Danny Algeo Tribute

  Danny Algeo, the head football coach for 14 total seasons at Roman Catholic (1996-99) and Cardinal O'Hara (2004-13), passed away July 3, 2014, several days after suffering a heart attack. He was 49.
  Danny captured one Catholic League title at Roman (Red in '99) and another at O'Hara (Red in '04), and his overall CL record was 95-60. He began his coaching career right out of high school as an assistant to his father, Jim, at Lansdale Catholic.
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  A viewing was held Tuesday, July 8, 6 to 9 p.m., at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church,
51 Lansdale Ave., Lansdale, PA, 19446. A viewing was held Wednesday morning, July 9,
9 to 11 a.m., same site, followed by the Mass of Christian Burial. The homily was delivered by
Father John Flanagan. Memories of Danny were offered by his daughter, Becca (pictured at right), Corey Brown; former O'Hara football star ('10), and two friends going back to childhood, Tom Casey and Dan Collins. The service was a wonderful tribute . . .    


Your thoughts . . .

  When I woke early this morning, I saw the news about Danny Algeo's passing and my heart sank a bit for his family and friends, along with the many kids he taught and mentored on and off the football field in the Cardinal O'Hara community and Catholic League. In the three years I covered football for the Daily Times, I met many people that left an impact - whether it was a coach you overheard picking up a kid's spirits or another concluding the post-game huddle with a motivational talk, win or lose. Coach Algeo was one of those coaches, one of the good guys. It really is hard to think of another coach who brought as much passion and enthusiasm. He will surely be missed.
-- Bud Weaver
  Danny made me a better coach and a better person. There’s not many people I can say had that kind of impact on me. We will miss you Danny. It was a great honor to compete against you and your teams.
-- Tom Oropeza, former Bonner coach
  Fortunately for me, Coach Algeo was more than just a football coach to me. He played the role of a teacher, a mentor, a motivator and most importantly, we became like family. Coach Algeo went to bat for all of his players under any circumstance. He led his team by example with his great faith and his enthusiasm for the game. Coach Algeo was one of the rare coaches who cared for his players on and off the field. I'll never forget when I got the news that my mother was diagnosed with cancer, he was one of the first people I called and cried to. To no surprise, Coach Algeo rushed to the hospital in support of me and my family. That just illustrates the type of man he was. Although his flesh and body may be gone from this earth, I know that his soul lives on. Thank you coach for being such an instrumental part in my life. You will be missed and you are loved.
-- Damiere Shaw
  Many people knew Dan Algeo as a football coach, but I knew Mr. Algeo as a teacher.  I was a student at Roman Catholic when he was the head football coach.  He wasn't only a coach though, he was also a teacher and a friend to the students.  My senior year I had him for an accounting class, sixth period.  For me sixth period was always the longest and accounting wasn't the most exciting subject but Mr. Algeo always made the class interesting.  We would talk movies before or after class, I think I was lending him a vhs tape almost every weekend for a while.  I will always remember Mr. Algeo for the man he was off the field and with a full head of hair.  My condolences go out to his family.  He may be gone but he won't be forgotten.

-- Bob Fracek 
RCHS '97
  Not only was he a coach and mentor, he saved many of us Cahillites through his computer teaching skills.
-- Robert Saccone
  It seems to me that 49 years is just not enough time for a person like Dan to be with us, but during his life he touched so many people and was a tremendous mentor to his students and athletes. It is a given that Dan will be remembered as a great football coach, but his impact in all the other areas of his life are equally impressive. I will always remember him as a person who showed genuine interest in helping others. He just had a very smooth approach to life and treated people with care and respect. This is truly a loss for the football community in Philadelphia. God Bless Dan and the Algeo family.
-- Mark Wolpert
Executive Director
Maxwell Football Club
  Sad to hear of Coach Danny Algeo passing. Prayers to his family, friends, & the Cardinal O’Hara community.
-- Sarina Oeub, former Dougherty WR '99

