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  As you may have noticed, the Hawk Talk writers, Pat Murphy and Adam Ferrone,
are rather edgy and have no hesitation to bust on opponents and even Prep players.
Are they too over the top? Should they be toned down? Removed from the site?
Are their comments damaging to players already downtrodden by losses? (As of
11/3, I'd received only three e-mail complaints. All from adults. None from players.
None from parents of current players. By the way, I have occasionally edited out
comments in their reports I thought were TOO outrageous or mean spirited.) Anyway,
send your comments to me at silaryt@phillynews.com. We WILL list e-mail addresses.
Only fair, since their names are attached to their work.     Thanks, Ted    

Contributions . . .

Below is a comment I found on a football website that I would like to comment on . . .

  Not everybody plays football, that doesn't take away credibility. These kids are not claiming to be experts they are writing about their observations. Sure they add different elements to their articles but we see this everyday when we pick up a magazine or a newspaper. Taking shots at two high school kids for not playing football is unfair. And lastly, By Ted Silary allowing kids to write for his site is truly a good thing. You have mentioned that thru the years he has promoted so many athletes. Athletes have always been promoted! Now we have kids who may aspire to be writers, reporters and by Ted allowing them a forum to express their talents He is promoting a another group of students. I imagine that is what Ted is thinking.
Bill Sytsma

Offensive Line Coach
Neumann-Goretti High School

hello ted,
My name is Mike Flynn and i play for N-G, have you read the
hawk talk section of seen where we've been? It is an absolute disgrace
that those two nobodys can come at a whole football team even the head
coach. This is against what the catholic league is supposed to be
teaching which is fortitude and good sportsmanship. The prep has beaten
every catholic leauge opponent this year and not once have they wrote
anything that embarassing about anyone. I dont even no anyone from
north and i am very angry because i know north just like us is not
having the best season but they have been cooming out every day in the
face of opposition and competing to the best of their ability which i
for one respect very much. i dont know what the solution to this
problem but articles like this should not be published because they made
north a laughing stock and disrespected a head coach, and who are adam
ferrone and patrick murphy? they are nobody's and do not know anything
about football i can tell from reading their articles. for two non
athlete kids who live off their football team two write this is
horrible. and i am sure that not all the players of the prep are this
pompous and arrogant but these two definately make the whole team look

i do not know if you will write me back i just wanted to let you know
that its nots fun loosing and to have it rubbed in your face like that
just takes the fun out of the game.

thank you very much for your time
Michael Flynn
#62 "06


  Personally, I find reading Adam and Pat's Hawk Talk quite
enjoyable. In fact, I often find myself laughing out loud on occasion.
When I first started to read their peice I immediately realized that
they were taking a lighter apporach in their writing. I find Hawk Talk
to be really clever, witty, at times hilarious, and extremely
well-written for high school kids. Even if they are Prep students, ha
  Do they cross the line? I don't think so, but obviously I can't
speak for everyone. I won't dismiss the fact that some of their comments
towards individuals or teams may be harmful through their eyes. A lot of
disgruntled readers probably view it as a couple of Prep kids using the
success of their football team to bash and humiliate the opposition.
However, even though I don't know Adam and Pat on a personal level I get
the sense that they aren't mean-spirited kids. Most of their ribbing is
directed at Prep players anyway.
  The fact that they aren't football palyers or play the game is
irrelevant. Nowhere is it written that you have had to at one point in
your life played the game to talk about it. Besides, when I read Hawk
Talk I do it to get a laugh and to see what the guys have come up with
this week. Hey, for people who don't like, then don't read it!!!
  As far as the comment about, what was Ted thinking in allowing
these two kids to write on his site, I'll just say this. Ted has a
forum, and it's popular. On this forum he chooses to allow student
writers to hone their skills. In my eyes it is an incredible opportunity
for kids who some day may want to be writers. This is just another
example of Ted doing something great for kids. Whether it has been his
countless stories over the years or sharing his website more recently,
Ted always has the best interest of kids in his heart. I trust his
judgement with the guys from Hawk Talk, and if there ever comes a time
for things to get toned down. Then I'm sure Ted will tone it down.
  So, I say keep Hawk Talk soaring, no need to de-talon them at this
point!! Hey, some day we might see Adam and Pat writing for the likes of
Jay Leno, David Letterman, or Saturday Night Live. Then we'll look back
and say, remember when they use to write for
tedsilary.com...............What a great place that was for them to get
their start!!!

