Philadelphia High School Sports
All-City Honorees, A-C

(Sorted by First Name)

(First, Second or Third Team in Football/Basketball/Baseball)
(Guys with nicknames appear at beginning of entries for their real name) 

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Name School Sport Team Year
Aaron "A-Trane" Washington Roxborough FB First 2005
Aaron "Snook" Boyd Germantown FB Third 2011
Aaron Allison Frankford FB Third 2011
Aaron Brown SJ Prep FB Third 1996
Aaron Brown SJ Prep FB First 1997
Aaron Greenfield Penn Charter FB Second 2001
Aaron Greenfield Penn Charter Base First 2002
Aaron Haas SJ Prep FB Third 2007
Aaron Haas SJ Prep Base Second 2008
Aaron Hayes Bok FB Third 2003
Aaron McCastle Bonn.-Pren. FB Third 2014
Aaron McKie Gratz Bask Third 1989
Aaron McKie Gratz Bask First 1990
Aaron Moore Penn FB Second 1980
Aaron Ruff Imhotep FB First 2013
Aaron Walker Dobbins FB Third 2010
Aaron Wilmer Washington FB Third 2008
Aaron Wilmer Washington FB First 2009
Aaron Wilmer Washington Base First 2010
Abdel Kanan Washington FB Third 2009
Abdul Sesay West Cath. FB Second 2000
Abdul Taylor Audenried Bask First 1996
Abdullah Sams Mastbaum FB Second 1987
Abel Rios Edison Base Third 1978
Abel Rios Edison Base First 1979
Abraham Holman Bartram FB Second 1993
Ackeem Clarke Bok FB Second 2007
Adam Brown Penn Bask Third 1998
Adam Citko Wood FB First 2008
Adam Hartman Frankford FB First 2002
Adam Malatino Neum.-Gor. FB Third 2007
Adam Murray Episcopal Base First 2002
Adam Nowak Judge FB First 2008
Adam Strouss Episcopal FB First 2012
Aderly Perez Esperanza Base Third 2012
Adonal Foyle O'Hara Bask Second 1992
Afumiya McFadden Gratz FB Third 1998
Afumiya McFadden Gratz FB First 1999
Ahmad "J.R." Gilbert Constitution Bask First 2014
Ahmad "J.R." Gilbert Constitution Bask Second 2015
AJ Frazier Roman FB Third 2014
AJ Jones Hav. School FB Second 2009
Akeem "Feathers" Green Bok FB Third 2002
Akeem Johnson Germantown FB Second 2005
Akeem Smith Frankford FB First 2008
Akeem Thompson Mastbaum FB Second 1997
Akil Stokes Germantown FB First 2002
Akmed Greene Roxborough FB Third 2008
Al Baur Southern Base First 1986
Al Clancy Judge Bask Second 1975
Al Desiderio Roman FB First 2007
Al Hollawell Judge FB Second 1973
Al Macchione Kenn.-Kenrick Base Third 1994
Al Settembrino Ryan FB First 1985
Al Settembrino Ryan FB First 1986
Al Shuler West Phila. FB Third 1985
Al Twyman Central FB Second 1979
Alan Brown Ryan FB First 1989
Alan Clark Overbrook Base Third 1983
Alan Joynes Bok FB Third 1987
Alan Watkins Roman Bask First 1989
Albert Baur Neum.-Gor. Base First 2009
Albert Baur Neum.-Gor. Base Second 2010
Albert Crockett Edison Bask Third 1996
Albert DiDomenico Neum.-Gor. Base Second 2006
Alex Arcangeli Wood FB Second 2104
Alex Forte Malvern FB Second 2006
Alex Holcombe Gtn. Academy FB Second 2005
Alex Hornibrook Malvern FB Third 2014
Alex Holcombe Gtn. Academy FB First 2006
Alex Kaplan Gtn. Academy Base Third 2003
Alex Liberatore Bonner Base Second 2010
Alex Ljachin Frankford FB Third 1985
Alex Peev Frankford FB First 1994
Alex Pohl Washington FB Third 1987
Alex Ringgold King FB Second 2005
Alex Sazonov O'Hara Bask Third 1998
Alex Vulakh Washington FB Second 1990
Alex Wesby Franklin Bask First 1998
Alfonso Wilson Roxborough FB Second 1985
Al-Hajj Shabazz Bartram FB Second 2009
Allen Taylor Central Base Second 1979
Alonzo Triplin Olney Bask Second 1994
Alonzo Williams Frankford FB Third 2005
Alvin Williams Gtn. Acad. Bask Second 1992
Alvin Williams Gtn. Acad. Bask First 1993
Amar Stukes La Salle Bask First 2013
Ameen Tanksley Imhotep Bask Third 2010
Ameen Tanksley Imhotep Bask First 2011
Ameer Ali Gratz Bask Second 2005
Ameer Selden Del-Val FB Second 2009
Amir Boler Roxborough FB Third 2007
Amir Walker Del-Val FB Third 2014
Amiri "Ralph" Johnson Parkway Bask Third 1992
Andre Daniel Lamber. Bask Second 1989
Andre Davis Dobbins FB Third 1997
Andre Davis Dobbins FB First 1998
Andre Dixon Chest. Hill FB Second 1993
Andre Dreuitt-Parks Imhotep FB Second 2014
Andre Glover Franklin Bask Third 2005
Andre Howard Overbrook Bask First 1995
Andre Johnson West Phila. FB Second 1994
Andre Jones King FB Third 2004
Andre Polilli St. James FB Third 1983
Andre Sloan-El Roman FB Third 2002
Andre Sloan-El Roman FB Second 2003
Andre Taylor Franklin FB First 1996
Andrew "Potter" Reynolds Central Base First 2005
Andrew "Scootie" Randall Comm. Tech Bask First 2008
Andrew Amaro Penn Charter Base Second 2011
Andrew Brown McDevitt FB Second 1986
Andrew Burke Chest. Hill FB Second 1987
Andrew Burke Chest. Hill FB First 1988
Andrew Furtak Central FB Third 2000
Andrew Gambone SJ Prep Base Third 2000
Andrew Garchinsky Carroll FB Second 1993
Andrew Garchinsky Carroll FB First 1994
Andrew Glace O'Hara FB Third 2007
Andrew Godlewski Saul Base Third 2002
Andrew Godlewski Saul Base Third 2003
Andrew Goodman Washington FB Second 2007
Andrew Goodman Washington Base Second 2008
Andrew Guckin Woo FB First 2012
Andrew Hanson Gtn. Acad. Base Third 2004
Andrew Hanson Gtn. Acad. Base Third 2005
