Firsts by City Players in Carpenter Cup
at Citizens Bank Park

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   The first team with city players to play at CBP was the Catholic League, in a
2005 semifinal vs. Suburban One American & Continental. CL won, 6-5. Here
are some firsts . . . (through '06; two in '05 and one in '06).

Offense . . .
   Batter: Steve Cook, O'Hara (struck out looking).
   Baserunner: Tim Hoban, Roman (reached on error).
   Stolen base: Chris Wenger, North (ninth inning).
   Walk: Sean Barksdale, O'Hara (third inning).
   Strikeout: Steve Cook, O'Hara.
   Single: Sean Barksdale, O'Hara (first inning).
   Double: Lenny DelGrippo, K-K (third inning).
   Triple: Lenny DelGrippo, K-K (first inning).
   Home run: not yet.
   RBI: Lenny DelGrippo, K-K (on the triple; good for two runs).
   Run: Tim Hoban, Roman.
   Hit into doubleplay: Brian Cooper, Roman (next night vs. Delaware County).
Pitching/Defense . . .
Tom Moran, Bonner (first batter of game).
Tom Moran, Bonner.
   Regular caught stealing: not yet.
   Caught stealing on pickoff: Josh Rickards, O'Hara
   Run: Tom Moran, Bonner (unearned).

   Earned run: Matt Compton, Judge.
   Hit: Matt Compton, Judge.
   Turned doubleplay: SS Brian Rorick, Carroll; 2B Chris Wenger, North; and 1B Jason D'Ambrosio, Judge.
   Error: 2B Brian Giacobetti, O'Hara (errant throw).