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   On this page we'll post update messages from guys who were athletes at city-leagues schools through the years. When I received an e-mail from Tom McDevitt, which is posted first below, I thought a page like this would be a good idea. Kids still in school need to know that there's a life beyond, and they need to hear that guys who came before them are doing well.
   We're hoping to hear from college students, college grads, business executives, laborers, etc. Also, we hope our contributors will offer some advice for the current high school students and maybe express thanks for those who helped them along the way (coaches, teachers, parents, mentors).
    I'm hoping this is a fine addition to

    Hi, Ted. Tom McDevitt-West Catholic 1985. How are you doing? Hope all is
well. Long time no see/speak. Wanted to tell you that I had not bought
the Daily News for years now, no real reason. (sorry) .  For some
reason, I bought it the other day and you had written an article about
the high school player whose father passed away this year. Great story.
How weird was that? I just wanted to tell you, Thanks. I know we have
spoken a few times after my article was written but I don't know if I
ever thanked you. I still have the article, framed, and I read it often
for inspiration. I am now a father of 2 beautiful girls, 4 and 2, and I
can only imagine the impact I have on their lives. I'm pitching again,
in the BuxMont Sr. Baseball League, over 30, for the Warrington
Senators. They are defending champs, we are 5-1 and I am 3-0. I have a
beautiful wife of 8 years, a great job and we are building a  house in
Bucks county. So, life is good. Thanks again Ted,  and take care.
---- Tom
    (Ted's note: Tom was our Pitcher of the Year in 1985, and then fared
well at La Salle. The story he referred to was about GAMP 1B Michael
Sacco. I first wrote about Tom in 1984, and how he constantly tried to
honor his late father, James, with his pitching. I'm hoping Tom will realize
the error of his ways and resume buying the DN every day -- smile).

    Well its almost football season, and I guess everything is starting already.   I mean those prep kids are still running there mouthes, little do they know, they are digging themselves a hole, but anyway who cares about that. Last season is over and another season of football is on the rise.  Right now I can tell you I have no place to play next year, I mean I could go and play for Widener but its to much of an expense for me.  You will probably see me on the O'Hara sideline next year with a whistle around my neck coaching those boys.  There is one thing I'm sure of right now and that is O'Hara will be a threat next year. I mean people look at us and see that we lost most of our offense and Defense, but there are kids there that can straight up play ball.  To have a CHAMPIONSHIP team you gotta have a good scout team right Ted, I mean thats a known fact.  When people say to me that O'Hara will have there troubles next! year I just sit there and laugh cause people also told me we weren't going to beat Prep, but well we all know what happened..... okay let me mention the score  O'Hara 35   Prep 10......   but anyway O'Hara will contend for the Championship next year and I promise everyone that....   " Don't Forget About O'Hara "
    What can I say about playing for a title,  It's the greatest experience a Catholic League Football Player could ever have.  From the the pre-game butterflies to the havoc at the end.  I will remember that night for the rest of my life. All I can really say to the many football players in the Catholic League is whenever you start to get on a losing streek, don't ever get your heads down, because you never know what will happen at the end. Treat every game like it is your last because one day it will be over. I would do anything just to go out there on the field and play.  Good Luck to everyone. Especially the players.

---- Mike Terenick, O'Hara 2001
    (Ted's note: Mike was a key factor for the Lions' title squad. It's nice to hear that he enjoyed his football experience enough
that he intends to get into coaching.)