Andrew Hoffman Hav. School FB Third 2000
Andrew Hoffman Haver. School Base Second 2000
Andrew Lacovara Ryan Base First 2007
Andrew Landolfi Haver. School Base Second 2012
Andrew Lihotz Northeast Base Third 2003
Andrew Lihotz Northeast Base Second 2004
Andrew Mackrides Malvern FB First 2003
Andrew McHale Judge FB First 2007
Andrew Micali Roman Base Second 1993
Andrew Ott Gtn. Acad. Bask Third 2005
Andrew Rogers Ryan BB First 2008
Andrew Spross SJ Prep FB Second 2004
Andrew Vorocsak Ryan FB Second 2013
Andrew Wallace La Salle Base Third 1992
Andrew Wood O'Hara FB Third 2001
Andy Barks Episcopal Base Second 2003
Andy Cobaugh SJ Prep FB Second 1988
Andy Cobaugh SJ Prep FB First 1989
Andy Garczynski Dougherty FB First 1983
Andy Garczynski Dougherty Base Third 1984
Andy Losty Haver. School Base Second 1994
Andy McMenamin Dougherty Base Second 1993
Andy Meltzer Northeast Base First 1984
Andy Person Episcopal FB Third 1989
Andy Person Episcopal FB First 1990
Andy Shalbrack SJ Prep FB Third 2005
Andy Smith Northeast Base First 1994
Angel Gonzalez Frankford FB Second 2005
Angel Moultair Germantown FB First 1999
Angel Rivera Edison Base Third 1984
Angel Rivera Edison Base Second 1985
Angelo Brown Southern FB Third 1994
Angelo Reynolds W. Cath. Bask Second 1978
Angelo Vicoli Penn Charter FB Second 1995
Angelo Vicoli P. Charter FB First 1996
Anthony "Buck" Sheeran Southern FB Second 1992
Anthony "Stinky" Norris Southern Bask Second 1975
Anthony Becht Bonner FB Second 1994
Anthony Cafagna C. Hill Base Third 2006
Anthony Cafagna C. Hill Base First 2007
Anthony Capella Roman Base First 2003
Anthony Chennault Frankford Bask First 1981
Anthony Ciarlello Episcopal FB Second 1995
Anthony Dabrowski Roman Base Second 2001
Anthony DeVito Central Base Second 2014
Anthony Fenza Malvern Base Second 2006
Anthony Franklin Franklin Base First 1984
Anthony Grosso Neumann Base First 1986
Anthony Heygood O'Hara FB Second 2001
Anthony Heygood O'Hara FB Third 2002
Anthony Heygood O'Hara FB First 2003
Anthony King Edison FB Third 1996
Anthony King Penn Bask Second 1982
Anthony Marascio Judge FB First 2007
Anthony Marinucci Neumann Base Second 1986
Anthony McCloskey O'Hara FB Third 2008
Anthony McDonnaugh W. Catholic FB Third 2010
Anthony McFadden Olney Bask Third 1983
Anthony Millhouse Gratz FB First 1975
Anthony Mora Wood FB Third 2002
Anthony Morrison U. City Bask Second 2005
Anthony Nunn Washington FB Third 2000
Anthony Rhoades W. Catholic FB Second 2005
Anthony Rhoades W. Catholic FB First 2006
Anthony Robinson Edison Bask Second 1983
Anthony Sheridan Neumann FB Third 1992
Anthony Sheridan Neumann FB First 1993
Anthony Singlar Con.-Egan FB Second 2009
Anthony Smith Franklin FB First 1981
Anthony Starace Ryan Bask Third 1998
Anthony Tumolo Southern FB Third 1977
Anthony Turiano Frankford FB Second 1973
Anthony Venafro GAMP Base Second 2007
Anthony Walker Judge FB Third 2011
Anthony Wallace Gratz FB First 2004
Anthony Walters O'Hara FB First 2005
Anthony Whittington Southern FB Second 1976
Antione "Blue" Singleton Freire FB Second 2007
Antione "Ness" Bland Gratz FB First 2009
Antoine Brockington Northeast FB Third 1992
Antoine Brockington Northeast Bask Third 1993
Antoine Brown Mastbaum FB First 1994
Antoine Bullock Northeast FB Third 1981
Antoine Fowler Northeast FB Third 2008
Antoine Jefferson Frank. LC Bask Second 1989
Antoine Kemp-Smith Germantown FB Third 2006
Antoine Lewis Gratz FB Third 1986
Antoine Whitney Bok FB First 2012
Antonio Cupit McDevitt FB Second 1984
Antonio Cupit McDevitt FB First 1985
Antonio "Scoop" Jardine Neum.-Gor. Bask Second 2007
Antonio Sowell Mastbaum FB Second 1998
Antonio Zachary Bartram FB First 1972
Antwoin Allen Olney FB Third 2008
Anwar "Fis" Blackmon U. City Bask Third 1996
Anwar Amin Bodine Bask Third 1993
Anwar Scott C. Grove Bask Third 1997
Aquil Stinson Chest. Hill FB First 1994
Aquil Younger Gratz Bask Second 2011
Archie Graham Franklin FB First 1973
Ari Bluestein Northeast Base Third 2002
Aric Burton Overbrook Base Second 1996
Arlan Johnson Mastbaum FB First 1999
Armani Fuller-Williams Mast. North FB Third 2013
Arnold Mullins Frankford FB First 2003
Arnold Ramos Southern FB Third 1986
Aron Morgan Hav. School FB Second 2011
Aron Morgan Hav. School FB Second 2012
Art Condodina O'Hara FB Third 1982
Art Condodina O'Hara FB Second 1983
Art Condodina O'Hara FB First 1984
Art Richardson West Cath. FB First 1978
Art Serano Bonner FB Third 1986
Art Serano Bonner FB First 1987
Arthur "Yah" Davis Roman Bask Third 1995
Arthur "Yah" Davis Frankford Bask First 1996
Ashley Howard Bonner Bask Second 1999
Atiba Kenyatta Germantown FB Third 2000
Augusto "June" Ortega Frankford Base Second 2011
Augusto "June" Ortega Frankford Base First 2012
Aundrey Thomas Southern FB Third 1989
Austin "Sonny" Nagle Dougherty FB Second 1995
Austin Kevitch Gtn. Academy FB Third 2009
Austin Tilghman Carroll FB Third 2013
Avery Jones Lincoln FB Third 1988
Avis Smith Penn FB First 1977
B.J. "Butch" Hogan O'Hara FB Third 1999
B.J. "Butch" Hogan O'Hara FB First 2000
