Philadelphia High School Basketball
Public League Playoff Recaps, 1991-2004
(Non-Championship Games)
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Gratz 73, Univ. City 34
  Wilfred Kirkaldy had 14 points as Gratz had eight players score at least six points. He added 12 rebounds. Levan Alston dealt 11 assists.
Overbrook 68, Bartram 54
  Isaiah “Reese” Montgomery, who’d won more than $6,000 the previous summer in dunk contests while using an assumed name (he was cleared to play by the school district), totaled 18 points, five rebounds, six assists and four steals. Aaron Rogers added 15 points, five assists. Bartram’s Tyrone Mason scored 30 points.
Franklin 65, Olney 56
  George Boyd collected 17 points and 10 rebounds and Brandon Edwards added 13 points, six assists, four steals. Damani Harper (18) led Olney.
Dobbins 71, Parkway 69
  Marvin Stinson (26) and Randy Howell (17) led Dobbins, which shot 8-for-15 on threes. Parkway’s Amiri “Ralph” Johnson bulled for 34 points and 16 boards.
Franklin LC 84, Northeast 58
  Cliff Dunn (20) and Keino Terrell (18) led in scoring and Tyrone Weeks had 14 points, 21 rebounds, four blocks. Bruce Harris (19) led Northeast.
West 87, Edison 64
  Gerald Jordan had 21 points and 14 rebounds while Shawn Harvey added 14 points and nine assists. Dennis Caldwell (21) and Lamar Poole (18) topped Edison.
Central 78, Bok 71
  Craig Wise shot 22-for-24 from the line en route to 46 points, three short of Larry Cannon’s city playoff record set in 1965. He added 10 rebounds and 12 steals. Tyrone Tyson had 14 points, five steals. Willie Bright (23) topped Bok.
Southern 91, Straw. Mansion 58
  Kareem “Rab” Townes pumped in 38 points and Jeffery “Jay” Myers added 20. Derrick Ross (11) led Mansion.
Gratz 72, Franklin 46
  Rasheed Wallace bagged 16 points and 13 rebounds as the Bulldogs coasted. Levan Alston added 14 points.
Central 82, West 80
  Craig Wise used four threes and 10-for-13 foul shooting to again post 46 points and vault the Lancers into the semifinals for the first time since 1965. He added 15 rebounds, five assists and seven steals. Tyrone Tyson scored 18 points and Jason Pinkett converted a one-and-one for an 82-77 lead with 0:06 left. West’s Laurence Pembrook had 27 points and Shawn Harvey had 15 points, nine assists.
Southern 89, Dobbins 86
  Kareem “Rab” Townes buried five threes and shot 11-for-13 at the line for 36 points and Anthony “Skip” Duren added 19 points, eight rebounds, four assists. For Dobbins, Marvin Stinson scored 32 points and Derrik Millhouse had 14 points, eight rebounds, six blocks. A disturbance cleared Southern’s gym with 0:07 left. Thereafter, Duren missed a one-and-one and Stinson was short on a 55-foot heave.
Franklin LC 59, Overbrook 55
  Tyrone Weeks generated 23 points, 15 rebounds, four steals and two blocks. Cliff Dunn had eight assists. Overbrook’s Malik Rose had 16 points, 17 boards.
Doubleheader at the Civic Center
Gratz 84, Central 40
  Rasheed Wallace and Wilfred Kirkaldy had matching stats — 17 points, eight rebounds. Contrell Scott added 10 points, six assists, four steals. Craig Wise managed 19 points for Central.
Franklin LC 71, Southern 70
  With 0:07 left, Faron “Meatball” Hand took a pass from Karriem Parker, scored a field goal and added a free throw. Hand then stole the ball and passed to Parker, who, thinking time had expired, placed the ball on the floor in front of FLC’s bench. Southern’s Kareem “Rab” Townes (29, eight rebounds, 11 steals) picked it up and barely missed a 60-footer. Sub Isaiah Russell had 20 points for FLC. Southern’s rooters staged a 10-minute riot after the game.

GAMP 86, Kensington 56
  Tom Catlett shot 13-for-16 for 32 points and David Spady had 19 points, 23 rebounds. Larry Walter (27) led Kensington.
Audenried 80, Bodine 73
  Richard “Rob” Cerdan had 28 points, 13 rebounds, four blocks. Anwar Amin (31) led Bodine.
Fels 81, Lamberton 60
  Kahari Trawick (23) hit four threes. Ivan Thorpe added 21 points, 10 boards. Eugene Barrett (18) led Lamberton.
Lincoln 66, Furness 59
  Lenwood Ewell (25) scored 12 first-quarter points. Warren Chance and James Caldwell had 16 apiece for Furness.
GAMP 51, Lincoln 49
  Anthony Bolden had 14 points and as many boards for GAMP, which trailed by nine early in the fourth quarter. Lincoln soph Lynard Stewart had 11 rebounds.
Audenried 71, Fels 50
  Richard “Rob” Cerdan had 29 points, 21 rebounds. Yusef Rodgers added 15 points, 15 boards. Jamel Lindsey (15) topped Fels.
Gratz 88, GAMP 25
  Rasheed Wallace had 15 points, 18 rebounds, eight blocks. Corey Griffin (18) and Shawn “Reds” Smith (14 assists) helped. Gratz won the middle two quarters, 51-4.
Central 80, West 78 (ot)
  Will Johnson had 21 points, 18 rebounds and six blocks, Tyrone Tyson scored 24 points and Nate Himmons had 23 points, six assists. Sub guard Terrence Banks hit one free throw for an 80-78 lead with 0:11 left in OT and West’s Alvin Horne missed a late 17-footer. Himmons fed Richard Grace for a basket to force OT. West’s Joe Newton had 29 points.
Olney 71, Bok 51
  Six-ten junior Jason Lawson set a city-leagues playoff record with 16 blocked shots, adding 18 points and seven rebounds. Donyell Miller added 15 points, 16 boards. Fred Warrick (15) led Bok.
Univ. City 93, Northeast 87
  Rondell Turner collected 27 points and 17 rebounds and Jerry McBeth shot 5-for-5 on threes for 27 points. Bill Sheed added 17 points, four assists. Northeast’s Antoine Brockington shot 13-for-14 for 29 points. Desmond Chisholm (20) and Lamont McAliley (19) added seven assists apiece.
Overbrook 69, Frankford 47
  Laurence Pembrook, who’d transferred from West Philly during the season, scored 11 of his 26 points in a 20-9 first quarter. Malik Rose had 14 points, 12 rebounds.
Franklin LC 95, Audenried 63
  Sean Colson hit five threes en route to 21 points and dished 15 assists. Isaiah Russell had 18 points and Tyrone Weeks had 14 points, 14 boards. Richard “Rob” Cerdan (18) topped Audenried.
Southern 82, Edison 60
  Anthony “Skip” Duren (25) and Tom Legare (21) led the way. Lamar Poole scored 30 for Edison.
Parkway 95, Bartram 58
  Amiri “Ralph” Johnson scored 29 points while Paul Cannon and Julius Glover added 18 apiece. For Bartram, which lost four starters to academic ineligibility, survivor Lanier “Church” Perrin had 22 points.
Gratz 100, Central 44
  Contrell Scott collected 22 points, eight assists and six steals while Rasheed Wallace added 16 points, 12 rebounds, 12 blocks. Jamahal Redmond had 21 points, 10 boards. Central’s Will Johnson had 11 points, 14 rebounds.
Parkway 67, Southern 65
  Paul Cannon (26) scored nine consecutive points as the Hoyas broke free from a 44-44 tie and advanced to the semis for the first time in their 11 PL seasons. Amiri “Ralph” Johnson had 22 points and 19 rebounds and passed to David Simpson for the winning field goal with 0:18 left. Subs Kyle Draper and Kelly Peck combined for a game-saving steal. For Southern, Jeffery “Jay” Myers had 22 points, 12 rebounds, six assists and three steals and Reuben Simmons added 17 points, 19 boards.
Franklin LC 78, Univ. City 67
  Tyrone Weeks (23) and Faron “Meatball” Hand (22) had 11 rebounds each and Sean Colson dealt eight assists. UC’s Rondell Turner had 22 points, 16 rebounds.
Overbrook 76, Olney 59
  Laurence Pembrook posted 29 points, nine rebounds and five assists. Ronald Kenan added 15 points, nine boards. Olney’s Jason Lawson had 25 points, 13 rebounds.
Doubleheader at the Civic Center
Gratz 87, Overbrook 47
  Rasheed Wallace netted 22 points, 17 rebounds and seven blocks and Shawn “Reds” Smith had 14 points, eight assists, seven steals. Laurence Pembrook had 19 points for ’Brook.
Franklin LC 70, Parkway 45
  Most of the damage was done by Faron “Meatball” Hand (22, 17 rebounds), Tyrone Weeks (12, 18) and Sean Colson (14, 10 assists). Parkway’s Amiri “Ralph” Johnson had 12 points, 11 boards.

