Order on the Court!!

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(Photo by Joe Parisi)
Bottom, L to R -- Alex Cuoci, Ryan Winslow, Jon Naji.
Top, L to R -- Amar Stukes, Pat Cooney, Steve Smith, Malik Janifer.

  On Feb. 4, 2013, in a Catholic League regular season game, host La Salle beat Lansdale Catholic,
73-41, while setting a city record (we think) for the most players scoring points in consecutive order,
with seven. Malik Janifer led the way with 12, followed by Steve Smith (11), Pat Cooney (10),
Amar Stukes (9), Jon Naji (8), Ryan Winslow (7) and Alex Cuoci (6).
  Shawn Witherspoon (4), Najee Walls, Mick Barrett and Jalen Herdsman (2 apiece) fleshed
out the scorebook.

Ted's scorebook page for La Salle . . .
Explanation: In the top part of each portion, a check mark is a missed trey and lines are missed regulars.
In the bottom part, dots are assists, lines are rebounds, minus signs are steals and check marks are blocked shots.