Ed "Huck" Palmer

Ted personally i dont think you need to worry about
these two they are just having fun. Personally as
another writer on the website i find it funny even
though they make fun of us sometimes...I dont think
you should take them down they are very creative and
as much as i dont like prep in general they make the
game reports fun and entertaining to read...it should
be used as a motivation for the players to make them
not have anything to write about. Anyways dont take
them down..just tell them not to poke fun at us anymore...haha


Hello Ted,
   I read the Hawk Talk column posted on your website. I would never
choose to read that page except that it was referred to on North
Football's website and generated some discussion. On the one hand I
think it's good to give High School kids an opportunity to display their
journalistic skills. Who knows, maybe one of them will be the future
Ted Silary. On the other hand, since these kids/writers use your
website as a forum for their vocations, I think they should be held to
the same professional standards exercised by the sponsor of the site --

   I've known you for about 23 years, and read your articles faithfully.
In fact, the only reason I buy the Daily News is to follow your coverage
of High School sports. Throughout the years I formed a favorable
impression of you as a good person, always respectful of the players,
coaches, team, schools, etc. You are sensitive to the feelings of the
people and subject matter you write about. You've always been a

   The kids who write that column have not reached that level. They are
kids. I found some of their comments to be offensive. It may be funny
to their fellow students and families. But, it isn't funny to North's
players and the North Catholic community. They showed no sensitivity
towards other KIDS their age who are suffering through an 0 - 9 record
with many shutouts and few points scored. If they want to use your
site, they should follow your rules and behavior.

Joe Kilroy, Volunteer Photographer, NC 1965

   i read hawk talk every week and love it.  i come from a program that has been struggling in the last few years and take no offense to their comments.  they bring a style or flash that hasn't been seen yet.  they even ripped at my team earlier this year and i enjoyed it.  when your winning you can do this and that's all these kids are doing let them have their fun and enjoy their articles, if you don't like them then don't read it.
-- anonymous

Anyone who thinks HawkTalk should be taken off the web site is goin way overboard.  I know at least 100 kids who read it every week, almost religiously.  These kids have a talent and you giving it exposure is great.  Also, it must be as entertaining as I think it is because the kids from Explore This are trying to do the exact same thing, down to nicknames and attepmted insults at other teams.

Hey ted,
Listen writing in about the hawk talk. You know I
don't know the murphy kid but the farrone boy is a
quality young man. I was him camp couselor at Lake
Timowoka and I think its great that he found something
he enjoys. Writing is a tool that we all must use to
set ourselfs free from the oppression of television
and modern day entertainment. Its great to see Adam
using comedy to warm the hearts of the masses who read
it. I say keep it up kids. Further Mr. Silary I
believe the boys should be commended for their work
not put on your website for people to ridicule them.
Remember these are high school kids and do not write
these articles so people can discriminate on them.
Jimmy Samson


For the time that I have been reading the student reports on Ted's web site, the different student reporters have been taking shots at the opposing football teams. Now that Adam and Pat have come along and done it in a more provocative and clever way, doesn't mean they should be censored for it. It's very entertaining, and I'm sure people enjoy it more than hate it. The people who hate it still have the option not to read it. Pat and Adam have very bright journalism careers ahead of them, if they choose, and they dance in the footsteps of Ted Silary greats like Pete " Crispy" Crispino and Jack in the Box.
Joe Hurley (number 1 fan)

  I think the Hawk Talk section of this site is an absolute necessity.
These two guys have a great ability for writing but also, a great
ability to be funny. They are extremely knowledgeable in sports and know
what they are talking about. These two do a wonderful job of combining
all three. They give the facts of the game, but make it an enjoyable to
read. I sit at the lunch table and kids ask me if i read Hawk Talk about
the last game. Kids check the site and wait for the next post because it
is so enjoyable. You could go anywhere and learn the facts of the game.
They give it a spin. They do nothing mean-spiritedly. They make jokes
about all teams (including St. Joe's Prep) in good fun. To take away
Hawk Talk is to take away hundreds of people from checking this site. If
someone finds something offensive, then they shouldn't read it. It's
that simple.


