Football Prospects
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   With the help of city-leagues football coaches, the Daily News for the 25th year is publishing a list of senior players deserving of attention from Division I recruiters.
   Those players with expanded information following their name are considered I-A prospects. Those in the "others" category are more likely better fits for I-AA (*indicates Ivy League academic credentials.
   Many of these players perhaps would be better served by setting their sights a notch below where they're listed, but that's for recruiters and/or the players to decide.
   The comments are based on personal observations and coaches' insights.
--- Ted Silary

All players listed by current position.

  The Best: None.
  Others: *Bruce Pohlot, La Salle, 6-3, 265, also DT; Tom Sugden, Roman, 6-4, 300; David Eshun, Edison, 6-3, 270 (was mistakenly omitted from list in DN.).
  The Best: None.
  Others: *Roger Syracuse, Episcopal, 6-2, 240, also DT; Dominic Bland, Gratz, 6-2, 270.
  The Best: Ed McDuffie, Neumann, 6-4, 310, also DT, tiger in tank, large but mobile, tremendous run-blocker, goal-oriented, numerous contacts; *Justin Faust, Carroll, 6-4, 245, very long arms, best days ahead, purposeful, still growing, shades of Harry Swayne (Dougherty, Rutgers, long NFL career); Dorian Brewer, Germantown, 6-4, 365 (at least), also DT, possible C-G, could be gem when body is redefined, guys stay blocked, eager to do well.
  Others: Sirag Shifa, Southern, 6-7, 280, also DT; Richard Mink, Bartram, 6-5, 255, also DT; Ronald Blue, Dobbins, 6-5, 300, also DT; Mike Cannon, West Catholic, 6-3, 255; Darryl Watson, West Phila., 6-1, 290, also LB, possible C-G.
The Best: Chaz Scott, Carroll, 6-foot, 170, also RB-DB, projected WR, naturally strong with soft hands, flashy/brassy, brother
Sean was on Eagles practice squad, Boston College sniffing; Al Meacham, Neumann, 6-4, 280, projected TE, gets downfield with no problem, hands like snowshoes, motivated competitor, budding interest; Paul McNichol, Bonner, 6-3, 205, possible TE, runs
precise patterns, room to fill out, springy/athletic, wants ball badly (was mistakenly omitted from list in DN).
  Others: Akil Stokes, Germantown, 5
-11, 160, projected WR; Maurice "Wall" Williams, Edison, 6-8, 220, also LB, projected TE;
Omarr Clark, Overbrook, 6-foot, 170, also LB, projected WR; Kyle Gallagher, Ryan, 6-1, 190, also P, projected WR.
  The Best: James "Big Rig" Roderick, Carroll, 6-1, 260, also DT, projected FB, surprisingly athletic, tough/durable, blocking machine, Pittsburgh has offered; Chester Roebuck, West Catholic, 6-2, 245, also LB, projected FB, punishing blocker, runs 4.6 40, squats 500-plus, SAT: 1,090, focused; Pat Kaiser, St. Joseph's Prep, 5-10, 190, also K, rarely tackled by one guy, smells end zone with both nostrils, rugged/brassy, turns nothing into something (also routinely kicks touchbacks).
  Others: *Chris Williams, Central, 5-10, 190, also DB, possible WR; Khalif Boldin, Dobbins, 5-8, 190, also DB-K-P; Chironn "Goober" Davis, Bartram, 5-9, 175; Larry Turner, Washington, 5-9, 170, also DB; Bruce Hill, University City, 6-foot, 170, also DB.
  The Best: Matt Ryan, Penn Charter, 6-5, 205, committed to Boston College; Darrell "D.J." Turner, Frankford, 6-6, 210, good presence, decent arm strength, good tapes available, room to fill out, SAT: 980; Matt Stefanski, St. Joseph's Prep, 6-1, 180, possible DB, daily improvement, great pocket presence, delivers ball with zip, Ivy academics.
  Others: Dion "Flea" Whittington, King, 6-3, 195, also DB; Joe DeLeo, Ryan, 6-3, 200.
(one category)
  *Robert McHugh, McDevitt, 6-3, 210, P-K; *Chris Schrader, Bonner, 6-foot, 175, P-K; Steve Sandberg, Northeast, 5-11, 185.
(one category)
  Jonmike McArdle, Ryan, 6-foot, 165; Ted Kavanagh, Kennedy-Kenrick, 6-3, 255.

