Phila. Public League Basketball 2013-14
Division A Team Photos

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Frankford's players, wearing old La Salle uniforms, before the start of a non-league game.

FRANKFORD (Coach Dave Huzzard drove back to school to get the uniforms; they changed at halftime; this pic taken after game)
Front, L to R -- Rob Simmons, Ladji Fofana, Quadire Truesdale, Jemire Solomon, Aaron McFarlan.
Back, L to R -- Kijuan Matthews, Quadir Lewis, Aleem Griffith, Bamba Jaye, Lowell Caple, Mussa Ba, Joe Ricketts, coach Dave
Huzzard, Odanis Betances, assistant Howard Griffith.

IMHOTEP CHARTER (Photo by Aaron Carter)
IDs to come . . .

Front, L to R -- Keith Griffin, Nasir Groomes, Calil Moultrie, Donavan Barnes, Tyrese Hester, Saheed Peoples.
Back, L to R -- Kamari Peel, Terquin Mott, Louis Myers, Mike Watkins, Samir Doughty, Nazeer Bostick, Isaiah Culpepper,
Darrin Manning.