Franklin 78, Lamberton 51
  Terrell Wright had 28 points. Keith Burdine (19) and William Taylor (17 rebounds) led Lamberton.
Bodine 85, Lincoln 60
  Anwar Amin hit four threes and scored 39 points, adding 16 rebounds.
Furness 103, Fels 66
  Warren Chance accumulated 36 points, 24 rebounds, 11 assists. Jamal Lomax added 33 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists. Sherman DeShields (26) led Fels.
Kensington 55, Germantown 52
  Chris Jones made his sixth steal and a clinching layup with 0:05 left. Maurice Brown had eight assists.
Franklin 51, Bodine 44
  Terrell Wright had 18 points and 17 rebounds and Artise McClay added 11 points. Anwar Amin (17) topped Bodine.
Furness 91, Kensington 78
  Warren Chance poured in 41 points to break the school record (40) set earlier in the season by teammate Jamal Lomax (23). Maurice Brown (31) keyed Kensington.
Gratz 86, Furness 42
  Rondell Turner scored 23 points and Rasheed Wallace grabbed 16 rebounds. Warren Chance (15) paced Furness.
Overbrook 68, Dobbins 33
  Laurence Pembrook (24) and Ronald Kenan (20) led ’Brook.
West 63, Eng. and Science 60
  Devin Baker notched 16 points and 12 rebounds and 6-8 soph Lari Ketner (10, nine rebounds, four blocks) unfurled a dunk for a 63-58 lead. For E&S, Paul Kennedy had 14 points, five assists.
Bok 62, Frankford 37
  Fred Warrick collected 23 points, 12 rebounds and four assists as the Wildcats won a postseason game for the first time since time since taking a pre-playoff in 1967. Michael Russell added 10 points, five rebounds, six assists, three steals. Anthony Mitchell (17) paced Frankford.
Straw. Mansion 85, Bartram 61
  Dwain Barnes mixed 20 points, seven rebounds, 10 assists and six steals. Richard McQueen added 22 points. Lanier “Church” Perrin (20) and Sonny Nelson (18) paced Bartram.
Univ. City 70, Mastbaum 60 (ot)
  Shawn Cherry had 22 points, seven boards and five assists and hit a three to force OT. Sekou Clark added 17 points. Mike Cassidy (19) led Mastbaum.
Olney 77, Southern 67
  Jason Lawson notched 32 points, 19 rebounds and five blocks. Damani Harper delivered 11 assists. Daniel Prescott (21) topped Southern.
Franklin LC 69, Franklin 48
  Tyrone Weeks powered for 22 points and 21 rebounds. Lester Adams added nine assists.
Gratz 76, Straw. Mansion 43
  Rondell Turner scored 18 points, Rasheed Wallace had 16 points and 13 rebounds and Terrell Stokes dished six assists. Richard McQueen scored 21 for Mansion.
Franklin LC 65, West 60
  Tyrone Weeks shot 7-for-10 and 8-for-10 for 22 points, adding 14 rebounds and seven blocks. Michael Robinson posted 16 points and Terry Johnson dealt seven assists. Jim Mitchell (19) and Tom Shearin (18) led West.
Overbrook 58, Bok 54
  Laurence Pembrook scored 22 points, Ronald Kenan mixed 14 points and seven rebounds and John Drummond (11, 10) provided comfort with a tap-in for a 55-50 lead. Bok’s Fred Warrick (26) shot 4-for-5 on threes.
Olney 74, Univ. City 52
  Jason Lawson scored 23 points, consumed 25 rebounds and blocked seven shots. Damani Harper had 15 points, eight assists. Taom Boulware added 20 points. Shawn Cherry (16) and Rasheed Brokenborough (15) led UC.
Doubleheader at the Civic Center
Gratz 64, Olney 44
  Six-eleven Rasheed Wallace collected 23 points, eight rebounds and four blocks and shot 2-for-2 on threes. Shawn “Reds” Smith added 11 points, five assists, three steals. Olney’s 6-10 Jason Lawson was held to nine points and five boards.
Franklin LC 63, Overbrook 59
  Tyrone Weeks had 16 points, 21 rebounds and five blocks, Michael Robinson mixed 17 points and nine boards and Mukit Wali had 17 points. Laurence Pembrook (23) and Ronald Kenan (19) topped ’Brook.

Canceled by scheduling problems.
Germantown 73, Lamberton 62
  Daryl Hilliard (27) and Spencer Whetts (15) led the way. Anthony Spotswood (24) and Keith Burdine (16) topped Lamberton.
Washington 72, Parkway 62
  Burnicee Butler had 28 points and 13 rebounds for Washington, which shot 10-for-13 and 12-for-13 in a 34-point fourth quarter that erased a 46-38 deficit.
Gratz 94, Washington 41
  Lynard Stewart mixed 17 points and 14 rebounds while Shawn “Reds” Smith had 18 points and seven assists.
Franklin LC 77, Eng. and Science 50
  Rasiheed “Noot” Arnold shot 16-for-24 and 4-for-8 for 37 points while Michael Robinson (11, 13 rebounds), Joe Brown (nine, 11) and Eric Coleman (nine, 10) helped. For E&S, Paul Kennedy had 12 points, five assists.
Olney 65, Straw. Mansion 60
  Spencer Poulson scored 25 points on 8-for-12, 6-for-8 shooting while Alonzo Triplin collected 18 points and 13 rebounds. Karim Mullins (18) led Mansion.
King 63, Frankford 59
  Lormont Sharp bagged 27 points while Abdul Collier (15, 11 rebounds, tie-breaking layup with 0:13 left) and Lamar LeGree (nine, 15) helped inside as the Cougars stormed back from a 35-23 halftime deficit. Frankford’s leader was soph Petrick Sanders (12, 12 boards).
Overbrook 42, Dobbins 32
  Eric Williams scored 13 points in the slow-paced affair.
Franklin 83, Edison 67
  Victor Duppins had 15 points and 11 rebounds, Artise McClay scored 14 points and Rasheed “Pop” Moss had five steals. Edison’s Terrance Walker set a PL postseason record with six threes en route to 33 points.
Univ. City 88, Germantown 35
  Rasheed Brokenborough collected 19 points, nine rebounds, five assists and five steals. Tariek Stinson added 13 points, eight rebounds. Spencer Whetts (11) led G-town.
Bok 75, Audenried 63
  Fred Warrick had 25 points, 12 rebounds and five assists. Terrance “Tex” Mack added 21 points, 11 boards.
Gratz 69, King 55
  Shawn “Reds” Smith managed 11 points, nine rebounds, six assists and six steals, Terrell Stokes shot 8-for-9 for 16 points and Lynard Stewart added 14 points, 11 boards. Lormont Sharp (22) led King.
Franklin LC 68, Bok 59
  Rasiheed “Noot” Arnold shot 16-for-23 and 2-for-4 for 35 points while Joe Brown added 16 points and 13 rebounds. Fred Warrick (25, 10 boards) and Terrance “Tex” Mack (15, 14) led Bok.
Overbrook 68, Franklin 57
  Andre Howard contributed 24 points and 12 rebounds for ’Brook, which coasted after winning the first quarter, 21-2. Damon Pannell added 13 boards. Far’d Nasir (13) topped Franklin.
Univ. City 70, Olney 54
  Rasheed Brokenborough hustled for 29 points and 15 rebounds and sub Larry Strand had 11 boards. Olney’s Spencer Poulson had 22 points, four assists.
Doubleheader at the Civic Center
Gratz 53, Overbrook 28
  Lynard Stewart shot 8-for-10 and 5-for-8 for 21 points and Shawn “Reds” Smith dished seven assists. As the third quarter ended, wing shooter Michael Blunt suffered a dislocated right (shooting) shoulder. Andre Howard (15) led ’Brook.
Franklin LC 65, Univ. City 58
  Rasiheed “Noot” Arnold bagged 27 points and eight rebounds while Joe Brown added 13 points, 12 boards and five blocks. Rasheed Brokenborough (20, 12 boards) and Tariek Stinson (17, 13) led UC, which shot 1-for-25 on threes.

