City All-Star FB Game
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    The 27th annual Daily News-Eagles City All-Star Game was played May 19, 7 p.m., at Northeast High. The Public squad won, 13-0. The boxscore is below. Comments are below that.
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2001 Boxscore
Public 13, Non-Public 0
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First Downs






Passing Yards



Total Offense






Return yards






Fumbles lost






Non-Public     0 0 0 0 --   0

Public            7 0 0 6 --  13

P: Pagan 80 pass from Lipford (Price kick)

P: FG Price 22

P: FG Price 44


NON-PUBLIC: Joe McCourt, Roman, 11-21;

Hugo Dias, Ryan, 5-19; Nick Pinto, Ryan, 4-18;

Mike D'Elia, West, 3-(-11); Vernard Abrams,

Dougherty, 3-(-16); Joe Brzycki, Judge, 2-12;

Dan Szychulski, North, 1-3. PUBLIC: Nasir Sadat,

Germantown, 11-37; Ed Brumskill, Bok, 9-28;

Atiba Kenyatta, Germantown, 5-15; Rakiem Smith,

Gratz, 5-(-4); Teddy Lipford, Central, 4-(-11); Ernest

Smith, Southern, 3-7; Bryant Jones, Lincoln, 1-3;

Ron Brown, Mastbaum, 1-2.


NON-PUBLIC: Vernard Abrams, Dougherty,

7-16-1 -- 63; Nick Pinto, Ryan, 3-8-1 -- 41; Mike

D'Elia, West, 1-2-0 5. PUBLIC: Teddy Lipford,

Central, 3-4-0 -- 87; Rakiem Smith, Gratz, 2-4-0


NON-PUBLIC: Mickey King, Dougherty, 3-39;

Ted Murphy, North, 2-24; Mike Gallagher, North,

2-23; Joe Brzycki, Judge, 2-10; Vernard Abrams,

Dougherty, 1-7; Leonard Hodges, Dougherty, 1-6.

PUBLIC: Jose Pagan, Edison, 2-85; Michael Gibson, Bartram, 1-19; Rahkeem Styer-James,
West, 1-3; Nasir Sadat, Germantown, 1-2.


NON-PUBLIC: Keith Roemhild, Ryan, 2-40; Joe

McCourt, Roman, 2-39. PUBLIC: Jose Pagan,

Edison, 1-22.


PUBLIC: Brent Grimes, Northeast, 1-0.


PUBLIC: Ivan Kosty, Washington, 1-30; Rodney

McCarter, Bok, 1-0.


NON-PUBLIC: Mike D'Elia, West, 1-0; Joe Montanye, Judge, 1-0. PUBLIC: Timothy King, Edison, 1-(-1).


NON-PUBLIC: Michael Bazemore, West, 11;

David Pringle, Roman, 7; Joe Montanye, Judge, 6;

Sean Heenan, SJ Prep, 5. PUBLIC: Shawn Williams,

Frankford, 9; Brent Grimes, Northeast, and Terrance

Young, Washington, 5; Michael Baldwin, Dobbins,

and Timothy King, Edison, 4.


NON-PUBLIC: Mickey King, Dougherty, offense;

Michael Bazemore, West, defense. PUBLIC: Jose

Pagan, Edison, offense; Shawn Williams,

Frankford, defense.


    Well Ted, I predicted it would be a close game i just didn't think it would
turn out like that. I'm just thankful for the oppurtunity to play in the
game with all my Non-Public team-mates and against the Public team. It was
---- # 11 Non-Public

    yo Ted i just wanted to take the time out to say that Roger Price should
of been MVP in the all-star game with 2 field goals, 1 being a record
breaking field goal. Who picks these guys anyway?
---- Thanks, A Washington Fan
    (Ted's note: I voted for him. The other two guys did not. They shall
remain nameless.)

   I have to agree with the fan from Washington, Roger Price should have received the MVP Award, if it wasn't for him seven of the points would not have been on the board. To me it seems easier to run with the ball than to kick it through those uprights.
---- NE Mom

    To Suggyboo Roman 03'
    I am sorry your Joe McCourt didn't dominate the game, as I said before, there were alot of good players on the Public League and they came out on the field to win, they didn't get on line and predict a win.  Maybe it's best to be silent until the fat lady sings.
---- NE Mom

    The 27th Annual Philadelphia Eagles City All-Star game was a very memorable night. Non-Pub you guys played a pretty decent game, but I personally think that u guys underestimated us as a team. People were telling us that u guys were blabbing off about how u were gonna beat our team 40-0. To my Public teamates- U guys were the greatest! I'll never forget any of u guys. We put aside our personal issues and came together as a team and balled for the last time as high school players. Much success to everyone who played for the Pub and the Non-Pub teams.
---- NE Football #77

To:  #77:
    I want to give you a pat on the back for being a gentleman and scholar, and wishing you the best.  You have done a great job, and as a parent of one of your teammates, you have always been a gentleman.  Keep up the good work, and I wish you the best in everything you do. 
---- NE Mom #20

    Ted, was this the first time that 3 receivers from the same school had a
reception in the all-star game
---- # 11-Non public
    (Ted's note: Strong possibility unless you count catches by running backs . . . I'm going to take this opportunity to point out that No. 11 was Vernard Abrams, who played WR in the first half and QB in the second half on an emergency basis. He showed a strong arm and good footwork, but, understandably, struggled with accuracy/timing after having very few reps in practice. He is to be commended for taking on such a daunting task in a high-visibility game.)