    Hey Mr. Silary,
    I am writing this in hopes of getting on the Alumni Page of your website.  I
am a 1995 graduate of Conwell-Egan Catholic.  While I was there, I was lucky
enough to play on both the basketball team and the football team.  I was a
member of the team in 1993-94 that had the privileged on playing on the first
playoff team at Egan in almost 30 years (I am sure Coach Tos can give you an
exact year).  We finished in third and ending up having to play in the PIT
and if it was not for a BAD call on Jimmy Beck against Dennis Comey, I
believe we would have filled my life long dream of playing at the Palestra.  
However we did not get the call and we ended losing the game.  I was not the
best player on the team.  Actually I was probably number 12 or 13 but I did
get into that game for 25 seconds and I loved every second of it even though
we did not win.  The next year I had the luxury of playing on the best
Football team at Egan in the decade of the 90s.  Once again, I did not play
much but did play enough for my satisfaction.   I thank Mr. Chuck Knowles for
the opportunity to play for that time and a group of guys I will never
forget.  (Treude, Adamson,McCarthy,Secoda,little Chuckie,Bob Allen, Big Pete,
and the rest of the senior class and juniors).  They were all great and if it
was not for the Million to ONE shot of McDevitt tying Judge on the last
weekend of the year we would have made the playoffs.  We played Ryan the last
game of the year and it was a hard fought battle.  This season was one I will
never forget as will none of my classmates.  I thank CEC for the great
experience of  athletics something that we have something to talk about with
friends for a life time.
The last two years I was lucky enough to coach at CEC as Assistant Basketball
coach.  Although we did not win that many games, it was great to be back on
that same floor I played in 6 years ago.  Thank You Mr. Silary for this page
and you do a great job in the High School Scene of Philadelphia.   Keep Up
the good Work!!!!!
---- Tim Walker, Conwell-Egan Class of 1995
    (Ted's note: Nice job, Tim. Thank you very much.)

    HEY Everybody whats going on? This is Cameron Murphy. I would just like to
say thankyou to the person who gave me and Brent Grimes some respect on this
page. Its okay if I don't make the Hall but I'm still thankfull that whoever
wrote about me and Brent acknowledged us like that. Thank you. Im doing
okay down here at FAMU. I made it through a rough hot training camp. This
year I am being redshirted so I wont be getting any playing time this year.
College football isn't as easy as it may seem. But I know each and every one
of u guys can play college football, I have faith in yall. I just want to
let my NE homies know that I wish them the best of luck this season n I know
they will bring that CHAMPIONSHIP back TO THE EAST!! Also much luck to all
my dogs from that great class of 01' . B.G., Noel, Tony, Lid, Kenny Beans,
Ray "Rudy", Steve, Jose, my youngbols Ryan, Jay Rock, Jay, Poindexter, Kev,
Harry Max, PARTY hardy, Londale, Dave Montgomery, Dooling, Tonio.
---- Cameron "Large and in Charge" Murphy, Northeast '01

I hope you are doing well. I just had the pleasure of visiting your site
and was very impressed with the amount of information gathered.
When I was in my senior year at Roman, I searched for the NCAA Eligibility
requirements for weeks, after many phone calls, I finally succeeded. I
think your site will be a great help to many of the student-athletes for
many years to come.
When I travel with work, I frequently pick up many of the local newspapers
and can not believe the size of the high school sports section (usually more
than 2 pages). I started to think about what could have happened if the
Philadelphia area was covered like many of the places I visit. Lets face
it, many of the players I played with were very good but lacked the media
coverage to bring in a scholarship to a college or university. I would like
to applaud you for your efforts in our area. The guys/girls who you cover
now will someday realize that you have helped them in many ways (other than
making them popular in their school). Many of them have benefited by your
coverage with a college scholarship which will allow them to pursue their
goals in the future. Keep up the great work!
I also wanted to let you know, that through the hard work of Mike Gondos,
John Boyce Field (home of Roman Baseball) is currently receiving a huge face
lift. Mike has worked for many years to get this done (probably over 7
years, I believe). Finally, he was able to secure close to $100,000 for the
renovation of John Boyce field. As I write this the field has been upgraded
with a brand new infield, dugouts and new fencing. Many other projects are
still to be finished in the next few months. We all know what a disgrace
this field was in the past. Thanks to Mr. Gondos, Roman baseball players
can be proud of the field they play on.
Thanks again for all your efforts with Catholic League Baseball.
Have a nice holiday.
---- Bill Black

   (Ted's note: Bill was an All-City infielder at Roman. We appreciate his
contribution. Also, it's nice to hear Boyce Field is being improved.)