dear ted,
to shut down hawktalk would be to take away the only thing i take more
joy in than watching the games they write about. i think that though
their fun may be taken the wrong way, it is always intended to be
lighthearted and i know everyone at the prep who is written about does
take it that way.

i may be biased but dont shut down hawktalk. it makes my day every
tuesday/wednesday when it comes out.

tim campbell sjP o6

Dear Ted,
Well, I should say from the start that this is going to be a biased 
response, as I'm Adam's older sister, but after reading what some 
people have written to you about HawkTalk, I feel that I have to 
write.  I should say, for the record, that I'm not a big sports fan.  
At all.  But HawkTalk?  I read it religiously.   It's funny, clever 
and light.  I've shared it with my friends who don't even know who 
the Prep are, and they find it amusing.  Your support of Adam and Pat 
is wonderful, a great experience for them.  Though the writing isn't 
always excellent, it's capturing, with rags on both sides (and no 
grounds to claim meanness, based on both the articles and the guys 
writing them), and a wonderful spirit that makes me care about the 
Prep.  Props, Ted, for supporting them.
Stephanie Ferrone

As an avid reader of all student game reports (even the familiar
looking Explore This section), I anxiously await every wednesday night
for when pat or adam tell me they mailed you the final draft of the
article. Then the night continues with me hitting refresh until I
finally reach my goal of reading the informative and hilarious
articles that this duo have put together. When I decided to write this
email i tried to put myself in the shoes of a North supporter or a
Judge supporter and read the articles then. It is evident that the
articles are all in good natured fun and the outcry because of this
misinterpertation just shows just how passionate all fans are of CL
football. Something that should never be changed. If one should
happen to disagree with what is said, then dont read the article. But
do not try and shun these 2 talented young men from something they
really love to do, write. There are many other quality and original
game reports out there. Go Hawks.
-Patrick McIlvaine SJP 06 (number 2 fan)


It's an understatement to say that I'm shocked that people are so outraged
at the Hawk Talk section of this website. Come on now, who can't see that
it's all in good fun? I could see people's points of Adam and Pat "crossing
the line" or being "mean spirited" if they only made fun of the opposing

team, but that's not the case...AT ALL. Hawk Talk includes just as many
busts on Prep players as the opposition every week.
I am also shocked that people would make the arguement of professional
standards. Hawk Talk does not pose as a nonbiased column. I mean, it's
called HAWK talk. How is this any different from local sports talk radio
such as WIP?
Ted, don't change a thing with Hawk Talk. I think it's not only hilarious
but well written and informative. Adam and Pat - keep up the good work.

Kevin Kearney

Dear Ted,
    I dont think Adam or Pat have gone outside the boundaries at all. This is written by high school students and the majority of its readers are also high school students. Of course adults are going to read it too, but if only three complaints have been filed in all this time, I do not think it is of significant concern. I know that it is not the most traditional journalism, but it is a funny, refreshing way of describing the game. If there are few or no complaints, then why fix something that isnt broken? I consider these two to be the best writers of Hawk Talk so far, and I love reading about the games each week.

Chris Petersen '06

It's ridiculous to say that what Adam and Patty say in HawkTalk is disrespectful.   People say that they have not played football, and they cant know what there talking about, but there are plenty of well respected anaylsts and writers who have never played the game, even a small number of coaches.  I think it is flattering for Adam and Patty's writing to cause so much controversy, I think they can go somewhere with this, there is something great in HawkTalk and for anyone to censor them in any way would take away from their work.

Dear Ted,
your site is a great place for young kids to practice and expand as writers. just by reading these articles you can tell both murph and ferrone have a future in writing whether its sports or comedy. they shouldnt be censored at all. i take a censorship class in school and i havent read a book my entire life until i took that class because everything we read is interesting and fun to read. this is the same thing with HawkTalk. why does something that is said to be controversial have to be bad? everything they write is hilarious and i dont see game reports anywhere else on this site done by students that are entertaining the way that HawkTalk is. dry commentary on the games is no fun. murph and ferrone are the truth.