Lamberton 78, Phila. Regional 70
  Nafis Collins (28), Randall Sims and Erond Simmons (20 each) led Lamberton to its first postseason win. Jelani Abdu (28) led first-time playoff entrant Regional, which was forced to play the last 0:30 with three players after four of the seven in uniform fouled out.
Roxborough 77, Masterman 68
  Steve Kennedy shot 11-for-15 from the floor for 26 points, grabbed 18 rebounds and notched seven blocks. Ameen Akbar (24) led Masterman.
Parkway 59, Furness 32
  Jameel Fields had 14 points and Anthony Birdsong grabbed 13 rebounds. James Cobb (12) led Furness.
Lincoln 70, Fels 50
  Sam Brown scored 13 of his 27 points in a 29-18 fourth quarter. Jerome Woodlin had 13 assists. Alex Weems (14) paced Fels.
Roxborough 61, Lamberton 60
  Dan Rolland, Myron Bullock (16 apiece) and Steve Kennedy (12) led Roxborough. David Vail (18), the only Lamberton player with a car, missed the first quarter while driving home a player who’d forgotten his jersey.
Parkway 71, Lincoln 60
  Jameel Fields shot 7-for-11 and 8-for-11 for 22 points and added eight rebounds and five assists. Anthony Birdsong had 18 points, four assists. Sam Brown (21) led Lincoln.
Univ. City 91, Roxborough 57
  Rasheed Brokenborough scored 32 points while adding eight rebounds, five assists and four steals. Anwar “Fis” Blagmon dealt 10 assists. Kirk Grant (19) and Steve Kennedy (18) led Roxborough.
Straw. Mansion 64, King 59
  Shawn Wims matched 10 points and 10 assists while Prentice Miller added 16 points and eight rebounds. King’s Malik Moore shot 11-for-12 from the line en route to 28 points and Shelton Powell had 19 points, 15 rebounds, four blocks.
Frankford 45, Bartram 34
  Terry Scott (18) hit four threes and John Hawkins, who saw almost no playing time during the regular season, filled in for two missing teammates with 13 points and 10 rebounds. Willard Butler (17) led Bartram.
Overbrook 50, Edison 33
  Andre Howard scored 16 points and snatched 21 rebounds and William Roberts, originally cut from the team in November, added five assists.
Gratz 79, Parkway 26
  Dawan Boxley scored 19 points while Brian Samuels added 11 points, seven boards, 10 assists.
Eng. and Science 80, Southern 79 (ot)
  Soph Lynn Greer hit four threes and went 8-for-9 for 40 points and added 10 assists while Wayne Morris collected 18 points and 17 rebounds and hit the winning basket with 0:07 left. Southern (Eric Wright 21) went without three starters in the first quarter (violations of team rules).
Dobbins 81, Audenried 71
  Dion Jones (25) and Vincent Jones (16) led the way. Audenried’s Abdul Taylor (25) hit five threes.
Franklin 86, West 67
  Rasheed “Pop” Moss had 15 points, 10 assists and four steals and Na’eem Harris nailed five threes en route to 21 points. The teams combined for 15 threes. Donald Jackson and Rory Beasley scored 11 points apiece for West.
Univ. City 77, Straw. Mansion 65
  Rasheed Brokenborough mixed 23 points, seven rebounds, five assists and three steals. Anwar “Fis” Blagmon added 18 points, seven assists. Karim Johnson (20) led Mansion.
Gratz 35, Overbrook 26
  In a non-slowdown game, Gratz and ’Brook combined to shoot 23-for-87 from the floor (4-for-33 on threes) and commit 28 turnovers. Brian Samuels had 11 points. Overbrook’s Andre Howard had 11 points, eight boards.
Frankford 60, Eng. and Science 48
  Coach Vince Miller raised his 24-season record to 300-158 as Terry Scott (22) hit four threes and Petrick Sanders mixed 16 points and eight rebounds. Lynn Greer (24) led E&S.
Franklin 51, Dobbins 45
  Seventh man Robert Robinson produced 10 points and 10 rebounds in 19 minutes and Rasheed “Pop” Moss had 10 points, four assists, three steals. Dion Jones (17, 11 rebounds) topped Dobbins.
Doubleheader at the Civic Center
Univ. City 62, Franklin 52
  In a vintage comeback, UC won the second half, 41-15, and reeled off 25 consecutive points in an 8:30 span. Rasheed Brokenborough had 20 points and 12 rebounds while Alfonso Wilson (12, 16) and Anthony “Chop” Harris (14, eight) also made solid contributions. Victor Duppins (20) paced Franklin, which in the second half shot 5-for-27 and committed 12 turnovers.
Gratz 55, Frankford 34
  Brian Samuels posted 19 points, seven rebounds and four assists while Terrell Stokes added 16 points, six assists and three steals. Petrick Sanders (16) led Frankford.

Edison 80, King 56
  Omar Logan scored 26 points and David “Day-Day” Wise mixed 15 points with 10 assists. Tyrone Forrest added 13 points, 10 rebounds, four steals. Brian Jeter (17) and Malik Moore (15) led King.
Eng. & Science 75, Overbrook 73 (3 ot)
  Lynn Greer collected 35 points, seven rebounds, five assists and four steals and passed to Jameel Hawthorne for the winning three with 0:08 left. Thomas Darden added 13 points, 10 boards. For ’Brook, N’aim Crenshaw scored 26 points and Dakaree “Cory” Rose had 19 points, 17 boards. Crenshaw was barely long with a last-second three.
Franklin LC 65, Univ. City 64
  Taalib-Din Franks shot 5-for-5 and 3-for-3 to pack 13 of his 16 points into a 24-16 fourth quarter and Eric Coleman (20) hit the last of his five threes with 0:04 left. Anwar “Fis” Blagmon (26) topped UC.
Franklin 55, Penn 51
  Dhaamin Hill scored 22 points while David Carter and Alex Wesby grabbed 12 rebounds apiece. Penn’s Adam Brown had 13 points, eight boards.
Dobbins 74, Southern 54
  Larry Nicholson scored 18 points and Rahsaan Ames totaled 17 points and 10 assists. Southern’s Charles “Chew” Bostic (22) tied the PL postseason mark with six threes.
Gratz 79, Mastbaum 43
  Steve Kennedy scored 15 points and Arthur Dorsey had 10 points, 10 boards. John Jones (11) paced Mastbaum.
Straw. Mansion 93, West 59
  Shawn Wims and Kevin “Buzzy” Forney scored 20 points each and Ronald “Flip” Murray had 18 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists. Donald Jackson and William Smith had 12 apiece for West.
Frankford 79, Audenried 52
  Petrick Sanders scored 19 points, John Walker added 17 and Ronnie Conway and Arthur “Yah” Davis had 16 apiece. Earl Foreman dealt six assists. Abdul Taylor (32) paced Audenried.
Edison 53, Eng. and Science 48
  Omar Logan scored 17 points, Mark Peterson claimed 12 rebounds and David “Day-Day” Wise dealt five assists as the Owls advanced to the semifinals for the first time since 1983. Lynn Greer led E&S with 19 points.
Gratz 72, Straw. Mansion 57
  Marvin O’Connor (16), Jarett Kearse (15) and Terrance “Fats” Smith (10) led the way and sub Ronald “Bambi” Campbell had four assists, three steals. Mansion’s Ronald “Flip” Murray had 20 points.
Frankford 89, Franklin 53
  Used as the sixth man, Arthur “Yah” Davis poured in 32 points while Petrick Sanders added 12 points and Earl Foreman mixed 11 points, five assists. Dhaamin Hill (20) and Alex Wesby (18) led Franklin.
Franklin LC 54, Dobbins 48
  Eric Coleman shot 8-for-8 at the line en route to 24 points and 6-7 soph Charles “Tuna” Pringle procured 19 rebounds as the Bobcats became the first road team to win a PL quarterfinal since 1987. Rahsaan Ames (21) was best for Dobbins.
Doubleheader at the Civic Center
Edison 76, Franklin LC 62
  Omar Logan was in control with 27 points and seven assists while Mark Peterson and Tyrone Forrest scored 15 points apiece as the Owls advanced to the title game for the first time since 1969. FLC’s Eric Coleman hit five threes en route to 29 points.
Gratz 66, Frankford 64
  Jarett Kearse collected 16 points and four assists and converted a three-point play with 2:08 left to put Gratz ahead for good, 62-61. Marvin O’Connor shot 9-for-16 and 9-for-11 for 29 points and sub Ronald “Bambi” Campbell dealt seven assists. Arthur “Yah” Davis (23), Petrick Sanders (16, 12 rebounds) and John Walker (12, 11) paced Frankford. Earl Foreman missed a running 12-footer at the buzzer.