B.J. "Butch" Hogan O'Hara Base Second 2001
Balial Lewis Roman FB Third 2006
Balial Lewis Sloan-El Roman FB First 2007
Barren Grier Dobbins FB Second 2001
Barry Baker Overbrook FB Second 1971
Barry Bekkedam Carroll Bask Third 1985
Barry Bekkedam Carroll Bask First 1986
Barry Brodzinski N. Cath. Bask Second 1972
Barry Brodzinski N. Cath. Bask First 1973
Barry Charles Gratz FB First 1985
Barry Moore King FB Third 1979
Barry Williams Mastbaum FB First 1990
Bay To Neum.-Gor. Base First 2014
Beau Fleming Con.-Egan Base Third 2012
Ben Davis Malvern Bask Third 1995
Ben Davis Malvern Base Third 1993
Ben Davis Malvern Base First 1994
Ben Davis Malvern Base First 1995
Ben Keller Con.-Egan Base Third 2009
Ben Payne McDevitt FB First 1994
Ben Singleton Roman FB Second 1989
Benny Walls SJ Prep FB Third 2014
Bernard Avery Roxborough FB Third 2009
Bernard Beamon Gratz FB Second 1980
Bernard Bygott Hav. School FB Third 1996
Bernard Franklin Lincoln FB Second 2003
Bernard Jones Roman Bask Second 1990
Bernard Jones Roman Bask First 1991
Bernie Fitzgerald La Salle FB Second 1976
Bernie Laster Frankford FB First 1975
Bert Leahy Roman Base Third 1978
Bert Wenzel Bonner FB First 1999
Biff Gottehrer Penn Charter FB Third 2003
Bill "Babs" Haines West Cath. FB First 1973
Bill Bailey Bartram FB Second 1990
Bill Barretta SJ Prep FB Second 1971
Bill Black Wood FB First 1978
Bill Black Roman Base Second 1992
Bill Black Roman Base First 1993
Bill Boegly Carroll FB Third 1976
Bill Bottinger Roxborough Base Third 1980
Bill Brightcliffe Penn Charter FB Second 1991
Bill Brightcliffe Penn Charter FB First 1992
Bill Burke Wood FB Second 1987
Bill Burke Dougherty Base Second 1997
Bill Collins Bonner FB Third 1995
Bill Cook Lincoln FB First 1977
Bill Cook Lincoln Base Third 1978
Bill Corbett Malvern FB Third 2000
Bill Doyle McDevitt FB Third 1988
Bill Eddis Dougherty FB Third 1988
Bill Edger SJ Prep FB First 2005
Bill Freiling Ryan FB Third 2002
Bill Freitag Mastbaum Base Second 1987
Bill Frusco La Salle FB Third 2013
Bill Fulforth Ryan FB First 1996
Bill Gallagher P. Charter FB Third 1989
Bill Gallagher Penn Charter FB Second 1990
Bill Garrison N. Catholic Base Second 1984
Bill Ghaul Carroll FB Third 2011
Bill Gobeler Washington Base First 1979
Bill Gross Wood FB First 2004
Bill Haas Wood FB First 1982
Bill Hartley Wood FB Third 2001
Bill Kramer Egan Base Third 1981
Bill Lockhart Malvern FB First 1984
Bill Lockhart Malvern Base First 1985
Bill Loskiewictz Neumann Base Second 2001
Bill Mancini SJ Prep FB Third 2009
Bill McCafferty Roman FB Third 1999
Bill McNulty Judge FB Third 1989
Bill McVey Ryan FB Third 1993
Bill Mendek W. Catholic Base First 1979
Bill Mendek W. Catholic Base Second 1980
Bill Mitchell O'Hara FB Second 1978
Bill Mitchell O'Hara FB Third 1979
Bill Mitchell O'Hara Bask Second 1980
Bill Moule SJ Prep Base Second 1994
Bill O'Connell St. James FB First 1972
Bill Onslager Mastbaum Base Third 1978
Bill Onslager Mastbaum Base First 1979
Bill Pace O'Hara Base Third 2008
Bill Phillips Carroll Bask Second 1997
Bill Ring McDevitt FB Third 1991
Bill Ryan O'Hara FB Second 1994
Bill Sachs Ryan FB Second 1988
Bill Small North Cath. FB First 1986
Bill Tatar La Salle FB Second 1992
Bill Tidmarsh Bonner FB Second 1972
Bill Trotter Wood FB Second 1974
Bill Walsh Judge FB Third 1998
Bill Warrender La Salle Base Third 2006
Bill Whalen Bonner FB Second 1990
Bill Wright Dougherty FB Second 1982
Bill Wright Dougherty FB First 1983
Bill Yoh Hav. School FB Third 1988
Bill Zwaan Carroll FB First 1971
Billl McGrath Mastbaum FB First 1972
Billy Canady Neumann FB Third 2003
Billy Canady Neumann Base Third 2004
Billy Conners Kenrick FB Third 1976
Billy Conners Malvern FB Third 2007
Billy Conners Malvern FB First 2008
Billy Dunfee Bartram FB First 1986
Billy Dunfee Bartram Base First 1987
Billy McKinney Penn Charter FB Second 2000
Billy McMonigle O'Hara FB Second 2007
Billy Morgan O'Hara FB Second 2008
Billy Teel King FB First 1983
Blair Hicks Gtn. Acad. FB Second 1992
Blair Talmadge Gtn. Acad. FB First 1980
Blair Thomas Frankford FB Third 1982
Blair Thomas Frankford FB First 1983
Blair Thomas Frankford FB First 1984
Blaise Coleman Egan FB Third 1991
Blaise Fullen P. Charter FB Third 2007
Blake Graham N. Catholic FB Second 2008
Blaze Rohrer Wood FB Third 1977
Bob Aitken P. Charter FB Second 1975
Bob Arnold McDevitt FB First 1982
Bob Ball La Salle Base Second 1993
Bob Ballay Ryan FB Second 1981
Bob Brett Frankford FB First 1980
Bob Browne Mastbaum Base Second 1983
Bob Browne Mastbaum Base First 1984
Bob Carey Malvern FB First 1972
Bob Carr Dougherty Base Second 1991
Bob Christy St. James Base Third 1984
Bob Christy St. James Base First 1985
Bob Collins Neumann FB Second 1979
Bob Convey Judge Bask Second 1977
Bob Cooper La Salle Base Third 1980
Bob DeLucas Wood FB First 2007
Bob Dillon Ryan FB Third 1984
Bob Dintino Central Base Second 1997
Bob Dittman Frankford Base Third 1992
Bob Edelman Northeast FB Second 1972
Bob Eyler Malvern Base Third 1984
Bob File Judge Base Third 1993
Bob File Judge Base First 1994