Mr. Silary:
  I have just finished reading the article posted in this week’s Hawk Talk
in regards to the St. Joe’s-North Catholic game.

  I realize that we should give little credit to these 2 authors and
ignore their arrogant comments. Until I read this article, I thought
that St. Joe’s had a classy team. I realize that the team does not
share the author’s thought and it is a shame that they have to be
affiliated with them. Their effort at humor is poor although they did a
good job at humiliating the North Catholic team. They have also had
some rude remarks about other teams also.

  I think that North Catholic is a much classier team because they are
still holding their heads up and have no need to stoop to the level that
these 2 did. Talk about kicking somebody when they are down. Class is
obviously not a word in the author’s vocabulary.

  I was a little shocked that you would allow such comments to be posted
on a web site affiliated with your name. Please in the future, maybe
you should monitor what is posted on your site and encourage a little
decorum from the people who write on your site.

Mary Lou Jander

Mr Silary,
I just finished reading the "Hawk Talk" and I find it very appalling that you would allow such an article to be published trashing another players.   I know North Catholic is having a tough year but to poke fun and belittle others players is very wrong.    It is surely a shame that such a "powerful house team" has to pick on a team that is still building.   Last year, North Catholic did very well in the Blue Division.  Moving into the Red Division has been tough.  North Catholic players continue to act like the fine "Salesian Gentlemen" on and off on the field.  I guess we can't say they about the Jesuit's at the Prep.
Maureen Schindle

I can't believe all the controversy over Hawk Talk. I think it is great
that these two young men are able to show their writing and comedic skills
on your site. I don't think people should take it seriously. It seems to me that
they poke more fun at the Prep players than the opposition. Besides, in this day
and age with all the trouble going on around the world, that a good laugh is much
needed. Anyway, how in the world can two guys write one column ? HA HA.
 Is it such a huge story that one or the other is a contributing writer. Aka : also
contributing to the story is so and so . Just like the big time,in other major
metropolitan newspapers.

I'm dissapointed to say the least that you would allow HawkTalk to write
something as mean spirited about the North Catholic football players.
Talk about kicking them while they're down. These kids have had a
really tough season, but as any fan will tell you they've hung in there
and played their hearts out.

There's a huge difference between being edgy and downright mean.
Considering there's very little truth to the article, I doubt any real
reporting lesson is being learned here. More like a piece of fiction.
It's a lot easier to be the bully when you're winning.

I hope you will consider removing this week's article and not make the
NC football players, parents and coaches take another one on the chin.

Christina Rayzis

I took offense to the statement that Maureen Schindle made, by saying:
"North Catholic players continue to act like the fine "Salesian
Gentlemen" on and off on the field. I guess we can't say they about the
Jesuit's at the Prep." How can you generalize the personalities of an
entire school community judging by two kids who write on a high-school
sports website? Furthermore, how can you possibly judge that every
single North Catholic kid acts like "fine salesian gentlemen on and off
the field" as you so eloquently stated? Do you follow each and every one
of them around school and keep tabs on their weekend behavior? Please,
don't insult this feedback forum with such ignorant statements. I
personally happen to be close friends with Pat Murphy and I know that he
doesn't have a mean spirited bone in his body, as well as being one of
the funniest kids I know. Me and my roommates, one of whom went to La
Salle, love reading hawk talk. It's hilariously written and brings some
entertainment to the game reports which are otherwise unbearable to get
through. I haven't even checked tedsilary.com since June until I was
advised to read the stuff that Murph has written and it is to this day
the only reason I go to the site every now and then. Pat and Adam poke
fun at Prep kids just as much, and probably more so then they do the
other teams. Saying that they are kicking teams when their down is a
complete overreaction. At the end of the day, it's still just high
school football we're talking about, their not exactly ruining anybody's
livelihoods. So if you happen to be at the other end of one of their
ribbings, suck it up, develop what we like to call a sense of humor, and
have enough confidence to laugh at yourself occasionally instead of
whining about it. Keep up the good work Murph, I know for a fact that
you personally are responsible for attracting people to Tedsilary.com.
Thanks Ted.
Joe Fox, SJP '05


As nothing more than a fan of catholic league football with an unbiased opinion, it would be a terrible decision to either stop or censor this column. The column is laugh out loud funny and does not push the edge. (Laugh sometimes people!!!) I applaud you for exposing such talented young writers and supporting budding journalists.