Gratz 78, Southern 45
  Marvin O’Connor scored 26 points while Shatee “Meatball” Cooks added 16. Lenroy Jones (11) topped Southern.
West 78, Franklin 76
  In the most amazing comeback in PL playoff history, West won the last quarter, 36-16, and erased a 73-60 deficit in the final 1:27. Five-eight soph Donnel Feaster set PL and city postseason records with seven threes (in 12 attempts), scored half of his 38 points in the final quarter and dribbled the length of the court to flip in a 7-footer with 0:03 left. Sean McKnight hit three threes en route to 15 points. For Franklin, Alex Wesby mixed 20 points, seven rebounds and six assists and Dontise McClay dished eight assists. Because of violations of team rules, both teams were missing two key players.
Dobbins 62, Germantown 47
  Rodney Willis notched 19 points, 16 rebounds and five blocks and Terrence “Nip” Cook dealt six assists. For G-town, Tyrone Williams (14) and Gerald Johnson (14 boards) were the leaders.
Univ. City 93, Frankford 62
  Melvin “Beef” Young (27) and Sylvester “Bam” Westcott (22) led in scoring and Maliek “Squeaky” Sanders had 10 assists. Frankford’s Earl Foreman (25) shot 15-for-15 at the line.
Straw. Mansion 75, Olney 65
  Ronald “Flip” Murray popped in 30 points, Tyree “Skyree” Jones added 18 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks and Bernard “Glove” Scott had nine assists. Olney soph Jermaine Robinson (29) hit five threes.
Overbrook 87, Washington 55
  N’aim Crenshaw, the PL scoring champ (26.3), exploded for 34 points and Kyle Myrick had 19 points, 12 assists, five steals. Tim Ferguson (14) led Washington.
Eng. and Science 86, Penn 59
  Lynn Greer hit five threes and shot 15-for-16 at the line en route to 42 points. He added 14 rebounds. Shawn Cottman (20) and Adam Brown (17) paced Penn.
Franklin LC 87, Central 60
  Zakee Smith (22), Jeffrey Stamps (17) and Taalib-Din Franks (15) led in scoring while Stamps and Charles “Tuna” Pringle split 18 rebounds. Khalid Bray (16) and Raheem Islam (15) paced Central.
Gratz 71, Dobbins 45
  Shatee “Meatball” Cooks shot 7-for-10 and 4-for-4 for 18 points. Jarett Kearse (17) and Marvin O’Connor (15) helped out. Dobbins’s starters scored eight to 10 points.
Straw. Mansion 78, West 58
  Three players scored at least 20 points — Kevin “Buzzy” Forney (29), Ronald “Flip” Murray (21), Tyree “Skyree” Jones (20) — as Mansion advanced to the semis for the first time in the school’s 16-season PL history. Sub Anton “Bonton” James claimed 12 rebounds in 16 minutes. Donnel Feaster (26) and Sean McKnight (19 rebounds) paced West.
Eng. and Science 70, Franklin LC 54
  Lynn Greer exploded for 48 points — one short of the PL and city playoff record — as the Engineers, in their 16th season, earned a first-ever appearance in the semis. Greer shot 13-for-19 (5-for-6 on threes) and 17-for-25 and also led E&S in rebounds (nine). For FLC, Zakee Smith had 13 points and Jeffrey Stamps posted 15 boards.
Univ. City 62, Overbrook 53
  Melvin “Beef” Young collected 19 points and eight rebounds and Sylvester “Bam” Westcott scored 14 points. N’aim Crenshaw led ‘Brook with 18 points, 10 rebounds.
Doubleheader at the Palestra
Gratz 70, Straw. Mansion 54
  Jarett Kearse used a 14-for-18 showing at the line to pave the way to 33 points and added five assists as the Bulldogs earned a spot in the final for the ninth consecutive year. Marvin O’Connor shot 9-for-11 for 22 points and Steve Kennedy added 12 boards, four blocks. For Mansion, Kevin “Buzzy” Forney scored 28 points and Tyree “Skyree” Jones grabbed 17 rebounds.
Eng. and Science 72, Univ. City 56
  Lynn Greer went 4-for-4 on threes and scored 29 points and Elijah Warner bulled for 17 points, 12 rebounds and five blocks as E&S rolled toward the title game. UC’s Sylvester “Bam” Westcott scored 20 points.

Bodine 89, Fels 44
  Kenny Waters scored 24 points and Keith Ford had 19 points, nine rebounds and eight assists. Donte Whittington (21) led Fels.
Kensington 44, Phila. Regional 37
  David Rivera scored 23 points and was credited with 30 rebounds. Nasir Permenter (15) topped Regional.
Bodine 73, Roxborough 68
  Chris Gaskins scored 13 of his 20 points in a 28-20 fourth quarter and Keith Ford had 19 points, seven assists. Kareem Brunson and Jerome Smalls scored 19 apiece for Roxborough.
Furness 93, Kensington 69
  Ricky Miller had 24 points and 14 rebounds and Kalman Swygert mixed 18 points, 10 assists. Kensington’s David Rivera scored a school-record 42 points.
Bartram 81, Bodine 68
  Sean Mills totaled 19 points and seven assists, Shawn Lamb added 13 points and nine assists and Weldon Blount mixed 14 points with 19 rebounds. Keith Ford (26) paced Bodine.
Furness 79, Central 75 (ot)
  Montrell Baldwin scored seven of his 22 points in a 13-9 overtime. Roland Marshall (19), Omar Warthen (15) and Kalman Swygert (14) helped out. Central’s Khalid Bray had 22 points and five assists.
Franklin 81, Edison 53
  Calvin Johnson scored 10 of his 24 points in a 27-16 second quarter. Alex Wesby added 21 points. Melvin Eason (20) topped Edison.
Southern 88, Straw. Mansion 82
  Terrance Gardner (28), Aki Glenn (22) and Lenroy Jones (18) sparked the upset. Gardner and Jones split 12 assists. For Mansion, Kevin “Buzzy” Forney scored 26 points and Anton “Bonton” James had 19 points, 18 boards.
Dobbins 58, Overbrook 44
  Terrence “Nip” Cook mixed 16 points and five assists while Amari Wynder added 15 points. Rahim Washington (26) paced ’Brook.
Mastbaum 63, Frankford 54
  Chaz Williamson hit four threes en route to 23 points and Antonio Zachary, a non-factor earlier in the season, stepped forward for 15 points, seven rebounds, six assists and five steals. Phillip Alston (17) led Frankford.
Franklin LC 100, Bartram 72
  Gene Banks had 19 points and 10 rebounds and Zakee Smith had 14 points, 10 assists. Sean Mills (31) and Maurice Myers (22) were best for Bartram.
Eng. and Science 87, Penn 73
  John Cox and Alburn Brown scored 21 points apiece while Will Chavis was right behind with 19. Brown added 10 rebounds, five blocks. Adam Brown scored 24 points to become the first Penn player to reach 1,000 career points (1,013).
Gratz 65, Lincoln 24
  Sharod Carroll collected 25 points and 10 rebounds and Rasheem Sims had 11 assists, four steals. Shahid Blevins (11) led Lincoln.
Univ. City 84, Furness 69
  Marcus Rosser managed 16 points and 20 rebounds while Rahien Smith hit three threes en route to 21 points. Ricky Miller (15) paced Furness.
Franklin 59, Mastbaum 51
  Alex Wesby collected 10 points, 21 rebounds and six blocks and sub Gregory Bowens scored 14 points with the help of three threes. Hasan Jones (16) led Mastbaum.
Gratz 74, Eng. and Science 48
  Sharod Carroll notched 23 points and 13 rebounds while Rasheem Sims and Khari McKie split 12 assists. Will Chavis (20) and John Cox (14) paced E&S.
Franklin LC 65, Dobbins 50
  Charles “Tuna” Pringle accumulated 14 points, 13 rebounds and four blocks and Zakee Smith scored 20 points. Terrence “Nip” Cook scored 19 points for Dobbins.
Univ. City 75, Southern 57
  Melvin “Beef” Young (19), Marcus Rosser (17) and Rhasheed Peterson grabbed 11 rebounds apiece and Maliek “Squeaky” Sanders scrambled for 17 points, seven assists.
Doubleheader at the Palestra
Franklin 60, Univ. City 57 (ot)
  Franchise Alex Wesby collected 14 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks, but fouled out with 5:52 left in regulation. Kevin Isley had 13 points, five rebounds and three assists and shot 5-for-8 from the line in OT. Terrence Freeman, almost never used in the second half of the season, grabbed five rebounds in 11 minutes as Wesby’s replacement. Calvin Johnson had 18 points. For UC, Marcus Rosser had 13 points and nine rebounds and Maliek “Squeaky” Sanders dealt 10 assists.
Franklin LC 43, Gratz 38
  Gene Banks scored 12 points, Charles “Tuna” Pringle had 10 points and nine rebounds and Zakee Smith dished seven assists to lead FLC and prevent Gratz (Rasheem Sims 17) from reaching a 10th consecutive final.

