CL Baseball Semis, 2005

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CONWELL-EGAN 11, O'HARA 4   5/28

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Carlos Deno, Paul Fricker, Gene Otto and Bruce Martin.

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C-E's Brian Herman is picked off 1B. Jonathan Szeliga makes the tag.

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Matt Burns checks his swing. The catcher is Rob Crowley.

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Harry Duke is tagged out by Matt Burns.

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The happy Eagles leave the field.

LA SALLE 5, ROMAN 4   5/28

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Roman's Carmen Del Mastro arrives at 2B with a stolen base.

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Zac Hess scores after smacking a three-run homer. On base were Mike Pennington (L) and Will Phillips (8).

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Mike Pennington scores on a wild pitch as P Ryan Weber covers the plate. Batter Zac Hess looks on.

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Brian Cooper scores Roman's fourth run after taking two bases on a wild pitch thrown by
Chez Angeloni (3). Catcher Sean Saverio had trouble finding the ball. Mike Pennington is
running in from third.