Donofrio Classic 2001
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    The Albert C. Donofrio Classic, a single-elimination tournament played at The Fellowship House of Conshohocken, features most of the best high school players in the Philadelphia-South Jersey area, and often draws players from as far away as North Jersey and New York.

    The Fellowship House is located at 5th and Harry Streets. The phone number is 610-828-3266. Director Floyd Shaffer and his tournament staff are always helpful and cooperative.


March 28
Game 1:
   Shaffer Builders 74, Sonny Hill Sophs 72: Darnell Goudy scored 34 points and Brahim Howard added nine points, 10 rebounds and 12 blocks. For SHS, Tyree Watson scored 17 points and Damon Roundtree added 13 points, eight rebounds.
Game 2:
   Main Street 106, Triple Crown Academy 101: Naeem Scott, of Chester High, had 23 points, 10 assists and five steals. Fred Ebede added 21 points, nine rebounds for Main. Dave Glaser (26 points, nine rebounds), from Malvern Prep, and Kashif Payne (17 points, 12 assist) from Archbishop Carroll, and Steve Fattori (20 points), from Springfield Delco, led Triple Crown. O'Hara's Gene Willard had nine points, seven rebounds for Triple Crown.

March 29
Game 3:

    Del-Val Championship Sports 82, Central Penn Panthers 80:
Perry Patterson (McCaskey) led the way with 21 points. John Bowser (Central Dauphin East) helped out with 19. For CP, Justin Moyer (Hempfield) and Blake Hamilton (Central Dauphin) scored 21 and 20, respectively. Hamilton added 16 rebounds.
Game 4:

    South Jersey Select 108, Masai Warriors 100: Pleasantville's Antwan Dozier shot 12-for-19 en route to 34 points. He added nine rebounds, six assists, five steals. Holy Spirit's Reggie Kelly had 29 points, 11 boards. MW was led by Thomas Riddick (no school available), who drained five treys en route to 36 points.

March 30
Game 5:
    Don-Len Trophies 108, Sharpe Marketing Concepts 99: Faith Christian's Dan Hargrove, a UNC-Greensboro signee, shot 13-for-18 en route to 31 points and claimed 14 rebounds. Cheltenham's Bruce Hall (22) and Plymouth-Whitemarsh's Dan Salvi (18, 12 boards) helped. For SMC, Mike Spadafora (Wood) had 24 points and six assists and Walt Pinkas (Conwell-Egan) mixed 16 points, 10 boards.
Game 6:
    Del-Val Airborne 95, Delaware Sharpshooters 83: DVA put six players in double figures. Vincent Ross (Christian Academy) led with 13. Ryan Tyson (St. Joe's Prep), Bobby Leach (Bartram) and Eugene Myatt (West Phila.) had 12. Robert "Beattie" Taylor (Neumann) had 11 along with seven rebounds and six assists. Mike Barker (SJ Prep) had 10. For DS, Taureen Temple had 30 points.

April 3
Game 7:
   Playaz 83, James Fox 81: Coatesville's John Allen had 20 points, 10 rebounds. Germantown Academy's Lee Melchionni (17, 12 rebounds) and Camden's Eric Davis (13 boards) also starred. For JF, the leaders were Conestoga's Andrew Schiel (18), Hatboro-Horsham's Chris Wyatt (16), Council Rock's Ben Luber (10, 10 assists, seven rebounds) and GA's Ted Skuchas (11, nine boards).
Game 8:
    Del-Val Wildcats 91, Bucks County 81: GA's Matt Walsh totaled 25 points, eight rebounds. Kennedy-Kenrick's Ali "Badou" Gaye mixed 12 points, nine rebounds, four blocks. For BC, Tennent teammates Frank Moultree (15) and David Bright (14, 19 rebounds) were the leaders.


