PL Playoff Recaps, 1971-1990
(Non-Championship Games)
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At Southern
Overbrook 66, Bartram 49
  Andre McCarter mixed 18 points and 14 rebounds. Kevin Washington scored two of his 16 points on an 85-foot bank shot as the third quarter ended. Jerry Thomas added 15 points, 15 rebounds. McCarter played tough defense on Bartram’s Joe “Jelly Bean” Bryant (nine points, 16 rebounds).
At Northeast
West 94, Olney 75
  Mike Stokes (23), Earl Bundy (22), Tom Hooks (20), Jan Pearson (16) and Terry McCarter (11) combined for all but two of the Speedboys’ points. Hooks added 16 rebounds. West coach Joe Goldenberg opted to double-team 6-8 Jim Baker (27) and play guard/brothers Eddie (20) and Willie Taylor (15) man-to-man, leaving one forward constantly open.

At Southern
Bartram 62, Gratz 51
  Gratz roared to a 12-0 lead and was still holding a 14-point edge with 3:46 remaining in the third quarter. Bartram’s surge was paced by Joe “Jelly Bean” Bryant (24 points, 15 rebounds), Roger Steve (12, 13) and Joe “Mad Dog” Pride (10, 10). Leon White and soph Joe Gore led Gratz with 14 points apiece.
At Lincoln
Germantown 75, Overbrook 58
  Six-seven Mike Sojourner shot 12-for-16 for 28 points and swept 19 rebounds as G-town coasted. Marty Lee (16) and Gary Evans (14) helped out. Rich Laurel (30) was the only Panther in double figures.

At Recreation Centers
Frankford 68, Mastbaum 66
  Ed Simpson (four points) swished a 20-footer with 0:02 left to lift Frankford (George Gibson 25, Phil Andrews 16, Ed Johnson 11). Wilbert Jackson (24) and Galen Baker (18) led Mastbaum.
West 67, Franklin 66
  Fernando Davis scored 20 points and grabbed the final rebound after Franklin’s Gary Anderson missed a shot that would have won the game. Mark Dwight added 15 points. Willie Rogers (23) and Brandt Moses (18) paced Franklin.
Bartram 100, Lincoln 95
  Gilbert Saunders exploded for 41 points. Archie Hughes added 22. Lincoln was led by Joe Dennis (37) and Ignatius “Nash” Berran (21).
At Temple’s McGonigle Hall
Gratz 76, Roxborough 72
  Joe Gore scored 21 points. Al Burton added 15 points, nine rebounds. John “Chubby” Cox (24) and Anthony “Jing” Juliano (15) paced Roxborough.
Olney 72, Frankford 65
  Dana Clark scored 23 points while Milt Colston shot 10-for-14 en route to 21 points and added nine rebounds as the Trojans won a playoff for the first time. Frankford’s Ed Johnson had 17 points, 18 rebounds.
At Temple’s McGonigle Hall
Overbrook 60, West 56
  Ricky Watson had 18 points and 14 rebounds for ’Brook. Coach Big Bobby Jones benched himself for missing two practices and turned over the team to assistant Bob Hall. Kershaw Leatherbury hit two crucial free throws. West’s Fernando Davis scored 19 points.
Dobbins 52, Germantown 46
  Guards Curtis Cannon (14), Fred Tate (13) and Jeff Hatchell (10) led Dobbins, which was outrebounded by only 47-39 even though G-town’s front line featured 6-11 DeCarsta “Byrd” Webster, 6-7 George Johnson and 6-6 Michael Mack. With tension mounting, the game was halted with 0:17 left.
At Temple’s McGonigle Hall
Gratz 66, Overbrook 53
  Joe Gore scored 14 points to lead the way. Gregory Pouncy had 12 points, eight rebounds. Jack Congo (13) led ’Brook.
Olney 67, Dobbins 49
  Greg Adams shot 10-for-13 from the line en route to 20 points and dished five assists. Milt Colston mixed 17 points, 10 rebounds. Curtis Cannon (11) topped Dobbins.

West 52, Edison 51
  Off an inbounds play with 0:03 left, substitute guard Herman Adams hit an 18-footer on a pass from Gary Anderson to win the game for West (Mark Dwight 17). Rodney Lee (15) led Edison.
Germantown 53, Northeast 44
  Making his first start since the preseason, Rudy Bowen hustled for nine points and 11 assists. Stanley Greene had 12 points. Eugene Dantzler (16) led Northeast.
Bartram 83, Franklin 80
  William “Doctor” Watson shot 9-for-11 en route to 23 second half points, raising his total to 32. He began the second half with three straight jumpers, all from at least 25 feet. Franklin’s Karrington Ward poured in 33 points, but was held scoreless in the last 4 minutes by Burt Miller.
Gratz 77, Olney 73
  Guard Clyde Jones, formerly Gratz’s scorekeeper, drove for the clinching layup with 0:08 left after Gregory Pouncy (18), Joe Gore (17) and Marvin Brown (16) fouled out. Milt Colston scored 31 points for Olney.
At Southern
West 57, Bartram 53
  Calvin Goodwin (18) and Mark Dwight (16) led in scoring while Tim Smith showed versatility with 15 points, 14 boards, five assists. Rendell Bradley had 22 points and nine rebounds and scored eight points in the final 0:53 to bring Bartram close.
At Lincoln
Gratz 68, Germantown 67
  Marvin Brown shot 9-for-10 for 18 points and claimed 11 rebounds. Joe Gore (20) and Gregory Pouncy (12, 13 rebounds), a 6-7 high jumper, lent assistance. DeCarsta Webster (21) and Tim Claxton (19) led G-town, which came close by scoring the final four points.

