Andy Baratta's Book

  Andy Baratta, a former basketball star at St. Joseph's Prep and Penn, and now
a lawyer, has written a novel, "What Color Justice." We wish Andy well with
this project!!
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   IUniverse, Inc. announces the publication of the thrilling
new novel, What Color Justice, by Andrew P. Baratta.

  In What Color Justice, Darnell, an abused and
neglected child trying to survive the horror inflicted
upon him in a Philadelphia housing project, is taken
in by Lionel Cooper, a talented and ambitious, but

immature, black lawyer. Given love, education, and
nourishment for the first time in his life, Darnell is
discovered to not only have a genius IQ, but also
develops into a phenomenally gifted basketball
player; so gifted that as a high school senior he is
expected to be the first pick in the NBA draft. But
feeling that his life should be about more than just
basketball, Darnell chooses his education, and enrolls
at the University of Pennsylvania. Literally
overnight he becomes a national icon for seeking an
Ivy League degree over the millions of dollars and
illusory glory offered by the NBA.
  Darnell's success as a student/athlete culminates when
he falls in love with Kelly, a Penn freshman and the
daughter of a Philly cop. But when Kelly is murdered
on the night she and Darnell make love for the first
time, he is charged with her murder and rape.
  The District Attorney is a good man who believes
it is his duty to seek the death penalty against Darnell,
despite doubts that he is capable of murder.
  Knowing the truth of Darnell's past, Lionel believes he is
guilty, but loves the boy too much to allow him to be
convicted. Kelly's father only wants justice for his
daughter's killer, and will do whatever it takes to
get it. Their fight is not only against each other,
but against each man's perception of race and justice
- where Darnell's life hangs in the balance.

  "What Color Justice will not only keep the reader
guessing until the very end where justice lies for
Darnell, it will also challenge every reader's
perception of right and wrong, and their own racial
prejudices," said the author, Andrew Baratta. "It
forces readers to be honest with themselves about
difficult, personal issues, but does so intimately,
without letting the reader know they are being
confronted with an uncomfortable truth until the
story is finished."

Andrew P. Baratta
Baratta, Russell & Baratta
2661 Huntingdon Pike
Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006
tel (215) 914-2222
fax (215) 914-2118