Philadelphia City Players in NFL-AFL
Public, Catholic, Inter-Ac

(AFL existed from 1960 to '69, then merged with NFL)

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*-Member of Hall of Fame
?-Best estimate based on year of birth

Street on which player resided is highlighted (if known)

Player School Grad. Yr. Pos. Where He Came From . . .
Ray Abruzzese Southern 1955 DB Schell (near 9th) & Bainbridge
*-Herb Adderley Northeast 1957 DB Newhall (near Pulaski) & Coulter
Bryan Anderson Bartram 1998 OL 71st & Elmwood
Herman "Reds" Bassman Central 1931? RB Marshall (near 7th) & Poplar
Bob Bell West Phila. 1965 DT 59th & Chestnut
Ed Bell West Phila. 1949 DB 41st & Samson (near Walnut)
Vic Bellamy Central 1981 DB 17th & Grange (near Olney)
Howard Berry Northeast 1914 RB 28th & Huntingdon
Carlos Bradley Germantown 1977 LB Cliveden (near Upsal) and Wayne
Raheem Brock Dobbins 1997 DE Baynton & Rittenhouse (not far from Germantown & Chelten)
James Brown Mastbaum 1987 OL Park (near 13th) & Somerset
Ed Carr Olney 1945 RB Marshall (near 7th) & Chew
Tom Carr Overbrook 1961 DL  
Jon Clark Bartram 1991 OL Alden (near 57th) & Christian
Ben Clime ^Central Manual 1911 E/FB 24th & Berks
Angelo Coia Northeast 1956 E 10th & Tioga
Roderick Coleman Gratz 1995 DL Napa (near 31st) & Huntingdon
Steve Coleman Germantown 1968 DE Johnson & Cherokee (near Germantown Ave.)
Dominique Curry Washington 2005 WR Archer (near 20th) & Hunting Park
Jack Del Bello Southern 1946 QB Colorado (near 17th) & Wolf  
John Diehl Frankford 1954 DL Southampton (near County Line) & Bustleton
Ollie Dobbins West Phila. 1960 DL 45th & Parrish (near Westminster Ave.)
Jahri Evans Frankford 2001 OL Hicks (near 15th) & Wingohocking
%-Jack Ferrante None 1934 E 63rd & Haverford
Bill Fielder Northeast 1933 OL Old York Rd. & Venango (near Erie)
Sharrif Floyd Washington 2011 DL Hellerman (near Levick) & Algon
Brent Grimes Northeast 2001 DB 17th & Godfrey
Harry "Hoot" Haines Germantown 1925? OL Gratz (near 19th) & Courtland
Uhuru "Joby" Hamiter Mastbaum 1991 DL Park (near Broad) & Pike
Johnny Hendren Northeast 1915 RB Ridge & Mitchell
Eric Hodges Central 1982 WR Wyncote & Limekiln Pike
Kevin Ingram Dobbins 1980 QB Broad & Lycoming
Dave Jacobs Washington 1975 K Chalfont Place (near Knights Rd.) & Chalfont Drive
Rob Jamieson Frankford 1920? OL 16th & Cayuga
Charlie Janerette Germantown 1956 DL 11th & Fairmount
Mike Jarmoluk Frankford 1940 DL Sylvester (near Oakland) & Cheltenham
Lance Johnstone Germantown 1991 LB Forrest & Mt. Pleasant
*-Leroy Kelly Gratz 1960 RB Deacon (near Roberts) & Wissahickon
#-Bernie "Bert" Kuczynski Northeast 1939 E Edgemont & Westmoreland
Rick Lackman Germantown 1928? RB  
Charlie Lungren Germantown 1917 E/RB/QB suburbs (Swarthmore)   [tentative]
Bill Mackrides West Phila. 1943 QB Edgewood (near 60th) & Market
Roger Mahoney Northeast 1924 C Sedgley (near 22nd) & Cumberland
David Martin Bartram 1977 DB 60th & Webster (near Catharine)
Jameel McClain Washington 2003 LB 22nd & Allegheny
Willie McClung Bok 1951 OL 86th & Lindbergh Blvd.
Alvin Mitchell Gratz 1961 DB Bouvier & Butler   [footsteps to 17th & Erie]
George Nock Franklin 1964 RB Germantown Ave. & Norris
Rich Owens Lincoln 1990 LB 66th & Ogontz
John Papit Northeast 1947 RB 22nd & Huntingdon
Bruce Perry Washington 1999 RB 71st & Broad
Bobby Petrella Southern 1962 RB Chadwick (near 17th) & Wolf
Bill "Reds" Pollock Northeast 1931 RB Ogontz & Spencer
Jesse Richardson Roxborough 1949 OL Queen & Henry  [tentative]
&-Irvin "Bo" Roberson Bartram 1953 WR 8932 Laycock Ave.
Steve Sader Southern 1939 RB Ringgold (near 24th) & Mifflin
@-John Sandusky Southern 1944 OL Mercy (near Snyder) and Front
Harry Seltzer West Phila. 1937 RB 62nd & Osage
Phil Slosburg Central 1944 RB 17th & 66th Avenue
Walt Stickel Northeast 1941 OL 25th & Silver (near Lehigh)
Joseph "Bud" Sutton Northeast 1943 RB Lawndale & Shelmire (near Cottman)
Fred Sweet West Phila. 1919? RB suburbs (Ardmore)   [tentative]
Blair Thomas Frankford 1985 RB 25th & Lehigh
Carl Thomas Frankford 1914 OL/RB Garden (near Richmond) & Pratt
%-John Tracey Northeast 1951 LB Melvale (near Richmond) & Kirkbride
Wendell Tucker Franklin 1959 WR 1100 block Myrtle Place (near 10th & Poplar)
J.T. Turner Franklin 1970 OL 12th & Master
Earl Watford Gratz 2008 OL 9th & Erie
Charles Way Northeast 1990 RB 28th & Clementine (near Allegheny)
Dwayne White Southern 1985 OL 19th & Dickinson
Erik Williams Bartram 1986


