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Jadrien "J.J." Reynolds
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    Jadrien "J.J." Reynolds, a senior cornerback at George Washington High, suffered a serious neck injury in a scrimmage vs. Dobbins on Aug. 21. He is making significant early progress, maintaining a wonderful attitude and receiving tremendous support from friends and family. Ted's story from 8/31 is here.
    If you would like to offer J.J. your best wishes, please send an e-mail to silaryt@phillynews.com. Thank you!
    (The picture at left was taken last year, when J.J. was playing for Mastbaum, by Alex Alvarez, of the Daily News.)

Your comments . . .

   To J.J. -- May God bless you and your family through these rough times. The game of football is very physical but no one ever thinks that they'll get hurt while they're playing. We simply live for the next second ahead of us and not for the next day which is what we should do since tomorrow isn't promised. Stay upbeat and keep thinking positive, kid. Everything happens for a reason and I'm sure God has plans for you in the future. Take the Adam Taliaferro situation and think if he can do it so can I. He was an all-american player coming out of high school and one of the most highly-recruited players in our area and had a severe injury happen on national television. Some would say that he had nothing to live for, but he did. His family and friends were what he had to live for just as yourself. Maurice Bennett is a great guy who you've probably never met before but he comes up to show support just as I'm sure current and former players from all over the league will. Keep those positive thoughts up and look to the sky and of course Adam for inspiration.
Best of wishes!

Anthony Franklin (NE Class of 2001)

  You are in our prayers at Bishop McDevitt. We will NEVER QUIT. Just like you.
-- Jack Rutter

J.J.----I would like to wish you a speedy recovery. Stay positive and don't ever stop believing in yourself, your dreams, and the goals you have set. Just a short amount of time has passed since your unfortunate injury, and it would be very understandable if you demonstrated feelings of hopelessness.  Has this been the case? No, and already you have let people know that you plan to live your life on your terms. Thus, exhibiting  courageousness that is truly inspirational to all. I admire your bravery and wish you nothing but the best!!!!!
Take care & God Bless,
Ed "Huck" Palmer



   Keep your head up and take everything one day at a time. You will have good days and bad days during your recovery process, but know that this struggle is part of one ultimate plan, God's plan. You have a good foundation of family and friends and that will be very important in recovery process. Your injury has really helped to put life in perspective for me and many other people. Stay strong and focused and remember to use your resources (family, friends). You are in my prayers
-- Virgil Sheppard

I hope that you get better soon. We mish down here in Frankford, we are praying  that you make it throught this. Your friends miss you and hanging out with you, especially the bus ride back home from Franklin Mills. Just put it in Gods hands and everything will be alright.
God bless,

Hey J.J.
Just writing to say that we miss you, and we wanna see you. May god bless.  We will keep you and your family in our prayers.  Hopefully we will see you soon. This is from your friends of the Frankford High football team and your family from the frankford neighborhood. We just wanna say that we love you, and that we hope for quick recovery.
Love Always,
Shai, Shonda and Shannon

Hi J.J.
We've never met but I was wondering how you were coming along. I hope you
are recovering as best as you can from the intensive surgery you received.
From Coach Cohen, I know your teammates have been concerned abut you.
Even though you just joined us here at Washington High School, I wanted you
to know that I will say a prayer for your recovery, and that I wish you
Fern Loadenthal
Department Head of English

Hi J.J. my name is Latoya and I'm a senior here at Washington and on behalf
of the H.R.T. department, the school and the football team, we would like
to wish you a speedy recovery. We hope you are doing better and that you
will be able to come back to school soon. Even though you are not here in
person we know you are here in spirit. We hope this will cheer you up and
we will keep you in are praises.
Live Long and Prosper,
April Easley-Sudler

   To J.J-- What's up Im writing you say that everybody in Mastbaum didn't forget about you and everybody miss you and  that funny laugh you always did. The  whole Mastbaum Football team miss you the most .You was apart of our family and still is. You was more like a brother because you was always  the first  one to be by anybody side no matter what the problem was. I just want to wish you a speedy recovery and take it day by day.
-- Perrell "The Hulk"Jones (48)

