Philadelphia High School Cross Country
Public League Champions, Boys

(compiled by Ted Silary)

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(We are posting this info little by little. Any help with missing info would be appreciated. Thanks!)

*record performance

Year Champion Pts Runners Place Winner School Time
3.1 miles (5000 meters)
2015 Central


Natron Moore 2nd Joe Previdi Mstr 16:56
      Chris Carson 3rd      
      Skylar Scafidi 7th      
      Asa Cadwallader 10th      
      Ousmane Diarra 13th      
  Central and Masterman tied at 35. Central won because its sixth runner, Matt Frishkoff (14th), placed
  higher than Masterman's sixth runner, Darren Chen (20th).    
2014 Masterman


Julian DeGroot-Lutzner 1st Julian DeGroot-Lutzner Mstr 16:46.70
      Joseph Previdi 3rd      
      Per Loufman 6th      
      Ty Parks 12th      
      Robert Sim 13th      
2013 Masterman


Julian DeGroot-Lutzner 1st Julian DeGroot-Lutzner Mstr 17:12.2
      Julian Roessler 3rd      
      Joseph Previdi 4th      
      Robert McGarry 5th      
      Jasper Anderson 6th      
2012 Masterman


Jasper Anderson 4th Matt Ferry Sci. Le. 17:54
      Sahil Singhal 8th      
      Robert McGarry 9th      
      Shawn Eapen 10th      
      Faisal Khaled 12th      
2011 Masterman


Keaton Naff 1st Keaton Naff Mstr 17:30
      Jasper Anderson 3rd      
      Robert McGarry 8th      
      Sahil Singhal 9th      
      Shawn Eapen 12th      
2010 Masterman


Miguel Ruiz 2nd Harold Lamour E&S 16:42
      Keaton Naff 3rd      
      Robert McGarry 7th      
      Cullen McNamee 9th      
      Renajd Rrapi 11th      
2009 Masterman


Miguel Ruiz 2nd Harold Lamour E&S 16:54
      Jack Denison 3rd      
      Gaugin Soin 4th      
      Robin Carpenter 7th      
      Cullen McNamee 11th      
2008 Masterman


Reuben Hampton 2nd Alfredo Santana Esper. 16:33
      Beau Feeney 3rd      
      Miguel Ruiz 4th      
      Jack Denison 7th      
      Robin Carpenter 9th      
2007 Masterman


Reuben Hampton 3rd Terence Lee E&S *16:02
      Beau Feeney 4th      
      Eli Siegal 11th      
      Robin Carpenter 12th      
      Miguel Ruiz 13th      
2006 Central


Jeff Kinkaid 2nd Terence Lee E&S 16:37
      Derek Fredrick 8th      
      Mick Bursack 11th      
      Ehren Vance 13th      
      Micah Winterstein 16th      
*Individuals from schools without teams are not figured into team scoring. 
2005 E&S


Trevon Rainford 1st Trevon Rainford E&S 16:23
      Jamar Jones 4th (tied record)    
      Terence Lee 6th      
      Jared Arnold 7th      
      Austin Perron 23rd      
2004 Central


Pat Carr 1st Pat Carr Cent 17:11
      Thurman Sanders 2nd      
      Louie Acklesberg 3rd      
      Mitchell Stroh 5th      
      Jeff Kinkaid 7th      
2003 Central


Mike Syrnick 1st Mike Syrnick Cent #16:40
      Thurman Sanders 2nd (#ran record 16:23    
      Pat Carr 3rd in earlier meet)    
      Michael Taras 6th      
      Dimitry Cohen 7th      
2002 Central


Mike Syrnick 1st Mike Syrnick Cent 16:37
      Jon Cartwright 2nd      
      Pat Carr 3rd      
      Thurman Sanders 5th      
      Scott Hubbard 6th      
2001 Central


Mike Syrnick 1st Mike Syrnick Cent #16:29
      Khary Kenyatta 3rd (#ran record 16:27    
      Chris Pomponi 4th in earlier meet)    
      Jon Cartwright 5th      
      Matt Grilli 6th      
2000 Central