  I lost more than a Coach, I lost a great friend. Coach Algeo was a great man, who made me the person that I am today. I would not be where I am today without his leadership, friendship and guidance. I am in disbelief and utter shock right now. Coach was my biggest supporter and fan. Although I would love to have him with us, I know I have an angel looking down on me, especially on the football field. He was so excited to watch me play this upcoming season, but now he will have the best seat in the house, to every one of my games. His last words to me were, "Focus on the kick"- this season is for you, Coach, because I would not be where I am today without you.
-- Steve Weyler, Cardinal O'Hara Class of 2014 Kicker/Punter
  Danny was a very caring and dedicated coach. I got to know him through
his involvement in the PA Football Coaches' Assoc. and our own via PA
Football News.
  He cared deeply about his sport and about all the friends he made.
  Condolences to his family and his football family.
  Heaven just got two more great coaches (as former Mount Carmel head
coach Joe 'Jazz' Diminick also passed).
-- Tom Elling
Former co-editor of the Pennsylvania Football news
  My Thoughts & prayers to Cardinal O'Hara football coach Dan Algeo.
  Thinking of the entire Algeo & O'Hara family. He will surely be missed!
-- From the EasternPAFootball.com family
 I received a call this morning from a friend telling me that Danny Algeo passed away after a heart attack.
 I met Danny years ago and got to know him fairly well along with his dad. Both were excellent football coaches and, more importantly, both were gentleman. Danny will be missed by many, many people whose lives he touched.  He was one of the “Good Guys” in the sport of football!   RIP Danny Algeo.
--Rich Vetock (Pennsylvania Football News)
  Dan was such a supporter and proponent of all of his players. Of all the coaches that I have come in contact with over the past 30 years as a sportswriter, Dan was always one of the first persons to get back to me with information because he was always trying to stress the positive accomplishments and dreams of his players and students. He lived a great life filled with countless times of making a difference, and that is undoubtedly what he hoped and would have hoped for all of the many people he came in contact with. A great man from a great family.
-- John Knebels
  If you are lucky enough in life there will be a few people besides your family that play a role in the person that you become. Without question besides my family there
s one person that helped me become the man I am today. That person is Coach Algeo. He was more than a coach to me. He was my mentor, teacher, friend but most of all he was like a second father to me. I first met Coach during my freshman year at OHara and we bonded right away with our shared loved of football. Through the years I became every close with him and his family. Whenever I needed help with schoolwork or anything it was Coach that I would run to right away and he always would help me. Ill never forget the day my dad had his heart attack I was working one of Coach's youth camps when I got the call from my step-mom, which upset me dearly. Seeing how upset I was he asked me what was wrong I told him and he immediately offered to drive me to hospital which I politely declined but later that night Coach and Fr. Flanagan came and visited my dad without being asked. I cant express how much that meant to me and my family. After I graduated I made sure that I always kept in contact with Coach and visited him as often as I could. Some of the best times of my life were the week I would spend in Sea Isle City working Coach's camp and staying at his house. Ill never forget those. Our relationship remained strong even when I left OHara to join the staff at Springfield Delco. Wed still have our conversations and talk football. Coach always told that I was the Man and that he loved me. Well Coach You were ULTIMATELY THE MAN and I LOVE YOU. Continue to watch over and help me be a man that you would be proud to call a friend. Today the entire southeastern Pennsylvania Football lost a great one. I guess Billy Joel was right when he said Only the Good Die Young. To his daughter Becca and the rest of his family: You are in my family and I prayers. Coach was a great man thank you for sharing him with me. I love you all like family and I pray that God brings you comfort during this difficult time and if you guys ever need anything please dont hesitate to ask. I love you guys.
-- Willie
Big Willie Styles McGonigle
 I was very lucky to have known Danny Algeo. Loved by everyone. We will all miss him.
Love to all his family.
-- Mrs. Murphy, Tim Schmidt's grandmom
  I was deeply shocked and saddened by this news. As a ref I always liked working O'Hara games because Danny was such a great guy. Always good to us even when he disagreed with a call. He will be missed! Rest in Peace my friend!
-- Danny Hoban
  I'd like to wish the Algeo family, the Cardinal O'Hara community, and the entire Philadelphia Catholic League my deepest condolences at this difficult time. Danny was a terrific person and an outstanding coach, who always had the best interests of his players and team at the forefront. Personally, I'm someone who has been very lucky to be involved in covering high school sports, specifically the Philadelphia Catholic League. I have been afforded the chance to recognize players and teams accomplish amazing things. I have been in the front row for some of the greatest games and moments our area has ever witnessed. Just fulfilling my passion to write and compute stats makes it worthwhile. With that said, one of the best parts of it all has been the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, and in some cases develop friendships with them. Danny was one of these individuals over my many seasons on the trail. He always had time to take a phone call, answer an e-mail, or respond to a text. He always made me feel welcomed on his team's sideline. I'll miss our interactions and the conversations we often shared. Danny was a great person and someone that will be missed by many, many people. Rest in peace, Danny. 
--Ed "Huck" Palmer
  PCL & PIAA Football lost a great coach and a better gentleman. Dan was a good family man who loved his daughter and always had a smile when he talked about her. Dan cared so much about his players and the PCL. Dan always was doing things to make his players and the PCL better. Dan was too young to leave us but his legacy will always be with us. Dan will be sorely missed by everyone but for me I will never forget the memories that I shared with him. From the whole Burrs Football Family, our prays go out to his family and the O'Hara Football Family.
RIP Dan, I will miss you, my friend.
-- Brian Fluck
West Catholic Prep
Athletic Director/Head Football Coach