West 62, Germantown 35
  Mark Dwight pumped in 35 points as West overcame the Bears’ attempt at a stall. Chris Kibler (16) led the losers.
Edison 62, Northeast 59
  Rodney Lee (17), Danny Thomas (16) and Mike Fuller (13) led the Inventors, who blew most of a 13-point lead in the final 2:26. Northeast’s Greg Joyner, the PL scoring champ, was held to a season-low 17 points.
Gratz 75, Overbrook 67 (ot)
  Gary Devlin, who finished an unsightly 7-for-23, hit an 18-footer to force OT, which Gratz won, 8-0. Devlin and Keith Johnson scored 15 points apiece. Mike Blackshear (25) led ’Brook.
Olney 77, Dobbins 43
  Charles McAliley, held out until the second quarter for disciplinary reasons, scored 24 points. In the first quarter, 6-8 Bob Stephens had seven rebounds and five blocks. Mike Saunders (13) led Dobbins.
At Southern
West 52, Edison 50
  Tim Smith had 12 points, six rebounds and five assists and blocked Danny Thomas’s potential tying shot with 0:09 left. Soph Gene Banks totaled 12 points, 11 rebounds. For Edison, Rodney Lee had 18 points and 15 rebounds and Clarence “Cowboy” Days had 13 points, four assists.
At Lincoln
Gratz 69, Olney 68
  Stanley Jenkins (17), Keith Johnson (16), Gary Devlin (15) and Jessie Grier (14) scored in double figures and Anthony Millhouse grabbed 13 rebounds to pace Gratz, which won on Johnson’s conversion of a one-and-one at 0:14 and his blocked shot 10 seconds later. Gratz scored the final five points. Charles McAliley (18) led Olney while Bob Stephens had 14 points, 16 boards.

West 97, Olney 56
  Gene Banks (24) and Clarence “Eggy” Tillman (20) triggered the blowout and Darryl “City Lights” Warwick had 15 points, 10 assists. Keith Hunter (14) topped Olney.
Dobbins 80, Gratz 64
  Starters Leroy Choice (23), Ray Young (18), Juan Rodriguez (16), Robert Ruffin (12) and Jerome “J.P.” Peterson (11) combined for all of Dobbins’s points. Dino Gregory (21) led Gratz.
Overbrook 69, Frankford 65
  Lewis Lloyd shot 12-for-22 for 24 points and swept 18 rebounds, Michael Blackshear scored 26 points and Greg Powell grabbed 22 boards. Daryl Wilson (22) and Jeffery “Monk” Clark (17) led Frankford.
Germantown 63, Franklin 62
  Charles Murphy scored 20 points and hit two crucial free throws with 0:34 remaining. Angelo Adams’s basket with 0:04 left drew Franklin within one.
At Southern
West 71, Dobbins 49
  Gene Banks shot 13-for-19 for 26 points while also totaling 15 rebounds, five assists and three blocks. Ronald Williams distributed seven assists. For Dobbins, Juan Rodriguez had 12 points, 10 rebounds.
At Lincoln
Overbrook 89, Germantown 67
  Michael Blackshear scored 26 points, Lewis Lloyd mixed 20 points and 16 boards and sub Harold “Howie” McCutchen, in less than half the game, had 17 points, seven assists. G-town’s Eddie Wright had 12 points, 14 rebounds.

Southern 93, Central 65
  Kevin Broadnax (20) and Carl “Muscle Face” Ford (19) led in scoring and Gary Spencer had 15 points, 12 rebounds. Calvin Dixon (16) led Central.
West 83, Mastbaum 59
  Gene Banks shot 11-for-15 en route to 28 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. Clarence “Eggy” Tillman added 21 points. For Mastbaum, making its first playoff appearance in 32 seasons of PL membership, Neal Robinson totaled 18 points, 11 rebounds.
Olney 59, King 57
  Tim McAliley (27) shot 11-for-19 and James Brooks scored the winning basket with 0:04 left on a backdoor pass from Mark Hopkins (nine blocks). Kevin “Show Biz” Andrews (19) and Aaron Bing (18) paced King.
Overbrook 71, Dobbins 62
  Lewis Lloyd had 22 points and 20 rebounds and Carl Lacy scored 19 points. Soph Ricky Tucker had 12 points, six assists. Jerome “J.P.” Peterson led Dobbins with 20 points, 17 boards.
Southern 77, Frankford 76 (ot)
  Gary Spencer had 29 points and 19 rebounds and Southern received its final four points from subs — John Tart’s follow and Jim Smith’s free throws. Jeffery “Monk” Clark (37) and Claude Gross (21) led Frankford.
At Southern
West 89, Olney 52
  Gene Banks exploded for 32 points (16-for-25) and 26 rebounds. Darryl “City Lights” Warwick (15) and Clarence “Eggy” Tillman (13) also scored in double figures. James Brooks (10 points, 10 rebounds) was best for Olney.
At Lincoln
Overbrook 77, Southern 66
  Lewis Lloyd shot 14-for-19 and 9-for-11 for 37 points and claimed 17 rebounds. Carlton “C-9” Willis added 17 points, nine rebounds. Gary Spencer (24) and Steve Mays (17) topped Southern.

Northeast 56, Bartram 54
  Richard Johnson shot 11-for-18 for 24 points and scored three consecutive field goals to put the Vikings ahead for good. Bartram’s Larry Moody had 16 points, 19 rebounds.
West 59, King 56
  Clarence “Eggy” Tillman collected 29 points and 14 rebounds. A tap-in by Vincent Ross gave West its first lead at 37-36 and the Speedboys followed with 10 of the next 12 points. King’s Steve Bond had 12 points and nine assists before fouling out with 4:12 left.
Franklin 62, Frankford 61
  Brian Cornelius scored a career-high 22 points, Martin “Lenny” Torrence grabbed 11 rebounds and Randy Cunningham hit a clinching one-and-one with 0:10 left. Frankford’s Kevin “Cat” Compton had 16 points and five assists and Derrick Miller, son of coach Vince Miller, swept 16 rebounds.
Overbrook 76, Germantown 65
  Carl Lacy scored 20 points while Carlton “C-9” Willis had 16 points and 12 rebounds. Ricky Tucker added nine assists. Gerald Johnson (19 points, 13 rebounds) and Tyrone Settles (18, eight) led G-town.
Mastbaum 76, Northeast 50
  Ray Thompson (20), Keith Hutchinson (19) and Clinton Brower (17) led the scoring as the Panthers, a PL member since the ‘46 season, won a playoff for the first time. Northeast’s Richard Johnson hit for 30 points.
At the Palestra
West 85, Franklin 59
  Clarence “Eggy” Tillman shot 12-for-19 for 29 points and grabbed 17 rebounds. Kevin “Rock” McCray added 16 points, seven assists. Brian Cornelius and Bobby Hunter (11 each) led Franklin.
Mastbaum 64, Overbrook 60
  After Carlton “C-9” Willis (27 points) hit a jumper to draw Overbrook within two with 0:12 left, Ray Thompson (17) dribbled upcourt and slammed just before the buzzer. Reuben McCoy (20, 12 rebounds) and Clinton Brower (17, 13) aided the cause. The losers’ Tony Costner had 16 points, 18 boards.