Phila. Regional 64, Fels 58
  William Huddleston hit four three en route to 23 points as Regional, 0-10 in league play, registered the upset. Dwayne Baker (16) and Donte Easley (11) also scored in double figues. Nile Patrick (28) topped Fels, which was devastated by academic ineligibility.
Kensington 54, Roxborough 52
  Freshman Tarik Hanton had 17 points and 15 rebounds while Nick Pote added 11 points, eight assists. Kareem Brunson (21) paced Roxborough.
Masterman 45, Kensington 31
  Masterman enjoyed a 15-0 run in the first half and a 15-1 run to finish the game. Also, Steve Hite had 15 rebounds. Phillip Duckson scored 17 points and Zack Ellis dished seven assists. Nick Pote (four treys, 13) led Kensington.
West 79, Phila. Regional 53
  Mark Wilson shot 8-for-13 en route to 18 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. David Watson added 10 points, nine rebounds, four assists, four steals. Damien King (13, 16 rebounds) and Jamal Dillard (11 assists) also starred. Dwayne Baker (18) led Regional.
Masterman 46, Furness 43
  Zack Ellis scored four of his 20 points in an 11-6 fourth quarter. Brian Williams (18) and Omar Warthen (16) fueled Furness.
Mastbaum 59, West 43
  Hasan Jones (22) and Mike Kinsey (10) buried two treys apiece in a 24-10 second quarter. Mark Wilson (10) led West.
Franklin 62, Olney 38
  The Electrons cruised after winning the second quarter, 18-1. Calvin Johnson and Gary Palmer scored 17 points apiece. Alex “Boo” Thompson (11) paced Olney.
Gratz 62, Mastbaum 48
  Percell Coles grabbed nine rebounds and scored 12 of his 16 points in the fourth quarter while Sharod Carroll and Jermaine Robinson tallied 11 points apiece and Shaun McKie mixed five assists with six steals. Mastbaum’s Hasan Jones hit four treys en route to 18 points.
Penn 70, Lamberton 66
  Before a large, noisy, everyone-stands crowd (the bleachers at Memorial Hall were condemned), Hassan Young totaled 22 points and four assists and sank four free throws in the final 40 seconds as Penn, previously 0-4, won a postseason game for the first time in 23 PL seasons. Kris Pittman added 20 points and eight assists and Randy Morman posted 16 points and 12 rebounds. Lamberton, an 18-year PL member, was making its first playoff visit (except for Division E minitournaments). Anwar Halliday led the Blue Devils with 22 points. Kareem Pilgrim added 17 points. His twin, Khalif, had 12.
Frankford 60, Parkway 49
  Phillip Alston, only a junior, shot 11-for-20 from the floor (4-for-9 on threes) while scoring 26 points and raising his career total to 1,014. Gerald “Moosha” Redding chipped in with 12 points and nine rebounds. Anthony Ingram (17) and Jerome Burt (14) led Parkway while Urick Lewis, after rehabbing a major knee injury, blocked six shots in 15 minutes in his first and last appearance of the season. His one field goal came on a dunk.
Straw. Mansion 71, Central 63
  Darryl Jones generated 14 points, 10 rebounds, seven assists and five steals while Omar Thomas notched 20 points and 10 boards. Kenyatta Dabney had 14 points and 11 rebounds. Khalid Bray (25) and Will Taylor (17) paced Central.
Southern 56, Edison 50
  Thomas “June” Terry (three treys) and Jahmel Oliver (five assists) scored 12 points apiece while Terry and Torrance Hemingway both grabbed seven rebounds. For Edison, Melvin Eason blended 19 points and 12 rebounds. Angel “Fuey” Gonzalez, who at midseason had become the first Hispanic player in city-leagues history to surpass 1,000 career points, settled for eight points.
Univ. City 63, Northeast 59
  Marcus Rosser had 18 points and 10 rebounds, Rhasheed Peterson scored 15 of his 17 points in the second half and Maliek “Squeaky” Sanders dished eight assists. For Northeast, Randy Dukes shot 8-for-19 (4-for-9 on threes) and 5-for-6 for 25 points while raising his career total to 1,019. He’d won the scoring title with a 31.7 average, the ninth-highest in PL history.
Eng. and Science 59, Masterman 41
  John Cox hit all four of his threes in a 22-6 third quarter and finished with 27 points. Odell Carroll claimed 14 rebounds. Steve Hite (14) and Zack Ellis (11) led Masterman.
Franklin 58, Frankford 57
  In 27 minutes off the bench, Denelle Holly collected 17 points and 14 rebounds and kept the defending champs alive by beating the buzzer with a 7-foot, falling-back push shot from the right side of the lane. The shot was the end result of an inbound play that began with 3.6 seconds left. Inbounder Gary Palmer (19 points, four assists) was attempting to hit Calvin Johnson (17 points, 11 rebounds) with a lob pass in the lower part of the lane. Instead, Jason “Smooth” Dunham deflected the ball to Holly, who was mobbed after hitting the shot. For Frankford, Gerald “Moosha” Redding tied a city-leagues postseason record by draining seven threes (in 12 attempts) en route to 27 points. No one else scored more than seven.
Gratz 53, Southern 43
  Jermaine Robinson scored 17 points, Sharod Carroll mixed 11 points and eight rebounds and Shaun McKie totaled six points, six assists and eight steals as the Bulldogs prevailed. Southern (Wayne Best 14) moved within 45-43 before fading.
Straw. Mansion 75, Univ. City 57
  Omar Thomas (22 points, eight rebounds) and Darryl Jones (21, seven) posted almost identical stats in the frontcourt while Gregory “Fatty” Cunningham was a rock with 11 points and 10 assists. Also, sub Levi Lemar, little-used during the season, sniped 4-for-4 (three treys) for 11 points in 12 minutes. For UC, Maliek “Squeaky” Sanders sprinkled 11 assists mainly to Marcus Rosser (14), Rhasheed Peterson (12) and Raheem Johnson (11).
Eng. and Science 62, Penn 58
  John Cox exploded for 38 points, shooting 12-for-24 (4-for-6 on threes) and 10-for-11. He scored 22 of the Engineers’ first 30 points and 11 in a 17-10 fourth quarter. Darien Chavis added 10 points and six assists. Penn’s Randy Morman contributed 26 points, 18 rebounds and five blocks while backcourters Kris Pittman and Hassan Young had matching stats (14 points, four assists).
Back-to-Back Days at Temple’s Apollo
Franklin 47, Eng. and Science 45
  An inbound play that began with 3 seconds remaining again proved to be magical for the Electrons. This time, Gary Palmer sent a lob to the right part of the top of the lane, where Calvin Johnson caught the ball and immediately shot — without returning to the floor — over the outstretched hand of E&S leaper Alburn Brown. The buzzer-beater swished. Johnson finished with 10 points and 12 rebounds. Palmer (15 points) and sub Denelle Holly (12, 18 rebounds) helped out and Jason “Smooth” Dunham held Engineers franchise John Cox to nine points and 3-for-9 shooting. Brown had 15 points and nine boards.
Gratz 71, Straw. Mansion 52
  Jermaine Robinson scored 14 of his 25 points in a 29-12 fourth quarter as Gratz turned a close game into a rout. The Bulldogs led by only three, 46-43, with 5:30 remaining, but pulled away by hitting 17 of 22 free throws, including 15 of the first 16. Sharod Carroll posted 11 points and nine rebounds while Shaun McKie dealt seven assists. For Mansion, which shot just 5-for-12 at the line in the fourth quarter, Omar Thomas contributed 20 points and nine rebounds.

