Public League Football Preview/Thumbnails, 2012

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GW, Frankford, Gratz, Imhotep to name a few
BY TED SILARY Daily News Staff Writer
THEY HAVE combined for 11 of the last 12 Public League football championships and those numbers will change to 12 of 13 come late November.

Bold statement? Ah, maybe a little, but many (all?) signs are again pointing to a showdown between George Washington and Frankford for Class AAAA honors.

Washington owns the league's top grunt prospect in Justin Moody while Frankford quarterback Tim DiGiorgio already boasts a 2,000-yard passing season. Each kid has plenty of talented teammates.

Washington has captured seven of those aforementioned 11 crowns. Frankford hasn't triumphed since 2006, so the hunger level should be high, especially since the Pioneers won the regular-season title last season and then failed to seal the overall deal.

In Class AAA, which now features 10 schools (division games began in Week 1), we should be looking at a fierce battle.

Edward Bok Tech, accustomed to dominating in AA, has moved up and Thursday's game at West Philadelphia could prove to be challenging. Boys' Latin and Simon Gratz, a pair of charters, also deserve spots in who's-No. 1 discussions.

In AA, even a team of Imhotep Charter's second-liners would probably be good enough to seize first place.

Rusher David Williams, a transfer from West Catholic, last week surpassed 3,000 career yards and then made a visit to Arizona State; many big-'uns are chasing him. Another star rusher, Eerin Young, is now filling more of a dual-purpose role.

Please sit down in case this next statement causes you to faint, but . . . there are no new teams this season!

Gotcha! There's one. Mastery Charter North, based at the ol' Pickett Middle School in West Germantown, is now part of AAA. (And has a respectable squad, as well, much in contrast to recent-add-ons/now-outta-heres such as Mariana Bracetti Charter, Esperanza Charter, Freire Charter and Thomas FitzSimons. )

MCN's coach is John Davidson. The other new bosses are Northeast's Jim Adams, Edison's Al Coleman (formerly of Mastbaum), Franklin's David Carter (all-timer there, played at West Virginia) and Imhotep's Albie Crosby, who left behind assistant duties at West Catholic when it appeared almost certain that school would close.

Coach: Rich Drayton, 4th year; Education: Central, Temple. Career: 20-14.

Last year: 6-0, 1st in Silver; 8-3.

Great eight:Walt Pegues, RB-LB, 5-9, 150; Hakeem Ellis, RB-DB, 6-1, 205; Jesse Gillis, RB-DB, 5-8, 170; Sam Reid, L-DL, 6-2, 230; Michel Okeke, L-DL, 6-1, 230; Devin Cruz, L-DL, 5-11, 220; Dom Jones, RB-LB, 5-7, 175; Joseph Shepherd, TE-LB, 5-11, 180.

Happy about: Progress of passing game, secondary.

Concerned about: Kicking game.

Drayton's comment: "We have good senior leadership supported by a junior class with a lot of potential. "


Coach: Will Doggett, 2nd year; Education: Patterson (La.), Temple. Career: 8-3.

Last year: 6-0, 1st; 8-3.

Great eight: Tim DiGiorgio, QB, 6-4, 180; Devon Moore, G-DL, 6-2, 215; Damion "Jawzy" Samuels, RB-CB, 5-8, 160; Renz "Rodeo" Compton, WR-S, 5-10, 160; Quinton Ellis, RB-CB, 5-9, 160; Kadar Jones, DT, 6-2, 305; Wydell "Woo Woo" Compton, TE-LB, 5-11, 175; Lorenz "Bubbles" Compton, C-DE, 6-0, 175.

Happy about: Offense's grasp of playbook.

Concerned about: Too many penalties in scrimmages/first game.

Doggett's comment: "If we can stay focused and disciplined, we should compete for the league title. "


Coach: Ron Cohen, 28th year; Education: Germantown, Temple. Career: 241-69-2.

Last year: 5-1, 2nd; 8-4.

Great eight: Shaquon Allen, WR-S, 5-10, 170; Melvin "Macho" Gonzalez, LB-FB, 5-10, 215; Dave Gavrilov, QB, 6-0, 180; Al Augustine, QB-S, 5-11, 175; Marquis Edwards, CB-RB, 5-9, 180; Donald Smith, RB, 5-8, 170; Rene Villafane, WR-S, 6-0, 175; Justin Moody, G-DE, 6-3, 270.

