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Can Anyone Make a Tackle?
(Second Edition)

  On Oct. 11, 2014, the opening day of the Inter-Ac season, visiting Springside Chestnut Hill Academy outlasted Penn Charter, 53-51, in another all-time offense-athon. (On the final day of the 2013 season,
host Malvern topped SCH, 63-50.) Look below for the boxscore,   assorted notes and Ted's website report. Photo set is


First Downs 19 31
Rushes-Yards 29-289 43-261
Passing Yards 265 324
Total Offense 554 585
Return Yardage 82 103
All-Purpose Yardage 636 688
Passes 9-13-0 18-32-1
Punts 3-32.3 1-51.0
Fumbles lost 0 1
Penalties-yards 9-72 5-50

  SCH Academy                                                             6   12   22  13  -- 53

   Penn Charter                                                               0   13  19   19  -- 51

  SCH: Kyle Parsons 21 pass from Paul Dooley (kick failed)
  PC: FG Adam Kuper 30
  SCH: Syaire Madden 16 run (pass failed)
  PC: Michael Hnatkowsky 2 run (Kuper kick)
  SCH: Jordan Johnson 62 pass from Dooley (kick failed)
  PC: FG Kuper 26
  PC: Evan Ferrell 5 pass from Hnatkowsky (run failed)
  SCH: Madden 63 run (run failed)
  PC: Nile Hodges 1 run (run failed)
  SCH: Johnson 59 pass from Dooley (Madden run)
  PC: Jake McCain 65 run (Kuper kick)
  SCH: Sameir Madden 51 pass from Dooley (Dooley run)
  SCH: Parsons 18 pass from Dooley (kick blocked)
  PC: Ferrell 39 pass from Hnatkowsky (Kuper kick)
  SCH: Sy. Madden 21 run (Mac McHugh kick)
  PC: Hnatkowsky 1 run (kick failed)
  PC: Hnatkowsky 2 run (run failed)
  SCH: Syaire Madden 16-196, Paul Dooley 11-85, Jordan Johnson 2-8..
  PC: Jake McCain 28-217, Michael Hnatkowsky 8-15, Kenny Bergmann 6-28, Nile Hodges 1-1.
  SCH: Dooley 9-13-0 -- 265.
  PC: Hnatkowsky 18-32-1 -- 324.
  SCH: Johnson 3-132, Dylan Parsons 3-48, Matt Rahill 2-34, Sameir Madden 1-51.
  PC: J. McCain 5-73, Patrick McCain 3-43, James Gabor 3-25, Frank
McGlinchey 2-44, Evan Ferrell 2-44, Steven Lorenz 2-42, Denarii Beard 1-53. 
  SCH: Parsons.
  PC: None.
  SCH: Parsons 1-18.
  PC: None
  SCH: Kevin O'Donnell 4-21, Parsons 1-19, Justin Telemaque 1-13, Johnson 1-11, Nick Lawlor 1-0.
  PC: Bergmann 5-56, Ferrell 1-18, Beard 1-12, McGlinchey 1-8.
  SCH: None.
  PC: Bergmann 1-9.
  SCH: O'Donnell.
  PC: None.

Most points scored by losing team: 51, Penn Charter (breaks 50 by SCH Academy, 2013)

 The teams combined for 1,139 yards from scrimmage. PC won that battle, 585-554.
 They combined for 185 on returns. PC triumphed, 103-82.
 They combined for 1,324 all-purpose yards. PC captured that clash, 688-636.
 SCH's Paul Dooley accounted for five TDs (all passing). PC's Michael "Niko" Hnatkowsky
also accounted for five (three rushing, two passing).
  The game's first four possessions produced no points. Each of the next 12 produced points
with six TDs for SCH and four TDs/two field goals for PC. Total output: SCH 40, PC 32.
  The game's 104 points were scored in 37 minutes, 11 seconds. (First: 1:35 remaining in
first quarter. Last: 24 seconds remaining in fourth.)
  Six touchdowns were scored in the third quarter, from 9:35 to 1:53 (7 minutes, 32 seconds).
On the four long ones, the total distance was 238 yards.
  The last four of those third-quarter TDs were scored from 4:42 to 1:53 (2 minutes, 49 seconds):
1-yard run by PC's Nile Hodges; 59-yard pass from Dooley to Jordan Johnson; 65-yard run by
PC's Jake McCain; 51-yard pass from Dooley to Sameir Madden. Total plays for those scores:
  SCH's grunts were sr. C Chase Haegley, sr. Gs Robbie Phillips and Desmond "Wrestler
Dude" Johnson
, sr. T Payden Howard and jr. T Darian Bryant.
  PC's grunts were soph C Alex Slook, soph G Luke Stansfield, sr. G Jelani Buie, jr. T Sean
and soph T Bill Costello

