CL Baseball Final, 2005

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Joe Malizia, primed to tape the game.

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Umpires Bill "Babs" Haines, Gene Otto, Mike Finney and Bruce Martin.

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La Salle's Matt Zielinski pitched perfect baseball for five innings.

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Sean Saverio takes a hack.

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Matt Zielinski returns to the mound after Chris David's double, which started the sixth
and broke up the perfecto.

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Matt Burns (holding helmet) receives congratulations for his two-run homer in the seventh.

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The celebration is on!

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And continues . . .

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The post-game handshakes . . .

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League moderator Tim Ginter (light blue shirt) and Gene Otto, assigner of the umpires, present the title plaque to
La Salle coach Joe Parisi (to Otto's right).

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Matt Zielinski holds the plaque. Later, he actually lifted it over his head

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One more oversized look at the champions.