 6-0 and he added the extra point. Germantown would answer with senior quarterback Ryan Graves (1-8 38 yards 2 ints) finding senior receiver Tyree Jones for a 38 yard touchdown catch in the early stages of the second quarter. Then a punt block by Dobbins resulted in a  touchdown run by Lateef Ferguson, the other half of Dobbins' "D-I" backfield. Ferguson registered 18 tackles, according to my calculations. At the half Dobbins leads 13-8. Ferguson corralled four tackles in a five-play span in the beginning of the second half.  Then Boldin on a sweep, ran an inspired 31 yards for another score. Dobbins did a great job on special teams, they blocked two punts and made two extra points. After, several defensive stops by the Mustangs, senior DE Stevie Draper grabbed an interception and ran 39 yards for an exclamation point touchdown. G-Town would add a last second touchdown when backup QB Brandon Cuff (5-8 93 yds 1 int.) hit senior Akil Stokes for a 50-yard touchdown.  The play of the Dobbins offensive line has to be commended. Ronald Blue, Cedric McNear, Derrick Watson, Michael Roberts and center Quinelius Aaron. (If I made a mistake on the names let me know.) Controlled the line of scrimmage, and with Ferguson and Boldin in the backfield, it was "Wild Horses on the Loose." The Dobbins defense was anchored by Ferguson, his main help came from junior LB Greg Meyers (6-0 195) who was in on 7 tackles, some of the "car crash" variety. They limited G-Town's junior HB Marcus Walton to 57 yards on 18 carries. The Bears were without top runner, Taurean Filmore (ankle sprain). Their top performer/comedic trash talker was jr. Omar McDonnaugh, who ran for a conversion run and had 15 tackles. Jones had two catches for 47 yards. Also, he caught a difficult interception in the third quarter. The plays of the day go to Boldin, who twice went  through tacklers like they were made of paper.
  Sidenotes - George Washington's Larry Turner and Jameel McClain where in attendance. As was Northeast's Stanley Ebron…. One time McDonnaugh made a play and the coach said "Omar, stop smiling and play defense." …… Once a Dobbins player was slow getting to coach Macauley, before entering the game, "Hurry up. You think I was a calling you for a soda?"

OCT. 12
Germantown 38, Roxborough 12
These teams don't like each other at all. And combine that with an intense Saturday afternoon crowd and more than a few great plays and you have the makings of a Public League memory-maker.  Roxborough which started junior quarterback, Karon Hill, in place of Clinton Taylor, made the game's first turnover. Hill was picked off by G-Town junior linebacker, Omar McDonnaugh on the Rox 30 yard line and returned the ball to the 3 yard line. After a couple of excellent defensive plays by the Roxborough defense, G-Town QB Ryan Graves hit junior receiver Christen Johnson for a 13 yard touchdown. The Bear offense would not be through. After a failed conversion play, Germantown HB David Roberson plunged in for a 3 yard td run. After a failed 'Borough possession, Graves would find senior standout WR Akil Stokes (5-11 165) for a 47 yard touchdown  shortly before the first half drew to a close. Stokes made an "over the shoulder" grab on this one. He added a 27 yard grab (this time the QB was sophomore Brandon Cuff), in which Stokes went over one defender and protected himself from another defender while sandwiched. In the second half more of the same from the Bears.  Roberson ran for another touchdown, a 14 yard one this time, he finished 5 carries for 38 yards, 2 touchdowns and a conversion run. He also had a  54 yard kickoff return. McDonnaugh paced the defense with 9 tackles and the one interception. He also ran 4 times for 57 yards and 2 touchdowns. And of course, he cleaned some clocks on special team coverages. He is becoming one of the better juniors in  the "Pub." (And  one of the craziest/intense players around.) Also shining on defense was senior defensive linemen: Kali "Dutch" Williams (6 tackles, 3 for loss), 5-11 280  Paul Johnson ( 5 tackles) and  5'8 245 Zachary Moore-Love ( 5 tackles, 2 for loss). Sophomore Defensive end, Donald Willingford had 8 tackles including 2 sacks and senior Nicholas Nedd had ( 5 tackles and a fumble recovery) . On offense Johnson, 6-4 370 Dorian Brewer, 5-10 270 Leonard  Johnson and 6-4 255 Raymond Walker opened plenty of space for Roberson, McDonnaugh and impressive junior Marcus Walton (16 -55). The home club had some bright moments as well. Junior RB-LB Dante Bryant   (5-10 175) scampered 5 yards for a late score. Bryant rushed 10 times for 52 yards and had 7 tackles on defense and twice broke up conversion plays with tough tackles. He certainly has the look of a prominent player in the near future, of course, with added refinement. Junior Terrence Clark (6-1, 190) grabbed a 38 yard touchdown pass from Hill as time expired. He had some good run support stops as well. Finally, Brandon Sutton (5-11 ) had 5 tackles and played some good linebacker in general.
   Sidenotes- I was happy to see longtime Roxborough coach Cliff Hubbard back on the sidelines. "Hub" offered encouragement throughout the game to his team, but mostly deferred to Assistant Coach Larry Burnetski. ….. As G-Town came in a Roxborough aide asked "Is he in High School,?" I nodded yes. Then later someone said "He is the high school." Dorian got the last laugh though… Another quip from the 'Boro sideline after a McDonnaugh tackle. "That crazy kid hits hard." The Germantown and Roxborough cheerleaders competed all day, I'll save the details for a future notes column…… The field resembled  a swampland…… A whole host of Gratz players were in attendance……. A couple Mustang jackets in the stands as well……. Mahdi Bey and Loren Thomas checked out Germantown, they were stars last year this time and both attend Kutztown.