Wilton (near 52nd) & Woodland

#-Samuel "Mike" Wilson Northeast 1915


Germantown & Abington (near Willow Grove) Avenues

#-Kuczynski and Wilson also played in the major leagues.  
%-did not play football in high school (Ferrante attended a trade school that did not offer football)
@-house was on unit block of Mercy Street; knocked down to allow for construction of I-95
&-this small part of Eastwick no longer exists due to expansion of the airport and construction of I-95
^-Central Manual merged with Central in 1912
Player School Grad. Yr. Pos. Where He Came From . . .
Al Atkinson Bonner 1960 LB suburbs (Upper Darby)
Anthony Becht Bonner 1995 TE suburbs (Drexel Hill)
Emil Boures Kenrick 1978 OL suburbs (Norristown)
~\Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley West Cath. 2004 RB McMichael (near Fox) & Roberts
Corey Brown O'Hara 2010 WR/Ret. suburbs (Upper Darby)
Dan Brown West Cath. 1944 E 64th & Grays
#Lamar Campbell St. James 1994 DB suburbs (Chester)
John Cappelletti Bonner 1970 RB suburbs (Upper Darby)
Charlie Carton Roman 1921 E Ridge & Lehigh
&Carmen Cavalli ST More 1956 DE 49th & Lancaster
Dick Christy St. James 1954 RB suburbs (Brookhaven)
Gus Cifelli La Salle 1943 OL Edgemont & Somerset
Don Clune O'Hara 1970 TE suburbs (Havertown)
Harry "Babe" Connaughton SJ Prep 1923 OL 19th & Poplar
Chris Conlin McDevitt 1983 OL suburbs (Springfield Montco)
Ed Cook South Cath. 1950 OL 28th & Snyder
Jim Cooper Dougherty 1973 OL 64th Avenue and Fairhill (near 5th)
Frank D'Agostino North Cath. 1952 OL Etting & Madison [footsteps from 27th & Allegheny]
Mike Dennery Dougherty 1969 LB Burholme & Napfle (next to Fox Chase CC)
&Dave DiFilippo West Cath. 1935 OL 49th & Lancaster
Gerry Feehery O'Hara 1978 OL suburbs (Springfield Delco)
Lou Ferry St. James 1945 OL suburbs (Chester)
Bernie Gallagher South Cath. 1940 OL 18th & Oregon
Frank Gallagher St. James 1961 OL suburbs (Chester)
Rich Gannon SJ Prep 1983 QB Central & Hasbrook (across from Jeanes Hospital)
Tom Garlick Judge 1989 WR Stanwood (near Rhawn) & Frontenac
Jim Gilmore North Cath. 1981 OL Jackson & Kennedy (near Bridge)
Burt Grossman Carroll 1985 DL suburbs (Ardmore)
Marvin Harrison Roman 1991 WR Sydenham (near 15th) & Olney
Victor Hobson SJ Prep 1998 LB suburbs (Mt. Laurel, N.J.)
Kevin Jones O'Hara 2001 RB suburbs (Chester)
\Jim Katcavage Roman 1952 DL McMichael (near Henry) & Abbottsford
Florian Kempf Dougherty 1974 K Pine Rd. & Rhawn
Frank "Bucko" Kilroy North Cath. 1939 OL Salmon (near Richmond) and Lehigh
Joe Klecko St. James 1971 DL suburbs (Chester)
Jack Klotz St. James 1952? OL suburbs (Chester)
Mike Kullman Ryan 1979 DB Dimarco Drive & Deerpath Lane (near Knights & Woodhaven)
Jim Leonard SJ Prep 1930 B suburbs (Pedricktown, N.J.)