Even though I didn't go to the prep...and find myself getting somewhat aggravated and some things they said about the school I went to.  You can't help but laugh at the things they say. While some may find it offensive, I think its pointless to get all upset. How can people let 2 17-18 year old kids get them all fired up?? Bottom line is people shouldn't take something like this personally.
P.S. The kids from "Explore This" are just making things worse. It is unorginal, lets try something creative and different. My two roomates from the prep are having a field day rediculing me with this.  By writing the column they are only opening themselves up for more criticism.


If you don't like what they're saying, the solution is easy: don't read it. The first amendment to our Constitution enables freedom of speech and freedom of the press, freedoms that were granted to all Americans a long time ago and are utilized by the authors of Hawk Talk. Ted, please don't even consider taking their articles off the site.
Bill Shotzbarger

   I have known Pat Murphy since gradeschool, and for these disgruntled readers who feel the articles are "mean-spirited" have clearly never met Pat. The kid has a contagious smile on his face 24/7. All of my classmates at Notre Dame Academy read and love the article (not to mention Pat's cuteness and charm). I've never met Adam but Pat and he have produced a killer combination. I would have never considered reading an article on football, but HawkTalk has me hooked. Please do not remove their article from the site, it keeps me going every wednesday.

Ted i honestly think that these people who make the
comments about how great hawk talk is dont realize
that they have taken stuff from past writers like jack
in the box and crispy's corner, and for some of these
people who call my articles unoriginal are complete
idiots. For these people to honestly make those
opinions about how "original" Hawk Talk is really need
to look around at your site. Our reports may be
somewhat structured the same but if you actually read
the reports they should be able to notice we give
acounts of what occur in the games and we use
nicknames, that i used and everyone in the school uses
for those kids and we dont personally go out of our
ways to insult other players and other teams. I have
been getting some positive feedback for our accurate
acounts and if i wanna go get a laugh i will go to
hawk talk and read some of their jokes but as far as
game content people should not criticize us for being
unoriginal because in retrospect all of these game
reports are unoriginal there was someone before jack
in the box and there was someone before crispys
corner. I still believe that hawk talk should
continue, I believe that to bring others like me pat
and kevin into this mess is idiotic because we have
nothing to do with what hawk talk says or does...(i
know i shouldn't get worked up about this because all the
people who have commented on us have been prep kids
but seriously people should stop bringing us into the
situation and leave it to what it was meant for, and
that being hawk talk)


I honestly had no idea there was so much controversy over Hawk Talk. It was really surprising when I found out because I only see these articles as game reports combined with Pat and Adam's amazing senses of humor. I have only known Pat for a few years, but he is one of the nicest kids I've met and always makes an effort to say hi to everyone. Hawk Talk definitely should not be removed. My friends and I love reading the article every week and would have nothing to do in our free periods without it.

The fact that this feedback site was even necessary is disgraceful.  The distorted opinions of a few people should not keep these two talents from exhibiting their abilities.  Pat and Adam have a dry and sarcastic writing style that is refreshing to high school sports.  Those who understand this humor know that Pat and Adam's purpose is not to offend anyone, and for those who can't understand that, nobody is forcing them to read it.

Hi, Ted:
   Just came across the link for the Hawk Talk "controversy" and read
through all the postings. Amazing that it generated that much comment,
and pretty much everything's been covered by now. But I thought I might
be able to add a few personal insights that could be relevant for
anyone who still might not be sure where they stand:

   1) As you know my son Andy wrote a column for your site as his senior
project when he was co-captain of Episcopal baseball (2003). It was a
great experience for him and spurred an interest in writing and
communications that he continues to pursue while now in college. Andy
was nowhere near the wise-guy that the Hawk Talk boys are, but he was
amazed at how many people were reading his column and he definitely
heard directly, and quickly (many times while up at the plate), about
anything he had written that was at all "controversial." Like Andy did
and all your writers do, Murphy and Ferrone have their names, photos
and e-mail addresses at the top of their column, and for my money
that's all that's required to give them license to pretty much write
anything they want to, subject to your screenings. If someone thinks
they're too far out of line, it's not like they'll be hard to find.

