Passionate People
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   Are you passionate about your school or league, or high school basketball
in general? Would you care to discuss assorted topics with others? Send us
your name, school and e-mail address and we'll post it below, and you'll be
ready to contact, or be contacted, by others.
   Please show respect while still having fun. That's not too much to ask, is it?
   Ted Silary and teammates.
   P.S. -- Depending on how this goes, at some point we might set up a true
message board.     

Nick Cammarota, Central fan

Kevin "Sparky" Cooney, sports writer and legend (Judge grad)

Gabe Natale, Girard Academic Music Program player

Danny Algeo, Catholic League fan

Tom Sugden, Roman FB player

Mike "Tate" Smith, McDevitt grad/Oreland patriot

Ryan "Goose" Nase, Judge grad and FB player (now at Peddie School; also a legend)

Lou "Big Lou" Vogel, SJ Prep student

Mike "Suds" Sunderland, SJ Prep grad and baseball player (and frequent, high-quality contributor!)

Anthony Franklin, Northeast '01 (track/football)

Dan McLaughlin, Dougherty Fan

Ed "The Terminator" Hilbert, Dougherty grad and baseball player

Jared M., Roxborough football/trash-talker

PJ "Deuce" Mullen, Prep Rowdy '03/The man behind "Mullen Things Over"

Anthony Gardino, Neumann '01/basketball fan

Miles Hackerman, Prep '02

John Paffen, North Catholic baseball player '03

Kevin Pletz
Basketball coach at Williamsport High