Bok 81, Roxborough 54
  Lovett Davenport, cut in the preseason and then brought back because coach Chicky Chiumento "had a feeling," hustled for nine assists and seven steals. James Frager (27), Valgene West (21) and Jevne "Juice" Wise (14) led in scoring. Roxborough's Khalif Jones had 17 points, 12 rebounds.
Kensington 88, Fels 82 (2 ot)
  Carlos Munoz (20), Nick Pote (18), Tarik Hanton (17) and Nick Pote (16) led in scoring and deep sub Jim Slavin scored all five of his points in the extra sessions. Shaun Snyder (24) and George Mosee (18) paced Fels.
West 80, Kensington 66
  Senior Donny Williams had 13 points, two assists and two steals. His brother, Donta, a soph, had 12 points, five assists and two steals. Kensington's leaders were Nick Pote (19, 10 assists) and Tarik Hanton (21, 16 boards).
Lamberton 69, Bok 62
  Brandon "Pooh" Gary shot 10-for-13 at the line en route to 26 points. Russell Walker (18) helped. Bok's Valgene West hit for 21 points.
Straw. Mansion 94, Lamberton 44
  Darryl Jones had 25 points, 13 rebounds, five assists and seven steals. Omar Thomas added 24 points, 16 rebounds. Lamberton's Brandon "Pooh" Gary (19) nailed five treys.
Gratz 54, West 35
  Only Percell Coles (12) scored in double figures for the Bulldogs, but Shaun McKie had nine rebounds and five assists. Donny Williams (14) topped West.
Olney 58, Mastbaum 55
  Star guard Alex "Boo" Thompson shot 0-for-10 and went scoreless, but David "Bone" Bell (23 points) and Solomon Harris (12, 12 rebounds) covered for him nicely. The Trojans forged a 49-40 lead and then held on. Mastbaum's Shejdie Childs mixed 25 points, four assists, six steals.
King 64, Dobbins 48
  Dawan Robinson, King's first PL scoring champ (31.5 average), jetted for 20 points and 10 assists and got help from Wayne White (13, eight rebounds). The scoring leaders for Dobbins were JeVan Sayles (15) and Maurice Allen (13).
Bartram 69, Central 65
  The Braves' leading scorer was substitute forward Anthony Boyer (16). Robert Bouknight added 14 points while Bobby Leach blended 13 points, four assists, five steals. For Central, Isaiah "Zike" Nathaniel (24) shot 11-for-13 at the line, soph Sharif Bray scored 19 points and Brian Wells had eight blocks.
Penn 55, Eng. and Science 49
  Nasser Battle (14) and Mustafa Shakur (11) scored six points apiece in a 20-13 fourth quarter. Randy Morman had 12 points, 14 boards. William Gary (13) led the losers.
Frankford 62, Southern 45
  The Pioneers recorded a surprisingly easy road win as Phillip Alston scrambled for 18 points and 11 rebounds. Karl "Kobe" Mitchell (16) and Nicholas King (13, 11 boards) assisted. Terrence "Puppy" Smith and Jahmel Smith (10 each) led Southern, which entered 20-2.
Franklin 42, Univ. City 38
  Jamal Nichols scored 14 points and swept 19 rebounds in the slow-paced game. Only sub Maurice Maxwell (10) hit double figures for UC.
Straw. Mansion 76, Franklin 60
  Omar Thomas generated 25 points, 15 rebounds, three assists and three blocks as the Knights charged to an emotional victory. Gregory "Fatty" Cunningham mixed 13 points, eight assists and five steals and lesser light Frank Griffin made all but one of his shots for 10 points. Franklin point guard Hanif "Julio" Styles, a three-year starter, bowed out with a career-high 27 points.
Gratz 55, Penn 31
  Only two players scored in double figures. Gratz's Percell Coles shot 4-for-7 on treys en route to 20 points and Penn's Mustafa Shakur had 13 points. Gratz's Shaun McKie had six assists. Penn's Randy Morman had nine rebounds.
Olney 68, Bartram 60
  Bouncing back from his round-of-16 goose egg, Alex "Boo" Thompson exploded for 18 points, nine rebounds and five assists as the Trojans won on the road. Solomon Harris had 18 points and seven rebounds, made a twisting layup with 1:20 left for a 62-57 lead and followed almost immediately with a rebound and outlet pass to Vernon Robinson for a clinching layup. Bartram's Bobby Leach had 18 points, nine assists.
King 57, Frankford 32
  Dawan Robinson led the way with 21 points, eight rebounds, two assists and three steals as King earned a trip to the semifinals for the first time since 1981. Bruce Bonner helped with 12 points while Raheem Scott added nine points, nine boards. Frankford shot 10-for-43 and was outrebounded, 33-17.
Back-to-Back Days at St. Joseph's
Straw. Mansion 73, King 47
  Omar Thomas shot 14-for-18 for 28 points and snatched 11 rebounds as Mansion earned a trip to the title game for the first time in its 20 PL seasons. Freshman Maureece Rice added 21 points while shooting 9-for-13. Darryl Jones came through with 10 points, 14 boards, six assists. Dawan Robinson scored 20 points to become King's first 1,000-point scorer (1,018). The Cougars were outrebounded, 44-19.
Gratz 56, Olney 45
  Percell Coles scored 20 points and sophomore sub Michael Blackshear had 12 points and 10 boards as the Bulldogs advanced to the final for the 11th time in 12 years. Blackshear shot 4-for-5 and 4-for-4. For Olney, which played tough but faded after cutting the lead to 40-39 on a reverse, alley-oop dunk by 6-6 point guard David "Bone" Bell with 6:47 left, Alex "Boo" Thompson had 17 points and Vernon Robinson claimed 11 rebounds.

Gratz 85, Lincoln 35
  Twelve Bulldogs hit the scoring column in this blowout. Michael Cuffee managed 12 points while Brandon Millwood (10) and Micheal Blackshear (eight) were the rebounding leaders. Garry Mills (eight) was the closest Railsplitter to double digits.
Frankford 57, Central 35
  Nicholas King and Tyrone Reed scored 17 and 13 points, respectively. King added seven rebounds. Michael Branch made three steals. Three treys helped Khary Kenyatta (11) become the only Lancer to reach double figures.
Bartram 80, Parkway 52
  Bobby Leach hustled for six rebounds and seven assists, and scored 12 of his 28 points (four threes) in an 18-11 third quarter. Robert Bouknight added 15 points. Parkway's Daniel Rumph had a 24-point effort that included three treys.
Franklin 57, Eng. and Science 41
  Rodney Warren showed versatility with six points, seven rebounds, four assists and five steals as the Electrons cruised. Dwayne Shelton (17 points, 10 rebounds) and Jamal Nichols (12, 10) also starred for Franklin while Justin Scott had 15 points for E&S.
Mansion 78, Overbrook 73
  Substitute Salahudin Muhammad contributed 10 points and two assists -- all in the fourth quarter -- as the Knights claimed this frenetic tilt. Muhammad's trey lifted Mansion into a 65-65 tie, which he then broke with two free throws. Star sophomore Maureece Rice (26 points) followed with one of his seven steals. For 'Brook, Sean King had 23 points and five assists while junior Shawn Ikokwu had 17 points and 15 boards.
King 77, Northeast 72 (OT)
  Terrell Patterson, twice unsuccessful on game-ending shots earlier in the season, took a feed from Raheem Scott (14 points, six assists, six steals) and hit a right-corner trey with 0:06 left in regulation. In OT, King gained command by sandwiching the first four points -- Scott's follow and Kelvin Smith's pull-up floater on the baseline -- around a Northeast turnover. The bulge hit eight, Northeast stormed within three and Smith (24 points) nailed a double bonus at 0:07 to end the suspense. Patterson finished with 19 points, shooting 8-for-20 from the floor (2-for-8 on treys) and 1-for-5 at the line. He also notched nine rebounds, two assists and three steals. Darron Bradley added 10 points and 16 rebounds. Northeast's Steve Smith, who literally played every position and had an awesome throw-down dunk on a follow, collected 17 points, 12 rebounds, six assists and five blocks. Ty Teasley shot 12-for-18 en route to 27 points.
Olney 48, Dobbins 41
  David "Bone" Bell totaled 19 points, seven rebounds, three assists and five blocks. Vernon Robinson (11) and Tyree Hankerson (10) also scored in double figures and Darryl Durant provided comfort with two free throws for a 42-38 lead. Dennis Meekins (11) topped Dobbins.
Univ. City 52, Penn 46
  Tasheed Carr led the Jaguars in points (16) while adding six apiece of rebounds and assists. Penn's Mustafa Shakur drilled three treys en route to 22 points. No teammate had more than seven.
Gratz 47, King 35
  The Bulldogs stormed to a 31-3 lead, then King advanced within 38-29 before fading. In a 14-1 first quarter, Gratz forced eight turnovers and blocked three shots. Michael Cuffee had 12 points and eight boards. Micheal Blackshear added six points, nine rebounds and five steals. Kelvin Smith (11) led King.
Frankford 50, Olney 47
  Nicholas King scored the Pioneers' final 14 points, including all 12 in the fourth quarter, en route to 20 points, seven rebounds, two assists and three blocks. With 0:22 left, King hit two free throws to make it 50-47. Amid some craziness, Olney missed three shots on two possessions in the last 14 seconds.
Bartram 91, Mansion 75
  Three players turned in strong performances as the Braves earned a spot in the semis for just the second time in 27 seasons (also '90). Bobby Leach shot 13-for-19 with three treys en route to 35 points; Shawn Roberts posted a triple-double with 10 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists; and Robert Bouknight managed 16 points, five rebounds, three assists and two steals. For Mansion, 5-11 guard Maureece Rice, the PL scoring champ, maneuvered for 30 points to become the first sophomore in city history to reach 1,000 (1,023) for his career. He shot 11-for-24 from the floor and 8-for-10 from the line. Gratz' Brian Shorter came close with 983 through the '85 season.
Franklin 49, Univ. City 47
  Only about 40 people saw this one (parents, school personnel) two days after a fan was shot in the hand outside Franklin after the round-of-16 game. Jamal Nichols posted 13 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks and he drained two free throws with 2.8 seconds left after UC's Maurice Maxwell (16) converted a three-point play at 0:34. Magen McNeil added 15 points.
Back-to-Back Days at Saint Joseph's Univ.
Gratz 69, Bartram 39
  The Bulldogs posted a 9-1 spurt to end the half, raising their lead to 36-22, with starter Micheal Blackshear and four subs (Omar Johnson, Dashay Brown, Anthony Geiger and William McNeil) on the floor. Michael Cuffee shot 8-for-9 (one trey) and 3-for-3 for 20 points. He also grabbed nine rebounds. While advancing to the final for the 12th time in 13 seasons, Gratz held Bartram to 12-for-56 from the floor.
Frankford 50, Franklin 34
  Michael Branch collected 14 points, 11 rebounds, two assists and two blocked shots and was at his best in the third quarter as the Pioneers used a 14-2 run to seize command at 37-27. He scored twice on tough-guy follows early in the session and then capped the outburst with an inside bucket on a pass from Nicholas King (10 points, nine rebounds, five assists). Tyrone Reed added nine points while Kevin "Chip" Green had eight points, four assists. Franklin's Rodney Warren finished with 17 points, but no teammate had more than six and the Electrons shot just 13-for-43 from the floor (3-for-17 on treys).

