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Jack in the Box
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  Jack Crouse is a La Salle High football player with an interest in writing. He attended the state lacrosse title game and filed a report. We thank him for the hustle.
  You may contact Jack at


La Salle 13, Shady Side Academy 5

Explorers’ Victory Sweet at Hershey
    On Thursday night, June 10, the La Salle Explorers lacrosse squad defeated Shady Side Academy of Pittsburgh in the Pennsylvania State Title Game played at Hershey Park by a score of 13 to 5.  “It was amazing,” Senior defensemen Chris Mulholland said.  Mulholland, along with four other senior teammates, will go on to play in college at the Division I level.  Mulholland will attend Colgate University, fellow defensemen Eddie Graham chose Loyola; Midfielders Brian Neary to Drexel and Billy Warner to Delaware.
          Throughout the season Warner was undoubtedly an Explorer a fan favorite. When Warner scored, chants would ring all over the La Salle student section “B…B… B …B Dubs!” His quickness and athleticism, not to mention his goofballish nature, brought him numerous nicknames, most notably, “The Streets,” “The Truth” and “Stick Wit It”.  Warner firmly stated that the origin of his epithets is, “’cause they say the kid is the stick wit it and his game is straight from the streets.”
          La Salle received heaps of contribution from blossoming junior defensemen Eddie Di Donato, and Jim McCabe, midfielders Mike Lynch and Thayer Damm, and sophomore goalie Mike Haas.   Juniors Rob Forster, Pat Lombard, and sophomore Greg Casey have already proven themselves as dominating attackmen.  The three combined for 10 of the Explorers’ 13 goals in the title game. McCabe also scored on an impressive coast to coast breakway (goals by defensivemen are uncommon).
          The squad received a ton of fan support through their marvelous run through the state playoffs.  A lot of sacrifices were made by the Explorer faithful.  A lot of these guys were die-hard.  Throughout the State tourney the Explorer fans endured being berated by an old man who looked like “Ol’ Man Rivers”, off color remarks about going to a Catholic school by Ridley’s coach, threats from a kid wearing a goofy cowboy hat, one kid was hit in the face by a coffee mug, intimidation from an the angry parent of the opposing team’s goalie, and finally brutal Rodney King-style beatings doled out by two Hershey Park security guards, who need to get lives and a real job. Despite all this adversity, the crowd paid their money (or hopped the fence) and was ready to go for the next game.  The fans, like the team, showed undying passion.
         Many members of the Lax squad such as Neary, Warner, and Mulholland took to the shore to celebrate the win and were happy to catch the end of senior week.  As Warner recalls (or maybe he doesn’t), “Ha ha, the shore Friday night was ridiculous!”  Lynch had to undergo a quick metamorphosis from midfielder to quarterback as the football team had a summer passing scrimmage the following day.
          Many of the team believed the state championship was beyond their wildest dreams.  In the beginning of the season, most of the team had high hopes that they would reach the state final four but in the words of La Salle football coach Joe Colistra, “When you give it your all, sometimes you surprise yourself.”   This team was an outstanding surprise to all of us, a thrill to watch and will always be remembered as the first ever La Salle lacrosse team to win the state championship.


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The La Salle Lacrosse Fan Club takes time out for a photo with the Kit-Kat Bar at
Hershey Park.  All the guys in this photo also play a sport. L to R -- football player Jack
"In the Box" Crouse, basketball players Mike Chapman and Bri Carlin, baseball
player Joe Winning, and football players Mike "Stat Boy" Grant, Tom Jorfi and
Jon Clifford.

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Would you wanna mess with this crew? La Salle offensive linemen DJ Cunningham, Andrew Rocks,
and Stu Ryan rep the Pit.  Brian Carlin is in the back.  At right with the face paint are Brad Murtha
and Crazy Kev Trainer.

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The mighty Explorers huddle before the game. The flag is at half staff
to commemorate Ronald Reagan.  A roller coaster at Hershey Park can
be seen in the background.

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The Explorers take the field.

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The crowd celebrates after an Explorer goal.

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An overview of the action.  The Explorers are pressing into Shady Side's zone.  Another roller coaster
can be seen behind the bleachers.