Southern 84, Olney 74
  Albert “Truck” Butts had 24 points and 15 rebounds. Dallas Philson added 18 points and seven assists. Olney’s Gregg olmes scored 24 points.
Overbrook 76, Frankford 42
  Ricky Tucker shot 10-for-13 for 20 points and dished seven assists. Tony Costner added 13 points, 20 rebounds. Frankford’s Steve Black scored 14 points.
West 55, Southern 53
  Jim Moore totaled 20 points and 11 rebounds and converted a one-and-one for a 55-51 lead with 0:15 left. Kevin “Rock” McCray added 16 points. Southern’s Albert “Truck” Butts had 12 points, 20 rebounds.
Franklin 61, Gratz 54
  Vaughn Taylor matched 14 points with 14 rebounds. Kevin Taylor (no relation) hit a jumper to break a 53-53 tie. Gratz’s Joe Brown had 12 points, 13 boards.
Dobbins 71, Central 65
Double-teamed throughout, Horace Owens still managed 18 points and 11 rebounds and received help from Leon Jones (22 points) and Harry Barnes (11 points, 10 assists). Calvin Dixon (21) led Central.
At the Palestra
Overbrook 65, Dobbins 52
  Ricky Tucker contributed 21 points and seven assists while Joe Washington (17) and Jeffrey Tucker (13, no relation) helped out in scoring. Leon Jones (21) and Horace Owens (18) led Dobbins.
Franklin 66, West 62
  Tony “Ice” Ingram sniped 12-for-14 for 26 points as Franklin stunned the five-time defending champions, ending their streak of 16 consecutive PL playoff victories. Vaughn Coats finished 12-for-16 for 24 points, adding 11 rebounds. Phil Burton had nine points, 10 boards.

Southern 83, Northeast 62
  Mark Tarboro had 23 points and 13 rebounds. Northeast’s Willie Oliphant concluded his career by going over 1,000 points.
Overbrook 69, Univ. City 63
  Tony Costner shot 11-for-16 for 28 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. Steve Black added 21 points and Terry Carter notched seven assists while attempting no shots from the floor. UC’s scoring leaders were Ray “Ice” Arrington (20) and Jerome Broadus (18).
Franklin 63, West 58
  The passing of Kevin “Mug” Brown (11 assists) set up Phillip Burton (16 points), George Dennis (14) and Brent Colbert (10). For West, Greg “Box” Brandon had 20 points and 18 rebounds and Jerry Moore mixed 19 points, eight rebounds, eight assists.
Southern 80, King 71
  Superior shooting by Darryl Davis (9-for-11, 23) and Mark Tarboro (8-for-11, 19) allowed Southern to triumph. Dallas Philson managed 17 points, six assists. King’s Ivan Felder had 24 points and Kevin Johnston claimed 16 rebounds.
Germantown 60, Olney 56
  Ray Stukes (15 points) and James “Herb” Forrest (13) paced G-town, which outscored Olney, 9-2, in the last 1:41. Ken Coffin scored the go-ahead basket. Olney’s Samuel Hines had 18 points.
At the Palestra
Overbrook 77, Southern 62
  Tony Costner (21 points, 18 rebounds), Darryl “World” Brown (20, 12) and John Bryant (14, 13) were heavy contributors. ’Brook expanded a 30-28 halftime lead by scoring the next 19 points. For Southern, Dallas Philson had 23 points and Mark Tarboro had 16 points, 16 rebounds.
Franklin 58, Germantown 53
Phillip Burton (20) and George Dennis (18) handled much of the scoring and Brent Colbert grabbed 14 rebounds. Alfonso McCloud and James “Herb” Forrest scored 18 apiece for the losers.

Franklin 66, Northeast 53
  Reggie Faison scored 23 points and received help from Vic Alexander (12, 16 rebounds). Northeast’s Ken Nelson had 17 points, 12 rebounds.
Southern 72, Germantown 68
  Kevin Williams shot 7-for-8 for 17 points and Bernard Witherspoon (seven assists) hit five free throws in the last 2:00. G-town’s James “Herb” Forrest had 26 points, 10 rebounds.
Frankford 53, Mastbaum 52
  Sophomore Rico Washington generated 25 points and 11 rebounds as the Pioneers won a playoff for the first time since 1949. After Washington missed a free throw with 0:04 left, Ralph Lewis outbattled a Mastbaum player for the ball and rattled in a 12-foot, left-baseline jumper to win it. Mastbaum playmaker Timmy Brown fouled out with 2:07 left in the third quarter, though coach Ralph “Bones” Schneider did not know it until he tried to put Brown back in the game with 6:12 left. Mastbaum’s Ernell Harley had 17 points.
King 62, West 60 (ot)
  Kevin Johnston (13 points) stuck a 15-foot jumper with 0:01 left to win it. Greg Overton had 16 points, six assists. West overcame a 15-point deficit in the fourth quarter to force OT. Derrick Williams (15) and sub Claude Hughes (13) led the way.
At the Palestra
Franklin 61, Southern 58
  Vic Alexander and Reggie Faison had 16 points apiece and Keith Walker chipped in with 13 points, 12 rebounds. Southern’s Andy Jones had 14 points while Mike Richmond mixed 12 points, 11 boards.
Frankford 72, King 66
  Ralph Lewis stepped forward for 17 points and 17 rebounds and was sandwiched by Anthony Chennault (18) and Rico Washington (16) as Frankford advanced to the final for the first time since 1949. King’s Dwight Dunbar shot 11-for-15 for 22 points.