OCT. 11
SCH Academy 53, Penn Charter 51

  The final score is hard enough to believe, right? Now digest this nugget: The game was played AT Penn Charter on natural grass. And not in ideal conditions. It rained rather hard overnight and drizzled up until lunchtime, so by the 2:30 start the middle of the field, especially, featured some soggy areas that later turned into mud patches. Who noticed? Phew! These teams combined for 1,139 scrimmage yards and 185 on returns for --- ch, ching -- 1,324!! SCH's breakdown: 289 rushing, 265 passing, 82 returning. PC's: 261 rushing, 324 passing, 103 returning. And you know what? We almost saw more. If PC had succeeded on a conversion with 24.2 seconds remaining, the score would have been tied at 53-53. The Blue Devils would have gone for the win. If the game had eased into OT, we would have seen more yards. I could write about this tilt for days (smile), but I'll try to maintain some sanity. The coolest quarter was the third, which saw the teams combine for six TDs from 9:35 to 1:53 in PC-SCH-PC-SCH-PC-SCH order. Two (both by PC) were shorties, but the other four scores produced 238 yards. Those were, in order, a 63-yard run by SCH soph RB Syaire Madden (seriously adept at breaking tackles), a 59-yard pass from SCH sr. QB Paul Dooley (great touch/location on multiple deep throws) to jr. WR Jordan Johnson (after sr. FB Nile Hodges scored for PC on a 1-yard run), a 65-yard run by PC jr. RB Jake McCain and a 51-yard pass from Dooley to sr. WR Sameir Madden, Syaire's brother. Incredibly, considering what happened later, the game started off in slow fashion. The game's first four possessions were fruitless and the initial TD (a 21-yard, right-corner lob to sr. WR Dylan Parsons) wasn't posted until 1:35 remained in the quarter. Then it was time for scoring mayhem! Counting the one on which Parsons scored, 12 consecutive possessions yielded points! SCH notched six TDs while PC mixed four TDs with two field goals by soph Adam Kuper, who was making his first appearance due to the absence of the regular kicker, jr. Colin Mattice. With 5:00 remaining, SCH boasted a 53-49 lead thanks to Syaire Madden's 21-yard run a PAT by sr. K Mac McHugh. Soph QB Michael "Niko" Hnatkowsky steered the Quakers downfield and soph WR Steven Lorenz was given credit for a 17-yard snag that placed the ball at the 1. (It was close. Ball might have hit the turf.) The Quakers then rushed to the line for the fourth-down play and Hnatkowsky powered in. Thanks to a TFL by soph DL Bill Costello and another clutch tackle by jr. LB Kenny Bergmann, SCH wound up calling for a pass on third down. It sailed out of bounds and a punt/return combo put the ball at PC's 48 at 2:00. The sequence: 18-yard pass to McCain; 24-yard pass to soph WR James Gabor; minus-1 pass to Gabor (he slipped in the flat); incompletion; 9-yard pass to McCain on a middle screen; 2-yard TD for Hnatkowsky after another rush job up to the line. The clock showed 24.2. Because Kuper's previous PAT had hit the left upright, the Quakers needed two to tie. Off a trips left formation, Hnatkowsky rolled that way. No one was open, so Hnatkowsky had to tuck, go and hope. Sr. LB Desmond "Wrestler Dude" Johnson wasn't interested in arriving REALLY late for dinner (as opposed to normal late). His contact popped the ball free and, along the PC sideline, it was deflation time. Kuper's onsides kick was recovered by sr. LB Nick Lawlor and a kneeldown ended it. As you can imagine, coach Rick Knox was a combination of elated/feisty. Though his team had won the game, it had surrendered 51 points, the most scored by a losing team in city history. Naturally, memories of last year's 63-50, season-ending loss to Malvern also were stirred. Come to think of it . . . today's 104 total points? A mere pittance (smile).