Carpenter Cup
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       The 15th annual Carpenter Cup, a baseball tournament for 16 high school all-star teams from Eastern Pennsylvania, South and Central Jersey and Delaware, took place June 20 to 25, 2000, at Veterans Stadium.
        Results follow immediately. Rosters for the Catholic and Public squads are below the schedule:

        ROUND OF 16

        Tuesday, June 20
        Game 1: Berks County 7, Olympic Colonial 6
        Game 2: Delaware North 9, Ocean/Monmouth 2
        Game 3: Delaware South 13, Del-Val/Central 6
        Game 4: Tri-Cape 6, Suburban National 3

        Wednesday, June 21
        Game 5: Burlington County 9, Catholic League 0
        Game 6: Chester County 4, Bicentennial/Inter-Ac 3
        Game 7: Mercer County 15, Suburban American 4
        Game 8: Lehigh Valley 17, Public League 2


        Thursday, June 22
        Game 9: Berks County 10, Delaware North 5
        Game 10: Delaware South 8, Tri-Cape 5
        Game 11: Chester County 10, Burlington County 4
        Game 12: Mercer County 8, Lehigh Valley 6


        Saturday, June 24
        Game 13: Delaware South 9, Berks County 6
        Game 14: Mercer County 11, Chester County 6


        Sunday, June 25
        Game 15: Delaware South 6, Mercer County 1

       Catholic League
        First Basemen: Bob Greenfield, Judge; John Spada, Roman.
        Infielders: Dennis Klinger, Judge; Chad Harvey, Conwell-Egan; Ed Turner, SJ Prep; Mike Costanzo, Carroll; John Drozdowski, Roman; Sean Meister, Wood.
        Outfielders: Matt Michel, La Salle; Kirk Bucholski, Judge; Joe McCourt, Roman; Ryan Parfitt, La Salle; Brian Payne, Dougherty; Tom Terry, Conwell-Egan.
        Catchers: Mike Lista, SJ Prep; Marc Wagner, Kennedy-Kenrick.
        Designated Hitters: Dan Auld, Bonner; Steve Simmons, North.
        Pitchers: Gerard Oakes, Carroll; John Price, Ryan; Charles "Chipper" Polkowski, Kennedy-Kenrick; Andrew Gambone, SJ Prep; Ed Slavin, North; Randy Milia, Bonner; Matt Johnson, Kennedy-Kenrick.
        Coaching Staff: John Mooney, Bonner; Jim “Dwight” McCaffrey, Dougherty; Steve Carcarey, Kennedy-Kenrick; Rich Papirio, Conwell-Egan; John Student, Bonner.

       Public League
        First Basemen: Anthony Boyer, Bartram; Kevin Wiener, Washington.
        Infielders: Jesse Bulicki, Northeast; Dan Ferrazzano, GAMP; Craig Kabrhel, Central; Harry Ley, Washington; Carlos Munoz, Kensington; Russ Pizzo, Frankford.
        Outfielders: Andre Andrews, Overbrook; Vincent Curtis, Overbrook; Ed Durfor, Frankford; Michael Gibbs, Roxborough; John Hand, Bok; Mike Sacco, GAMP.
        Catchers: Jim Connolly, Frankford; Ron Kenney, Bok.
        Designated Hitters: Steve Jones, Frankford; Dan Spitzberg, Washington.
        Pitchers: Terrance Brunson, Dobbins; Ron Clarkson, Lincoln; Dave Firth, Northeast; Steve Furtak, Roxborough; Steve Guida, Bartram; Brett Merves, Washington; Jim Slavin, Kensington.
        Coaches: Bob Peffle, Frankford; Cliff Hubbard, Roxborough; Art Kratchman, GAMP; Dennis Sheedy, Bartram; Joe Egenolf, Kensington.