   2) I worked on the school paper in college with Buzz Bissinger. Even in
college, Buzz already had a well-developed knack for punching people's
buttons, and when he did he quickly heard about it, in some very
threatening, personal and offensive ways. In some cases (not many), it
helped Buzz realize he'd gone too far; in others, it helped strengthen
the skills and resolve that eventually led him to win a Pulitzer Prize
with the Inquirer and write "A Prayer for the City," "Friday Night
Lights," "Three Nights in August," as well as many acclaimed articles
for Vanity Fair, GQ and other national publications. I'm not saying
you've got any budding Buzz Bissingers writing for your site, but they
shouldn't be deprived of the chance to try to develop into one, just
because someone squawks about something they've written. Again, they'll
learn through their own experiences, as people react to what they do,
just how far they can push it, and when they might need to back off.

   3) I now help to run a publishing company. To me what's really
"appalling" is the lack of care or quality in what most people will
pass off as "writing," even for a "blog-like" Web site posting. I would
probably give Murphy and Ferrone job interviews because they at least
get their spelling, grammar and punctuation right most of the time, in
addition to being creative. Most of the other "students" who are
writing to you would have no shot, based on how little regard for the
basics they demonstrate in what they send to you. I really think you
should forward a lot of those postings to the English teachers at the
schools they come from -- cleaning them up would be a great remedial
exercise, just in case some of those "writers" aren't doing too well in
that subject.

Thanks, Ted . . .
Joe Barks

I am appalled that the content of HawkTalk would even be called into question. These articles do nothing more than bring a delightful aspect to the sport of football. They are not meant to be hurtful. Pat and Adam bring a sense of humor that is much needed after a well fought game. To say that they are wrong in doing so is nonsense. We should not stifle their love for writing over some petty argument. People who are in the wrong are those who are not as dedicated to their team, as Pat and Adam are. Their dedication has been an inspiration to many.

  Having gone back and read all the articles again I have found that, in my opinion, Pat and Adam rip on the Prep players just as much as other teams and when they do make a joke about another team it's not in a mean spirited way.  Believe me, these two guys are great guys.  I think that I have taken a little bit of abuse in some of the articles seeing as my nickname is "must be a running play", but I wouldn't want it any other way because that's what makes these articles so funny.  Keep it up guys.
 Tom Elliott #10 '06

Hi Ted,
My name is Ernie Cimadamore,I am the center from Neumann-Goretti and I
am replying to your Hawk Talk Feedback. I think it is nice to give the
kids a chance to be writers, but I agree to what my teammate Mike Flynn
has said. They should never put down someone like that it is wrong and
dissrepectful. I would like to see them two kids put on some pads and
play some ball. They wouldn't even last a minute in a game. I just
wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks.

Ernie Cimadamore
Neumann-Goretti Center
Class of '06

P.S. I cant' to see Jimmy (J-Niv) Nevin's column "The Way Niv Lives"
next year. Trust me it will be alot better than Hawk Talk.


The comedic column is most entertaining, I'm sure no ill intentions are
meant, rather a light sided report on the old "HIGH SCHOOL RIVALRY" that
has been around for years. My son Colin, wrote for Ted last year under
"Curtin Call" and he received e-mails from time to time disputing his
prose but the purpose of a good writer is to get the readers attention.
Obviously Murphy and Ferrone have what it takes since it has stirred up
the pot.


In response to Ernie Cindamore's comments that neither writers could last a minute on the field he is dead wrong. Pat played as a freshman for the Prep and was a huge contributor for the team before injuring his leg and concentrating on baseball (Which he will be All-Catholic in). It's funny that you automatically assummed these guys were unathletic since he would be one of the best players on the NG team.
- Anonymous-

