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Amauro's Weekly Top 10, 2002-03
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  Amauro "Amar" Austin is another of our trusty observers. He is not to be confused with Ruben Amaro, the Phillies' assistant general manager. Like "Huck" Palmer, Amauro is a West Catholic graduate. He will make reports on the MANY games he sees. You may e-mail him at


1.  St. Joseph's Prep 26-1, (In the Semis a chess match w/ Coach's Jackson's Explorers) This week: vs LaSalle.
2. Penn Charter 26-4, (Quakers wrap up a quality season) This week: Season Finished. 

3. Cardinal Dougherty 23-3, (Biggest game of the year in CL vs Pirates) This week: vs Neumann.
4. St. John Neumann 18-7, (Pirates look to prove they are still top dogs) This week: vs Dougherty.
5. John Bartram 23-4, (Maroon finally get over the hump, battle w/ Gratz is ahead) This week: Gratz in City 'Chip.
6. Simon Gratz 23-5, (Bulldogs look impressive in spanking of Bobcats) This week: vs Bartram for City Title.
7. Martin L. King 22-5, (Cougars had best year ever) This week: Season Ended.
8. Roman Catholic 19-8, (Empire will be right there again next year) This week: Season Ended.
9. Franklin L.C. 22-4, (Bobcats had a breakhrough year) This week: Season Ended.
10. Strawberry Mansion 21-5, (Knights prepare for life after Rice) This week: Season Ended.
Northeast (16-8), Archbishop Carroll (15-11), Malvern Prep (17-11), Germantown Academy (14-14).

FEB. 24

1.  St. Joseph's Prep 25-1, (Playoff battle w/ Carroll looms) This week: vs Carroll.
2. Penn Charter 26-4, (Quakers wrap up a quality season) This week: Season Finished. 

3. Martin L. King 20-4, (Cougars as it stands are Pub's best) This week: Mastbaum.
4. Cardinal Dougherty 22-3, (Cards 14-0 in North) This week: vs Ryan/Judge.
5. St. John Neumann 17-7, (Pirates look to take down Empire for a 3rd time) This week: vs Roman.
6. John Bartram 20-4, (Maroon look prime for playoff run) This week: Roxborough.
7. Roman Catholic 19-7, (Empire still a threat) This week: vs Neumann.
8. Simon Gratz 20-5, (Bulldogs are Pub's deepest) This week: Lincoln.
9. Franklin L.C. 20-3, (Bobcats are Div. C Champs) This week: West Philly.
10. Strawberry Mansion 20-4, (Knights prepare to defend their title) This week: Washington.
Northeast (15-7), Archbishop Carroll (15-10), Malvern Prep (17-11), Germantown Academy (14-14).

FEB. 11

1.  St. Joseph's Prep 22-1, (Showdown w/ Neumann will tell the story) This week: Neumann, West Catholic.
2. Penn Charter 23-3, (Quakers wrap up the unfinished business) This week: Lawrenceville Prep (NJ), @Malvern Prep. 

3. St. John Neumann 15-6, (Pirates lose to Oak Hill, but gain much respect) This week: @Prep, O'Hara.
4. Martin L. King 18-4, (Cougars as it stands are Pub's best) This week: Gratz, @ GW.
5. Cardinal Dougherty 18-3, (Cards looking ahead) This week: North Catholic, @ LaSalle.
6. John Bartram 19-4, (Braves drop one to King, now its time to get serious) This week: @West.
7. Roman Catholic 16-7, (Empire still a threat) This week: @Bonner, Carroll.
8. Simon Gratz 20-4, (Tilt w/ NW's finest is Pub's most important tilt) This week: @King.
9. Franklin L.C. 19-3, (Bobcats are Div. C Champs) This week: Franklin.
10. Strawberry Mansion 20-4, (Knights prepare to defend their title) This week: Idle.
Archbishop Carroll (12-9), Malvern Prep (15-8), Northeast (14-7), Washington (10-8), Engineering & Science (14-6), Parkway (13-9).

FEB. 3

1.  St. Joseph's Prep 20-1, (Least defeated team in the city) This week: K-K, vs Roman @ Philly U.
2.  St. John Neumann 13-5, (Pirates own 2 Ws over Red hot Cahillites) This week: Carroll, @K-K, vs Oak Hill (VA).

3. Cardinal Dougherty 17-2, (Cards still rolling through North) This week: @Wood, vs Camden Catholic (NJ), McDevitt.
4. John Bartram 17-3, (Still rollin' but it gets no easier, 13 in a row) This week: @King, @Brook.
5. Penn Charter 20-3, (Quakers poised to take the I-A this week) This week: Haverford School, @Episcopal, vs Lake Clifton (MD).
6. Roman Catholic 15-6, (Cahillites lose in So Philly, chance for redemption in Sunday night showdown) This week: @ West, Prep.
7. Strawberry Mansion 18-3, (Knights getting ready for stretch run, 11 straight wins) This week: @Fels, FLC.
8. Simon Gratz 17-4, (Dogs still fighting) This week: Overbrook, West.
9. Martin L. King 15-4, (Cougars to learn something about themselves very soon) This week: Bartram, U-City.
10. Franklin L.C. 16-3, (Bobcats look to bounce back from disappointint weekend) This week: Mastbaum, @Mansion, vs Penn Wood.
Archbishop Carroll (12-8), Southern (15-6), Malvern Prep (15-7), Engineering & Science (12-5), Lincoln (12-7).