Bob Freitag Mastbaum Base Third 1987
Bob Freitag Mastbaum Base First 1988
Bob Graham Washington FB First 1984
Bob Greenfield Judge Base Second 2000
Bob Hopkins North Cath. Base Third 2009
Bob Hudoka Dougherty FB Second 1980
Bob Jackson Penn Charter FB Third 1979
Bob Jackson St. James FB Third 1990
Bob Keels Central FB Second 1974
Bob Keels Central FB First 1975
Bob Kueny North Cath. FB Third 1977
Bob LaMaina Dougherty FB Third 1981
Bob LaMaina Dougherty FB Second 1982
Bob Loscalzo Dougherty FB Second 1977
Bob Loscalzo Dougherty Base First 1978
Bob McCabe St. James FB Third 1992
Bob McCafferty Hav. School FB First 1971
Bob McCormick Southern Base Third 1986
Bob McGarrity Dougherty FB Second 1978
Bob McNally P. Charter FB Second 1980
Bob McNally Penn Charter Base Second 1981
Bob Molle Egan Base Second 1982
Bob Neill Southern Base Second 1983
Bob Nix La Salle FB First 1972
Bob Plumley N. Catholic Base Second 1982
Bob Romano Ryan FB Second 1983
Bob Rosania P. Charter FB First 1981
Bob Sadwick Bonner Base Second 1990
Bob Senske Ryan FB Second 1982
Bob Senske Ryan Base Third 1983
Bob Shull St. James FB Second 1990
Bob Sim Northeast Base First 1985
Bob Stephens Olney Bask Third 1975
Bob Verrelle Judge FB Second 1973
Bob Wazalis Roxborough FB Third 1979
Bob Wright Dougherty FB Second 1985
Bob Zupcic Egan FB First 1983
Bob Zupcic Egan Base First 1983
Bob Zupcic Egan Base First 1984
Bobby Adams Bartram Base Second 1982
Bobby Bell Dougherty FB Third 1991
Bobby Deal Mastbaum FB First 1971
Bobby Dey Penna. SD FB Third 1977
Bobby FitzPatrick Episcopal FB Third 2006
Bobby FitzPatrick Episcopal FB Second 2007
Bobby Granata Frankford Base Second 1996
Bobby Higginson Frankford Base First 1988
Bobby Hill Malvern FB Third 2009
Bobby Keyes SCH Acad. FB Third 2011
Bobby Keyes SCH Acad. FB Second 2012
Bobby Leach Bartram Bask Second 2001
Bobby McDevitt Ryan FB Second 2014
Bobby Miller Lincoln FB First 1983
Bobby Panchisin Malvern FB First 2008
Bobby Romano Ryan Base Second 2013
Bobby Romano Ryan Base Second 2014
Boe Davis Franklin FB Third 2000
Boe Davis Franklin FB First 2001
Brad Hamilton Wood Base First 1991
Brad Schneider La Salle Base Second 2014
Brad Tanner Gtn. Acad. FB Second 1971
Brad Wilson Del-Val FB Second 2010
Bradley Martin Gratz FB Second 2006
Bradley Wanamaker Roman Bask First 2007
Brahin Riley Northeast Bask Third 1994
Brahkim Poole Bok FB Third 2008
Brandon "Pooh" Gary Lamberton Bask Second 2000
Brandon Allen Frankford FB Third 2006
Brandon Arcidiacono Wood FB First 2011
Brandon Austin Imhotep Bask Second 2012
Brandon Austin Imhotep Bask First 2013
Brandon Brigman Neumann Bask Third 2000
Brandon Brigman Neumann Bask Second 2001
Brandon Chatmon Imhotep FB Third 2012
Brandon Chudnoff Washington FB Third 2009
Brandon Chudnoff Washington FB First 2010
Brandon Edwards McDevitt FB Second 2002
Brandon Fickenscher Bonner FB Second 1990
Brandon Fickenscher Bonner Base Second 1991
Brandon Friday SJ Prep FB Second 2003
Brandon Gonzalez Frankford Base Third 2012
Brandon Hollomon W. Catholic FB Third 2009
Brandon Hollomon W. Catholic FB First 2010
Brandon Lopez Roman FB Second 2013
Brandon Moore Carroll FB First 1987
Brandon Norris Frankford FB Third 2005
Brandon O'Malley Northeast Base Second 2005
Brandon Penn Robeson Bask Third 2008
Brandon Peoples Wood FB Second 2011
Brandon Phillips Dougherty FB Second 1987
Brandon Russell Frankford FB First 2010
Brandon Sady Chestnut Hill Base Second 2009
Brandon Shepherdson Penn Charter FB Second 1992
Brandon Shepherdson Penn Charter FB First 1993
Brandon Spatz Judge FB Second 2012
Brandon Watson Central Base Second 2004
Brandt Nolan West Phila. FB Third 1983
Brendan ``Bird'' Coyle La Salle FB Second 1996
Brendan Burke Haver. School FB Second 2013
Brendan Carney Malvern FB First 2000
Brendan Carney Malvern FB First 2001
Brendan Carney  Malvern FB Second 1999
Brendan Gilroy SJ Prep FB Third 2004
Brendan Hanagan McDevitt FB Third 2014
Brendan Kilfeather Chest. Hill FB First 1989
Brendan Kilpatrick Malvern Bask Third 2011
Brendan Kilpatrick Malvern Bask First 2012
Brendan Kwisz Judge FB Third 2006
Brendan McNally P. Charter FB First 2005
Brendan Moore P. Charter FB First 1996
Brendan O'Callaghan O'Hara FB Third 2009
Brent Grimes Northeast FB Second 2000
Brent Johnstone Germantown FB Third 1992
Brent Johnstone Germantown FB First 1993
Brett Carty Episcopal FB Third 1999
Brett DiFelice Chest. Hill Base Third 2005
Brett DiFelice Chest. Hill Base Second 2006
Brett Egan West Cath. FB First 1974
Brett Gordon La Salle FB Second 1995
Brett Gordon La Salle FB First 1996
Brett Gordon La Salle FB Third 1996
Brett Gordon La Salle FB First 1997
Brett Merves Washington Base Third 2000
Brett Reynolds Northeast Base Second 1997
Brett Rickus Judge FB Third 2007
Brett Rosen Northeast Base Third 1994
Brett Rosen Northeast Base First 1995
Brett Singleton Dobbins FB Second 1998
Brett Storm P. Charter Bask Second 2000
Brett Tiagwad SJ Prep Base Third 2007
Brett Tiagwad SJ Prep Base First 2008
Brian "Sluggo" Fleming Bonner FB Third 1994