April 4
Game 9:
   Del-Val Toros 89, Shaffer Builders 69: Dahliek Powell (Roxborough) had 27 points, nine rebounds and got help from Neumann's Michael Haddix (14, 15) and St. Augustine's Scott Greenman (nine assists). Norristown's Darnell Goudy scored 25 points for SB.
Game 10:
  Positive Image 105, Mainstreet 92: Gratz' Michael Cuffee shot 11-for-13 for 25 points while adding six rebounds and seven assists. Mike Cook (Friends' Central) had 20 points, eight boards, six assists. St. Joe's signee Dwayne Jones (American Christian) had 13 points, 19 boards. Nate Lewis (West Catholic) had 19 points, five assists. For the losers, Naeem Scott (Chester) mixed 23 points, six assists and Fred Edebe (Wilmington) had 19 points, nine rebounds.

April 5
Game 11:
    Sonny Hill Seniors 80, Del-Val Airborne 69: John Huggins (Roman) scored 18 points, Jamal Nichols (Franklin) had 17 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks and Anthony Abrams (Gratz) and Paul Harper (8 rebounds) each added 14 points for the Seniors. Eugene Myatt (West Phila.) had 17 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, Vincent Ross (Christian Academy) scored 14 points and Mike Barker (SJ Prep) had 8 points and 6 assists for Airborne.
Game 12:
    Don-Len Trophies 81, Sonny Hill Juniors 80:
Dan Hargrove (Faith Christian) had 21 points (three three-pointers) and six  rebounds, Dave McEvoy (P-W) scored 14 points and Jim Kelly (Roman) added 13 points (including a pair of game-winning free throws with 1:19 left) and 4 assists for the victors. King’s Marvin Collins and Raheem Scott each scored 14 points and Augie Woodlin (Gratz) added 10 for the Juniors, who had two shots to win it near the buzzer, but missed.

April 6
Game 13:
    Waterview 84, Del-Val Wildcats 72: Ty Teasley (Northeast) had 18 points and Jahad Snead (Germantown) added 16. For the Wildcats, the leaders were Sam Mahanga (21 points, 10 rebounds) and Omar Williams (17).
Game 14:
    Roadrunners 84, South Jersey Select 72

April 9
Game 15:
    Playaz 102, Conshy Express 94:
Jeremiah King had 30 points and seven assists for the winners. GA's Lee Melchionni added 15 points and seven rebounds. For CE, Aaron Johnson (West Chester East) had 26 points and 18 rebounds while GA's Mike Slattery had 22 points, 11 boards and five assists.
Game 16:
    Hunting Park 93, Del-Val Championship Sports 84:
Olney's David "Bone" Bell shot 12-for-20 en route to 27 points; he added 10 rebounds and four assists. Gratz' Michael Blackshear had 19 points and 21 rebounds. Also helping were Roman's Brent Welton (12, five assists) and Gratz' Anthony Geiger (10, seven boards). Adam Lane (Parkland) and John Bowser (Central Dauphin East) had 21 and 20, respectively, for the losers.


April 10
Game 17:
    Roadrunners 72, Positive Image 71: Randy Foye had 26 points, including four threes, and five assists, and Marcus Austin added 12 points, eight rebounds and four blocks to lead the Roadrunners, a team from North Jersey. Gratz's Michael Cuffee (12 points, 13 rebounds), Friends' Central's Michael Cook (12 points), Episcopal's Terrence Mack (10 points), and Friends' Central's Hakim Warrick (nine points, nine rebounds) led Positive Image. Positive Image missed two shots at buzzer. Cook missed one in the paint, and Warrick rebounded and missed the follow. Positive, down 10 points with six minutes to go, missed 17 free throws.