Happy about: Work ethic, overall commitment, kicking game.

Concerned about: Youth, inexperience.

Cohen's comment: "Hopefully, we are still playing in December! "


Coach: Mike Hawkins, 14th year; Education: West Phila., Penn State. Career: 81-65-1.

Last year: 4-2, 3rd; 7-5.

Great eight: Darnell Baldwin, WR-DB, 6-3, 170; Cedric Wright, QB, 6-1, 200; Greg Miller, WR-DB, 5-11, 175; Chris Rone, TE-DE, 6-2, 220; Delane Hart, WR-DE, 6-3, 175; Brandon Thornton, L-DL, 5-10, 235; Donovan Winkler, L-DL, 5-11, 195; Ishmael Dargan, RB-DB, 5-9, 180.

Happy about: Having some promising players.

Concerned about: Reshaped lines.

Hawkins' comment: "We have a lot of work ahead of us. "


Coach: Jim Adams, 1st year; Education: Pennridge, Kutztown. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 3-3, 4th; 7-5.

Great eight: Harold Alexander, QB-DB, 5-11, 175; Daquan Bohannan, QB-DB, 6-0, 180; Devon Dillard, WR-DB, 5-8, 170; David Pulliam, WR-DB, 6-3, 200; Missiah Mason, RB-DB, 5-9, 175; Kamil Mazur, FB-LB, 6-0, 225; Sadek Robinson, L-DL, 6-0, 270; Bernard Houston, L-DL, 6-1, 235.

Happy about: Number of camp participants, building a program.

Concerned about: Complacency setting in, making kids understand how much commitment is needed.

Adams' comment: "Great bunch of kids that have potential. "


Coach: Bill Harrigan, 5th year; Education: Central, Widener. Career: 17-28.

Last year: 2-4, 5th; 4-8.

Great eight: Jamiel Hines, RB-WR-FS, 5-11, 180; Dezhaunte White, L-DL, 6-2, 245; Rodney Drayton, L-LB, 5-10, 205; Nadir Hudson, WR-LB, 5-9, 210; Darien Wilford, TE-DE, 6-3, 210; Hakeem Johnson-Stokes, RB-LB, 5-8, 180; Bennie Smith, L-LB, 6-1, 245; Jylil Reeder, WR-DB, 5-9, 165.

Happy about: Players' dedication;

seniors' leadership in particular.

Concerned about: Protecting the

football while establishing our passing game.

Harrigan's comment: "With a tough early schedule we hope to be ready to compete at the highest level within our division. "



Coach: Ed McGettigan, 3rd year;

Education: Judge, Millersville. Career: 12-12.

Last year: 5-1, 2nd; 7-5.

Great eight: Miguel Sanchez, QB, 5-10, 200; John Lewis, L-DL, 6-0, 275; Giovanni Johnson, WR-CB, 5-8, 140; Kaelin Burke, FB-LB, 5-8, 175; Duke Wallace, RB-WR, 5-8, 145; Durrell Dixon, RB-CB, 5-5, 130; Joshua Pagan, TE-LB, 5-8, 160; Cody Kettyle, L-DL, 6-4, 320.

Happy about: Three-year QB starter, skill positions overall.

Concerned about: Replacing 23

senior contributors, inexperience.

McGettigan's comment: "We need to play hard, smart and together in order to reach our goals as a team. "


Coach: Anthony Pastore, 6th year; Education: West Catholic. Career: 29-27.

Last year: 4-2, 3rd; 6-5.

Great eight: Khaaliq Shuler, QB, 5-9, 150; Kharee Ruley, RB-DB, 5-7, 170; Kyle Goldsmith, FB-LB, 5-9, 195; Vincent Caramana, L-DL, 5-9, 220; Rasheed Felder, L-DL, 6-1, 235; Mike Wilson, TE-LB, 5-10, 175; Daiquan Means, TE-DE, 6-2, 180; Jeromy "Curly-Top" Reichner, L-DL, 6-1, 215.

Happy about: Overall commitment.

Concerned about: Young O-line.

Pastore's comment: "If the young guys step up, we will be in the mix for the top of the division. "


Coach: Ernest Diggs, 3rd year; Education: John Harris (Harrisburg), Cheyney. Career: 8-16.