   Too my man j.j im sorry too hear about  your injury ,it shooked me when i heared about it ,i was asking on of Mastbaum's players "What happened too j.j" he replyed by sayin he transfred too Washington an suffered a broken neck i didnt know what too say cat definitly had my tounge,i didnt think something could happen too one of my Baum Tech cannons but god plans are gods plans an we cant change that things happen for a reason,but u keep your head up an stay focus dawg. "You gone always be part of da Baum Tech fam" god bless you an your family ~1~
-- Derrick "Slim" Knight #64 c/o 2003
Mastbaum football

To: j.j.
J.J. Keep your head to the sky!
you a cool dude, just never stop being what you want to be.
I wish you the best, and I'll be praying for you. God will handle it
just let him daddy!
we gonna make it! keep on being you. -1- ock you part of the Baum.
Joel Rodriguez class of "04" Mastbaum

--A jj its Justin from the football team. I hope you feel better and someday get back on the football field with us. Imiss you on defense you know we need another corner because courtney can't catch the ball yet (smile). If you seen the tape on Mastbaum the ball hit him right in the hand. Hopefully I see you in the thanksgiving day game if not sooner.

Just wanna say, GOODLUCK JJ! You will be in my prayers. Get well soon and
stay strong.
~Chuck Tucker~
GWHS Senior

I pray that you stay strong in the lord cause note that he is the one that has the last words, But I am going to keep praying that you continue to do what you love to do.. But take it easy recovery is a good thing but you got to take one step at a time, But me and everyone at Norfolk state University are praying for you and hope that you recover 200% and get better so I holla at you later and God Bless you and your family....
Thayer Outlaw #34 from Overbrook high school class of "03"

  We hope that you recover as soon as possible. Washingtons football team needs you!! You will stay in our prayers, and we hope to see you at the Thanksgiving Day game or hopefully sooner!
Best of Wishes,

- GWHS Seniors-
Michelle and Traci

Yo J.J. what da deal, this Roy.  You will always be in my prayers as well as
your family. Remeber that this season is in rememberance of you, every game
we play is all for you. Most of the team wears "33" on the fronts of our
helmets and we all have your name on them. Don't forget to put God first in
all your endeavors and hurry up back we need you.


On behalf of the Northeast Football Team, I would like to say good luck and we hope you have a quick recovery. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!! DON’T STOP FIGHTING and STAY STRONG!!!!! You are ALWAYS in our prayers!! HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE FIELD AGAIN SOMETIME SOON!
Rob Lucini #72

j.j stay with a good mind set and u will get through this hard time.  Just put god first and u will be cool!!!  GOD BLESS from Rich  "Microwave" Williams and team from Roxborough high school.

  Yo, young JJ, this is J. Patton, ur boy from G- Dub. I just wanna say i hope you get well soon fam. Even though you haven't been here that long i got a lot of love for you and if it is anything u need dont hesitate to call me. We could use some more of that heart and aggression u showed in the game. Hurry up with that healing process so u can come back and keep these dudes on they toes. (Cuz u know, the way u played, people was worried about keepin they spot) Much love young JJ
J. Patton # 55

  Hey jj this is rahmel sommerville from washington, i  didnt know you for long but i miss having you out there on the field with us. We are looking good this year i just wish you could be there playing with us. I know you will recover from your injury just take it one day at a time. God bless you and your family and we gonna win the chip just for you jj. So good luck take care.
Rahmel sommerville #2 washington

This season is for you ''jj''

Yo JJ, its J.Shanker #16 from G-Dub. I hope your doing well and hopefully you'll get to come to our games some day. We need your energy and spirit. I'm prayin for you and i hope you get better soon
-- J.Shanker #16 G-Dub

This Omar Saunders #50 from G-Dub. My Family and I, also all of North Philadelphia wish you good health and hope you still continue to play football. Keep your head up, you can do anything.

Jay, just wanted to wish you the best, and to let you know that we are thinking of you all the time.  We are praying for you everyday.  Keep your head up!!! We will be back up to see you soon.
Terrant Morrison (Coach T), Lawrence King and Scott Bonk

The family of Jadrien Reynolds would like to thank everyone for their letters of encouragement and prayers. Please keep the encouraging letters coming.
J. J. enjoys hearing from his friends.
Thank you,
The Family
P.S. Thank you Ted for setting up this encouragement page.

(Ted's note: I'm glad we're able to help, in some small way. Please tell J.J. MANY people are thinking of him.)

