PL Baseball Final, 2005

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Andrew Bracero scores first run.

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Pat Lewis takes a hack and sends a grounder back to the mound.

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Andrew "Potter" Reynolds ducks while scoring a third-inning run to avoid being hit by errant relay throw.

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Ramon Reyes catches a popup.

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Pat Lewis (19) is greeted after making a sprawling catch in RF.

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Central's bench is alive in the seventh.

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1B Juan Carlos Torres (right) has just caught a popup
to end it and 2B Carlos Rosado is jumping into P
Richard Jimenez' arms.

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Frankford's entertaining fans wait to greet their heroes.

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Assistant Juan Namnun (20) and coach Bob Peffle hug as the players hoist the cup.

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Three guesses on how many consecutive championships the Pioneers have won.

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Awaiting their gold medals.

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Super fan Elsa Alicea, Luis' mom, danced one by one with the players.
And that's the championship cup on home plate.

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Joe Stanley heads home after completing his stint as the PL baseball chairman. He'll stay on as
the football chairman and coach the newly created baseball team at Bodine.