OCT. 11
Central 7, Dobbins 6
   When it comes to football games it doesn't get any better than this. Two Public League title contenders. One extra muddy field which resembled swamp land. Great team plays and great individual efforts. And of course a little bit of controversy. Forty years from now people will talk about the "Mud Bowl." This game began with Murrell Dobbins using their excellent senior backfield tandem of HB/DB Khalif Boldin ( 5-8 190) and FB/LB Lateef Ferguson (6-0 230) setting up its very youthful air attack. Junior quarterback Maurice Whitaker hit junior wide receiver Aaron Gary with a pass in the flat, and Gary turned it upfield for a 47 yard touchdown. After a botched exchanged, Dobbins led 6-0. They would control most of the game. Central junior quaterback, Marcel Quaterman and the Lancer offense would have flashes of a high-powered attack but because of the rain, mud and those hard hitting Mustangs they would falter. On defense the Lancers would match the tough Mustang defense. The top Lancer defender was senior Masai Lord ( 5-10 210  ), who was all over the field in this one with 15 tackles (9 solo) and a high quality interception. He doesn't just hit people but gives you plenty of "static" when he trash-talks. The Mustang defense was more balanced but just as stingy. Senior defensive linemen Cedric McNear had 10 tackles. Ferguson and Boldin had 7 tackles apiece on defense. And the Mustang defensive backs in general swarmed all over the field. On offense, Boldin and Ferguson kept the Lancers off the field with big runs. On special teams, Boldin uncorked a 47-yard punt in the third quarter.  Then in the 4th quarter Central's impressive junior WR/DB Jordan Anderson (6-3 190)  took a punt return 51 yards and to the house. Ryan Abrams added the PAT to put Bill Cosby's school on top. After the Mustangs and Lancers exchanged 3 and out possessions. Whitaker grabbed the Mustangs at their 16 with only one timeout and embarked on a John Elwayesque drive (of course I'm exaggerating a tad). But Whitaker converted 3 third downs with throws and was 6-10 in the air throughout the drive. Ferguson, Gary, Stevie Draper and Jamar Rowley all made key catches to keep possesion. With 27 seconds left on 4th down and an inch, on the Central 10 yard line, Boldin (19-73 on the ground) broke a run outside for eight yards and the Mustangs had a first down and a chance to stop the clock with a paltry 17 seconds left then....... confusion. Whitaker pulls the ball out and then drops it. (It was confusing as to whether it was a fumble or kill the clock. Whitaker said he dropped it to me afterward.) Rowley recovered the ball, but time expired. The Lancers win and their is joy in Mudville. Whew that was a game.
   Sidenotes - Once a Dobbins coach "joked" "that is a Central guy on the clock." Yes, the clock ran  on the last play. Dobbins players where furious afterwards after because of a pass interfernce play not called, and the last play of the game and the clock. Although Dobbins kids want to protest, Coach Doug Macauley's team is looking ahead at some must-win games, and that's not this team's makeup to dwell on this, plus it was Central's day to celebrate victory... Central junior fullback Quindel "Milky" Ladson doesn't play much defense, he was one of the city top linebackers last year He does create holes on offense though. ... On the sidelines for Dobbins, Barren Grier who now attends Kutztown... The fans in attendance should be giving a round of applause... I had my umbrella with me while I kept stats and I needed help, so I asked this kid to hold the  umbrella. He helped me for a quarter and then disappeared. He was from Gratz, he most have noticed my FLC Class ring. But here is the kicker: We don't have football, so we're no threat. "Pub" rivalries die hard.....

