Phila. Blue Flame, 2004

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Click here for coverage of 2003 game vs. NYPD.

     The Phila. Blue Flame, a team comprised of policemen and firefighters, opened its second season March 20 with a game at Lincoln Financial Field against the Fire Department of New York. FDNY won, 14-6, before about 2,000 spectators.
     The Blue Flame's points came on a 1-yard run by FB Dante Coccia.
    Many of the Flame players are former high school stars and many of the coaches are current/former coaches at the high school level.

Blue Flame stats vs. FDNY
   RUSHING: Jaime Brown 16-49, Marquise Robinson 9-17, Dante Coccia 8-31, TD; Walt Bartle 5-(-7), Troy Gore 4-17. Kevin Whalen 2-8.
   PASSING: Walt Bartle 3-20-2, 32.
   RECEIVING: Dan McGee 2-20, Marquise Robinson 1-12.
   RETURNS: Dante Coccia 2-21, Jaime Brown 2-17, Troy Gore 1-12, Todd Johnson 1-11.
   SCORING: Dante Coccia, 1-yard run.

   TACKLES: Drexel Reid 7; Leon McKnight, Marc Howard, John Brady, Roberto Vasquez, Curtis Hill and Curtis Bunch 5; Chris Daukas, Leroy Wilson and Eric Bullock 4.
   SACK: John Rechner.
   TACKLES FOR LOSSES: Leon McKnight, Curtis Bunch/Peter Hammond.
   RECOVERIES OF OPPONENT'S FUMBLES: Richard Lynch, Curtis Bunch (forced by John Rechner), Roberto Vasquez (forced by Chris Daukas).
   INTERCEPTION: Todd Johnson.


4/3 -- Dallas/Fort Worth, 2 p.m., at
George Washington HS.
4/17 -- NYPD, 2 p.m., at Wildwood, NJ
4/24 -- Houston Fire, away
5/7 -- TBA, 7:30 p.m., at George Washington HS



wpe5.jpg (28743 bytes)

          Billy Eddis hits a 44-yard field goal in the first quarter. The kick was
          barely short against the wind. He also came very close on a 42-yarder
          against the wind. The holder is Walt Bartle. Both are Dougherty grads.

wpe6.jpg (33665 bytes)

    Wideout Dan McGee (84) signals TD after Dante Coccia (Neumann) vaults
    over the line for a 1-yard score late in the first half. Coccia is prone in the
    foreground; he'd been pushed back.

wpe7.jpg (30296 bytes)

     Dante Coccia (3) listens to the offensive coaches during halftime break.
     Standing are QBs Cary Boyd (Northeast) and Walt Bartle (12).

wpe8.jpg (24973 bytes)

     Another shot of the halftime talk. At right side of the board is offensive coach
     Mike McKay, a former star QB at Judge.

wpe5.jpg (24766 bytes)

    Jaime Brown (Ryan) absorbs a double crunching.