Ryan Raider Report
Football 2009

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  Anthony Magallanes is a senior at Archbishop Ryan with hopes of becoming a sports journalist. He's on the basketball team, also loves football and, yes, older website visitors, he is related (nephew) to ex-Judge rushing star Jerry "Mags" Magallanes, now a prominent college referee.
  Anthony may be reached at mags2624@hotmail.com.


OCT. 24
Roman 19, Ryan 7
  After a lengthy layoff I was able to return to the High School football scene this weekend to catch the Roman-Ryan game.  With scheduled Senior Day ceremonies for both the Raider football and cheerleader seniors beautiful weather was expected, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature, regardless it was still a nice moment for all the Seniors with their parents.  The weather was horrendous for this one, folks, no other way to put it.  The heavens opened up especially around kickoff.  With such horrible weather both teams had a similar game plan, and that was run the football and run it often.  However Roman had FAR more success with this, thanks in main part to Jr. RB Dennis Regan.  Dennis had a little more on his shoulders this weekend without older brother starting Sr. Qb Kevin Regan (collarbone).  Time of possession was dominated by Roman from start to finish; they held the ball 9 minutes a quarter on average.  The opening possession was a good ol' fashioned smash mouth football drive for Roman as they marched straight down the field for a Dennis Regan touchdown, but that was it for the rest of the half as the Raider D stepped up big time.  The defense played exceptionally well as a unit for the better part of the game, led by Sr. LB Tony Vendetti, who was flying around the field all day making numerous tackles both at and behind the line of scrimmage.  For as well as the defense played, the Raider offense seemed to be stuck in the starting gates.  About midway through the 2nd quarter with the score still 7-0 in favor of Roman, the Raiders special teams made their own luck.  Sr. Mike DiLeo came rushing off the outside to block a Roman attempted punt.  The ball was recovered inside the Roman 10 yard line, where 3 plays later Sr RB Mark Golic rolled in for a touchdown.  After Sr. K Bruce Barras' PAT the score was 7-7.  With under 2 minutes to go in the half Roman was threatening deep in Ryan territory, when the Raider D came up big with a forced fumble and recovery.  The second half was the same old story with both defenses recording stops, leading us to a 7-7 4th quarter.  Roman was threatening again deep in Raider territory, and I do mean deep.  When once AGAIN the Raider defense came up big with another forced turnover.  This time however the turnover did not pay off.  On the ensuing possession Jr. Qb Dillon Cave dropped back to pass (one of only a handful times this game) when he was sacked in the end zone, but to make matters worse the ball squirted out and Roman recovered to take a 13-7 lead (PAT failed).  After a 3 and out by Ryan Sr. WR/P Pat Kwiatkowski placed a beautiful punt inside the Roman 10. After Roman managed to pick up a quick first down the Raider D was eventually able to get a stop and with 3 minutes on the clock it seemed like there was still hope.  Roman appeared to be punting. Whether this was designed or not, it sure was effective as the snap never got the punter. It rolled into the hands of an up back and he proceeded to march downfield for a first down icing the game.  Roman did score on a rush a few plays later.  The Raiders had their chances to win this game, mainly thanks to their play defensively.  The Raiders' offense was ineffective all game long. They weren't able to run the ball well, and due to the weather they steered clear of the passing game.  As the game went along the conditions did get better and I thought there were some opportunities to throw the ball deep downfield, but only Roman took one shot downfield, which was completed for a big gain.  Major props to the Raider defense once again, especially to Srs. Tony Vendetti and Fran Corbett, who just played exceptional all game long, and it was shown in their mud drenched uniforms.  Up next for the Raiders is a non-league contest vs. Conwell-Egan @ Harry S Truman High School. If the defense keeps it up, the Raiders should have yet another chance at victory.

SEPT. 19
Wood 17, Ryan 7
  Saturday September 19, 2009 was the opening weekend of High School football, for me anyway.  It was my first time seeing the "New Look" Ryan Raiders in action.  This year the show is being run by first-year head coach Frank McArdle Jr.  After an 0-2 start Ryan was looking for a huge bounce-back win against a very good Archbishop Wood team.  This game could be viewed from several vantage points -- one being 2 very good defenses going head to head, another being 2 offenses playing sloppy (7 turnovers between the two), or a third being a combination of solid defense and sloppy offense.  AW came into the game without starting QB Sr. Jerry Rahill, which could have caused for great concern had Soph. QB Joey Monaghan not been around. Monaghan was very impressive both running and throwing effectively for most of the game.  The teams were evenly matched through 1 with the score 0-0.  Ryan seemed to be on the move until Jr. QB Dillon Cave was picked off by AW's "Mr Everything" Sr. Scott Adkins, who was effective all day offensively and defensively.  Adkins returned the INT deep into Ryan territory leading to a Nick Visco FG, making it 3-0 AW.  On the ensuing possession Cave was picked off yet again, on a spectacular grab made by DB Sam McCain while on his back, he appeared to have slipped on the play.  This INT led to a Monaghan TD pass to TE Colin Thompson.  This put Ryan in a 10-0 hole at halftime.  Ryan did come out fired up however, scoring on its first drive, thanks in most part to some solid blocking and great running by Sr. RB Mark Golic, who accumulated almost 50 yards on the drive alone, capped by a 35-yard dash to the house.  Unfortunately all the momentum Ryan had was quickly snatched back by AW, as Monaghan hit Sr. WR Kevin Shaw in stride for a 60-yard TD on the very next possession.  The score at this point was 17-7 AW.  Ryan did however make one last push at AW.  After getting deep into Wood territory Ryan elected to kick a FG to try and keep them in the game for another possession. On 4th down the Raiders trotted out Sr. Bruce Barras and the FG unit.  Unfortunately for the Raiders the kick was wide left, ultimately sealing the game for AW.  Wood proceeded to drive the length of the field with some nice runs by Monaghan and Jr. RB Rob Raison.  After getting inside the 5 yard line, AW took one final knee icing the clock, and the game.  Ryan hung in there against a very tough opponent this week, Soph QB Mike Anusky, who relieved Cave, played very well in the second, and showed tremendous potential.  Does Anusky's play spark a post-camp QB battle? Only time will tell who the Raiders' long term answer at QB will be.  Sr. LBs Tom Price and Tony Vendetti were ballhawks all afternoon, as they both seemed to have their nose in on every play.  Ryan OL/DL Dan Olivieri did suffer what appears to be an ankle injury. Hopefully, it's not serious and Dan will be able to return shortly. Best of luck, Dan!  Play of the Game almost went to Ryan Sr. Joe Wooding, who for the record is not on the team. But on an errant pass from Cave, a ball came flying into the stands.  Woody was in perfect position to make a play, but OOPS it went off his hands and on the ground it landed. He claims the fan in front of him tipped it and distracted him, I'm not so sure he would have made the play regardless (smile).  Special guests in the crowd were former Ryan Football players OL/DL Tim Ott, and standout QB and G (for the basketball team) Rus Slawter.  Next week is a big one for the Raiders as they take on rival Father Judge at Northeast at 7 PM Saturday night (also happens to be my birthday) and one of the days of the year my family is split.  My brother (Tom AR class of '07) and myself from Ryan, my dad (FJ Class '79) my Uncle Bud (FJ Class '71) and my Uncle Jerry (former Judge RB Class of '82).  There will be plenty of trash talk between us for the upcoming week, but all in good fun. Until next week, LET'S GO RYAN!