Last year: 3-3, 4th; 4-8.

Great eight: Frank Quiles, QB-SS, 5-10, 175; Joseph Walker, RB-FS, 6-4, 185; Kamau Taylor, TE-DE, 6-3, 200; Andre Bryant, RB-DB, 5-9, 170; Ahharan Barksdale, RB-CB, 5-9, 165; Kevin Hart, WR-DE, 6-2, 160; D'Andre Nesmith, RB-DB, 5-11, 185; Steven McCoy, T-DT, 5-11, 185.

Happy about: Maturity, confidence in system.

Concerned about: Inexperienced linemen.

Diggs' comment: "We plan to be much better than we were in the last two seasons. We have a shot. "


Coach: Larry Arata, 2nd year (also Prep Charter, 2007-08); Education: Haverford High, Princeton. Career: 8-26; 2-9 at Olney.

Last year: 1-5, triple tie 5th; 2-9.

Great eight: Tyrell Gross, QB-RB-WR-DB, 5-11, 170; Kadir Chisholm, QB-WR-DB, 6-2, 160; Tyrrell Kennedy, L-LB, 5-10, 205; Zaire Shoemake, WR-DB, 6-2, 175; Charles Payne, WR-DE, 6-2, 200; Danta Holdclaw, RB-LB, 5-11, 165; Tyesheed Freeman, WR-DB, 6-0, 165; Giovanni Matos, L-DL, 5-7, 255.

Happy about: Quarterbacks, receivers and runners..

Concerned about: Both lines.

Arata's comment: "We will be better than last year. How much better will depend upon the extent of improvement shown by our linemen. "


Coach: Scott Pitzner, 2nd year; Education: Freehold (NJ), West Chester. Career: 1-10.

Last year: 1-5, triple tie 5th; 1-10.

Great eight: Daquan Snaith, QB-LB, 6-1, 200; Devon Ford, WR-DB, 6-1, 175;

Dajuan Dandy, FB-L-MLB, 5-5, 240; Marquiss Billups, L-DL, 6-1, 310; Eric Johnson, RB-LB, 5-9, 180; Matthew Solomon, WR-LB, 5-8, 170; Avery Butler, L-DL, 5-11, 280; Demetrius White, L-DL, 6-0, 265.

Happy about: Skilled/intelligent players, many returnees.

Concerned about: Running game

Pitzner's comment: "We are in Year 2 of rebuilding a program and have many positives to look forward to. "


Coach: Al Coleman, 1st year (also Mastbaum, 2004-09); Education: Olney, West Chester. Career: 21-47.

Last year: 1-5, triple tie 5th; 1-9.

Great eight: David Bennett, RB-LB, 6-0, 190; Zamir Boney, QB-DB, 6-1, 185; Qahir Moore, RB-LB, 6-2, 195; Clarence Thomas, C-DL, 6-1, 245; Olvin Perez, L-DT, 5-8, 185; Charles Velasquez, L-DT, 6-3, 250; Walter Blue, RB-LB, 5-10, 190; Quadar Brown, FB-LB, 5-10, 250.

Happy about: Players' improving faith.

Concerned about: Maintaining focus.

Coleman's comment: "This team has been in a losing pattern for so long. I want to break that, and get the kids to be confident enough to win. "



Coach: David Carter, 1st year; Education: Franklin, West Virginia. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 3-4, tie 5th; 4-8.

Great eight: Amir Crippen, RB-LB, 5-10, 175; Andre Council, DB, 5-7, 160; Emmanuel Young, WR-S, 6-2, 180; Jymere Toney, RB-LB, 5-8, 165; Michael Edwards, QB, 6-0, 170; Nyfece Ewell, RB-LB, 5-9, 170; Tyreik Coaxum, WR-SS, 5-11, 185; Nagee Brown, L-DL, 5-9, 250.

Happy about: Underclassmen.

Concerned about: Seniors' focus.

Carter's comment: "We need to get better all around. "


Coach: Mike Rufo, 4th year; Education: Bonner. Career: 11-22; 10-14 as PL member.

Last year: 4-3, 4th; 7-5.

Great eight: Eric Lark, QB-DE, 6-4, 190; Ben Coulibaly, RB-LB, 6-0, 185; Tahir Perlote, WR-DB, 5-9, 165; Malik Spencer, G-DT, 6-0, 250; Chris Hudson, TE-LB, 6-0, TE-LB; David Peterson, WR-LB, 6-2, 190; Devaughn Shields, WR-DB, 5-9, 175; Mark Bowser, G-DE, 5-9, 175.

