Receiving Their Just Rewards

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Rashad Campbell

Tim "Grub Man" Gramlich

Mike Lonergan


 At one point in the 2006 season, Chestnut Hill's star rusher, Rashad Campbell, said he
would give his linemen (and some others, as it turned out) a reward for all their hard work.
"Shaddy" eventually settled on a visit to one of those big sitdown-buffet restaurants and was
joined in financing the effort by the Mike Lonergan, the Blue Devils' leading receiver.
  Here's Rashad's report on the wild affair (smile):

  The dinner went very well . . .
  There were a few pranks (salted-down drinks, and smashing of one another's
ice cream cones) with the head pranksters being Mike Mattei, Bo Devlin and Don
Houck, but things still went well. I told them there was a prize for
whoever ate the most and so Timmy G. (Tim Gramlich) was very determined,
finishing about 4 full plates and countless amounts of ice cream. Luckily
for Tim, Don Houck showed up late and he was able to develop a big lead,
but I would say to Tim's advantage Wayne Crawford and Alex Scott were
unable to make it; they would have been Tim's toughest competition.
  Eric "DZ" Dziengelski was the surprise candidate as he and Tim were clearly
the leaders, but as Tim was on his first round of ice cream he stated,
"This is only Halftime. Just gettin' some dessert, then gettin' back out
  There were 17 of us and it lived up to the anticipated hype, it was
funny, cool, and I think our relationship as a team makes the game of football
that much better.
  The most overlooked competitor was definitely Matt Flannery. He was quiet,
but I observed as he almost out-ate Tim.
  The bill came to $270.00 and guys were offering me money. Like, "Take it."
But me and Lonergan took care of it for everything that they had done for us
and we had done for one another. It was well worth it
  I can't wait until NEXT YEAR!!!!