Southern 79, Frankford 77 (ot)
  Jeffrey Pinkins celebrated his birthday by collecting 20 points, five rebounds and four steals and by passing to Nate “Day-Day” Blackwell (16) for the winning basket, an 8-foot jumper, with 0:02 left. Mike Richmond had 21 points, nine rebounds. Rico Washington (23) and Wayne Young (20) led Frankford.
Franklin 73, Roxborough 63
  Reggie Faison had 21 points and seven assists while Percy Warfield matched 13 points with 13 rebounds. Roxborough’s Marcus Washington had 14 points.
Dobbins 53, Central 47 (ot)
  Allen Jones (16) and Robert Warren (15) led in scoring. Jones and Matt Shired each shot 3-for-4 from the line in OT. Central’s Gary Bennett had 22 points and eight rebounds and forced OT with two late baskets.
Overbrook 76, Northeast 53
  Timmy Pounds (20) and Ahmad Gilbert (19) led in scoring and sub Darnell Horn grabbed 13 rebounds. Northeast’s main man was Chris Blocker (13, eight rebounds).
Mastbaum 73, Overbrook 61
  Timmy Brown had 21 points and six assists. Ellison Huggins shot 6-for-10 and 7-for-9 for 19 points. Overbrook’s starters scored from nine to 12 points.
Olney 58, Dobbins 51
  Ronald Barnett scored 14 points and grabbed 17 rebounds and eighth man John Green scored 12 points. Olney won the last quarter, 27-9. For Dobbins, Allen Jones had 21 points, 10 boards.
Franklin 54, West 53
  Leon Washington took a pass from Keith “Rock” Smith and stuck a 12-foot jumper with 0:04 left to provide a 54-51 lead. Reggie Faison (20 points) and Percy Warfield (14 rebounds) helped. West soph Howard Evans shot 9-for-12 for 21 points.
Southern 57, King 48
  Nate “Day-Day” Blackwell had 14 points and eight assists. Greg Jacobs (13) led King.
At the Palestra
Mastbaum 77, Southern 60
  Darren Keith totaled 23 points and nine rebounds while 5-9 guard Timmy Brown mixed 16 points, 11 rebounds, five assists and three steals. Ellison Huggins added 17 points, 15 rebounds. Southern’s Mike Richmond had 14 points, 17 rebounds.
Franklin 80, Olney 69
  Keith “Rock” Smith shot 11-for-13 at the line en route to 21 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. Leon Washington had 20 points and Reggie Faison had 18 points, eight rebounds, five assists. Olney’s Ronald Barnett had 21 points and the same number of rebounds.

Eng. & Science 53, Washington 51 (ot)
  George Kinsler had 14 points, six rebounds and four assists and went 2-for-4 at the line in the waning moments. Michael Anderson added 17 points for the Engineers, who made the playoffs in just their second PL season. Washington’s Max Blank had 17 points, 12 rebounds.
Gratz 50, Parkway 48
  Sam Denson took an alley-oop pass from Lamar Belton (19 points, four assists) and hit a 5-foot banker with 0:01 left. Parkway’s Derrick Hill had 17 points, 14 rebounds.
Overbrook 70, King 61
  Herman “Coozie” Willis (22) and Ahmad Gilbert (18) paced ’Brook. King’s Greg Jacobs scored 29 points.
Germantown 65, Southern 58
  Andrew Marshall scored 22 points and Ernest “Pop” Lewis had 19 points, 13 rebounds. Southern’s Nate “Day-Day” Blackwell had 20 points.
Olney 74, Mastbaum 72
  Anthony “T-Bone” McFadden scored 22 points and won it with a buzzer-beating 22-footer while surrounded by three defenders. David Jones had 16 points. Mastbaum’s Dana “Dano” Garner shot 13-for-17 for 30 points, adding six assists.
Dobbins 59, Frankford 51
  Greg “Bo” Kimble had 19 points, 11 rebounds. The Mustangs used a 17-2 rush to take a 49-39 lead. Guy Thomas (14) led Frankford.
West 83, Gratz 54
  Howard Evans had 25 points and Marc Anderson totaled 19 points, 10 rebounds. Roy Goldwire (16) led Gratz.
Edison 77, Eng. and Science 69
  Terry Butler (23), Calvin Gambrell (22) and Anthony Robinson (21) led the way. Michael Anderson poured in 37 for E&S.
Straw. Mansion 71, Bok 57
  Doug “Snooze” Williams (26) and Owolabi Folami (20) led in scoring and John Stratford grabbed 17 boards. Williams added 12 assists. Mike Brice (14) was best for Bok.
Franklin 62, Northeast 53
  Rico Washington had 18 points and 21 rebounds and Jerome “Pooh” Richardson dished eight assists. Chris Blocker (23) led Northeast.
Overbrook 56, Dobbins 47
  Ahmad Gilbert arrived late, but scored 16 points in the last three quarters. Octavius “Tate” Davis had 15 points, nine rebounds. Mark Stevenson (10) led Dobbins.
Edison 72, Straw. Mansion 64 (ot)
  Terry Butler (22 points, 17 rebounds) and Anthony Robinson (22, 14) were strong inside and Edison shot 10-for-11 at the line in OT. Owolabi Folami (21) topped Mansion.
Franklin 65, Germantown 45
  Brian “Sugar Bear” Smith scored 20 points. Rico Washington (17 points) and Ed Robinson split 32 rebounds. G-town’s Ernest “Pop” Lewis had 17 points, nine boards.
West 75, Olney 67
  First sub Robert Palmer shot 6-for-8 and 5-for-6 for 17 points for West, which produced five double-figure scorers. Marc Anderson had 18 points, nine rebounds. Anthony “T-Bone” McFadden (28) paced Olney.
At Southern
Overbrook 59, Franklin 56
  Walt Mitchell mixed 18 points with four assists and Ahmad Gilbert had 16 points, nine rebounds. ‘Brook rallied from 10-0 and 41-28 deficits. Franklin’s Rico Washington had 12 points, nine rebounds.
At William Penn
West 58, Edison 54
  Marc Anderson managed 19 points and 10 rebounds as the Speedboys rallied from a 46-39 deficit. Howard Evans (13) and Tracey Kelty (12) helped. Edison’s Terry Butler had 13 points, 12 rebounds.