Northeast 75, Masterman 50
  The game was played cross-court because no one bothered to fix a cracked glass backboard on the main court.  Chaz Crawford came close to a triple-double with eight points, 11 rebounds and 11 blocks. Troy Roundtree (23 points, 13 rebounds) and Kyle Lowry (25) also starred. For Masterman, Labeeb Muhammad had 25 points while Brian Holsey did have a triple-double (11, 15 boards, 10 blocks).

Gratz 52, Eng. and Science 39

  Maurice "Mardy" Collins scored 16 points while Tariq Wharton and Omar Johnson saved 23 of their 26 points for the second half. Gratz went on a 33-11 run after falling behind, 12-2. Returning from a self-induced forearm injury, Micheal Blackshear had 13 rebounds in 20 minutes. Justin Scott (17) and Matthew Jefferson (15) led E&S.
Overbrook 62, Olney 37

  Kristian Clarkson had 13 points, 18 rebounds and four blocks. Murvin English dished 12 assists. Elijah Talbert mixed 11 points, 14 rebounds. Tyree Hankerson (13) led Olney.
Central 53, Roxborough 43

  Khalif Leek had 18 points, nine rebounds and three assists and hit two straight treys after Roxborough forged a tie at 40-40. Sharif Bray had 14 points, six assists. Roxborough's Dahliek Powell managed 21 points and 14 rebounds.
King 35, Frankford 25

  The teams combined to shoot 16-for-58 (27.5 percent) from the floor. In a 15-5 first half, Frankford shot 0-for-8 and committed 14 turnovers. Akeem Wright had 13 points and six rebounds. Frankford was led by 5-5 guard Roland Samuels (10 points.)
Straw. Mansion 76, Dobbins 55

  Maureece Rice (21), Aaron Brown (19) and Maurice Stennis (16, 11 assists) led in scoring while Dawud Morris claimed 15 rebounds. Pat Grant (19) led Dobbins.
Southern 59, Penn 38

  The Brown brothers, senior forward Roosevelt "Row-Row" (18 points, 10 rebounds) and sophomore guard Antoine "Doo Dirty" (10, seven assists), were prominent. Shawn Sabb had 21 points. Anthony Harper paced Penn with 25 points. 
Bartram 76, Franklin LC 55

  Richard "Franchise" Francis (24) and Bryant Leach (18) led in scoring and Jason Cain grabbed 11 rebounds. Bartram had 29 field goals on layups, dunks and follows. FLC's Michael Green scored 27 points.
Straw. Mansion 70, King 63
Dawud Morris scored 10 points while adding team highs in rebounds (10) and blocks (five). Maureece Rice (23) and Aaron Brown (17) led the Knights in scoring. Raheem Scott (four assists) and Akeem Wright scored 16 points apiece for King while Darron Bradley added 15.
Bartram 65, Southern 53
Richard "Franchise" Francis shot 12-for-18 en route to 25 points as the Braves ran their record to 26-0. Jason Cain contributed 10 points and 16 boards. Khalil Abdus-Salaam had 10 boards. For Southern, the leaders were the Brown brothers, senior Roosevelt "Row-Row" (20 points) and soph Antoine "Doo Dirty (14, five assists). The game was played one day after Bartram, messing around relentlessly (guys played out of position, deep subs received extensive playing time, one shot with the opposite hand on free throws), fell to Franklin, 77-73, in a Sixers prelim. Charles Sumter, PL basketball chairman, later ruled the contest a scrimmage.
Northeast 56, Gratz 53
  Brandon Palmer shot 8-for-17 (3-for-6 on treys) en route to 23 points as the Vikings dumped the PL's premier program. Troy Roundtree added 13 points, eight rebounds and four assists. Kyle Lowry had 12 points. Northeast made the semis for the first time since 1960. Gratz missed the semis for the first time since 1988. Gratz trailed by 16 points after three quarters, but had a chance to tie in the waning moments. A trey went awry. Micheal Blackshear had 17 rebounds in 24 minutes. Maurice "Mardy" Collins had 24 points.
Central 58, Overbrook 56
   Sharif Bray scored 24 points and made four steals as the Lancers advanced to the semis for only the second time since 1965 (also '91). The defensive heroics of the little-used Armen Henderson helped Central win the last quarter, 17-7. Also, he hit a trey to start a game-ending, 11-2 run. For 'Brook, Murvin English had 17 points and five assists while Shawn Ikokwu had 12 points, 11 boards, five assists.
Doubleheader at La Salle University
Straw. Mansion 69, Bartram 60
   Maureece Rice shot 8-for-16 and 9-for-10 for 25 points as the Knights brought Bartram's dream season to an abrupt halt. Dawud Morris added 11 points, 10 rebounds and five blocks. The leaders for Bartram were Richard Francis (23) and Jason Cain (15, 18 rebounds). The other Braves combined to shoot 8-for-36. An early indicator of Bartram's focus problems came when no one noticed that time was running out in the first quarter. The buzzer sounded as a player dribbled far from the basket.
Northeast 76, Central 72
   Kyle Lowry, a 5-10 guard, shot 9-for-14 (3-for-4 on treys) and 8-for-13 for 29 points -- most by a soph in a PL semi since Wilt Chamberlain had 35 in 1953 for Overbrook. He also had two assists and three steals. Lowry scored 13 points in the second quarter as the Vikings' two inside forces, Troy Roundtree and 6-8 Chaz Crawford, sat down due to foul trouble. Brandon Palmer had 13 points and six assists. Sharif Bray (28, six assists) and Khary Kenyatta (24) paced Central.

Northeast 99, Franklin 82
   Troy Roundtree shot 13-for-19 and 11-for-12 for 37 points, a school record for playoff games, while raising his career total to 1,017. Maurice Sammons (24), Tom Jakeman and Shawn Taylor (16 apiece) also made big contributions. Brian Smith (24) and Tyree Wilson (19) paced Franklin.
Gratz 40, Lincoln 38
   The home Bulldogs almost suffered what would have been an all-time upset, but a buzzer-beating trey by John "Wes" Davis went in and out. Tyree Watson (11) was the only Gratz player in double figures. Afterward, coach Leonard Poole lectured his players for 40 minutes on the dangers of overlooking opponents. Maurice McPherson (13) led Lincoln.
Franklin LC 73, West Phila. 57
   Michael Green (22), Tyreek Byard (21) and Joshua Grier (17) led the way. Shalty Smith had 14 points for West.
Frankford 50, Overbrook 44
   Darryl White was big with 14 points, 15 rebounds and eight blocks. Alfred Thomas added 16 points. Overbrook's Maurice Millner scored 19 points.
Straw. Mansion 78, Washington 77
   Like Gratz, the Knights, playing at home, were fortunate to escape with a victory. With 0:03 left, Devon Meade hit a free throw, his only point, to break a 77-77 tie. He then fouled Washington's Joe Ndanu (33 points) at 0:01 and Ndanu missed both free throws. Maureece Rice (26), Delton Morgan-Hines and Tracey Worley (19 each) led SM.
King 84, Mastbaum 46
   Wayne Marshall had 21 points and 14 rebounds. Andre Hammond (24) and Stefon "D.J." Jackson (15, nine assists) also starred. Lamar Rigney (12) topped Mastbaum.
Bartram 64, Roxborough 47
   Jason Cain came through with 12 points, 12 boards and six blocks. Charles Jones fired in 27 points. Donte Robinson had 16 for Roxborough.
Parkway 71, Dobbins 67
   Kenan Muhammad shot 5-for-7 on treys en route to a career high 27 points while Rashawn Dennis contributed 15 points and seven assists. Dobbins' Phil Burns went for 25 points and 19 boards.