As Danny would have wanted, our O'Hara Football team gathered this morning at the cross, which he so loved, and offered prayers for him. As you know, Dan's faith was so important to him, and every practice, game and team event began and ended with joined hands, in a team prayer. Shortly after our team gathered to comfort each other earlier this morning, we looked up in the sky . . . there, as a sign to each one of us, was Coach Danny Algeo and his cross.
-- Barb Weyler

I have no words....O'Hara lost another wonderful family member today. God Bless you,Dan Algeo! I will will miss your jokes, your morning greeting with a fist bump, your smile, and your love of life, family, friends, football, and most importantly God. My prayers are for your safe rest in God's arms, for your beautiful daughter Becca, and your family.
-- Stephanie Smith
My condolences and prayers to the Algeo family. In the years covering Danny and his teams, it was easy to see the impact he had on his players, most importantly in the way he taught them life lessons. He made me feel welcome on the sideline and always made himself available to discuss a topic for an article or simply to chat some football. He will be truly missed. RIP Danny.
-- John Lohn

  I first met Coach Algeo when I was with Coach Dan Bielli and the Archbishop Carroll Patriots. We had a tremendous run. He followed our success and was always complimentary and respectful. When he accepted the Phoenixville job we travelled up there for 7 on 7 games. Later as Head Coach @ Dobbins we scheduled O'Hara for a home game on a Saturday morning. It was incredible. We met their team busses and after our greeting and sincere conversation and before our pre-game I noticed Coach Algeo walking the field. I called out to him and suddenly realized that I had interrupted his Rosary prayers.
RIP Coach Algeo.
-- Lou Zambino
  My freshman year at Cardinal O'Hara coach Algeo was my computer technology teacher. Although we would talk most of class we always started with a prayer. I never got close to him like most of my classmates, but I got to learn how great of a person he was. Every time we'd pass in the hall he would always stop me, and say "hey jonesy you staying out of trouble? You can always come to my class if you need help with anything. Even if I don't get it I'll figure some way to help." He was such an influence on the entire community. He will always stay in our hearts. My deepest sorrows and prayers go out to his family. You guys will never be alone you've got the entire O'Hara family behind you.
-- Devon Jones Class of 2014
  By no means did I know Danny anywhere near as close as his current players, former players or anyone who spent time playing or coaching with him, or playing/coaching against him. I knew Danny for the lifespan of about 1.5 football seasons, back when I covered the sport for the Delco Daily Times. In that short span—among numerous phone interviews and talks on the sidelines—I met a man who clearly was a pillar of confidence for the entire O’Hara Football community. Danny oozed strength and talked about his players like they were family. I walked away from every conversation with him a little stronger myself, mostly because he always matched every level of respect that was thrown his way. Thanks, Danny. Respect to O’Hara.
-- Jon Campbell
  I'm retired from officiating varsity HS football. I had the honor of officiating his Catholic League championship game as the head coach of Roman Catholic. What a class act, just like his father. My heart and soul go out to the Algeo family, especially his father Jim. Thank you.
-- Virgil Cardamone
  I had someone say to me in the past few days "Catholic schools just have a different loyalty to their coaches, because if my old coach passed away it would be sad, but I'd get over it".  I do agree to an extent about the loyalty shown to coaches in the PCL, but it goes far beyond loyalty because we are in the PCL.  It speaks volumes about Dan's leadership and love he showed towards his players.  Most outsiders know Dan as a fiery coach who rode his players hard.  However since I had the pleasure of playing for Dan for 4 years and now coaching alongside him, I know the Dan Algeo that so many never knew.  He always said "men, make me proud, I love ya", and Dan truly meant those words.  Most outsiders never knew Dan Algeo the man, just Dan Algeo the football coach.  I use the lessons and values that Dan instilled in us every single day.  Dan Algeo the coach was only part of it.  I can honestly say that no man besides my own Father has impacted me as greatly and positively as Dan did, and I know countless others share this sentiment.  Rest in Peace Coach Algeo.  We all love you and will miss you forever.