Hey JJ its kelly from the football team. I just want you to know that I am keeping you in my prayers and in my heart. Everytime before a game we are always in all of our hearts by praying for you. I hear that you been getting better day by day, and I am very happy to hear that. Just take it day by day and you'll healthy in know time. I hope you get better pretty soon to come to our games. Anyway I just wrote to say that gw football team and I are keeping you in our hearts.
Your Friend,
Mike Kelly #52

hope u get better i kno i don't kno u but heard u were nice so hope u get better from me and the whole frankford football team
1 luv,
#58 Chris "Skarf " Cruz
p.s.  hope to see u on the field for years to come

Yo, wat up JJ, Its JAMES from the squad. I know that u probably don't remember me me but, I was sittin' next to your cubby in the locker room and we where just starting to talk and I remember thinking that u were a real cool bol. And just wanted u to know a couple of things, that the team is dedicating this season to u and u were made a caption. Also I have to let u know that I broke my arm in the frankford game on tv and the past couple of weeks have been frustrating and sometimes I just wanted to give up but then I remind myself about how strong u are and it gives me inspiration. So buddy I just wanted to let u know that, and to keep GOD  first and stay strong Homie.


JJ, May God Bless you and your family from your Frankford Charger family. We miss seeing your smiling face on the sidelines reminiscing about your Charger Days and me telling you to stick to football when you, John-John and Jerry "Manny" Butler playing basketball on the courts.  Times will get tough for you especially with physical therapy, but you were always a hard worker and I know you will hard to overcome your injury.  Good luck, Best of Wishes, and Keep Working Hard.   Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Kisha Thompson

Frankford Chargers Sports Organization

Hello JJ & Family,

   I read a story about you on a web site I visit often. Keep on keeping
on despite your paralysis. My name is Leo Hallan from Yankton, South
Dakota. I am 48 years old and have been paralyzed from the chest down
for 28 of those years. Three years ago I came across this web site
www.sciwire.com CareCure it was there that I learned that it is not a
matter of IF paralysis will be CURED but WHEN. Also it was there that
only by involvement of those suffering from paralysis can make the when
come sooner rather than later. I want to encourage you to visit this
site for the most recent information about spinal cord research. It is
also loaded with invaluable information that will help you and your
family in your efforts to deal with the situation you've found
yourselves in. I hope to hear from you at www.sciwire.com.

In April of this year I was able to participate in a clinical trial in
China and have seen returns. It is not the cure but the beginning of the
end, and after 28 years it's just amazing.

And also encourage you to visit this site, www.cordtalk.org/oeg/
Take care, and God bless.
Sincerely, Leo

Hey J.J,
  You are always in my prayers. Hope you have a strong recovery. By the looks of the pictures you look strong already keep your head up and stay positive.
-- jazzy

My best wishes goes out to you J.J. I hope you recover fast. Just keep your head up and fight. Something like this incident happened to me before and I understand how you feel. Just be strong and Our prayers are with you. God bless J.J.
-- Perry Woods, And the Southern football team.

Yo jj it was good seeing you again. This is rahmel sommerville # 2 from the team. We did it man we are the champs. I wish we could have won the states but we tried and i just wanna let you know i pray for you everyday. I really hope you get better man. I hope you get back on ya feet soon. You gotta work hard, i know you can do it. I know you cant wait until you get that championship jacket.this year was for you and i hope you get better. Alright i hope i see you again. Good luck ''jj''
Your teammate rahmel sommerville # 2. George washington high public league champions.

What's going on j.j ,this is one of your best friends from Harding middle
school im the twin, jon but any way im sorry about what happened I still
love you like a brother and i still care. Ill holla my Friend.
Jon Rawl-Dobbins Mustangs.

jj my name is kevin glickstein i saw you at some games this year.i graduated in 1987 from gw i played toooo hang in there you will be ok if you ever need someone to talk to you can call me.and jj thank you for being part of washington football.   your friend kevin class of 87

yo jj this is some kid from frankford high school kenny miller i am on
the wrestling team over there an i go on ted silary an see your name
there all over an just to see how much people care about you...your a
good football player an always will eb an hope you make a fast recovery
so you can continue doing what you love to do u have a big impact on my
life just to kno that you think you can walk again is amazing an your an
amazing person hope for the best of you , pce out jj