Donofrio Classic 2000
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    The Albert C. Donofrio Classic, a single-elimination tournament played at The Fellowship House of Conshohocken, features most of the best high school players in the Philadelphia-South Jersey area, and often draws players from as far away as North Jersey and New York.

    The Fellowship House is located at 5th and Harry Streets. The phone number is 610-828-3266. Director Floyd Shaffer and his tournament staff are always helpful and cooperative.

    The 2000 tournament has been completed. Below are recaps of all games.

                FIRST ROUND

        Thursday, March 30

       Game 1: Del-Val Main Line 108, Masai Warriors 88
       Germantown Academy's Lee Melchionni had 29 points and 10 rebounds. GA's Matt Walsh added 26 points and four assists. Friends' Central's Mike Cook had 13 points, five assists. For the losers, Parkland's Arnold Massaquoi had 16 points, 10 boards.
       Game 2: Delaware Sharpshooters 94, Philadelphia Elite 71
       Caesar Rodney's Joe Custis (22) and Howard's Carlos Hawkins (20) led Delaware. For PE, Abington Friends' Ben Slater had 19 points, 11 rebounds, Strawberry Mansion's Maureece Rice had 19 points and Atlantic City's Stanley Branch had 17 points.

        Friday, March 31

        Game 3: Main Street 107, Sonny Hill Sophs 78
        Chester's Jameer Nelson had 23 points and 13 assists. Teammate Lateef Watts added 24 points while Hatboro-Horsham's Greg Kinsey had 21 points. Gratz's Michael Blackshear led the Sophs with 31 points and 21 rebounds.
        Game 4: James Fox 107, South Jersey Select 97
        Germantown Academy's Matt Kauderer had 22 points and eight rebounds, Williamsport's Taurence Johnson added 15 points, 14 boards and Abington Friends' Justin Luber had 14 points, seven assists, four steals. The losers received 26 points and 12 rebounds from Cherokee's Pat Devenney and 15 points, 15 boards from Holy Spirit's Brian Hiltner.

        Tuesday, April 4

        Game 5: Don-Len 98, Sharpe Marketing Concepts 70
        American Christian's D.J. Jones shot 10-for-12 and 7-for-10 for 27 points and claimed 13 rebounds. Interboro's Jeff Miller added 12 points, eight rebounds, eight assists. O'Hara's Fran Grandieri had 10 points, 10 boards. For the losers, Springfield Delco's Steve Fattori hit five treys en route to 21 points and Norristown's James Edmonds had 15 points, 11 boards.
        Game 6: Del-Val Cadets 95, Bucks County 90 (OT)
        Penn's Randy Morman registered 20 points and 22 rebounds while Academy Park's Byu-Deen Twyman had 23 points. BC's Torrian Jones (Pennsbury) had 32 points and eight assists.

        Wednesday, April 5

        Game 7: Tim Thomas Playaz 105, Triple Crown 80
        Coatesville's John Allen shot 16-for-23 (8-for-10 on treys) en route to 43 points. He added nine rebounds and four steals. John Winchester (Marist, N.J.) had 18 points, seven rebounds. For TC, St. Pius X's Mike Ames had 26 points, seven rebounds, eight assists, six steals and Haverford High's Chris Dougherty had 17 points.
        Game 8: Conshy Express 99, Central Penn 88
      Germantown Academy's Mike Slattery had 18 points and six steals. John Toombe (Crispus Attucks, York, Pa.) had 17 points and nine rebounds and schoolmate Omari Pearson had 11 points, 11 boards. GA's Chris Rodgers (14) and Penn Charter schoolmates Brett Storm (12) and Sean Knitter (11) also hit double figures. Harrisburg's Anthony Thompson (22) and Hershey's Radee Skipworth (17) led the losers.