Jim Magee West Cath. 1940 OL 52nd & Florence
Jim Magner SJ Prep 1921 RB/QB 17th & McKean
Mike Mandarino West Cath. 1938 OL 11th & Carpenter
Larry Marshall Egan 1968 RB suburbs (Levittown)
Joey Maxwell Roman 1922 OL Mole (near 16th) & Porter
Mike McCloskey Judge 1979 TE Ryan & Crispin (quick walk to Frankford & Cottman)
John Michels West Cath. 1949 OL Greylock (near 49th) and Greenway
Nick Moody Roman 2008 LB suburbs (Wyncote)
Brandon Moore Carroll 1988 OL suburbs (Ardmore)
Frank Murray SJ Prep 1933 RB Emerald & Cumberland
Andy Nacrelli St. James 1951 E suburbs (Chester)
Bob Oristaglio South Cath. 1942 E 18th & Moore
Scott Paxson Roman 2001 DT O & Hunting Park
Jerrell Pippens West Cath. 1998 DB Robinson (near 62nd) & Market
Al Postus ST More 1940 RB 57th & Woodland
Frank Reagan North Cath. 1937 DB Wister & 65th Ave.
Tom Savage O'Hara 2009 QB suburbs (Springfield, Delco)
Ken "Cy" Simendinger La Salle 1918 RB Hollywood (near 29th) & Thompson
Steve Slaton Con.-Egan 2005 RB suburbs (Levittown)
Maurice Stovall Carroll 2002 WR 57th and Hunter (near Lansdowne)
Harry Swayne Dougherty 1983 OL 18th & Catharine
Joe Tyrrell Roman 1948 OL 22nd & Wallace
John Waerig Dougherty 1995 TE Frontenac & Devereaux
Anthony Walters O'Hara 2006 DB 59th & Cobbs Creek Parkway
George Winslow La Salle 1982 P Pine Rd. & Bloomfield (near Welsh)
Frank Wycheck Ryan 1989 TE Knights & Patrician (near Woodhaven)
+Vince Zizak La Salle 1930 OL suburbs (Camden, NJ)
~also played varsity football at Roxborough.  
# - St. James closed in June '93. Graduated from Strath Haven.  
+ - team was not part of CL football during that time frame.  
& - DiFilippo and Cavalli grew up within one block of each other and DiFilippo coached Cavalli at ST More
\ - Brinkley and Katcavage grew up on the same block (3200) of McMichael Street.
Player School Grad. Yr. Pos. Where He Came From . . .
Will Barker Hav. School 2005 T suburbs (Bryn Mawr)
+Andre Dixon Chestnut Hill 1994 DB Stenton & Sharpnack (near Upsal)
Kyle Eckel Episcopal 2000 FB suburbs (Haverford Twp.)
Jim Fraser Gtn. Acad. 1955 LB Pulaski and Winona (near School House Lane) 
Kirk Hershey Penn Charter 1937 E Coulter & Fox   [within footsteps of PC]
Walter "Wally" Masters Hav. School 1927 RB/QB 54th & Oxford
Mike Mayock Hav. School 1976 TE suburbs (Wynnewood)
Ryan Nassib Malvern 2008 QB suburbs (West Chester)
Matt Ryan Penn Charter 2003 QB suburbs (Exton)
+#Lud Wray Chestnut Hill 1913 OL Highland & Navajo (near Seminole)  [quick walk to CHA]
+ - team was not part of I-A football during that time frame.  
# - Wray and Bert Bell, later the NFL commissioner, were the Eagles' first owners, and Wray was the first coach.
Note: Masters also played major league baseball (and began his high school years at West Phila. HS).