-- Dave Stenson
Cardinal O'Hara class of 2008
  I was Dan Algeo’s department chair at Roman when he arrived as a young aspiring coach and Business Teacher.  It was great to see the posts earlier from Fracek and Saccone acknowledging Dan’s teaching of Business at Roman.
  He had great energy and great rapport with the players, students, teachers, and other coaches.  He allowed everyone to achieve their own level of greatness without interfering or imposing his style or preferences.  He allowed players and coaches to develop in their own unique way and he blended that talent with an effective style of leadership.  The late 1990’s was a very special time at Roman and Dan was truly the leader of one of the great Roman championship stories.  Even after leaving and enjoying success at O’Hara, he always showed a love and respect for Roman and the experience he had there.
  So from all his fellow teachers at Roman and especially the Business Department, we acknowledge this sad loss of a great Catholic teacher/coach.  Dan, Rest in Peace!
-- Pat Shanahan
  With a heavy heart, I'm writing this about a fine coach and a better person. Dan was as competitive as much as he was a gentleman. I had the pleasure of coaching against him and every game was a war. His players played hard and he kept his Catholic ways as a priority when dealing with his players. He was well respected amongst us coaches and he will be sorely missed. To all his past and present players, and family and friends, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Way too soon. God must have needed a coach to round his team out.
-- Steve Smith
  As Dan’s older brother, Jim, on behalf of the entire Algeo family…I would like to thank all those who posted their thoughts on my brother Dan!  I coach at Pottsgrove High School, and Dan and I shared a passion for football that will be almost impossible to replace . . . God Bless You All and thanks again!
-- Jim Algeo, Jr.
  The one recurring scenario in my mind’s eye is of my friend, Dan Algeo as a middle school student, constantly thanking me during the late-1970’s and early 1980’s for my coverage in The North Penn Reporter of the Lansdale Catholic Crusader football (and other sports) teams. We would talk as football fans and friends at LC football practices and games, and at other sporting and school events. He seemed to have a maturity far beyond his pre-teenage years. In fact, even before he attended LCHS, Dan exuded a significant degree of pride in the school’s student-athletes, his dad Jim, Sr. as the head coach, and his brother Jim, Jr. as the on field leader – the quarterback. “Thanks for giving us so much great ink (i.e., newspaper coverage),” he said on numerous occasions in his enthusiastic inflection, always accompanied by his ear-to-ear grin that made him an absolute pleasure to visit with. “I love reading about the team, and I know the (student-athletes) do as well.” When we renewed our friendship years later, his personality was even more endearing, and he continued to thank me for my articles during that era. He also shared some words of comfort about my having lost my wife, Ilene to cancer in 2009. Dan could relate to virtually everybody, and I know he had a significant impact on his students and student-athletes, on his friends, and especially on each and every one of his family members and relatives. I feel blessed to have known him, and to have seen and visited with him last December, 2013. Rest in peace, Dan. I love you, and will miss you terribly.
-- Mike Stern,Sports Writer for The North Penn Reporter (1977-81)
  I was not sure on whether to write about my experience with Coach Algeo but as some time passed I knew i would regret it if I did not. There is not more then a few days time that I do not think about Coach Algeo and the impressions he made on my life. I never had him in the classroom, but only as a football coach. I can't recall a year that was as enjoyable for me as my sophomore year at Roman Catholic. Although our team enjoyed success I learned valuable life lessons, that I did not learn in the classroom. I remember missing a session of camp because I did not have my athletic physical done to compete for the upcoming football season. I thought it was a legitimate excuse. If I did not have a physical I could not play this year, he would have to understand and not give me a hard time. Boy was I wrong. I remember running extra after a day of camp, thinking I was a lot closer to the afterlife then was the actual case. I even