Happy about: Execution on both sides.

Concerned about: Incurring too many penalties.

Rufo's comment: "Good now and getting better every week. "


Coach: Frank "Roscoe" Natale, 2nd year (also Bartram, 1997-2003); Education: West Catholic, Temple. Career: 54-31.

Last year: 6-0, 1st in AA; 9-1.

Great eight: Antoine Whitney, SE-FS, 5-8, 155; Marquez Walker, WB-FB-LB, 5-10, 185; Michael Riley, QB-CB, 5-9, 175; Larry Pelzer, RB-CB, 5-8, 175; Vittorio "Vito" Goggins, FB-DE, 6-1, 225; Terrell Miles, FB-DE, 6-1, 235; Mark "Spider" Webb, C-G-DT, 5-11, 275; Marcus Terrell Owens, T-DT, 6-2, 335.

Happy about: Overall dedication, work ethic.

Concerned about: Inexperience.

Natale's comment: "The team needs to learn that a lot of things go wrong and right in a football game. "


Coach: Mark Effendian, 3rd year; Education: Clearview (N.J.), Wesley (Del.). Career: 7-16.

Last year: 0-6 in Gold, 7th; 3-9.

Great eight: Shareef Parker, L-DL, 6-2, 315; Elijah Clark, RB-LB, 6-0, 230; Totey Boley, WR-S, 6-0, 180; Rondell Calloway, WR-DB, 5-10, 170; Thomas Powell, DE, 6-2, 210; Davon Crawford, RB-DB, 5-10, 170; Jeremiah Lynch, L-DL, 5-9, 300; Braheem Edwards, QB, 5-10, 170.

Happy about: Good size.

Concerned about: Maintaining focus.

Effendian's comment: "Hopefully, we can overcome lack of depth and make a run in the AAA division. "


Coach: John Sheroda, 8th year (also Bishop O'Hara, Dunmore, Pa., 1997-2000); Education: West Scranton, East Stroudsburg. Career: 49-68; 26-51 at King.

Last year: 1-6, 7th; 3-8.

Great eight: Marquise Foreman, RB-DB, 5-8, 130; Kyree Snell, RB-LB, 5-10, 160; Aaron Carter, WR-DB, 5-10, 170; Khaleel Stewart, QB-S, 6-0, 180; Thomas Thompson, RB-LB, 5-10, 180; Derrick Morton, L-DE, 5-11, 210; Shyheim Boykins, L-DL, 6-1, 270; Darnel Moore, TE-DE, 6-2, 185.

Happy about: Returnees' dedication.

Concerned about: Inexperience, offensive line.

Sheroda's comment: "We have to stay healthy because we're low in numbers. "


Coach: John Davidson, 2nd year; Education: Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn, NYC), Cheyney. Career: 3-8.

Last year: 3-8 (independent schedule).

Great eight: Christopher Batts, FB-LB, 5-9, 185; Marquise Meachum, L, 5-10, 255; James Johnson, QB, 5-11, 175; Jermaine Norris, WR-FS, 6-0, 170; Reginald Nelson, DE, 6-1, 180; Armani Fuller-Williams, RB-LB, 5-7, 180; Sloane Thomas, RB-LB, 5-7, 180; Rondell Bazley, TE-LB, 5-8, 170.

Happy about: Returnees' hard work in weight room, secondary.

Concerned about: Performance of young/inexperienced backups.

Davidson's comment: "Excellence. No excuses. "


Coach: John Sullivan, 2nd year; Education: Ryan, Temple. Career: 10-3.

Last year: 5-2, tie 2nd; 10-3.

Great eight: Kareem Jefferson, L-DL, 6-0, 270; Stephen Thomas, L-DL, 6-0, 220; Mike Jones, RB-LB, 5-9, 185; Aaron James, TE-DE, 6-3, 225; Gibreel Conte, L-DL, 6-2, 220; Nizar Ray, RB-LB, 5-10, 210; Dishon Solomon, WR-DB, 6-0, 180; Darnell Butts, WR-DB, 5-10, 180.

Happy about: Senior leadership, unselfish attitude.