Brian "Sugar" Smith Franklin Bask Third 1984
Brian Beard King FB Third 1993
Brian Boss North Cath. FB Third 1996
Brian Bradley Southern FB Second 1996
Brian Brinkmann SJ Prep FB Second 2006
Brian Buckley Malvern FB Third 1999
Brian Buckley La Salle Base Third 2014
Brian Burke Gtn. Acad. Bask Second 1998
Brian Burns Roxborough Base Second 1990
Brian Campbell Bonner FB Second 1991
Brian Campbell O'Hara Base First 2003
Brian Cooper Roman Base First 2005
Brian Cowden Ryan FB Second 1993
Brian Cunningham Wood FB Second 1981
Brian Curci La Salle FB Third 1995
Brian Daly SJ Prep FB First 1981
Brian Daly La Salle FB First 1989
Brian Daly Bonner Bask First 1988
Brian Denoncour Haver. School FB Third 2013
Brian Denoncour Haver. School FB Third 2014
Brian Devine Ryan FB First 1990
Brian Dones Chest. Hill FB Second 2010
Brian Donohoe La Salle FB First 2001
Brian Dougherty Episcopal FB Third 1991
Brian Dulin Judge FB Third 1984
Brian Dunn Carroll FB Second 1993
Brian Dunphy W. Catholic Base Second 1989
Brian Dunphy W. Catholic Base Second 1990
Brian Erwin Ryan FB First 1987
Brian Ewell Chest. Hill FB Third 1977
Brian FitzPatrick Episcopal FB First 2004
Brian Fricker Frankford FB Second 1989
Brian Gallagher Malvern FB First 1991
Brian Giacobetti O'Hara Base Second 2005
Brian Giacchino Malvern Base Second 2013
Brian Gillin Kenn.-Ken. FB Second 2004
Brian Golderer Judge Base Second 1984
Brian Grandieri Malvern Bask Second 2003
Brian Grandieri Malvern Bask First 2004
Brian Graves Olney Bask First 1988
Brian Grimes Gtn. Acad. Bask Third 2005
Brian Hamill Ryan FB First 1990
Brian Hamill Ryan FB Second 1991
Brian Harvey Franklin FB Third 2014
Brian Heavens Malvern FB Second 1999
Brian Hensel Ryan FB First 1985
Brian Herman Con.-Egan Base First 2006
Brian Hirschmann Wood FB Third 1998
Brian Hogan La Salle FB Third 2003
Brian Hrynczyszyn Con.-Egan FB Second 2003
Brian Jones Chest. Hill FB Third 1990
Brian Kearney Judge Base Second 1998
Brian Kearney Judge Base First 1999
Brian Kennedy Wood FB Second 1990
Brian Kennedy Wood FB Third 1991
Brian Kennedy Judge FB Third 1992
Brian Kersey Dougherty FB First 1996
Brian Kolmer Malvern FB First 1971
Brian Kraus SJ Prep FB Second 1996
Brian Lafond Wood FB Third 1990
Brian Leahy Kenrick Bask Second 1983
Brian Leahy Kenrick Bask Second 1984
Brian Louderback Episcopal FB Third 1983
Brian Mattaway Carroll FB First 2000
Brian McCann Ryan Base Second 1997
Brian McCloskey P. Charter FB First 1981
Brian McCloskey Penn Charter Base Third 1982
Brian McCoach Bonner Base Third 1997
Brian McCrae St. James FB First 1991
Brian McGilloway Ryan FB Third 2010
Brian Meagher Bonner Base Third 2006
Brian Mitchell N. Catholic FB First 2002
Brian Mitros McDevitt FB Second 2005
Brian Morgan Washington Base Second 2004
Brian Morrow Bonner FB Third 1994
Brian Morrow Bonner FB First 1995
Brian O'Grady Wood Base Second 2008
Brian O'Grady Wood Base Second 2009
Brian O'Grady Wood Base First 2010
Brian O'Hare Dougherty Base Third 1997
Brian Oliver Ryan Base Second 1979
Brian O'Meara McDevitt FB Second 2001
Brian Ott Northeast Base Third 1987
Brian Peacher Judge Base Second 1990
Brian Person Episcopal FB First 1996
Brian Pichalsky Mastbaum FB Third 1994
Brian Quigg McDevitt FB Second 1986
Brian Quigg McDevitt FB First 1987
Brian Ramsey Frankford FB Second 1980
Brian Ramsey Frankford FB First 1981
Brian Reidy Judge FB First 1982
Brian Rodgers McDevitt FB Second 1996
Brian Rorick Carroll Base First 2004
Brian Rorick Carroll FB First 2004
Brian Rorick Carroll Base Second 2005
Brian Ruditys Episcopal Base Third 2011
Brian Sawyer Roxborough FB Second 1979
Brian Schaller Wood Base Third 1992
Brian Schaller Wood Base First 1993
Brian Schuster Central Base Second 2000
Brian Serafin Carroll FB Second 1991
Brian Sheppard Roxborough Base Second 1996
Brian Shorter Gratz Bask Third 1985
Brian Shorter Gratz Bask First 1986
Brian Sottile Egan FB First 1974
Brian Susten Northeast Base Third 2008
Brian Tracz O'Hara FB Second 1973
Brian Tracz SJ Prep FB First 2002
Brian Tracz SJ Prep FB First 2003
Brian Van Horn St. James Base Third 1983
Brian Wall Malvern FB Third 1980
Brian Walls Penn Charter FB Second 1993
Brian Walls P. Charter FB First 1994
Brian Warren St. James Base Third 1989
Brian Warren St. James Base Third 1990
Brian Weick P. Charter FB Third 1990
Brian Wilson O'Hara FB Second 1996
Brian Zwaan Carroll FB First 1975
Broderick Rook Overbrook FB Third 1980
Bruce Carthon Lincoln FB First 1978
Bruce Harris Northeast FB Second 1990
Bruce Konick Frankford Base First 1981
Bruce Peltzer Ryan FB Third 1995
Bruce Perry Dougherty FB Third 1997
Bruce Perry Washington FB First 1998
Bruce Pohlot La Salle FB First 2002
Bryan Adamson Northeast Base Second 2003
Bryan Adamson Northeast Base Third 2004
Bryan Anderson Bartram FB Second 1995
Bryan Anderson Bartram FB Second 1996
Bryan Anderson Bartram FB First 1997
Bryan Chesky Carroll Base Third 2014
Bryan Dempsey O'Hara FB Second 1986
Bryan Harvey La Salle Base First 2000
Bryan McCartney Wood FB First 2005