Franklin 44, Overbrook 36
  Jerome “Pooh” Richardson blended 11 points, six rebounds and four assists. Franklin led at halftime, 19-7. Overbrook’s Clyde Jones scored 12 points.
Mastbaum 62, Southern 61
  Darin “Munchy” Mason bagged 28 points, five rebounds and six assists, with the last feed setting up Lester Lamb for the winning basket with 0:06 left. Tyrell “Magic” Cromwell had 15 points, four assists. Southern’s Jody Johnson shot 18-for-19 at the line (last 17 in a row) en route to 30 points.
Gratz 57, Frankford 54
  Sixth man Brian Shorter, a 6-4 freshman, notched 16 points and eight rebounds. Dexter Whitfield had 15 points, five assists. Frankford’s Tony Crawford had 18 points, 18 rebounds.
Olney 77, Germantown 61
  Paul “Snoop” Graham shot 13-for-14 at the line en route to 33 points and grabbed eight rebounds. John Green had 15 points, six assists. Marcus Owens (23) and Paul Jordan (20) led G-town.
Northeast 68, King 52
  Keith Jones (31) shot 15-for-17 at the line and Tom Davis had 12 points, 12 rebounds. Scott Slade (24) led King.
West 67, Univ. City 50
  Henry Smith was tough inside with 15 points and 22 boards.
Dobbins 85, Bok 58
  Eric “Hank” Gathers generated 27 points and 18 rebounds. Darrell “Heat” Gates had 18 points, 10 assists. Mike Brice (15) led Bok.
Washington 61, Roxborough 52
  Max Blank had 25 points and 18 rebounds as the Eagles won a playoff for the first time in their 21 PL seasons. Tony Cotton (18) led Roxborough.
Franklin 73, Olney 56
  Jerome “Pooh” Richardson combined 17 points with seven rebounds and nine assists. Brian “Sugar Bear” Smith shot 10-for-16 for 24 points and Will Bolds mixed 15 points, 15 boards. Olney’s Paul “Snoop” Graham hit for 32 points.
Gratz 63, West 62
  Soph Dennis “Dink” Whitaker (eight assists) hit a 10-footer to beat the buzzer after Lamar Belton (16) was covered. For West, Howard Evans scored 27 points and Henry Smith had 20 points, 16 rebounds.
Mastbaum 64, Northeast 57
  Darin “Munchy” Mason (20) and Tyrell “Magic” Cromwell (17, seven assists) led the way. Darryl Brown (15) led Northeast.
Dobbins 84, Washington 76
  Eric “Hank” Gathers shot 11-for-16 and 9-for-12 for 31 points and grabbed 11 rebounds while Greg “Bo” Kimble scored 23 points. Russian immigrant Max Blank, with cheers of “U.S.A!” from Dobbins’s fans ringing in his ears, produced 35 points and 14 rebounds in 25 minutes.
At William Penn
Franklin 77, Gratz 53
  Brian “Sugar Bear” Smith led in points (20) and rebounds (13) as the Electrons won comfortably enough to use 13 players. Jerome “Pooh” Richardson had 17 points, nine assists. Gratz’s Brian Shorter had 12 points, nine rebounds.
Dobbins 45, Mastbaum 40
  The Mustangs advanced to the final for the first time in 39 seasons of PL membership despite shooting 13-for-59 (floor) and 19-for-35 (line). Eric “Hank” Gathers had 24 points, 17 rebounds. Greg “Bo” Kimble grabbed 19 rebounds. Darin “Munchy” Mason (16) topped Mastbaum.

Dobbins 84, Central 58
  Greg “Bo” Kimble scored 25 points, Eric “Hank” Gathers totaled 17 points and 15 rebounds and brother Derrick Gathers grabbed 10 boards. Jonathan Jones (22) led Central.
West 53, Frankford 50 (2 ot)
  Eric “Button” Pearson had 19 points and nine rebounds in 38 minutes for West, which overcame a 12-point deficit with 5:54 left in regulation. Adrian Burke (17) led Frankford.
Mastbaum 87, King 64
  Warren Hawthorne (33) and Tyrell “Magic” Cromwell (26) led the romp. King sub Ron Bryant shot 7-for-8 for 16 points.
Gratz 65, Edison 42
  Brian Shorter (21, 15 rebounds), older brother Rodney Shorter (18) and Walt Dozier (15 boards) paced Gratz.
Northeast 76, Bartram 64
  Phil Booth mixed 22 points and 13 rebounds. Keith Wilkerson added 16 points. Bartram’s Mike Dorsey had 24 points, 17 boards.
Southern 86, Kensington 52
  Lionel Simmons had 19 points and 15 rebounds. Bruce Harvey (28) led Kensington, a first-time playoff entrant.
Overbrook 62, Washington 49
  Ed Urie scored eight of his 17 points in a 23-16 fourth quarter. David Carr (19) led Washington.
Franklin 82, Parkway 43
  Jerome “Pooh” Richardson dominated with 31 points and 10 assists. Will Bolds grabbed 15 rebounds. Andre Ward (19) paced Parkway.
Dobbins 68, Overbrook 45
  Greg “Bo” Kimble shot 14-for-16 for 33 points and plucked 14 rebounds. Darrell “Heat” Gates dealt nine assists.
Southern 74, Franklin 73
  Will Crandall hit eighth man Bob Johnson for a vicious dunk and a 72-67 lead with 0:16 left. Johnson finished 6-for-7 and 9-for-10 for 21 points. Lionel Simmons added 19 points. Paul “Snoop” Graham (25) and Jerome “Pooh” Richardson (24) led the losers.
Gratz 55, West 46
  Walt Dozier (21 points, 12 rebounds) and Brian Shorter (14, 12) sparked Gratz. West’s Eric “Button” Pearson had 20 points.
Mastbaum 56, Northeast 53
  Warren Hawthorne accumulated 26 points and 14 rebounds. Darren Miller also grabbed 14 boards. Phil Booth led Northeast with 17 points, 13 rebounds.
At Southern
Dobbins 94, Mastbaum 72
  Greg “Bo” Kimble shot 14-for-18 and 4-for-5 for 32 points and Eric “Hank” Gathers added 22 points. Warren Hawthorne (25) and Tyrell “Magic” Cromwell (23) topped ’Baum.
At William Penn
Southern 70, Gratz 69
  After blowing a 10-point, fourth-quarter lead, Southern survived when John Erby converted a layup off a fastbreak pass from Will Crandall with 0:08 left. The Rams advanced to the final for the first time since 1969; they’d lost five times in the semis since. Lionel Simmons (20), Irv Hutcherson and sub Bob Johnson (18 apiece) paced the scoring. Gratz’s Walt Dozier had 20 points, 11 rebounds.

