Philadelphia High School Football
Inter-Ac League Master Schedule, 2013

(This is very much subject to change. We'll keep you posted. Please report
changes/additions to Ted at Thanks.)

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Gtn. Academy
Haverford School
Penn Charter
SCH Academy (nee Chestnut Hill)

Day Date Visitor at Home Site Time
WEEK ONE          
Fri Aug. 30 Judge at Episcopal   7
Sat Aug. 31 Washington at SCH Academy   new time 12
Sat Aug. 31 West Catholic at Haverford School   11:30
Sat Aug. 31 Malvern at Roman Wildwood, NJ noon
  Idle: GA, PC
WEEK TWO          
Fri Sept. 6 Gtn. Academy at Lansdale Hatboro-Horsham 7
Fri Sept. 6 Episcopal at Interboro   7:30
Sat Sept. 7 Fels at Penn Charter   11
Sat Sept. 7 SCH Academy at Central   new date/time 11
Sat Sept. 7 McDonogh (Md.) at Haverford School   1
Sat Sept. 7 Glen Mills at Malvern   2
  All teams scheduled
WEEK THREE          
Thurs Sept. 12 Hill School at Gtn. Academy   3:30
Thurs Sept. 12 SCH Academy at Pennington (NJ)   4
Fri Sept. 13 Lawrenceville (NJ) at Haverford School   3
Fri Sept. 13 Penn Charter at McDonogh (Md)   3:30
Fri Sept. 13 Caravel (Del.) at Episcopal   7
  Idle: MP
WEEK FOUR          
Fri Sept. 20 Hill School at Episcopal   7
Sat Sept. 21 Interboro at Penn Charter   11
Sat Sept. 21 Judge at SCH Academy   1
Sat Sept. 21 Blair Acad. (NJ) at Haverford School   2
Sat Sept. 21 Gtn. Academy at Peddie (NJ)   2
Sat Sept. 21 Malvern at La Salle Ply.-Whitemarsh 7
  All teams scheduled
WEEK FIVE          
Fri Sept. 27 Episcopal at Chichester   7
Sat Sept. 28 Chester at Penn Charter   11
Sat Sept. 28 Haverford School at Penn Wood   11
Sat Sept. 28 Gtn. Academy at Blair (NJ)   2
Sat Sept. 28 SCH Academy at Hill School   7
  Idle: MP
WEEK SIX          
Fri Oct. 4 Penn Charter at Valley Forge MA   3:30
Sat Oct. 5 Haverford School at O'Hara   new time 2:30
Sat Oct. 5 Hun (NJ) at Gtn. Academy   1:30
Sat Oct. 5 Episcopal at Lawrenceville (NJ)   new site 3:30
Sat Oct. 5 St. Mary (Md.) at Malvern   6
  No info: SCH
WEEK SEVEN          
Fri Oct. 11 Penn Charter at SCH Academy   new site/time 4
Sat Oct. 12 Episcopal at Gtn. Academy   1:30
Sat Oct. 12 Haverford School at Malvern   2:30
  All teams scheduled
WEEK EIGHT          
Fri Oct. 18 Episcopal at Penn Charter   3:45
Sat Oct. 19 Haverford School at SCH Academy   1
Sat Oct. 19 Malvern at Gtn. Academy   1:30
  All teams scheduled
WEEK NINE          
Fri Oct. 25 Penn Charter at Malvern   7
Sat Oct. 26 Gtn. Academy at Haverford School   2
Sat Oct. 26 Episcopal at SCH Academy   2:30
  All teams scheduled
WEEK 10          
Fri Nov. 1 Malvern at Episcopal   7
Sat Nov. 2 Gtn. Academy at SCH Academy   new time 2
Sat Nov. 2 Penn Charter at Haverford School   new time 2:30
  All teams scheduled
WEEK 11          
Sat Nov. 9 SCH Academy at Malvern   1
Sat Nov. 9 Gtn. Academy at Penn Charter   1:30
Sat Nov. 9 Haverford School at Episcopal   2:30
  All teams scheduled
Fri. Nov. 22 SJ Prep vs Malvern Ply.-White. new time 7