Bryan McKernan Malvern Base Third 1992
Bryan McKernan Malvern Base Second 1993
Bryan Navin Neumann FB Second 2001
Bryan Savage Hav. School FB First 2003
Bryant Jennings Franklin FB Third 2002
Buddy Brennan Gtn. Academy Base First 1996
Buddy Buonato O'Hara FB First 1979
Buddy Grippo Northeast Base Third 1995
Bufus "Bucky" Outlaw Southern FB First 1977
Burt Grossman Carroll FB First 1984
Byron Cooper Imhotep FB Second 2011
Byron Smith Germantown FB Second 1990
Calden Pierce Roxborough FB First 2006
Calvin Dixon Central Bask Third 1978
Calvin Dixon Central Bask Second 1979
Calvin Johnson Franklin Bask First 1999
Calvin Moultrie Penn FB Second 1978
Calvin Shakoor Washington FB Third 1988
Calvin Spires Frankford FB Second 2006
Cameron Ayers Gtn. Acad. Bask Second 2009
Cameron Ayers Gtn. Acad. Bask Second 2010
Cameron Brown Gratz FB Third 2014
Cameron Cappo La Salle FB Second 2010
Cameron Murphy Northeast FB Second 2000
Cameron Phillips West Phila. FB Third 1993
Camille Max Northeast FB First 2010
Cantrell Fletcher Neumann Bask Second 2000
Cantrell Fletcher Neumann Bask First 2001
Carl "Corky" Hillen Northeast FB First 1987
Carl Jamison West Cath. FB Third 1995
Carl King Overbrook FB Third 1989
Carl Norris McDevitt FB Second 1991
Carl Peterson Judge FB Third 2002
Carl Peterson Judge FB First 2003
Carl Ramirez West Cath. FB Second 1978
Carl Thomas W. Cath. Bask Third 1979
Carl Walrath Hav. School FB Third 2009
Carlin Edwards Lincoln FB Second 2005
Carlin Warley Frankford Bask Second 1988
Carlin Warley Frankford Bask First 1989
Carlo Marinari W. Catholic Base Third 1985
Carlos Bradley Germantown FB First 1975
Carlos Bradley Germantown FB First 1976
Carlos Edwards Bartram FB Second 1978
Carlos Galarza Dougherty Base Second 1990
Carlos Gonzalez Edison Base Third 1991
Carlos Rivera Frankford Base First 2003
Carlos Rosado Frankford Base Third 2005
Carlton "C-9" Willis Overbrook Bask Second 1978
Carmen Cervella O'Hara FB Third 2012
Carmen Del Mastro Roman Base Third 2005
Carton Rogers SJ Prep FB Third 1999
Casey Jones Judge FB Third 1991
Casey Strus O'Hara FB Second 2010
Cedric Green Bok FB Second 2003
Cedric Madden SCH Acad. FB Second 2011
Chad Harvey Con.-Egan Base Third 2000
Chafie Fields Mastbaum FB First 1993
Chafie Fields Mastbaum FB First 1994
Chalie McFadden Dougherty FB Second 1984
Charles "Chicky" Pollick O'Hara FB Second 1983
Charles Brown Washington Bask Third 2015
Charles Ellison Dobbins FB First 1973
Charles Evans Bartram FB Second 1976
Charles Haywood West Phila. FB Second 1973
Charles Hickman Episcopal Bask Second 1981
Charles Jones Bartram Bask Third 2003
Charles Kennedy Bok FB Third 1988
Charles Kennnedy Bok FB First 1999
Charles Murphy G-town Bask Second 1976
Charles Taylor Franklin FB First 1997
Charles Thomas Frankford FB Second 1982
Charles Tyler Roxborough FB Third 2001
Charles Way Northeast FB First 1989
Charles Williams Neumann FB Second 1988
Charles Wise Gtn. Acad. FB Second 1994
Charles Woodall Washington FB First 1997
Charlie Barks Episcopal Base Third 2006
Charlie Floyd Malvern Bask Third 1972
Charlie Floyd Malvern Bask First 1973
Charlie Floyd Malvern Bask First 1974
Charlie Hurley Carroll FB Second 2000
Charlie Jerla Neum.-Gor. Base First 2014
Charlie Klink N. Catholic FB Second 2005
Charlie Noonan SJ Prep FB Second 2004
Charlie Noonan SJ Prep FB Second 2005
Charlie Peoples Lincoln FB Second 1987
Charlie Peoples Lincoln FB First 1988
Charlie Schretzman Judge FB First 1983
Charlie Squitiere Roman FB Second 2003
Charlie Warner Judge FB Third 1990
Charron Fisher Roman FB Third 2002
Charron Fisher Roman FB Second 2003
Charron Fisher Roman Bask Second 2002
Charron Fisher Roman Bask Second 2003
Charron Fisher Roman Bask Second 2004
Chaz Scott Carroll FB Third 2001
Chaz Scott Carroll FB First 2002
Chester Roebuck W. Catholic FB Third 2002
Chikwere "Obi" Amachi La Salle FB First 1998
Chip Greenberg La Salle Bask Third 1981
Chip Greenberg La Salle Bask First 1982
Chip Lloyd La Salle Base Second 1983
Chironn "Goober" Davis Bartram FB Second 2001
Chris "Goose" Gosik Malvern Base First 2008
Chris "Goose" Gosik Malvern Base Second 2009
Chris "Hutch" McKenty Ryan Base Second 1994
Chris "Scooter" Ellis Judge FB Second 1987
Chris Albright Penn Charter FB Second 1996
Chris Ashley La Salle FB Third 2006
Chris Bing Central Bask Third 2014
Chris Blocker Northeast Bask Third 1982
Chris Blocker Northeast Bask Second 1983
Chris Bonecorse N. Catholic Base Second 2007
Chris Brady La Salle FB Second 1993
Chris Brassell Chest. Hill FB Second 1988
Chris Cabrey La Salle FB Third 2006
Chris Cameron Kenrick FB Second 1984
Chris Caserio Neumann FB Second 1991
Chris Cashman Carroll Base First 2004
Chris Cavallaro Ryan FB Third 1995
Chris Cavallaro Ryan Base First 1996
Chris Clanton Washington FB Third 2005
Chris Clanton Washington FB First 2006
Chris Clark SJ Prep Bask First 2004
Chris Clover SJ Prep Bask First 2014
Chris Clover SJ Prep Bask First 2015
Chris Conlin McDevitt FB First 1982
Chris Corkery Roman Base Second 2003
Chris Covington Frankford FB Third 1996