   First, I want to commend you on your site. It is great to see the city kids finally getting the press they deserve. Second, I want to offer some advice to this year's seniors: Take advantage of what sports can do for you. When I was a senior, I had two Ivy Universities (Penn & Cornell) fighting over me. Don't get me wrong, I was a good student and a decent football player, but I never dreamed that I would be able to attend an Ivy League University.Football made that possible. Without the support from my coaches at Judge (Whitey Sullivan, Bob Kaupp) and the coaches at Penn, I may never have applied. What a mistake that would have been! While at Penn, I have made many life-long friends, earned a ring for the 1993 Ivy Championship and, most importantly, a degree. Not too bad for the son of a Phildelphia police officer.
---- Ed Michvech
Father Judge class of 1990
   (Ted's note: Thanks very much, Ed.)
  Hello Ted.  I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you
do for high school sports in Philadelphia.  And now with the popularity of
the Internet, you can make it available all over.  I think your website is
unbelievable.  I just wish it was around when I played high school
basketball (Judge '94).  I also appreciate the way that you do the articles
on the athletes and how you always focus on their life outside of the
playing field.  It gives everyone the opportunity to see that these
athletes have much more going for them than just sports.   And that is what
is important.  I will never forget my high school years at Judge and the
time I spent playing in the Catholic League is something I hold very close
and is very special to me.  (I just wish we could have topped it off with a
championship, but it wasn't meant to be that night against North at the
Palestra - we couldn't drop a shot in the ocean - and I still think we were
the best team in the city that year!! - but we made up for it with a 3rd
place finish in Alhambra - on of the top 5 times of my life!!)   I learned
so many life lessons at Judge, playing basketball that you really don't
know at the time.  We actually just had our first annual alumni game at
Judge on Sat., Feb. 23rd, and it was a blast!  60-70 ex-Judge basketball
players turned out and we played 3 games and had a beef and beer after, and
we laughed all night long telling stories from high school.   I am still
really close friends with all the guys from my '94 team and we don't even
talk about the wins and losses (except for the Palestra), we just tell
stories about other things we did together.  That is what life is about and
I thank you for doing what you do!! Keep up the good work Ted!
   PS - my dad was also an All-Catholic player under Speedy Morris at Roman in
1972.  They also lost at the Palestra at the buzzer to Bonner - he also
hasn't gotten over it either!!
---- Frank Sykes
   (Ted's note: Thank you, Frank. I appreciate it. I was at
that Bonner-Roman game. Jim "Beef" Brophy was the
hero. Speedy still has nightmares about it, probably. And
those sitting close to him will never forget the word he
kept screeching over and over. I can't put it on here, though -- smile.)

  My name is Tony Fardella. And I am a Football-a-holic. I just wanted to deliver a message to all the current highschool athletes. I made a big mistake in my life now i am regretting it. I didnt attend a college after highschool. And now i am going to be going to school, 1 1/2 years later. I am going to try to play football again. I will get it done. But it would have been a whole lot easier just to go from highschool. I was working all through highschool and I thought that i didnt need school. Well, i do, and i believe higher education is a keystone to success. And if you are already planning to go to college and play, hit the weights. I just got my lifting schedule and its not to easy. So everyone out there just keep up the hard work, keep your nose in the books, and your butt in the gym. And I wanted to say whats up to the true champions NE vikings class of "01". The public league will always remember the Vikings!!!!
---Tony Fardella

   (Ted's note: Good luck as you press forward, Tony. Maybe having to do things the "uneasy way" will make you focus even harder.)

   Hello, my name is Pete Terry. I played baseball for Roman Catholic,
Class of '95. I would like to commend you on a fine job you have done
with covering High School Sports in the Philadelphia area. Especially
in regards to baseball which seems to get a raw deal in terms of
recruiting for colleges. Your coverge and hard work has enabled people
to continue playing ball in college and pursuing an education where they
otherwise would not have. Such as the case for myself (Arcadia
University '99) and my younger brother Phil, Roman, Class of '00. I am
currently serving in the United States Army in Kuwait in support of
Operation Iraqi Freedom and it's good to checkout your website to see
how the Cahillites are doing and also other schools. Hopefully, your
readers can see this and for those whose are still in High School don't
ever give up your dream know matter what anyone tells you. Thanks for
putting up the website and keep up the good work.

-- Pete Terry, May 2003
   (Ted's note: Thanks very much, Pete. Stay safe over there and say
hello to Phil when you can! Your country appreciates your efforts!)