recall thinking about stepping on bee's as I ran because I was allergic and they would have to take me to the hospital. Afterwards he told me about the team and how my actions let the team down. He spoke about the singular goal we had and how again I was letting the team down by being selfish. In my head I thought he was letting the team down by nearly killing one on his players. I didn't realize at the time but he was 100% correct. The team was bigger than me and him. We needed everyone to be accountable if we were going to do something special. Another important lesson I learned about being a man was when I lost my position to a senior that had gotten healthy towards the end of the year. I was very upset and thought the work I had put in and the success we were having as a team earned me the spot for the remainder of the year. After practice we prayed and he asked to see me in the office after I had changed. I had an attitude about losing my position and said that I would "show him" and not go. So I packed my stuff up after practice and got changed and walked out. The next day Coach Algeo did not forget and told me in front of the team that I failed to see him after practice yesterday and he wanted to see me in his office.  Because I am a strong believer in self preservation I went to see him in the office. I was not happy about his decision and he knew that. He told me to keep my head up and keep working. He could have easily put me in the dog house for my immature behavior of not meeting with him the day before but he did not. During the course of that year I was criticized a ton. I thought Monday's film sessions were held for others enjoyment and my embarrassment. Every Monday I wished I was back at August camp trying to step on those bees. I looked forward to actual practice and conditioning. You would think so far that my time spent with Mr Algeo was not so good in regards to his discipline and holding me accountable but its those things that I remember the most. Those lessons guide me today. As far as a coach it is very simple. He took a team that had won 3 games in 2 years prior to him taking over. Within five years he had the best team in the city, not voted by me but by the Daily News. I think he was the perfect coach for that team. He had that teams pulse. I don't think any one of those seniors played at the D1 or  D2 level, but they were all scrappers. It was not talent that won him that championship but great coaching by him and his staff. He knew when to challenge players and when they needed to be picked up. There were many times that season when we were feeling perhaps to good about ourselves where he needed to keep us grounded. When games got tough like the playoff game against the Prep he knew that yelling and screaming wasn't what was needed at the time but rather reassurance and confidence. In all 1999 was a magical football season and year for me personally. I don't think I am alone in those feelings. He took 45 kids and made them believe they could do something that had not been done at Roman since 1947. 52 years of waiting was expunged by a great group of players and coaching staff. A few months back I was at Immaculate Heart of Mary's basketball gym putting football equipment away from the past CYO year and who do I see but Coach Algeo. He was there to watch his daughter play. We got to talking a bit and he asked about my wife and how she was doing. I told him we had a son and he congratulated me. He then asked if my son would be a future Cahillite. I told him that tuition has doubled since I have been at Roman and I do not want to think what it will be when my son gets there. We then talked about the local football scene and some of the good teams this passed year. He then asked "that 99 team was pretty good wasn't it?" All I could do was smile. Had I known that was the last time I would see him and talk to him I would have told him I loved him. The game of football is very masculine and you would not say those things but now I do regret it because he had such a great impact on my life. There are a few from that 99 team that are involved in coaching, regardless of sport or level, and as long as we are coaching Mr. Algeo will be coaching as well. He will be missed.
-- Ryan Brody, Roman '02

Hearing about the passing of Coach Algeo really made my heart drop. Even though i played for the rival school (Bonner) I still had nothing but respect for him. He was a great coach and an even better man. Playing against him was truly an honor. My prayers and condolences go out to his family. Rest Well Coach.
-- Devin Young Monsignor Bonner Class of 2013