Gerald Bright 1st Gerald Bright Cent 17:07.6
      Peter Shayhorn 3rd      
      Mike Syrnick 4th      
      Chris Pomponi 5th      
      Khary Kenyatta 6th      
1999 Central 34 Mike Carnevale 4th Walter Harley Gtz *16:31
      Gerald Bright 5th      
      Tony Fulton 6th      
      Peter Shayhorn 9th      
      Kiran Cooke 10th      
1998 Gratz 41 John Helm 3rd Gerald Bright Cent 17:14
      Beaufort Jenkins 5th      
      Damony Giles 6th      
      Walter Harley 10th      
      ?? 17th      
1997 Central


Dan Heinz 3rd Marlin Barrier Fkn *16.43
      Nathan Norris 10th      
      Gerald Bright 12th      
      Mike Carnevale 14th      
      Tony Fulton 15th      
1996 Central 55 Jim O'Mara 6th Marlin Barrier Fkn 17:15
      Nathan Norris 7th      
      Daniel Cox 8th      
      Dan Heinz 16th      
      Rashad Coulter 18th      
1995 Central


Nate McAlister 1st Nate McAlister Cent 17:24.8
      Jim O'Mara 2nd      
      Daniel Cox 4th      
      Kevin Sullivan 8th      
      Kyle Robinson 10th      
1994 Central


Darryl Tate 1st Darryl Tate Cent 17:07.0
      Nate McAlister 2nd      
      Kevin Sullivan 3rd      
      Jim O'Mara 5th      
      Daniel Cox 8th      
1993 Central


Ky Adderly 3rd Phillip Pessoa Ovb 17:16
      Darryl Tate 4th      
      Nate McAlister 5th      
      Jason Brown 7th      
      Tyrone Williams 8th      
1992 Overbrook


Daymon Williams 3rd Dante Zappala Cent 17:03
      Alvin Cooke 4th      
      Carl Johnson 9th      
      Phillip Pessoa 10th      
      Tauheed Browning 11th      
1991 Central


Korrey Henderson 2nd Robert Bond Dobb 17:09
      Neal Yanoff 4th      
      Dante Zappala 10th      
      Kuame Heyward 11th      
      Joel Bounds 13th      
1990 Dobbins


Robert Bond 1st Robert Bond Dobb *16:54
      Roland Johnson 3rd      
      Anthony Daley 7th      
      Maurice Ayers 20th      
      Carl Ogden 26th      
1989 Central


Clinton Conrad 4th Aaron Barkley Ovb *17:14
      Dan Foster 7th      
      Steve Brady 9th      
      Joel Bounds 21st      
      Matthew Cummings 22nd      
  2.9 miles            
1988 Overbrook #15 Will Campbell 1st Will Campbell Ovb 15:13.2
  #perfect score   David Cochran 2nd      
      Aaron Barkley 3rd      
      Donovan Nelson 4th      
      Robert Sherron 5th      
1987 Overbrook


Derek Brown 1st Derek Brown Ovb 15:03.1
      Will Campbell 2nd      
      DeWayne Cooper 4th      
      Aaron Barkley 5th      
      Donovan Nelson 7th      
1986 Central


Jeff Lucas 10th Derek Brown Ovb 15:41
      Jamal Dixon 11th      
      Michael McMullin 13th      
      Leonard Murry 18th      
      Ramon Jones 22nd      
  Central and Dobbins tied at 74. Central won because its sixth runner, Mike Westerfer (26th), placed higher
  higher than Dobbins' sixth runner, Raphael Jones (27th, brother of Central's Ramon).    
1985 Dobbins


Sharief Hall 1st Sharief Hall Dobb 15:38.6
      Quincy Banks 3rd      
      Ronald Tinsley 6th      
      Johnny Marshall 17th      
      Aaron Lucas 20th      
1984 Dobbins


Sheron Hendricks 3rd Mike Rose Wash 15:07.3
      Joseph Wright 9th      
      Mike Washington 10th      
      Sharief Hall 11th      
      Quincy Banks 14th      
1983 Washington   Brian Royds 1st Brian Royds Wash 15:36.7
      Michael Rose 3rd      
      Hammad Shah 7th      
      Glen Gilbert 11th      
      Rich Sharp 13th      
1982 Overbrook