Southern 97, Parkway 47
  Lionel Simmons scored 27 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and dealt eight assists. Robert “World” Stokes (19) and Marshall Taylor (10 assists) helped. Andre Ward (11) paced Parkway.
Mastbaum 84, Frankford 70
  Derreck Orr (32 points, 13 rebounds) and Tyrell “Magic” Cromwell (31, 12 assists) did heavy damage. For Frankford, Adrian Burke scored 31 points and Steve Blaker had 17 points, 13 boards.
King 57, Bok 56
  Kenny Samuel (15 points) and Bernard Smith (13) dished four assists apiece and Smith scored the clinching field goal. Brad Atkins (18) and Willie Hartsfield (17) had 13 rebounds apiece for Bok.
Franklin 66, Northeast 42
  Sanford Jenkins had 20 points and 12 rebounds and Bryant “Sad Eyes” Watson added 10 points, seven rebounds, six assists. Kyle Carter (13) led Northeast.
West 69, Central 57
  Eric Williams (17), Mike Monroe (16, 10 rebounds) and Rodney Jones (14) led the way. Rick Shinholster (20) paced Central.
Univ. City 79, Washington 61
  Vincent “Butter” Smalls (25, 16) and David Scott (25, 10) led in points and rebounds. Eric Kegler had 10 assists. Washington’s Ellis McKennie and Dexter Perry scored 15 points each.
Dobbins 73, Kensington 65
  Doug Overton (21) and William “Randy” Slade (19) handled the scoring and Larry Stewart grabbed nine boards. Emanual “Vel” Davis (16) led Kensington.
Gratz 70, Bartram 58
  Brian Shorter erupted for 43 points and 17 rebounds while Dennis “Dink” Whitaker dished 15 assists. Bartram’s Reggie Isaac, who’d scored 84 points in the final game of the regular season to come within six of tying Wilt Chamberlain’s city record, bowed out with 34.
Southern 65, Franklin 49
  Lionel Simmons had 26 points, 15 rebounds, three assists and four blocks. Robert “World” Stokes added 13 points. Franklin’s Randy Woods scored 16 points.
West 45, Dobbins 44
  Soph Eric Williams scored 12 points and hit two free throws with 0:05 left to clinch it. Rodney Jones recorded 10 rebounds and five blocks and James Hillyard scored 15 points. For Dobbins, William “Randy” Slade had 13 points, 12 boards.
Univ. City 57, King 52 (ot)
  After watching the first half with his arm in a sling (left shoulder injury), Eric Kegler decided to play and finished with eight points, six assists and two steals. James Glass gave UC a 53-52 lead with 0:44 left on a steal and layup. Vincent “Butter” Smalls had 19 points, nine rebounds. King’s Ron Bryant scored 18 points.
Gratz 93, Mastbaum 77
  Brian Shorter remained awesome with 40 points and 19 rebounds. Keith Walls added 13 points and 12 rebounds and Dennis “Dink” Whitaker sprinkled 12 assists. Mastbaum’s Tyrell “Magic” Cromwell had 26 points, 10 assists.
At William Penn
Southern 73, Gratz 71 (ot)
  Brian Shorter shot 14-for-15 from the floor for 33 points, snatched 17 rebounds and created a 63-63 tie by converting a rebound basket with 0:02 left in regulation. And then, with 0:02 left in OT, he was fouled while shooting. He missed the first free throw badly, missed the second on purpose and Al Baur rebounded for Southern. Lionel Simmons led Southern with 29 points, 20 rebounds and four blocks. Marshall Taylor added 16 points, seven assists. Gratz’s Dennis “Dink” Whitaker had 12 assists.
At Southern
Univ. City 58, West 51
  Eric Kegler scored 14 of his 18 points in the second half and James Glass had 12 points, nine boards. West’s Rodney Jones had 18 points, eight rebounds and four blocks.

Southern 95, Edison 59
  Robert “World” Stokes (23 points, 14 rebounds) and Will Scott (22, 16) sparked Southern. Joe Jefferson (21) led Edison.
West 38, Univ. City 37
  Gary Farmer, the West starter with the lowest scoring average, notched 14 points total and shot 6-for-8 for 12 of the Speedboys’ 18 second-half markers. His in-the-lane jumper completed the scoring with 1:39 left. UC was guilty of turnovers with 0:06 and 0:03 left. Dwayne Jeter had 11 points, eight boards, four assists. UC’s James Glass had 10 points, eight boards.
Frankford 43, Central 41
  Darryl Oliver fed Jamie Ross (15) for the winning basket with 0:18 left and Central’s Derrick Ward (14) was long with a last-second jumper. Teammate Edwin Hall added 21 points.
Parkway 57, Lincoln 52
  Sub Wasul Crawford shot 5-for-7 and 5-for-6 for 15 points as the Hoyas gained their first playoff win in their sixth PL season. Gene Lett had 11 points, eight assists. For Lincoln, making its first playoff appearance since 1965, Mike Glitz grabbed 16 boards.
Straw. Mansion 54, Washington 51
  Wendell McBride scored 19 points and hit a crucial jumper with 1:00 left for Mansion, which earned its first playoff win in its seventh PL season. The Knights 10 days earlier had lost their top two players to academic ineligibility. Corry Appline (15) and Harold Mobley (14) led Washington.
Dobbins 59, Overbrook 41
  Doug Overton scored nine of his 19 points in a 27-16 first half. Marc Whaley (14) led Overbrook.
Gratz 48, Eng. and Science 39
  Andre Ware had 17 points and 13 rebounds and Eddie Savage helped to hold Corey Kemp, the PL scoring champ (26.8), to 12 points.
Franklin 72, Bartram 45
  Randy Woods (16), Eric “Rabb” London (14), Ben Wilson (12) and Shawn Frazier (10) led the Electrons, who raced to a 20-4 lead.
Southern 78, Gratz 71
  The passing of Jason Waters (eight assists) enabled Robert “World” Stokes (26) and Will Scott (21) to carry the scoring load. Gratz’s Eddie Savage had 22 points and 11 assists.
Dobbins 61, Frankford 42
  Sean Dickerson shot 9-for-11 for 20 points and plucked 11 rebounds. Frankford’s Jamie Ross scored 17 points.
Franklin 84, Straw. Mansion 53
  Randy Woods contributed 23 points, seven rebounds and five assists and Karl Lancaster packed 11 points and eight boards into 13 minutes. Mansion’s Anthony Mosley had 13 points, 12 rebounds.
West 74, Parkway 49
  Eric Williams (21) and Dwayne Jeter (20) led in scoring while Mike Monroe and Derek Higgins had 10 rebounds apiece. Parkway’s Lee Kent had 11 points, eight rebounds.
At Gratz
Southern 81, Franklin 69
  Senior Nelson Brown, who’d played only recreation and playground ball through his junior year, collected 16 points, five rebounds, eight assists and three steals. Will Scott (10-for-14, 23) and Kevin Smith (17) also starred. Randy Woods (22) led Franklin.
At Southern
West 58, Dobbins 53
  The Speedboys broke a 46-46 tie with seven consecutive points as Dwayne Jeter (19) led the way. Mike Monroe had 13 points, nine rebounds. For Dobbins, Larry Stewart had 15 points, 11 boards.