April 11
Game 18:
   Del-Val Toros 109, Don-Len Trophies 99: Clemson signee Olu Babaloa, of St. Augustine, shot 13-for-21 en route to 35 points and grabbed eight rebounds. Schoolmate Scott Greenman had 14 points, 12 assists. Neumann's Michael Haddix had 12 points, 14 boards. Roxborough's Dahliek Powell had 14 points, 11 boards. DL's leaders were Cheltenham's Bruce Hall (24 points; he arrived at halftime), Plymouth-Whitemarsh's Dan Salvi (24) and Cheltenham's Aaron Crump (12, 8-for-8 at line).

April 12
Game 19:
    HBA Waterview 77, Playaz Basketball Club 74:
Steve Smith (Northeast) had 20 points and 16 rebounds, Daniel Rumph (Parkway) had 16 points and 10 rebounds, Sharif Bray (Central) scored 12 points and Mike Morak (McDevitt) dealt 11 assists for HBA Waterview, which will face the Del-Val Toros in a semifinal at 7 p.m. Monday. Dajuan Wagner (Camden) had 29 points and 5 assists and Lee Melchionni (Gtn. Academy) added 11 points and 6 assists for Playaz.
Game 20:
    Hunting Park 66, Sonny Hill Seniors 63:
David Bell (Olney) had 18 points and 9 rebounds, Brent Welton (Roman) scored 12 points, Michael Blackshear (Gratz) added 10 points and 7 rebounds and Brandon Millwood (Gratz) grabbed 9 boards to lead Hunting Park into an 8:30 p.m. semifinal Monday against the Roadrunners. John Huggins (Roman) scored 17 points and Paul Harper (Pemberton) added 12 points and 9 rebounds for the Seniors.


April 16
Game 21:
   Roadrunners 87, Hunting Park 69: The North Jersey team was led by Marcus Austin (St. Patrick, Villanova signee) with 18 points. Newark Eastside's Randy Foye (16, eight assists) and Jeff Varen (13, 16 boards) helped out. For HP, the leaders were Olney's David Bell (15, 11 rebounds), Gratz' Michael Blackshear (13) and Gratz' Messiah Reames (10).
Game 22:
   HBA Waterview 80, Del-Val Toros 63: Steve Smith (Northeast) shot 9-for-17 for 19 points and grabbed eight rebounds. Central's Sharif Bray (15 points) and Parkway's Daniel Rumph (14) had four assists apiece. For D-V, Olu Bobalola (St. Augustine, Clemson signee) had 17 points, 13 boards. Contrino Johnson had 17 and 10. Roxborough's Dahliek Powell scored 13 points.


April 17
Game 23:
    Roadrunners 63, HBA Waterview 58:
Dewitt Maxwell (Science, NYC) had 16 points and received help from Newark Eastside's Randy Foye (14) and Jeff Varen (12, 12 boards). For HBA, Northeast's Steve Smith had 21 points and 14 rebounds and shot 8-for-11 from the floor. Central's Sharif Bray added 11 points.

    Roadrunners: Randy Foye, Eastside (NJ), Art Andrey Memorial co-MVP; Alvin Carter, Nyack (NY); Marcus Austin, St. Patrick’s (NJ). HBA Waterview:  Steve Smith, Northeast, Tony Samartino Memorial co-MVP; Daniel Rumph, Parkway; Sharif Bray, Central, little man award. Hunting Park: David Bell, Olney; Michael Blackshear, Gratz. Del-Val Toros: Olu Bobalola, St. Augustine (NJ); Dahliek Powell, Roxborough. Sonny Hill Seniors: John Huggins, Roman. Positive Image: Michael Cuffee, Gratz. Playaz: Lee Melchionni, Gtn. Academy. Don-Len: Dan Hargrove, Faith Christian; Dan Salvi, Plymouth-Whitemarsh. Masai Warriors: Thomas Riddick (school unavailable). South Jersey Select: Antwan Dozier, Pleasantville (NJ). Del-Val Champion Sports: John Bowser, Central Dauphin East. Mainstreet: Naeem Scott, Chester; Friedrich Ebede, Wilmington (Del.). Shaffer Builders: Darnell Goudy, Norristown.