Andre Rockeymore 1st Andre Rockeymore Ovb 15:30.9
      William Byrd 3rd      
      Walt Pelzer 8th      
      Hammel Hall 18th      
      James Brinson 19th      
1981 Overbrook 48 Shafi Tinsley 1st Shafi Tinsley Ovb  
      Sam Davis 4th      
      William Byrd 6th      
      Jerry Brothers 17th      
      Hammel Hall 20th      
1980 Overbrook 63 Shafi Tinsley 3rd Bob Foss Wash 15:35.5
      Sam Davis 6th      
      Larry Osborne 8th      
      Kevin Gunter 21st      
      Terry Scott 25th      
1979 Overbrook 43 Calvin Dunning 1st Calvin Dunning Ovb 15:10
      Anthony Sullivan 3rd      
      Steve Dickens 6th      
      Roy Gilliam 14th      
      Jerry Lawson 19th      
1978 Central 51 David Pharr 3rd George Steinbronn Linc *14:57.2
      Willie McCann 5th      
      James Nardell 12th      
      Ray Oglesby 15th      
      David Brown 16th      
1977 Central 56 Brian Pharr 1st Brian Pharr Cent 15:42
      Willie McCann 8th      
      Donald Frazier 9th      
      Larry Colucci 15th      
      David Pharr 23rd      
1976 Overbrook 98 McQuary Brown 2nd Brian Pharr Cent 15:17
      Joe Sherard 6th      
      Eric Brown 9th      
      Ronald Eure 11th      
      Darryl Thomas 12th      
      Adrian Jeffers 15th      
      C.C. Willams 19th      
      Milton Jones 24th      
1975 Overbrook 131 Wayne Martin 2nd Wallace Cain Wash 15:13.8
      Warren Brown 3rd      
      Ronald Eure 6th      
      Ken Wilder 8th      
      McQuary Brown 20th      
      Darryl Harmon 22nd      
      Doug Baker 30th      
      Darryl Thomas 32nd      
1974 Dobbins 126 R. Saunders 4th A. Adger Oln ??
      R. Redding 5th      
      J. James 6th      
      F. Banks 17th      
      R. Andrews 18th      
      C. Sorrells 19th      
      G. Rivera 22nd      
      T. Weal 35th      
1973 Overbrook 138 Andre Taylor 7th John Mitzel Wash #11:42.2
      Darn Gay 8th (ran record 11:33.0    
      Edmund Johnson 10th in earlier meet)    
      Eric Raines 13th      
      Charles Blackwell 21st      
      Tom Oliver 24th      
      Thurman Sanders 25th      
      Mike Elam 30th      
1972 Overbrook 125 Andre Taylor 8th      
      Darnley Gay 9th      
      Edmond Johnson 10th      
      D. Brown 13th      
      Robert Medley 17th      
      Harry Scott 18th      
      Sam Branch 22nd      
      Richard Sessions 28th      
1971 Overbrook 181 Reggie Gardner 4th Dirk Skinner Cent 12:09
      Carlton Brown 9th      
      Mel Albert 12th      
      Richard Sessions 17th      
      Charles McKnight 23rd      
      Asa Grimes 35th      
      Robert Medley 37th      
      Edmond Johnson 44th      
1970 Overbrook 190 Kevin Brown 2nd Joe O'Rourke Bart 11:52.7
      Carlton Brown 6th      
      Mel Albert 19th      
      George Potter 22nd      
      Reggie Gardner 28th      
      Robert Cooper 32nd      
      Thomas Highsmith 40th      
      Ira Brown 41st      
1969 Overbrook 153 Kevin Brown 1st Kevin Brown Ovb 12:11.7
      Louis Morris ??      
      Ira Brown ??      
      Thomas Highsmith ??      
      Stan Peace ??      
      Mel Albert ??      
      George Potter ??      
      Carlton Brown ??      
1968 Bartram 196 Jim Graham 5th Tim Kretzmann Linc 12:23.3
      Joe O'Rourke 8th      
      Robert Fohle 14th      
      Cary White 19th      
      Jim Fish 21st      