                    ROUND OF 16

        Thursday, April 6

        Game 9: Hunting Park 89, Del-Val Main Line 79
        Olney's Solomon Harris had 16 points and 16 rebounds. Engineering and Science's Darien Chavis (11) and Olney's David Bell (10) helped the cause. Germantown Academy's Matt Walsh (18) and Friends' Central's Mike Cook (16, seven assists) led the losers.
        Game 10: Tim Thomas Playaz 113, HBA Waterview 104
        Paterson Catholic's Jeremiah King had 29 points and 10 rebounds. Coatesville's John Allen (24 points, 11 rebounds, five assists) and Shamon Tooles (20, 12 boards) also contributed heavily. Norristown's Marques Green paced HBA Waterview with 30 points, seven assists, three steals. McDevitt's Wayne Bishop (22) and Roman's Tamal Forchion (21, 11 rebounds) helped.

         Friday, April 7

         Game 11: Main Street 117, Del-Val Toro 98
       Chester's Jameer Nelson (26 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists), Roman's Mike Wild (17 points) and Chester's Naeem Scott (16 points, 11 rebounds, 13 assists) led the way. Hatboro-Horsham's Pat Carroll and Greg Kinsley each added 12 points. For the Toros, Neumann's Chas Bailey (10 rebounds) shot 13-for-20 (3-for-5 on treys) and 7-for-8 at the line for 36 points while schoolmate Brandon Brigman added 21 points. Two more Neumann players, Cantrell Fletcher (14 points, eight rebounds, 11 assists) and Robert Taylor (11 points) also chipped in.
        Game 12: Sonny Hill Seniors 68, Del-Val Cadets 59
        Strawberry Mansion's Darryl Jones and Gratz's Shaun McKie (eight rebounds, eight assists, four steals) each scored 16 points and Nile Patrick added 14. Academy Park's Byu-Deen Twyman (22 points), Penn's Randy Morman (12 points, nine rebounds) and Penn Wood's Ronnie Fields (14 points) led the Cadets.

        Monday, April 10

        Game 13: Don-Len 87, Positive Image 84
        American Christian's D.J. Jones exploded for 28 points, 23 rebounds and eight blocked shots. Interboro's Jeff Miller (21 points, 10 rebounds) and O'Hara's Fran Grandieri (15 points, eight rebounds, four assists) also starred. For Positive Image, Friends' Central's Hakim Warwick had 18 points and 10 rebounds, West Catholic's Nate Lewis and Gratz's Terrance Stokes (5 assists) each scored 15 and Mastbaum's Shejdie Childs dished seven assists.
        Game 14: Roadrunners 103, Delaware Sharpshooters 98 (ot)
        Eastside's Randy Foye (32 points, five three-pointers) made three free throws with 0:04 left in regulation to force the extra period; the Roadrunners (North Jersey players) trailed by as many as 25 in the first half. Barringer's Abe Johnson added 27 points and five assists for the winners. Sussex Tech's Brian Polk (26 points, nine rebounds), A.I. Dupont's Jamil Moore (13 points, 12 rebounds) and Caesar Rodney's Joe Custis (12 points, 15 rebounds) led the Sharpshooters.

        Tuesday, April 11

        Game 15: Conshy Express 101, Del-Val Blazers 99
        Omari Pearson (Crispus Attucks, York, Pa.) scored 24 of his 29 points in the second half, also claimed 14 rebounds and blocked a last-second shot to preserve the win. Germantown Academy's Chris Rodgers hit four treys en route to 21 points and added eight assists while Penn Charter's Brett Storm had 13 points, 11 assists. For the losers, Strawberry Mansion's Omar Thomas totaled 25 points, 12 rebounds and five assists, Lutheran's Samuel Manhanga had 20 points and 12 boards and Mansion's Gregory Cunningham mixed 15 points, six assists.
        Game 16: Sonny Hill Juniors 65, James Fox 63
        Franklin's Jamal Nichols posted 17 points and 11 rebounds while Bishop Eustace's Kenell Sanchez (13, six assists) and Roman's John Huggins (13) helped out. JF received 21 points from Abington's David Brooks and 16 points, eight rebounds and four blocks from Williamsport's Taurence Johnson.