Chris Cowell Malvern Base Second 2008
Chris Crawford Wood Base Third 2005
Chris Crawford Wood Base First 2006
Chris Cruz Roman FB Second 2012
Chris Curran La Salle FB First 1982
Chris D'Amico Southern FB First 1981
Chris David Con.-Egan Base Third 2005
Chris Day Carroll FB Third 1991
Chris DeFelice West Cath. FB Third 1989
Chris DeFelice W. Catholic Base Third 1990
Chris Dengler Carroll Base Second 2007
Chris DeShields Mastbaum FB Third 2000
Chris DeShields Mastbaum FB First 2001
Chris Diaferio West Cath. FB Second 2004
Chris Dibello Hav. School FB Second 2010
Chris Dorman King FB Third 1998
Chris Dougherty La Salle FB First 1999
Chris Downs Malvern FB First 1996
Chris Downs Malvern FB First 1997
Chris Dugan Dougherty Base First 1992
Chris Elmes Malvern Base Third 2013
Chris Emper Malvern FB Second 2001
Chris Fagan Judge FB Second 1987
Chris Fioravanti Roman FB First 2007
Chris Flynn Episcopal FB Second 1982
Chris Flynn Episcopal FB First 1983
Chris Foy SJ Prep Bask Third 1977
Chris Franklin West Cath. FB Second 1989
Chris Galbally La Salle FB First 2002
Chris Gary La Salle FB Third 2013
Chris Gies Judge Base Third 1986
Chris Gies Judge Base First 1987
Chris Glowacki Penn Charter FB Third 1997
Chris Glowacki P. Charter FB Second 1998
Chris Greene Bartram FB Third 1987
Chris Gress Ryan FB Second 1983
Chris Hamilton Gtn. Friends Base Second 2000
Chris Hamwright SJ Prep FB First 1993
Chris Hanson Wood FB Second 2004
Chris Hanssens North Cath. FB Third 1985
Chris Harvey Gtn. Acad. Base First 2011
Chris Hatcher-McMullen Penn Charter FB Second 1998
Chris Heck N. Catholic Base Second 1994
Chris Heck N. Catholic Base First 1995
Chris Hemmert Bonner FB Second 1993
Chris Hemmert Bonner FB First 1994
Chris Howard SCH Acad. FB Third 2011
Chris James N. Catholic FB Third 2007
Chris Jeffers La Salle Base Third 2002
Chris Johnson Roman FB First 2007
Chris Johnston West Cath. FB Third 1990
Chris Jordan Gtn. Acad. FB First 2000
Chris Kane La Salle FB Third 2012
Chris Kennedy Ryan FB Second 1995
Chris Kennedy Carroll FB First 2008
Chris Kittredge McDevitt FB Second 1996
Chris Knott Wood FB Third 2009
Chris Kozole Ryan Bask Third 2002
Chris Krug Gtn. Acad. Bask Second 1997
Chris Krug Gtn. Acad. Bask First 1998
Chris Layne Malvern FB Third 2006
Chris Lazorcheck La Salle Bask Third 1990
Chris Lisowski Carroll Base Third 2007
Chris Lopez Edison Base Second 2010
Chris Lorditch Wood FB Third 2004
Chris Lorditch Wood FB Second 2005
Chris Lorditch Wood FB First 2006
Chris Lubanski Kenn.-Kenrick Base Third 2001
Chris Lubanski Kenn.-Kenrick Base First 2002
Chris Lubanski Kenn.-Kenrick Base First 2003
Chris Maguire P. Charter FB Second 1983
Chris Marrone Neumann FB First 1992
Chris Martin SJ Prep Base Third 2013
Chris Martin SJ Prep FB First 2013
Chris Massella La Salle Base First 1990
Chris McInerney Chest. Hill Base Second 2004
Chris McMonagle Ryan FB Third 2011
Chris McNicholas Dougherty FB Third 2004
Chris Melillo La Salle Base Second 2012
Chris Melillo La Salle Base First 2013
Chris Mooney Ryan Bask Second 1990
Chris Moore Egan FB Third 1989
Chris Morgan Hav. School FB Second 2012
Chris Mork Kenrick FB Second 1975
Chris Mork Kenrick FB First 1976
Chris Morton P. Charter FB First 1984
Chris Mountney Northeast FB First 2005
Chris Muntz Malvern FB First 1999
Chris Nanni P. Charter FB Second 1986
Chris Nanni Penn Charter FB First 1987
Chris Nanni Penn Charter Base Second 1987
Chris Nocco Ryan FB First 1993
Chris O'Brien La Salle Bask Third 1981
Chris O'Brien Malvern FB Third 2009
Chris O'Brien Malvern Base Second 2010
Chris O'Brien Malvern Base First 2011
Chris O'Connor Wood FB Third 2012
Chris Olivieri Carroll FB Second 1982
Chris Owens McDevitt FB Second 1985
Chris Palmer Neum.-Gor. FB Second 2007
Chris Pennington La Salle FB First 1998
Chris Person Episcopal FB Second 1992
Chris Piccoli E & S Base Third 1987
Chris Poindexter Northeast FB First 2001
Chris Rhone Gratz FB Third 1988
Chris Riley Northeast FB Third 1983
Chris Roantree Judge FB Second 1998
Chris Rodgers Gtn. Acad. Bask Second 2000
Chris Rooney Egan FB Third 1983
Chris Salvey O'Hara Base Second 2014
Chris Santoro Kenn.-Ken. FB Third 2007
Chris Schrader Bonner FB Second 2001
Chris Schrader Bonner FB Second 2002
Chris Scott-Peters Neumann FB Third 2001
Chris Short SJ Prep FB Third 1999
Chris Simons Chest. Hill Base First 1989
Chris Spence Frankford FB First 2007
Chris Stratts Carroll FB Second 1991
Chris Sturgis Franklin FB Third 2007
Chris Tillman Malvern FB Third 1990
Chris Treston Malvern FB Third 1985
Chris Treston Malvern FB First 1986
Chris Troutman Carroll FB Second 1981
Chris Wayock Malvern Base Third 1998
Chris Wenger North Cath. Base Third 2005
Chris Whitney SJ Prep FB Third 2004
Chris Whitney SJ Prep FB First 2005
Chris Whitney SJ Prep FB First 2006
Chris Whittle Washington FB Second 2000
Chris Wilk Ryan FB Third 2006
Chris Wilk Ryan FB Second 2007
Chris Williams Gtn. Academy FB First 1978
Chris Williams Central FB Third 2002
Chris Williams Dougherty Bask First 1989