Frankford 95, Bartram 48
  The Warley brothers — Jason (29, 17) and Carlin (26, 14) — combined for 55 points and 31 rebounds. Jamie Ross added 19 points. Kenno Clark (13) led Bartram.
King 60, Univ. City 57
  Paul “Bust” Todd shot 10-for-11 from the line en route to 20 points and passed to James Jefferson (17, 13 rebounds) for the basket that broke the game’s last tie at 48-48. UC’s Vincent “Ham Head” Mason had 21 points, eight rebounds.
Franklin LC 50, Gratz 46
  The Bobcats, a seven-year PL member, made their first playoff appearance a success as Solomon Walker scored 19 points and Antoine Jefferson (13, 10 rebounds) and Rich Baker (10, 12) helped. William “Beau” Thompson (14) led Gratz.
Southern 72, Olney 67
  Bernie Mangum, a first-year member of Southern’s program, matched 19 points with 19 rebounds. Olney’s Brian Graves, the PL scoring champ (27.5), shot 14-for-20 and 11-for-18 for 39 points.
Overbrook 76, Washington 63
  Mike Tyson had 22 points, Ricardo Akins mixed 20 points and five assists and Tony Simmons added 10 assists. Shawn Jackson (21) led Washington.
Dobbins 63, Straw. Mansion 53
  Jon Dunmeyer had 17 points and Jake Mickens added 10 points, 12 rebounds, five assists. David “Chewy” Fields (20) led Mansion.
Franklin 56, Parkway 41
  Randy Woods used three three-pointers (the rule was instituted this year) to score 19 points. Parkway’s Wasul Crawford (17) also made three treys.
West 79, Eng. and Science 33
  Eric Williams (20), Benny “Basket” Ball (16), Mik Kilgore (14) and Derek Higgins (12) paced the frolic.
Frankford 61, King 49
  Jamie Ross had 18 points and seven rebounds and Carlin Warley added 17 points. King’s Paul “Bust” Todd generated 23 points, four assists.
West 89, Dobbins 58
  Mik Kilgore shot 11-for-11 from the line for 23 points and took 12 rebounds. Sub Malcolm Musgrove had 12 points, 10 boards. Jon Dunmeyer led Dobbins with 14 points, 15 rebounds.
Franklin 68, Overbrook 55
  Brian Jones (20 points, eight rebounds) and Ben Wilson (14, 15) paced Franklin inside while Phil “Sub” Crump had 10 assists, five steals. For ’Brook, Ricardo Akins scored 18 points and Kevin Everett had 12 points, 13 rebounds.
Southern 66, Franklin LC 64
  Jerry Richardson compressed eight of his 14 points and eight of his 14 rebounds into a 23-19 fourth quarter. Sub Louis Myers had 19 points and had three points and a big blocked shot in the last 0:38. For FLC, Solomon Walker (18, eight rebounds) and Antoine Jefferson (13, 14) were the leaders.
At Southern
Frankford 82, Franklin 68
  Carlin Warley was dominant with 20 points, 23 rebounds and three blocks. Jamie Ross (25) and Nate Emons (17) aided in scoring and Rodney Roach dealt eight assists. The Pioneers trailed, 65-61, with 4:27 left, but scored at least one point on each of their final 11 possessions. Randy Woods (21) and Brian Jones (20, 11 rebounds) carried Franklin.
At Gratz
West 79, Southern 76
  Mik Kilgore notched 30 points and 12 rebounds while Benny “Basket” Ball (18, five assists) and Eric Williams (16) helped out. The Speedboys scored their final 17 points from the line. For Southern, Louis Myers scored 22 points, Jerry Richardson had 14 points and 14 rebounds and Toriano “Tapo” Gurley had nine assists.