    Like I said before the game, the pub was going to win this one. And yes Central's QB Teddy Lipford did shine with his TD pass to Pagan (which of course like most Central players, he didn't get enough credit or acclaim for). I mean come on people he broke a record.
    Well there's next year when Central's upcoming stars
(The Matrix + some) will shine all over the pub. 2000's second team offense receiver J.Durham will be First Team Offense receiver and our new QB K.Cardwell will join the leagues best like his brother T. Cardwell did in the 1999 game.
---- lil'deuce262chs


    Hey Ted, I believe that the game is gonna be close as always because the CL
has the Passing advantage but on the other hand the PL has some dangerous
Running Backs but defense wins games. This is a tough one.
---- #8 Dougherty FBall

     No one will be able to block Mark Dickson my guess is he will make or
assist on every tackle made in the game.  Also I had a question i'm not sure
if they're in the city or not is PennWood playing this year.  We played them
in preseason and they have an explosive offense, don'r like to play defense
though.  Heard they had a kid All-State.
---- Goose
    (Ted's note: No, Penn Wood is in Delaware County. Their guys won't be

    Roman is gonna dominate this game Mccourt is gonna run all over the pub, No 1
is gonna block Paxson cause he'll smack any pub lineman like a red headed
step child, Andy Runowski we'll show some real Polish power, Billy Mick we'll
show his stuff and Big Dave Pringle we'll blow up any o line man in the pub
sorry its true.
----  Suggyboo Roman 03'

I want to wish the MEN OF ROMAN, best of luck in the 27th city all-star
classic.  To our coaches, Murphy, Groves, & Gallagher.  To our players, Andy
Runowski, Billy McCafferty, David Pringle, Scott "Big Time" Paxson, & Joe
McCourt.  Joe, thanks for the kind words in the hoops section of Ted  Is Billy McKinney from Penn Charter playing in the game?  He is
a good athlete & a good kid.

---- Danny Algeo

    (Ted's note: Not sure about Billy. Anyone know?)

    To:  Suggyboo Roman "03"
I do hope you know that McCourt and Roman are not the only players.   The
Catholic League may or may not win.  There are a lot of good Public League Players.
It is a team effort, so you had better hope they are all on the same page.  I believe
it is going to be good game.  This is a game where they should enjoy and have fun,
some may never play again.
---- A true football Mom
    (Ted's note: How true. For many of the players, this will be their last FB game.)

    hey Ted I think the public league has great running backs but the Catholic
League has an explosive pass game this yr.  We have two Receivers in the top
5 in the City statistically. Mickey King #5 Cardinal Dougherty and me ,
Leonard Hodges #9 Cardinal Dougherty and a third receiver who is as explosive
as us. #8 Vernard Abrams I believe it will tough for the pub to match up wit
these three receivers but we shall see.
---- Leonard Hodges Class of 2001 Cardinal Dougherty
    (Ted's note: Passing offenses are usually hard to put together in a short period
of time for all-star games, and the head coach, Jim Murphy, is from a school, Roman, that
very much favors the run. Never know, though. We COULD see a Missiles Murphy offense.)

    What has happened to the comments for this page, I look forward to reading the sometimes interesting comments.  Can I say we have no one willing to pick their team for this game, or have they run out of things to say.
---- NE Mom
(Ted's note: I don't know. It's a mystery.)

    Coach Algeo asked about Billy McKinney (Penn Charter). Billy will not be
playing in the game, due to his Lacrosse committment. The State Tournament
will be starting and PC will be right in the thick of things. Coach Algeo
taught at Billy's grade school (Presentation BVM-Cheltenham) for a brief
time. Two other "Pres" graduates ARE playing, and they are Sean Heenan of St.
Joe's Prep and Matt Gregory of Cardinal Dougherty.
---- GJ Sasse-Athletic Director
Presentation BVM

    I think the Bok Tech players will have a field day. Even though star
reciever Ramon Mills is not elgible expect the small but hard hitting
conerbacks Ed Brumskill and Rodney McCarter to create mayhem around the
outside.Dont forget Nick Dipetro the also small but will-hearted
linebacker/guard to have a great game.I think the public league to win
by 10.
---- anonymous

      to Goose
      I played against PennWood and that lineman was a waste of space and our
smallest lineman blocked him; we won the game on Thanksgiving PennWood was
the worst.
---- West C. senior football player #62

      I think  that the game is going to the pub. Central especially is going to be tough with their QB --Teddy Lipford as the top pick for first team offense, and Central's best linemen Chucky W. and Andrew F (also on first team offense). The best of the pub coming 2gether to RUN ALL OVER the "CL's best".
---- 262CHS