        Wednesday, April 12

        Sonny Hill Seniors 97, Tim Thomas Playaz 95 (ot)
        Roman's Eddie Griffin had a quadruple double with 27 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists and 13 blocks. Strawberry Mansion's Darryl Jones had 16 points and 11 rebounds, dunked with 0:06 left and then blocked a shot at the buzzer. Fels' Nile Patrick had 15 points, 16 rebounds. Gratz's Shaun McKie (17) and Franklin's Terrance Adams (14) helped out. The losers' John Allen (Coatesville) had 19 points, nine rebounds, nine assists and five steals. Paterson Catholic's Marquise Webb (23), Marist's John Winchester (22) and Coatesville's Shamon Tooles (17, 13 rebounds) also contributed.
        Conshy Express 104, Don-Len 93
        Omari Pearson (Crispus Attucks, York, Pa.) totaled 30 points and 16 rebounds while Germantown Academy guards Chris Rodgers (28 points, 11 boards) and Mike Slattery (12, eight assists), Devon Prep's Brian Rieben (14, 12 boards) and Penn Charter's Brett Storm (10, nine assists) assisted. For D-L, American Christian's D.J. Jones had 14 points and 20 rebounds. Interboro's Jeff Miller, Plymouth-Whitemarsh's Dan Salvi (15 each), P-W's Andrew Swanson (14) and O'Hara's Fran Grandieri (13) also reached double figures in scoring.

        Thursday, April 13

        No games scheduled!

        Friday, April 14
        Game 19: Sonny Hill Juniors 73, Hunting Park 67
        Frankford's Nicholas King had 18 points and 12 rebounds, Franklin's Jamal Nichols added eight points, 14 boards and seven blocks and Roman's John Huggins shot 18-for-20 at the line en route to 20 points. For HP, Engineering and Science's Darien Chavis had 13 points, five assists and five steals and Olney's Solomon Harris had 14 points, six rebounds.
        Game 20: Roadrunners 98, Main Street 71
        The North Jersey squad was led by Newark University City's Siree Martin (25, eight rebounds, four steals), Newark Westside's Tamir Davis (21 points, four assists), Ryan Freunlich (14 rebounds) and Barringer's Abe Johnson (nine points, 10 assists). Roman's  Michael Wild had 12 points for the losers while Chester schoolmates Naeem Scott and Jameer Nelson had eight and seven assists, respectively.


        Monday, April 17

        Sonny Hill Seniors 80, Roadrunners 69
        Gratz's Shaun McKie had 15 points, nine rebounds and eight assists. Also helping were Frankford's Phillip Alston (18 points), Fels' Nile Patrick (14, 10 rebounds), Dougherty's Robert Carter (nine, 12 boards, four assists, four blocks) and Strawberry Mansion's Darryl Jones (12, four assists). The losers' leaders were Marist's Rashid Dunbar (19 points, five treys) and Barringer's Abe Johnson (17, five assists).
        Conshy Express 78, Sonny Hill Juniors 71
        Germantown Academy's Mike Slattery shot 7-for-8 and 5-for-6 en route to 21 points. Omari Pearson, of Crispus Attucks (York, Pa.), had 19 points, 13 rebounds. GA's Chris Rodgers (13 points) and Penn Charter's Brett Storm (eight assists) helped. For SHJ, Eustace's Kenell Sanchez had 18 points. Frankford's Nicholas King added 12 points. Abington Friends' Eric Davis, Franklin's Jamal Nichols and Roman's John Huggins had 11 apiece.


        Tuesday, April 18

        Sonny Hill Seniors 72, Conshy Express 67
        Gratz's Shaun McKie totaled 26 points, five rebounds and three assists and committed no turnovers while leading the Seniors, who rallied from an 18-point, first-half deficit. Frankford's Phillip Alston added 17 points while Dougherty's Robert Carter had eight points, eight boards. For CE, Germantown Academy's Mike Slattery shot 5-for-6 on treys en route to 19 points while GA's Chris Rodgers and Penn Charter's Brett Storm had 16 points apiece.