Chris Wright Chest. Hill FB Third 1982
Chris Wright Chest. Hill FB Third 1983
Chris Wyche Germantown Base First 1985
Chris Yurkow Frankford FB First 1978
Christian Guinan Chest. Hill FB First 2010
Christian Lohin Wood FB Third 2014
Christian Summers Bonn.-Pren. FB First 2012
Christian "Ya-Ya" Walker Kenn.-Ken. Base Second 2007
Christian "Ya-Ya" Walker Kenn.-Ken. Base First 2008
Christian "Ya-Ya" Walker Kenn.-Ken. Base First 2009
Chuck Boddy Gtn. Academy FB Third 2011
Chuck Bushbeck Judge FB Third 1976
Chuck Bushbeck Judge FB Second 1977
Chuck Casper Lincoln FB First 1982
Chuck Chupein Bonner FB Third 1985
Chuck Coleman Egan Base Second 1989
Chuck Hughes Washington FB First 2004
Chuck Killian North Cath. FB First 1984
Chuck Knowles Con.-Egan FB Third 1995
Chuck Lojewski West Cath. FB Second 1983
Chuck Lynch Chest. Hill FB Third 1986
Chuck Malloy La Salle Base Third 1990
Chuck McAnally Malvern Base Third 1983
Chuck McCaffrey Central Base Third 1992
Chuck Morganti North Cath. FB Second 1987
Chuck Morganti North Cath. FB Second 1988
Chuck Nolte SJ Prep Base Third 1986
Chuck Raech Bonner Base Second 1978
Chuck Raech Bonner Base Second 1979
Chuck Westergon Mastbaum FB Third 1999
CJ Mooney Malvern FB First 2008
Clarence "Eggy" Tillman W. Phila. Bask Second 1976
Clarence "Eggy" Tillman W. Phila. Bask First 1977
Clarence "Eggy" Tillman W. Phila. Bask First 1978
Clarence Hamilton West Phila. FB Second 1973
Clarence Norwood Bartram FB Second 1977
Claudy Mathieu Washington FB Third 2010
Clayton "Stink" Adams Roman Bask Second 1987
Clayton Brothers Roxborough Bask Third 2008
Clement Tuck Bartram FB Second 1974
Cleon Jones Washington FB Second 1986
Cliff Carter Dobbins Base Third 1980
Cliff Hagan Egan FB Second 1977
Cliff Hubbard Frankford FB Third 1983
Clinton Young Franklin FB Second 1975
Clyde Peterson Bartram Base Second 1982
Clyde Woodley Dougherty FB Second 1980
Coley Murphy Gtn. Acad. FB Second 1993
Coley Ohlbaum P. Charter FB Third 1984
Colin Buckley La Salle FB Third 2011
Colin Cunningham SJ Prep Base Second 2014
Colin Devlin Judge FB Third 1988
Colin Hitschler Penn Charter FB Second 2003
Colin Hitschler Penn Charter FB First 2004
Colin Kelly Chest. Hill FB Third 2010
Colin Kish Gtn. Acad. Base First 2008
Colin Pyne La Salle Base First 2011
Colin Pyne La Salle Base Second 2012
Colin Thompson Wood FB Second 2010
Colin Thompson Wood FB First 2011
Colin Wixted SJ Prep FB Third 2005
Collin DiGalbo Bonn.-Pren. FB Second 2013
Collin DiGalbo Bonn.-Pren. FB Third 2014
Connor Daly La Salle FB First 2010
Connor Foley Judge FB Third 2010
Connor Foley Judge FB Third 2012
Connor Foley Judge FB First 2013
Connor Golden Ryan FB First 2013
Connor Hoffman La Salle FB Second 2009
Connor Kerrigan La Salle FB Second 2011
Connor Mahoney Malvern FB First 2010
Connor Mahoney Malvern FB First 2011
Connor McKenna Roman Base Third 2014
Connor Thompson Judge FB Second 2010
Conor Kerins Bonner Base Second 2007
Conor Kerins Bonner Base First 2008
Conrad Blake Olney FB Third 1985
Cordero Thompson Dobbins FB Second 2004
Corey Baiada La Salle Base Second 2011
Corey Baiada La Salle Base First 2012
Corey Brown O'Hara FB Second 2008
Corey Brown O'Hara FB First 2009
Corey Cannon O'Hara FB Second 2002
Corey Hill Carroll FB Second 1994
Corey Kelley Penn Charter FB Third 2013
Corey McElveen Lincoln FB Third 1979
Corky Andrews Penn Charter FB Second 1978
Cornelius Braxton Bok FB Third 1980
Cornelius Braxton Bok FB Third 1981
Cornelius Bunch Central FB First 2004
Corry Appline Washing. Bask Third 1989
Cory Shaeffer Frankford Base Second 2004
Cory Sutton Dougherty FB Third 1998
Cosmo Losco Judge Base First 1980
Courey Burrell Lincoln FB Second 2006
Courtney Batts Penn Charter FB First 1991
Courtney Batts Penn Charter FB First 1992
Courtney Batts Penn Charter Base First 1992
Courtney Batts Penn Charter Base First 1993
Craig Born Hav. School FB Third 1979
Craig Conlin La Salle Bask Third 1984
Craig Conlin La Salle Bask Second 1985
Craig Haywood O'Hara FB First 2002
Craig Houck Roman Base Second 1978
Craig Kubis N. Catholic Base Second 2004
Craig Kuptsow Lincoln FB First 1972
Craig O'Brien Malvern FB Third 1977
Craig O'Brien Malvern FB First 1978
Craig Pfeifer Lincoln FB Second 1975
Craig Renfrow Episcopal FB Second 1972
Craig Shumock Gtn. Acad. FB Second 1976
Craig Shumock Gtn. Acad. FB First 1977
Craig Shumock Gtn. Academy Base First 1978
Craig White Gtn. Acad. Bask Third 1988
Craig Wise Central Bask First 1991
Cullen Rota Kenn.-Ken. FB Third 2009
Cullen Rota Kenn.-Ken. Base Second 2010
Curan Simmons Prep Charter FB Third 2013
Curt Wortham Judge FB Third 2008
Curt Wortham Judge FB Second 2009
Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley West Cath. FB Second 2001
Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley West Cath. FB First 2002
Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley W. Catholic FB First 2003
Curtis Callands Washington FB Third 1995
Curtis Drake W. Catholic FB Third 2007
Curtis Drake W. Catholic FB First 2008
Cuttino "Cat" Mobley Dougherty Bask First 1992