   I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work
and time and effort you put towards high school
sports, especially basketball. You and your staff,
especially Amauro do a great job of building kids up,
getitng them recognized and giving them an opportunity
to play at the next level. You guys deserve a lot of
praise for your hard work. I graduated from Wood in
2002. I played basketball for four years, varsity for
three. We made the playoffs one of those three years,
and it was a memorable experience even though we lost.
I cannot thank Coach Sette and his staff enough for
making those 4 years, four GREAT years. Coach has
influenced me greatly, and he is one of the main
reasons I want to get into coaching, there are a few
other people who influenced me as well.. Coach doesnt
just car for you as a player, he cared for us as
students and people as well, that is something I hope
I cann continue when I coach.I also have made life
long friends through basketball, including Mike
Spadafora and Tim Dougherty. I urge current student
athletes to focus on your grades as well as athletics.
You cant play sports forever. I was not fortunate
enough to play college ball (as of right now anyway) .
But I cocnentrated on my grades and received academic
scholarship and my current GPA is 3.5 I am an
elementary education major , I plan on going to
graduate school for psychology/counseling and then get
into that in the long term. I also plan on being a
high school or college coach in the near furture.
Thanks Ted for all the work you do for us, I hope it
is appreciated by everyone.

Take Care,
Blair Klumpp
   (Ted's note: Thank you very much, Blair. Best of luck
while going forward to achieve your career goals. I'm
sure I'll run into you at some games.)

Hey Ted,
  It's Ari Bluestein, NE Vikings baseball player from 2000-2002. How is
everything? This year I have been doing my best to follow Northeast and
the Pub and I actually got out to about three games this season. It's
fun to watch young guys represent the same school that I represented 3
years ago (what seems like a lifetime ago!).

  I am heading into my senior year at Rider University in
Lawrenceville, New Jersey. While I was being recruited for baseball from
other schools, I am glad I chose Rider because it was the right fit for
me academically, financially and socially. In fact, I am still playing
college baseball. Even though I could not make the Varsity Division I
team as a walk-on, I started up a Club Baseball team. As a member of the
National Club Baseball Association (NCBA), the Rider Baseball Club
played a 20-game spring schedule against other club teams in the area
(like UPenn, Rutgers, NYU and Princeton). It was a fun year for me and I
got a chance to work on my game to prepare for my summer season in the
local Pen-Del league.

  To all you high schoolers -- Baseball is a great game and you should
try to continue playing it until you can't run, throw or swing anymore.
But keep this in mind -- Most baseball players do not make it to the
Major Leagues, or even the Minor League for that matter. So take it from
me and my experiences -- Make your college decision based on things
other than baseball. That is what I did and it turned out to be a great

To my Northeast Vikings -- Good luck in the PL Playoffs!!
-- Ari Bluestein - Northeast Vikings Baseball '02
June '05
  (Thanks for this, Ari. I wish we'd get more contributions like this for
the Alumni Page. Best of everything!)

  Dear Ted, I am a 2001 Graduate from Kennedy-Kenrick. I played baseball
and football there all 4 years, and believe me there are probably more
upsetting stories than there are good ones. I was the 2nd baseman for
the Wolverines, and the wing back for football. I just wanted to say
thank you to coach Carcarey and McTamney. My 3 fondest memories from
baseball were becoming academically ineligible junior year as this made me
become a student, and realize things. Playing Carroll in the last game
of the 01’ season and driving home with Nick Sacony from the Pocono’s
during prom weekend to play for the regular season title. The intensity
and atmosphere was unforgettable. Also playing against Carroll the day
we graduated in the Championship and wear all but my jersey under my cap
and gown “yes socks, jock and all!!”, also playing for the Baseball
Factory’s National team In Arizona. Football would be running back the
only kickoff in K-K history against Upper Merion on Thanksgiving 00’.
And also holding 2 records for football at K-K. There is nothing like
High School sports, and the memories will never be forgotten A word
advice to the current high school players, follow your dreams and don’t
let anything come between them “girlfriends, distance, friends” you only
get 1 chance so make it worth have no regrets, because you'll never
forgive yourself TRUST ME!!! Thank You Ted for having this area in your
site it is something that alumni can have to cherish.
  P.S. all you need now is a forum about past teams and games for alumni.
Steve Orman:
Kennedy-Kenrick '01
  (Ted's note: Thanks, Steve. You can send more stuff for this page -- smile.)