OCT. 5
SJ Prep 55, North Catholic 6
   Pick your jaws up; the "Duck" covers the Catholic League Red! Despite the score, this one was fun. As you can guess the Hawks got out in front behind the play of  tailback/kicker extradonairre Pat Kaiser. Kaiser scored three touchdowns; the most impressive was a 42 yard, second quarter run, where he made two Falcon defenders fall down with juke moves and took the ball to the house. Impressive!!!!!!! Also, making a big impression was junior FB/LB Brian Tracz. This kid is a PLAYER. He had a bonecrushing block on a NC linebacker on Kaiser's 9 yard run. Tracz, who goes roughly 6-2 235 (No roster was provided for the Prep) looks like he wrestles in ECW. He has the real grimey, cut your heart out type of approach to the game. D-I's should be flooding him with mail. The Prep also has a real tough defensive lineman in John Quinn (#70) who was in on about 9 tackles in little less than two quarters of action. For the very spirited Falcons, who begun the game by recovering an onsides kick, QB/DB/K Brian Mitchell was valiant. At 6-0 215 pounds, he showed decent to good mobility, toughness and a good arm. He ran for 26 yards, threw for 167 and had 9 tackles and an interception. I'm sure that Brian had a good night's rest afterward, I don't remember him coming of the field at anytime. He went three ways (offense, defense and special teams). His primary target jr. WR Charlie Evans (6-1 195) caught 4 balls for 104 yards. Once he made a diving catch, in which he caught the ball with his fingers and then took a hard pop and jumped right back up. This kid has good hands gotta keep an eye on him. In the second half, the Prep went to work with their second unit and RB Johnny Shaw was very good as he scored two TDs and accumulated 75 yards on only 7 carries.
   Sidenotes- Plenty of players for the Prep; running down that sideline is like running through a wall. I liked the performance of the North Catholic Marching Band. Speedy Morris sighting in the stands. (Is it me or Speedy always seems to have a little entourage with him?) As I came into the stadium, I went to the concession stand and with the warm weather, a female member of the North Catholic family said "I need to break out the pickle juice for this one." She wasn't lying.

OCT. 4
Germantown 30, Abraham Lincoln 0
  Competitiveness, is what I love about high school sports and this one was a game that had all sorts of competitive subplots. Division A vs. B (perennially the top two Divisions in the "Pub"). Lincoln and G-Town are rival schools in everything from archery to Ping-Pong. (Just kidding)  Mount Airy/G-town and the Northeast; neighborhoods with the best property value in the city. And football… This one begun with a thud, neither team moving the ball effectively and converting on opportunities, until G-Town senior tailback, Taurean Fillmore (5-9 175) broke a long 41 yard touchdown run that got the G-Town Gang going early second quarter. Filmore also returned kicks and played some mean defense. After an impressive Lincoln drive took up plenty of second quarter time, the Railsplitters faced with fourth down on the Bears' twenty-yard line. Lincoln's quarterback Brahim Bilal   (6-0 170) is intercepted by G-Town's jr. LB/FB Omar McDonnaugh who returned the pick 82 yards for the touchdown shortly before the first half concluded. In the second half, G-Town would get a boost from sophomore, backup QB Brandon Cuff (5-9, 165) and jr. tailback Marcus Walton (5-6 150). Cuff would find junior SE Christen Johnson for a 25-yard touchdown play and Walton carried 10 times for 116 yards including a 1-yard touchdown run. The offensive line was anchored by senior Dorian Brewer (6-4 375) and Paul "PJ" Johnson (5-11 280) did a good job of protecting the quarterbacks and creating holes from the second quarter on. (Big guys got started a little slow.) McDonnaugh and fellow linebacker, senior Dave Roberson had 14 and 8 tackles respectively. Roberson, also, added an interception. Lincoln, which, has only five seniors on their roster looked good at times. You can see the potential to be a good team there. Bilal is very elusive and is a very good athlete. He also played a good defensive back and grabbed an interception. I would advise many schools at various collegiate levels (IAA, II, and III) to come and give a look. He definitely has potential. The same can be said of (5-9 230) sophomore fullback Charles Whittington he has the making of a "beast."  He was running through Bears like they were made of paper until a Filmore hit in the late stages of the first quarter slowed down the kid. He is gonna be tough if he works hard in the classroom, tape room, weight room (they sure are a lot of rooms) and on the field. He played some defensive line and garnered 5 tackles and rushed 5 times for 25 yards. Also, showing potential was Joe Digrazio (6-0 180) another Lincoln sophomore who registered 9 tackles and showed good hands while running, blocking and tackling. He could be good. Jr. tailback Bernard Franklin also had some good moments. But today wasn't their day for victory.
Sidenotes -- G-Town is loaded with seniors, none more impressive than WR Akil Stokes, he is said to be qualified for freshman eligibility has great hands, breakaway speed and runs precise patterns. He caught a two-point conversion from senior Ryan Graves. It is early but I really want to advise many schools to give him a look. Remember it was the TedSilary.com reporters, (Ted, Amar and myself) were adamant last year advising people to check out Omar Sanders from 'Brook, and many schools waited until it was too late. I had the same gut feeling about Stokes that I had when I first saw Sanders. And that feeling was that he is a Division IA prospect.  At one juncture, Dorian Brewer was whistled for a false start. A G-Town loyalist said to the trainer - "It is real hard to stop 400 lbs. going forward." I was rolling in the mud. The G-Town cheerleaders ran about 10 laps before the game. Where they having cross-country tryouts?

