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Daniel Eric Rumph II

P.O. Box 4967, Phila., Pa., 19119

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Contact person: Marcus Owens
E-mail: marcus0411@comcast.net

Cell: 215-651-5010
Website: http://www.derii.org/
(Note from Ted: Marcus is Danny's uncle and a former Germantown HS star.)

Please scroll down for pics of Danny and info on the condition that took his life.

   Family and friends of the late Daniel Eric "Danny" Rumph, the starting point
guard for Western Kentucky and a former star at Parkway High and Maine Central
Institute, have combined to form the D.E.R II Foundation.

   Danny passed May 8, 2005, while playing in a pickup game at his second home,
Mallery Rec Center.

   The foundation is working on three current projects:
   *Attempting to have Mallery's name changed to Rumph RC in Danny's honor,
and to have a mural painted on an outside wall.
   *Raising funds to assure that every rec center in Philadelphia is equipped with
defibrillators and "emergency bags."
   *Providing a pair of $500 college scholarships each year to help a young man and
woman with the drive and bright-light qualities shown by Danny.
   (Without much time to organize, the group was able to provide one scholarship
for a 2005 graduate. The winner was Jarred Wright, of Caravel Academy, in
Delaware. He is now a freshman at Morehouse, in Atlanta).

   Here's how you can help . . .

   Tax-deductible financial donations may be sent to the D.E.R. II Foundation,
P.O. Box 4967, Philadelphia, Pa., 19119.
   Also, though signatures are being collected in the area of Mallery, the family would
appreciate receiving small signed notes expressing hope that Mallery can indeed be
renamed in Danny's honor. They will be presented to City Council when sessions
resume in September. The notes may be sent to the same P.O. box.

   The Rumphs wish to thank everyone who reached out during the family's time of
intense sadness to provide comfort and express such wonderful thoughts about Danny.

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