      Jim Verner 25th      
      ?? 39th      
      ?? 65th      
1967 Overbrook   Walt Harding 9th      
      Leon Baker 14th      
      Willie Williams 19th      
      Willis Poulson 20th      
      Stan Peace ??      
      Willie Peterson ??      
      Alonzo Hughes ??      
      Leroy Robinson ??      
1966 Overbrook   Ken Glover 7th      
      Earl Thomas 10th      
      William Morris 11th      
      Walt Harding ??      
      Willie Austin ??      
      Willis Poulson ??      
      Garvin Garrison ??      
      Paul Houston ??      
1965 Overbrook   Jeff Harmon 1st Jeff Harmon Ovb  
      Alan Graham 3rd      
      Earl Thomas 12th      
      Fred Alcorn 16th      
      Wayne Luker 23rd      
      Ronald Trammell 24th      
      Ken Glover ??      
      Ron Farmer ??      
1964 Overbrook 153 Don Moore 8th      
      Ernest Staten 10th      
      Earl Thomas 12th      
      Jeff Harmon 16th      
      Chandler Pringle 19th      
      Fred Alcorn 21st      
      Mike Yanofsky 28th      
      Alan Graham 39th      
1963 Overbrook 149 Ken Davis 3rd Moses Mayfield Bok *11:38.4
      David Moore 8th      
      Charles Wilson 11th      
      Ernest Staten 17th      
      Jim Levere 19th      
      Al Parker 21st      
1962 Overbrook 118 Ken Davis 4th Fred Daniels Gtz 12:02.3
      Frank Pringle 5th      
      Eldridge Johnson 7th      
      Ron Brody 9th      
1961 Overbrook 105 Ben Moore 2nd Josh Brown Gtz 11:57.0
      Ted Chadrick 4th      
      Jim Williams 5th      
      Ron Brody 7th      
1960 Overbrook       Ben Moore Ovb  
1959 Overbrook       Fred Anderson Ovb *11:42.3
1958 West       Roger Harmon West  
1957 Overbrook       Frank Smith Ovb  
1956 West   Dennis Johnson 1st Dennis Johnson West 11:59.8?
      Ron Sullivan 2nd      
      J.P. Elam 3rd      
1955 West   John Stokes 1st John Stokes West 12:07.6?
      Ron Sullivan 2nd      
      Ron Meriwether 3rd      
      Joe Barnett 4th      
1954 Overbrook            
1953 Overbrook 185 C. Hawthorne 2nd W. Washington West 11:49.0
      M. Hughes 5th      
      L. Lee 8th      
      W. Giddings 28th      
      J. Anderson 30th      
      C. Ferguson 34th      
      J. Eley 35th      
      C. Price 43rd      
1952 Overbrook 128 G. Brodie 2nd W. Washington West 11:56.0
      C. Hawthorne 12th      
      S. Phillips 14th      
      C. Morris 16th      
      M. Hughes 18th      
      B. Upshur 20th      
      W. Giddings 21st      
      E. Snyder 25th      
1951 Overbrook 71 Gene Brodie 1st Gene Brodie Ovb 12:10
      Al Entriken 4th      
      Sam Phillips 6th      
      William Ellis 7th      
      Clarence Morris 8th      
      Leroy Johnson 14th      
      Ed Southerland 15th      
      James Johnston 16th      
1950 Overbrook 55 William Griggs 1st William Griggs Ovb 12:02.7
      Gene Brodie 2nd      
      Herb Bruce 3rd      
      Al Entriken 7th      
      Dan Johnson 8th      
      Gil Laws 9th      
      Herb Rogers 11th      
      Jim Montague 14th      
1949 Overbrook       Don Bagby West *11:42.9
1948 Overbrook 119 Robert Walton 3rd Don Bagby West 12:26
      Victor Pulido 4th      
      William Griggs 5th      
      Gene Fitzgerald 10th      
      Jay Allen 16th      
      Dick McKellop 18th      
      Herb Bruce 20th      
      ??? 43rd