Gratz 73, Northeast 56
   Mark Tyndale had 24 points, 10 rebounds and four assists. Help came mostly from Omar Johnson (16, six assists, four steals) and Tyree Watson (eight boards, five assists, three steals). Tom Jakeman (17) and Troy Roundtree (14) led Northeast.
Franklin LC 60, Frankford 47
   The Bobcats pulled away thanks to a 32-20 second half. Michael Green had 19 points, 13 rebounds, four assists and four steals. Frankford's leaders were Cerone Brown (16 points) and Darrell "D.J." Turner (12 rebounds).
King 66, Straw. Mansion 63 (OT)
   Stefon "D.J." Jackson pogo-sticked to 24 points and 13 rebounds while Wayne Marshall shot 11-for-12 at the line en route to 19 points. Quincy Marshall, Wayne's first cousin, had six assists and three steals. Mansion's Maureece Rice (20) finished his career with 2,681 points, by far the No. 1 total in city history (Wilt Chamberlain had 2,206). With 3.4 seconds left, Jackson broke up a long pass intended for Rice and Q. Marshall, in his excitement, tossed the ball into the rafters. The refs put 1.5 seconds back on the clock and Rice got off a trey while tightroping along the left sideline. The ball hit the glass, then the near rim. Mansion's Tyrell Mathis had 15 boards.
Bartram 75, Parkway 45
   The Braves rolled to a 48-22 edge in the second half. Jason Cain had 13 points and 17 boards. Other headliners were Charles Jones (17), Bryant Leach (13) and Khalil Abdus-Salaam (12, 15 boards). Louis Burkett (11) led the Hoyas.
Back-to-Back Days
At the Palestra
Bartram 50, King 44
   Apparently nervous or thrown off by the unusual depth perception problems posed by the cavernous Palestra, the teams combined to shoot just 25 percent from the floor (26-for-106). The only player not severely affected was Bartram's Bryant Leach, who poured in 12 first quarter points (three treys) en route to 22. Charles Jones had 12 points, eight rebounds and four assists. King's Wayne Marshall mixed 14 points, 12 boards and six blocks.
At Saint Joseph's Univ.
Gratz 67, Franklin LC 37
   The Bulldogs stormed to an 11-0 lead and had little trouble thereafter. Omar Johnson shot 8-for-12 and 7-for-10 for 23 points and helped limit his point guard foe and buddy, Michael Green, to 10 points. Mark Tyndale added 17 points, eight rebounds and four steals. Gratz won the second half, 33-15. Despite a scary, early-game mishap, when he fell and hit his head quite hard, FLC's Tyreek Byard shot 6-for-10 en route to 14 points.

Franklin LC 75, West Phila. 62
Led by Michael Scott (16-for-17), the Bobcats went 39-for-44 at the line to win going away. Scott had 21 points, six assists and four steals. Joshua Grier and Meril Branch added 14 points apiece. West, which had to forfeit a regular season game to Gratz for using illegal throwback uniforms, received strong efforts from Ricardo Lovelace (25, 12 rebounds), Chris Williams (20) and Maurice Polen (15 boards).
Bartram 79, Lincoln 56
Tywain McKee (26) hit three of his four treys while scoring 11 points in a 25-14 third quarter. Maurice McPherson (18) and Steve Hassell (14) led Lincoln.
Eng. and Science 68, Washington 66
   Keshan Myers buried five treys en route to a 37-point outburst and had 15 points in a 26-11 third quarter. Tramaine Jackson (21) went 13-for-17 at the line. Tyree Williams grabbed 11 boards. For Washington, which drew close on a last-second trey, Corey White had 24 points.
Gratz 81, Straw. Mansion 63
   Mark Tyndale mixed 26 points, 10 rebounds and five assists while Tyrone "Tamir" Smith (nine assists) and Matthew Walden (seven blocks) also made big contributions. Mansion's John Scarbrough had 21 points and 13 boards.
Frankford 59, Franklin 56
   Six Pioneers scored between six and 14 points as Ryan Smith dished seven assists. Lewis Leonard (14, eight rebounds) and Malik Dickerson (12, nine) helped inside. Franklin's Anwar Rascoe had eight points and 15 boards.
Germantown 58, Roxborough 55 (OT)
   The Bears advanced to the quarterfinals for the first time since 1983 despite blowing an 11-point, fourth-quarter lead. The only OT points came on Corey James' trey. Corey Bethea (16) and Ivan Evans (12, nine rebounds) led in scoring. For Roxborough, Donte Robinson scored 11 of his 20 points in a 24-13 fourth quarter and Shaheed Rucker forced OT with a steal and free throw.
Olney 58, Central 52
   Erik "Ugs" Adams pogo-sticked for 26 points, 11 rebounds and three blocks and scored 11 points in a 21-17 third quarter. Scott Rodgers (19) and Kenny St. George (18) led Central.
Univ. City 62, Southern 55
   The Jaguars, the ninth seed from the A-B grouping, stunned the Division D champ mostly behind the stellar play of Anthony Morrison (28 points, five treys, 15 boards). Jeffery Andrepoint (14) and Terrence Cutner (13) also scored in double figures and Aaron Stephens dealt seven assists. Cutner had nine of his points in an 18-6 fourth quarter. Shawn Sabb (14, seven boards) and Antoine "Doo Dirty" Brown (13, five assists) led Southern.
Bartram 66, Franklin LC 59
   Tywain McKee contributed 20 points (three treys), 12 rebounds, four assists and four steals to lead the Braves to the road victory. Maurice Wood (14, 11 boards) and Daziah Miller (11, 14) lent assistance. Justin Lawus came off the bench to block seven shots. Michael Scott had 23 points and six assists for FLC.
Gratz 49, Eng. and Science 31
   After spotting the visitors a 16-9 lead after one quarter, the Bulldogs turned the defensive screws and eased to victory. Mark Tyndale had 23 points, 11 boards and three assists. Matthew Walden (nine) and Jason Hickenbottom (eight) helped on the glass. Kechan Myers and Tramaine Jackson had 10 points apiece for E&S.
Frankford 65, Germantown 54
   With Ryan Smith unavailable (ankle injury), Maurice Miller moved from the wing to the point and came through with 17 points, five assists and three steals. The Pioneers won the last quarter, 24-11. Malik Dickerson grabbed 13 rebounds and shot 7-for-8 en route to 18 points. Alfred Thomas added 14 points. G-town's leaders were Corey Bethea (15, 10 boards) and Ivan Evans (11, nine.)
Univ. City 57, Olney 47
   For the second time in eight years, the Jaguars advanced to the semifinals by winning a second consecutive road playoff. Only one other team in that span (Central in '02) matched that feat. Anthony Morrison had 16 points and 11 rebounds while Aaron Stephens dealt four assists. UC's rotation included no one over 6-2. Despite the lack of size, the Jaguars attempted just four treys (making none). Olney's Eric "Ugs" Adams had 12 points and 17 boards. Kevin Presberry nailed three treys en route to 16 points.
Same Day At La Salle University
Gratz 70, Bartram 67
   The Bulldogs blew an 18-point lead in a shade under six minutes -- extending just into the start of the fourth quarter -- but recovered and survived. Mark Tyndale had 24 points before fouling out with 2:19 left. One other Bulldog and two Braves fouled out and 46 personals were whistled. Malcolm Welles helped to hold Bartram's chief scorer, Tywain McKee, to 15 points (two through three quarters) and 3-for-11 shooting on treys. Jason Hickenbottom (16), Tyrone "Tamir" Smith (13) and Matthew Walden (10) helped Tyndale. McKee's assistance came largely from Maurice Wood (17, six assists) and Chris Seaborn (15, eight rebounds). McKee was unable to connect on a 65-foot heave at the buzzer.
Frankford 59, Univ. City 54
   This was the first time since 1965 that a semi did not have a coaches' first team All-Public honoree, and the absence of true headliners was reflected in some of the stats -- 106 missed shots (74 floor, 32 line), 34 turnovers, 45 personals. Lewis Leonard had 19 points for Frankford in very strange fashion; 3-for-6 on treys, 2-for-8 on twos, 6-for-14 at the line. Malik Dickerson grabbed 16 rebounds. Maurice Miller, having just returned from tending to a family crisis in NYC, entered the game in the second half, wearing a teammate's shorts, and came up with six points, four assists and two steals. UC's leaders were Antoine Coaxum (21 points, 11 rebounds, five steals, 15 points in fourth quarter) and Aaron Stephens (14, five steals). Coaxum's basket cut the deficit to 56-54, but on Frankford's attempt at a breakaway, an intentional foul was called and the Pioneers went 3-for-4 at the line.