  The Best: Bryant Jennings, Franklin, 6-3, 240, devours QBs, athletic/sturdy, Big East feelers, stirring memories of Roderick Coleman (Gratz, NFL); T.J. Cascio, Malvern, 5-11, 205, also FB, projected OLB/SS, lights up combines with strength/speed/conditioning, Mr. Intensity, keeps converting doubters, Ivy-type grades.
  Others: *Casey Ross, Bonner, 6-2, 220, also T.
  The Best: Matt Brazil, Conwell-Egan, 6-4, 245, also T, projected DE, leader supreme, can add weight, dominates, Maryland in steady contact; John Quinn, St. Joseph's Prep, 6-4, 245, also T, projected DE, purposeful, grades high every week, Army strong possibility; Michael Meehan, Malvern, 6-3, 240, also G, projected DT-DE, very quick, talented kid overall (swimming/piano/etc.), focus personified, SAT: 1,300.
  Others: *Paul "P.J." Johnson, Germantown, 5-11, 280, also G, projected NG; Omar Emmens, O'Hara, 6-2, 250, possible DE; *Rafael Calzadilla, Kennedy-Kenrick, 6-3, 270; Carl Samuels, King, 6-1, 230.
  The Best: Will Grant, West Catholic, 6-foot, 315, also C-G, squats 765 lbs, protoypical NG, just try to move him, NC State/Iowa among those in contact.
  Others: *Mike Norrett, Episcopal, 6-foot, 295, also T; Anthony Mora, Wood, 6-foot, 250.
  The Best: Jameel McClain, Washington, 6-2, 240, also C-G-FB, Temple/W. Va. hot on trail, motivated, team leader, perceptive; Robbie Spivey, Gratz, 6-2, 195, also TE, projected OLB, combines speed/strength/agility, plays to whistle, Maryland involved; Rob Biernat, Conwell-Egan, 6-3, 215, serious competitor, word now spreading, rattles teeth, always finds ball; Lateef Ferguson, Dobbins, 6-foot, 220, also FB, controls sideline to sideline, aggressive/ornery, burgeoning interest, great build; Marvin Snipes, Bartram, 6-1, 205, vast potential, sculpted and then some, delivers lickings, ready to learn and be molded, strong academics;  Tony McDevitt, Penn Charter, 6-foot, 205, also RB, committed to Duke for lacrosse (might play football); Brandon Edwards, McDevitt, 5-10, 190, projected SS, hitter with capital H, great athlete, never tires.
  Others:  *Corey Cannon, O'Hara, 6-1, 200; Jestin Brisbon, Franklin, 6-foot, 190, also RB; Steve Fulton, West Phila., 6-2, 255, also C, projected DE; Kevin Snyder, King, 6-foot, 230, also FB.
  The Best: Jonathan Jackson, West Catholic, 6-1, 175, also WR, projected CB-SS, runs 4.3 40, 29-inch vertical, has "the look," several I-A offers; Eric Clark, Northeast, 6-foot, 180, also RB; projected CB, flat-out flies, gives out lickings, has offers, sculpted; Tyree Watson, Gratz, 5-11, 170, also RB, projected CB, impressive young man, lifts level of all around him, fierce tackler/ballhawk; Craig Haywood, O'Hara, 5-10, 170, also QB, projected CB, explodes to ball, sure tackler, feisty born leader, honors student.
  Others: Marcus Kennedy, Washington, 6-foot, 185, also QB, projected SS; Robert Ramsey, West Catholic, 5-8, 165, projected CB; *Frank Nunan, Bonner, 6-foot, 195, also WR-QB, projected SS; Paul Roken, Judge, 6-1, 170, projected FS; Andre Odom, Washington, 5-10, 175, also RB, projected CB; Adam Hartman, Frankford, 6-foot, 175, also WR, projected SS.