SEPT. 21
Gratz 22, West Phila. 3
   Thank Lord, the Public League football season is finally under way. I mean why did the season start so late? Well better late than never. In this one, Simon Gratz established themselves early. After a misplayed kickoff return by West Philly, the Bulldogs began to show their tough running game. (They don't throw the ball.) An excellent triumvirate of running backs took over. Tyree Watson (6-1 175), Vondell Parson (5-9 165) and Voncel Harrigan (5-10 205) took over. Harrigan had some man against boys moves. Once while lead blocking for Watson, he drilled a Speedboy linebacker into the ground, and then got up in time to knock down a cornerback as well. Astounding!! He had two 1 yard touchdown runs that punctuated Bulldog drives. On the conversion runs, Watson showed great around the corner speed. But on two plays in the second half, he showed some awesome ability. On a 42 yard touchdown run, he made an ultra sharp cutback and outsprinted the entire Speedboy family while taking it to the house. Parson had made elusive runs that sometimes were overshadowed by his fellow backfield mates. For the Bulldog defense, Robert "Bean-O" Spivey (6'1 190) had 16 tackles, 11 solo. Spivey is one of the hardest hitters around. He once chased down West Philly's promising (although he struggled in this one) quarterback, Jalil Harris, and delivered a pop so hard it sounded like a small car crash. Division IA &IAA schools come give him a look. That goes the same for Watson and Harrigan. Watson had 12 carries for 145 yards and had a 62 yard run called back for holding. He also added 6 stops on defense and broke up two pass plays. Harrigan added 11 carries for 71 and Parson made an impression with 11-86. West Philly received an okay two-way effort from Elwood Braswell, who ran 10 times for 41 yards and had 6 tackles. They were without top running back Gerald Dove, who sat this one out with an injury sustained in the Germantown scrimmage. They have lost a lost of senior skill players. Their lines return talent however, but Gratz just had their way with them. Frankford is up next for the Bulldogs.
  Sidenotes - On Gratz' bench is the largest human being I've ever seen in person. Just kidding , but he is huge 6-4 420 (I'm guessing 475) Edward Campbell, he even had two plays on the offensive line. Watson's cousin is Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley. Spivey doesn't play offense this year, last year he helped give Gratz a middle of the field passing threat as a tight end. Gratz didn't throw the ball.

SEPT. 14
Mainland (N.J.) 40, Penn Charter 13

   What a way to get the season started with an interstate matchup between Penn Charter and Mainland, New Jersey. As the score indicates Mainland won big, but the subplots make for a good story. Penn Charter Quarterback Matt Ryan (Bound for Boston College) looked sharp in the first half. Ryan lead the Quakers on a ten-play opening drive that culminated in Paul Sweeney's 14 yard touchdown run. Mainland answered with a touchdown behind the running of gigantic fullback Brandon Hargrose. Ryan led the Quakers back on the field and took off on an impressive 53-yard touchdown run that was called back because of a holding penalty. The next play from scrimmage, Ryan hit stud junior wide receiver, Sean Singletary, for a 51 yard touchdown strike. Singletary, who is a promising basketball prospect, is just as promising as a football player. He can make tough catches, make a defender miss and is a major league athlete. He also had 7 stops on defense from his cornerback position. But after a missed Quaker extra point and another Mainland score. The Quakers were in deep trouble, the Quakers are a bare-bones crew with only 30 players. They lack depth, most of their top players play both ways. Mainland carried about 65 players, and had plenty of rotational depth. So the rest of the way it was all Mainland. The Quakers still pieced together some highlights. Senior DT Mike Boles blocked a field goal in the second quarter and sophomore DB Ryan Nanni had 9 tackles. But despite the considerable talents of Ryan (who showed good mobility and toughness) and Singletary, this one was one-sided. Ryan finished 6-19 after starting off 6-9 he threw for 103 yards and was intercepted once. He had good scrambles of 20, 16 and 26 yards.
   Sidenotes: I already have a nominee for teammate of the year. Tony McDevitt, the Quakers' star running back, sat this one out with a sprained ankle. In the fourth quarter a Mainland defender took a cheap shot on Ryan, McDevitt got into the middle of the field and in the kid's face. The kid backed down. He also had plenty of encouragement and motivation for his teammates on the sideline.... Mainland traveled with a full marching band with color guard, they were fantastic... Zack Zeglinski, a multi-purpose back for PC, went out with an injury in the 1st quarter and did not return.