JAN. 28

1.  St. Joseph's Prep 18-1, (Least defeated team in the city) This week: @Carroll, Bonner.
2.  Cardinal Dougherty 15-2, (Cards still rolling through North) This week: Ryan, @Egan.

3. St. John Neumann 11-5, (Pirates finally at full strength) This week: @Bonner, Roman.
4. Roman Catholic 14-5, (Cahillites playing best ball in the city) This week: O'Hara, @Neumann.
5. Simon Gratz 15-3, (Drops tough one to Empire, trip to Braveland looms) This week: @Central, @Bartram, vs TBA.
6. John Bartram 14-3, (Braves in Midseason form, 9 in a row) This week: @Germantown, Gratz, vs TBA.
7. Penn Charter 17-3, (Quakers drop one at Carroll) This week: @Germantown Ac., @CHA, vs TBA.
8. Strawberry Mansion 15-3, (Knights eke out 2 tough wins) This week: @Masterman, Bodine, vs Lincoln (NY).
9. Franklin L.C. 15-2, (Bobcats on a roll, win 10th straight) This week: Fels, vs TBA.
10. Martin L. King 12-4, (Cougars quietly gelling) This week: @West, @Germantown, vs TBA.
Archbishop Carroll (11-7), Southern (13-5), Archbishop Wood (11-6), Malvern Prep (13-7),  Kensington (12-5), Northeast (10-6).

JAN. 21

1.  Simon Gratz 13-2, (Survival of the fittest, tilt w/ Empire looms) This week: Edison, @U-City, vs Roman Catholic @LaSalle U.
2.  St. Joseph's Prep 17-1, (Somehow came out on top in South Philly slugfest) This week: @O'Hara.

3. Penn Charter 15-2, (Quakers still cruisin', 8 in a row) This week: Episcopal, Malvern Prep, @Carroll.
4. Cardinal Dougherty 14-2, (Cards still rolling through North) This week: @Judge.
5. St. John Neumann 9-5, (Pirates starting to hit stride) This week: @ O'Hara, @ West Catholic.
6. John Bartram 12-3, (Braves chop down competition) This week: Penn, Central.
7. Roman Catholic 12-5, (Cahillites starting hit their stride) This week: @Kennedy Kenrick, vs Gratz @LaSalle U.
8. Strawberry Mansion 13-3, (Rice (39 PPG) in Co. gets a scare from Engineers) This week: Franklin, @Kensington.
9. Franklin L.C. 13-2, (Bobcats handle tough K-squad) This week: @Masterman, @Bodine, @Penn Wood.
10. Martin L. King 10-4, (Cougars are more than just Wayne Marshall) This week: Frankford, Overbrook.
Southern (11-5), Malvern Prep (13-6), Archbishop Carroll (9-7), Dobbins Tech (9-4), Engineering & Science (9-4), Kensington (11-4), Archbishop Wood (10-6).

JAN. 14

1.  Simon Gratz 11-2, (Possibly the area's best) This week: GW, @ Dobbins 
2.  St. Joseph's Prep 15-1, (Looks to bounce back from season's first L) This week: @Neumann, West Catholic.

3. Penn Charter 12-2, (Quakers on cruise control) This week: @GFS, @Haverford School, vs Central Dauphin.
4. Cardinal Dougherty 12-2, (Cards rolling through North competition) This week: @North, LaSalle
5. St. John Neumann 9-4, (Pirates starting to hit stride) This week: Prep, @ O'Hara.
6. John Bartram 10-3, (Braves win big @ W-port) This week: Northeast, @Olney.
7. Roman Catholic 10-5, (Empire strikes back, hands Prep first loss) This week: Bonner, @Carroll.
8. Strawberry Mansion 11-3, (Can anyone stop Mr. Rice in C-D?) This week: Lamberton, @E&S, @Overbrook.
9. Franklin L.C. 11-2, (Bobcats know how to win) This week: Audenried, Kensington.
10. Martin L. King 8-4, (Hammond steps up for Cougars) This week: Dobbins, @Edison.
Malvern Prep (11-5), Archbishop Ryan (10-4), Southern (9-5),  Archbishop Carroll (7-6), Episcopal Academy (11-5), Dobbins Tech (9-2), Engineering & Science (8-3), Germantown Academy (8-7), Kensington (10-3).

JAN. 7
1. St. Joseph's Prep 14-0, This week: @K-K, Roman
2. Simon Gratz 10-2, This week: Olney, @Penn, Franklin
3. Penn Charter 11-2, This week: Friends' Central, CHA
4. Cardinal Dougherty 10-2, This week: Wood, @McDevitt
5. St. John Neumann 7-4, This week: @Roman @Carroll, K-K
6. John Bartram 9-3, This week: Frankford, @ Lincoln, @Williamsport
7. Roman Catholic 9-5, This week: Neumann, West Catholic, @Prep
8. Strawberry Mansion 11-3, This week: Furness, GAMP
9. Franklin L.C. 11-2, This week: @Roxborough, vs Southern @CCP
10. Martin L. King 7-3, This week: Penn, @GW, @Baltimore City Chal.
  Malvern Prep (9-5), Southern (9-4), Archbishop Ryan (8-4), Archbishop
Carroll (6-5), Episcopal Academy (10-3), Engineering & Science (8-3),
Dobbins Tech (9-2) & Germantown Academy (6-7).