Concerned about: Inexperienced QB and rushers.

Sullivan's comment: "If we can make it through a tough opening schedule, we should be coming together at just the right time. "


Coach: Rendell Ivory, 2nd year; Education: Overbrook, Cheyney. Career: 4-7.

Last year: 1-5, 6th; 4-7.

Great eight: Marice Tillman, RB-LB, 5-10, 185; Ronald Riddick, RB, 5-8, 150; Khasmere Blackney, L, 6-7, 295; Khalil Johnson, L-DL, 6-1, 305; Anthony Marcus, L-DL, 6-2, 210; Yvon "Buddy" Dessus, QB-DB, 6-0, 170; Naquan McIntosh, TE-DL, 6-2, 240; Christopher Wilson, FB-LB, 5-10, 205.

Happy about: Speed/size, rushing depth.

Concerned about: Inexperience.

Ivory's comment: "Still in rebuilding phase. Looking to improve on last season's record and expecting to be in the playoff run in November. "


Coach: Erik Zipay, 8th year (took administrative leave after third game of '10 season); Education: Pottstown, Indiana (Pa.). Career: 30-41-1.

Last year: 5-2, tie 2nd; 7-5.

Great eight: Fulani Freeman, TE-DE, 6-4, 195; Davone Cornish, QB, 6-0, 170; Daqwan Freeman, RB-LB, 5-10, 190; Steve Johnson, SE-DB, 5-9, 155; Nydair Rouse, WR-DB, 6-1, 180; Amir Neely, L-DT, 6-0, 235; Saeed Sheard, L-DE, 6-1, 205; Scott Ervin, L-DT, 6-2, 230.

Happy about: Commitment, two 7-on-7 titles, speed.

Concerned about: Rushers' fumbles.

Zipay's comment: "I'm excited. We should be competitive every week. "


Coach: Paul Noon, 2nd year; Education: Nativity BVM (Pottsville, Pa.), Susquehanna. Career: 11-1.

Last year: 7-0, 1st; 11-1.

Great eight: Ricardo Streams, QB-S, 6-0, 180; Tayquan Bardlavens, WR-LB, 6-4, 185; Julius Hester, WR-CB, 5-7, 150; Brian Davis, FB-DT, 6-0, 200; Shakoor Daye, RB-CB, 5-6, 150; Quaseem Brown, S-PR, 5-8, 175; Rashaun Wade, WR-DE, 6-4, 180; Marques Garrison, L-DL, 6-1, 250.

Happy about: Quarterback, depth, work ethic.

Concerned about: Filling big shoes on lines.

Noon's comment: "Division is very competitive. However, we expect to compete for the championship and continue to build the program. "



Coach: John Gossett, 4th year; Education: Gratz, Cheyney. Career: 16-19.

Last year: 4-2, 3rd; 9-3.

Great eight: Diquan Gilbert, RB-DE, 6-1, 195; Abdur Saaba, RB-LB, 5-9, 185; Bernard Godwin, LB, 6-0, 170; Tommy Godwin, G-DT, 6-0, 205; Tylik Guilford, WR-LB, 5-10, 165; Zaki Jamison, QB, 6-0, 175; Herron McBride, T, 6-0, 250; Chris Stanley, G-DT, 5-9, 230.

Happy about: Being senior-heavy, practice habits.

Concerned about: Early injuries, O-line.

Gossett's comment: "We want to send our seniors off with a special season. "


Coach: Shelton Farmer, 2nd year; Education: Springfield Montco, Valley Forge MA. Career: 3-8.

Last year: 2-4, 5th; 3-8.

Great eight: Donte Walker, FB-LB, 5-10, 185; Rashan "Twin One" Cade, WR-LB, 5-9, 170; Rasheed "Twin Two" Cade, WR-LB, 5-9, 170; Daravann "Chino" Lok, L-DL, 5-7, 245; Shabazz Rivers, RB-WR-LB, 5-10, 175; Nate Barnes, RB-WR-S, 5-9, 170; Bysil Northern, QB, 6-0, 175; Antron Smith, RB-LB, 5-8, 180.

Happy about: Senior leadership, athleticism, versatility.

Concerned about: Offensive line.

Farmer's comment: "One game at a time. Trying to build the program and get it back where it once was. "


Coach: Henry Hunt, 2nd year; Education: Ryan, West Chester. Career: 2-8.