Frankford 101, Penn 67
  Cori Lewis came close to a triple double with 23 points, nine rebounds and nine assists while Jason Warley (22, 10 rebounds) and Carlin Warley (17, 12) cleaned up inside. Kenny Stones (23, 10 boards) and Omar Sanders (17, four assists) led Penn, a 13-year PL member making its first playoff appearance.
Southern 74, Roxborough 61
  Barry Lewis collected 14 points and 20 rebounds and Louis Myers had 17 points, four assists, four steals. Brian Godwin (27) and Victor McKnight (22) led Roxborough.
Parkway 75, Overbrook 61
  Colin King hit four threes en route to 21 points and Stephen Stewart added 18 points, eight rebounds. Overbrook’s Mike Tyson had 26 points, 11 boards.
Dobbins 75, Washington 73
  Jermaine Trottie (19), Alphonso Jones (16), Julian “Juice” Lawrence (13) and Kenya Mobley (12) led Dobbins. Gabe Crowley (25) and Andre Kirkland (22) paced Washington. With 0:06 left, Crowley hit a three to seemingly provide a 76-75 lead, but the basket was disallowed because Washington’s timer had failed to start to the clock.
Gratz 79, Bok 27
  Aaron McKie (20 points, 12 rebounds) and William “Beau” Thompson (11 assists) led Gratz, which held Bok to no field goals through the middle quarters. The output was the lowest in a PL playoff since Lincoln lost to Overbrook, 44-22, in a 1958 semi.
Franklin LC 74, Olney 73
  Keith Donaldson, intentionally fouled on a drive, made a free throw with 0:02 left to lift the Bobcats (Antoine Jefferson 26, Faron “Meatball” Hand 25). Cedric Smith (21) led Olney.
West 70, King 59
  Starring for West were Malcolm Musgrove (20 points, 12 rebounds), Roy Lloyd (18, 10) and Donald Suswell (15, 12 assists). Gregory Coles (25) topped King.
Franklin 85, Eng. and Science 48
  Derrick Whitfield (22) and Phil “Sub” Crump (18) led Franklin in scoring. Rob Bridges had 17 for the losers.
Frankford 92, West 51
  Jason Warley shot 15-for-18 for 33 points, adding 11 rebounds and four assists. Carlin Warley added 18 points, eight rebounds while Cori Lewis had 21 points, six rebounds, four assists, five steals. Malcolm Musgrove (21) was best for West.
Gratz 43, Franklin 33
  Harry Moore had 12 points and 15 rebounds and Mark Patterson dealt five assists. Aaron McKie suffered a broken left (non-shooting) wrist when he was undercut while dunking. Sub Bruce Johnson led Franklin with 13 points.
Franklin LC 72, Parkway 64
  Antoine Jefferson (11 rebounds) and William Briggs scored 19 points apiece. Parkway’s Leland Kent had 17 points and 19 rebounds.
Southern 75, Dobbins 65
  Shon Minnis shot 11-for-13 for 27 points, adding seven rebounds and six assists. Seventh man Kareem “Rab” Townes, a 6-foot, 130-pound soph, had 13 points, 10 assists.
At King
Frankford 82, Franklin LC 45
  Cori Lewis showed balance with 20 points, seven rebounds, three assists and four steals. Jason (20) and Carlin Warley (19, 13 boards) and Johnny Lewis (15, six assists) helped. Steve Richburg (15) topped FLC.
At William Penn
Gratz 64, Southern 51
  After Aaron McKie gave up trying to play after seven minutes, soph Andre Griffin had 11 points, 10 rebounds and six assists. Steve Patterson, Mark’s twin, added 11 points, four assists, three steals. Louis Myers had 19 points for Southern.

Gratz 59, Olney 33
  Six-eight freshman Rasheed Wallace had 14 points and 11 rebounds and Aaron McKie added 10 points, 12 assists. Cliff Lockwood (15) paced Olney.
Roxborough 72, Lincoln 71
  Maurice Clark collected 20 points and six assists as Roxborough won a playoff for the first time in six attempts since entering the PL in the 1938-39 season. Hijr Sabree added 19 points and 16 rebounds. Kareem “Wink” Williams converted a one-and-one to provide a 71-62 lead with 1:48 left, and then the Indians held on. Robert Richardson (19), Mannie Adens (17) and Troy Hester (16) led Lincoln, making only its second playoff appearance since winning the title in 1965. No students were allowed to watch the game, played at Lincoln, because of an incident late in the regular season.
Mastbaum 92, Southern 90 (ot)
  Uhuru “Joby” Hamiter collected 21 points, 12 rebounds, six assists and four steals for Mastbaum, which rallied from a seven-point deficit with 2:00 left in regulation. Kevin Benton shot 11-for-22 and 12-for-17 for 36 points and grabbed 14 rebounds. Soph Shawn Feggans had 26 points, 18 boards. Hamiter hit two free throws to force OT and passed to Feggans for the Panthers’ final two baskets. The teams combined to shoot 49-for-74 at the line. Southern’s Kareem “Rab” Townes scored 28 points.
West 45, Dobbins 39
  Gerald Jordan had 15 points, 20 boards and four blocks. Ed Gland added 10 points, 15 rebounds. Dobbins’s Marvin Stinson hit five threes en route to 17 points.
Franklin LC 62, Overbrook 55
  Faron “Meatball” Hand scored 10 of his 20 points in a 21-7 fourth quarter. For ‘Brook, Gene Haith had 23 points, 11 boards.
Washington 74, Central 72
  Central’s Craig Wise drained four threes en route to 44 points, but Gabe Crowley hit for 32 as Washington survived. Andre Kirkland hit two free throws with 0:03 left.
Parkway 69, Frankford 58
  Stephen Stewart scored nine of his 27 points in a 22-9 third quarter. Paul Cannon added 16 points. Ricky Dunbar (21) led Frankford.
Bartram 80, Franklin 74
  Tony Johnson scored 10 of his 27 points in a 27-20 fourth quarter and Phillip “Weasel” Melton had 20 points, 10 assists. Baron Williams (24) led Franklin.
Gratz 78, Mastbaum 61
  Harry Moore shot 9-for-13 for 23 points and Aaron McKie had 16 points, six rebounds, five assists and three steals. Uhuru “Joby” Hamiter (24, 13 boards) and Kevin Benton (19, 10) paced Mastbaum.
Bartram 61, Parkway 59
  Chris “Phly” Phillips scored on a tap-in as time expired to help the Braves advance to the semifinals for the first time since 1972. Tony Johnson had 14 points, 19 rebounds and three blocks. Tyrone Mason added 17 points. Gregory Deas (20) and Stephen Stewart (17) paced Parkway.
Franklin LC 90, Washington 86
  Isaiah Russell (27 points) and Faron “Meatball” Hand (17, 14 rebounds) and Steve Richburg (17) led FLC, which survived despite losing five of its first six players to personals. Gabe Crowley (29), Andre Kirkland (23) and Gerald Clark (19) were hot for Washington.
West 58, Roxborough 36
  Roy Lloyd (13) and Ed Gland (12) scored in double figures as West coasted. Maurice Clark (11) topped the Indians.
Doubleheader at the Civic Center
Gratz 64, West 47
  The passing of Levan Alston (11 assists) enabled inside players Harry Moore (18), Rasheed Wallace (16) and Andre Griffin (11) to hit double figures. West’s Ed Gland (15) and Gerald Jordan (14) had nine boards apiece.
Franklin LC 73, Bartram 59
  After Pete Merlino suffered a heart attack during the Gratz-West game, the Bobcats were coached by Franklin coach Ken Hamilton, a close friend; Merlino’s twin, John, the coach of FLC’s girls’ team; and volunteer assistant Paul Rieser. Faron “Meatball” Hand (10 rebounds) and Anthony Collins scored 17 points apiece and Karriem Parker dished seven assists. Bartram’s Tyrone Mason had 20 points, eight rebounds.