No Hurdle Too High

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  On March 11, 2008, we received the following e-mail from John K. Jackson:

  As I was browsing your web site I noticed that there was no mention of the 4 x 120 yd High Hurdle Relay for public high schools.  I would like to submit for possible posting some information about the 1965 Overbrook High Hurdle Relay Team, which broke the long standing Public League record.  Our team consisted of John K. Jackson, Steve Kirby, Fred Brookins and Barry Milburn.  Our time, which is also a Franklin Field record, was 61 seconds flat (1:01.0).
  I've attached in this E-mail a copy of the certificate I received for this accomplishment, a copy of a page from a 1993 Penn Relay program listing our feat and a picture of the HH Team.
  Unfortunately, two of the members of the HH team are deceased: Steve Kirby and Fred Brookins. Erv Hall was also a member of our team, but ran singles. He placed second in the 1968 Olympics HH.
  Myself and Barry Milburn still stay in touch with each other. In fact, there is an Overbrook Track Team reunion that is scheduled to take place on April 25, 2008.  Barry and I will be in attendance along with many other alumni. The event will be held at Club Damani (66th & Media Street) at 7 p.m.

  In compiling our track information, we concentrated solely on the events that survive to this day. In a bygone era, when track had many more participants, there were many extra relays, even for field events.
  But we thank John for checking in with this info, and we're happy to give this crew its due.
  Look below for some photos . . .

L to R -- Barry Milburn, Steve Kirby, John Jackson, Erv Hall and Fred Brookins.

Certificate presented to John Jackson (Note: the chairman of the supervisory committee,
Stan Peffle, was the father of recently retired Frankford baseball coach Bob Peffle.

Part of a page from the Penn Relays program in 1993.