Last year: 1-5, 6th; 2-8.

Great eight: Ronald Wade, QB, 5-8, 140; Tawaun Vickers, RB-WR, 5-9, 170; Adrian "Juice" Elliot, WR-S, 6-2, 185; Qaadir James, FB-LB, 5-8, 175; Gonkaye Odelakeah, G-DT, 5-6, 190; Kayode Oduwaiye, WR-DE-K, 6-2, 195; George Walley-Sephes, C-DE, 5-5, 205; Khalir Blount-Hart, RB-CB, 5-4, 150.

Happy about: Senior Leadership

Concerned about: Younger guys stepping up in big games.

Hunt's comment: "This team is learning to play the right way; seniors are setting a great example for younger guys. These guys have a lot to prove! "


Coach: Albie Crosby, 1st year; Education: West Catholic, Virginia Union. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 5-1, 2nd; 8-4.

Great eight: David Williams, RB, 6-1, 200; Eerin Young, RB-WR, 5-10, 180; Najee Goode, CB-PR, 5-10, 170; Andre Dreuitt, QB, 6-2, 175; DeAndre Scott, RB-SS-P, 5-10, 180; Tyrone Barge, G-DT, 6-3, 265; Gordon Thomas, C-DT, 6-0, 285; Aaron Ruff, T-DE, 6-5, 280.

Happy about: Explosiveness, depth.

Concerned about: Getting up for each opponent.

Crosby's comment: "I'm very excited about this team. With focus, the sky's the limit. "


Coach: Tony Beaty, 4th year; Education: Southern. Career: 13-20.

Last year: 3-3, 4th; 5-7.

Great eight: Faheem Williams, L-DL, 5-10, 260; Jahbree Sullivan, L-DL, 6-6, 275; Vion Dolo, QB, 5-10, 170; Charles Anderson, L-DL, 5-10, 225; Asa Manley, RB-DB, 6-0, 170; John Graham, WR, 6-2, 150; TJ Wyche, RB-DB, 5-7, 145; Eddie Thomas, RB-DB, 5-7, 145.

Happy about: Team unity, positive environment.

Concerned about: Remaining healthy.

Beaty's comment: "This is the most athletic team I have had, and I am looking forward to having a good year. "


Coach: Mike Stanley, 8th year (also King, 2002-04); Education: Central, West Chester. Career: 60-56; 44-39 at Roxborough.

Last year: 3-4, tie 5th in AAA; 5-7.

Great eight: Isaiah King, QB-S, 6-0, 175; Sharif Harper, RB-DB, 5-11, 190; Anibal DeBrito, C-DE, 6-0, 205; Keenan Ervin, G-DE, 6-0, 210; Sam Robinson, TE-LB, 5-10, 195; William Parker, TE-LB, 5-11, 190; Omar Smith, FB-LB, 5-10, 180; Kevin Fabien, T-DT, 6-4, 360.

Happy about: Running game, emergence of young players.

Concerned about: Timing in passing game, lack of size.

Stanley's comment: "The more comfortable that we are playing together as a team, we will become very competitive in the AA Division. "


Coach: Lorrel McCook, 3rd year; Education: University City, Gwynedd-Mercy. Career: 3-20.

Last year: 0-7, 8th in AAA; 2-10.

Great eight: Davon Wise, L-DL, 6-3, 240; Raymond Jefferson, WR-LB, 5-11, 170; Matthew Gilliam, WR-S, 6-1, 160; Quahdire Gordon, RB-S, 6-2, 195; Lindon Caesar, RB-DB, 5-10, 155; Robert Hall, RB-LB, 5-10, 165; Gary Bates, L-DL, 5-11, 250; Yahmere Williams, QB-LB, 6-0, 190.

Happy about: Experience, wideouts.

Concerned about: Offensive line.

McCook's comment: "We should definitely be above .500 and make a push for the playoffs. "


(Selected by Daily News)



QB: Tim DiGiorgio, Frankford

RB: Eerin Young, Imhotep

K: Jake Wright, Washington


L: Justin Moody, Washington



L: Dez White, Fels

QB: Cedric Wright, Germantown

RB: Ben Coulibaly, Boys' Latin

MP: Walter Pegues, Central


L: Vittorio "Vito" Goggins, Bok;

Fulani Freeman, Gratz