The Hawktalk controversy is ridiculous. These two guys are turning boring
games into enjoyable reports. The Prep has had one Catholic league game this
season where an opponent came within 20 points of them. If you're writing
those game reports, you've gotta have something to talk about. The comments
about them not playing football are ignorant and absurd, somehow I doubt that
every sports writer or commentator in America was world class in the sport they
cover. These guys know their stuff and to be honest, a lot of these games
haven't been so close that detailed analysis was really necessary. As far as
embarrassing opponents or offending them, a sarcastic or mocking game report by
a couple of students probably takes a backseat to a 30 point loss in that
department. Its been noted that these guys take at least as many shots at
their own team's players as they do at opponents, so my advice would be to
shrug it off guys. To be honest, if anyone should be upset at the reports it
should be the Prep's team/coaches, as these guys have basically spent an entire
season providing bulletin board material for potential playoff opponents.
Bottom line, if anybody wants to muzzle Pat and Adam, the only way to do it is
to beat the Prep on the field, not complain on a website. Keep up the good
work guys, you're one of the reasons a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't
bother still check out Ted's site.


  I am a football player from NG and I have no problem with the hawk talk. My teammates might have there own opinion about but Hawk Talk reports but, I think Adam and Pat are just voicing there opinion and that is good. Some times they go to far but everyone has there freedom of speech.

As a big fan of the Prep game, I commend you on your coverage.  Though I love the pro's and college, there's still something special about HS ball.  Let me also compliment you on your support of Hawk Talk.  It is clearly some sort of work-study program for those with a handicap.  And, as a person who can't get enough sports, I share that handicap.  As someone who didn't play much, I'm not a "has-been", I'm a "never was" also (like your journalists).  Kudos to Coach Sytsma for taking this in the vein in which it was intended.
To the Hawk Talk guys, you're great.  Keep it up.  Indulge a fan an admonition: many a fine journalist has crossed the line from enjoyable satire into cynical ad hominem.  The sports pages and TV spots are littered with their junk (from Skip Bayless to Steve Smith with a plethora in between).  May you always remain on the good side of that line.

I can't say that I believe that the articles of the hawk talk authors
are over the top.  Yet, I have to point out that these two have no room
to poke fun at other teams and glorify their own team if they (as I
assume) are not true fans of their own team.  I have been to three Prep
football games this year, the most recent being the Thanksgiving Day
debacle, and I must say that the noise level of the student section at
each and every game i have been to has been atrocious.  We Prep fans
have been regarded as the best high school fans in the city for many
years, but in recent years, the fervor has definitely decreased.  The
hawk talk writers have no business running their mouths at all about
how bad a certain team is or how good the Prep is unless they can taste
blood in their throats after every game from yelling so loud (no, that
is not asking too much).  If they are so passionate in their writings,
then they must be so in the stands.  I question the desire and hunger
to win of the writers of hawk talk and all other so-called Prep fans.
The lack of support that is given by the student body to our nationally
ranked football team is a complete and utter disgrace to the
institution that is St. Joe's Prep.
--member of SJP class of 2004

Ted,  I didn't know Hawk Talk and Explore This existed until I was looking for stories about today's thrilling, LaSalle upset victory, over the Evil Empire, and came upon these two features.  I wish there was a forum like this available back in 1980.  I think it's great for these kids to have the opportunity to inform, entertain, and/or annoy like this.  Thanks.
LSHS '81

  i agree with a previous comment that the St Joe fans are loosing there
edge, when they were the best team around so to were the fans but not
anymore maybe that's why they lost their edge. if the rest of the PCL
fans take notices maybe they can resurrect their teams team to the place
with what they were previously at. The 04 fan were truly one of a kind
and you St Joe fans should be ashamed. I hope the rest of the league
will check up to what the alumni of the prep started and make it fun for
everyone. For any readers the fact you win doesn't matter to me get
your heart in it or get out cause you don't realize where gil and the
staff took you from. the rest of the league will check up and give the
home field advantage back making it a more level playing field. the
prep is years before the rest of the league but the fans will check up
before you know it and so will the teams. i mean O'Hara and LaSalle
already have haven't they???

Pat Taylor
04 player 05 grad judge # 47

the controversy surrounding hawk talk is excessive. i understand that some of the comments towards other catholic league teams may seem inappropriate. however, the writing is outside of school and there is something called freedom of speech. i love how people stereotype the prep students as if they are all "arrogant".. also, labeling Pat Murphy as a non-athlete is rediculous. he plays varsity baseball for the prep and pitched a 1-hitter for my senior legion baseball team. i guess hes no athlete, huh??? people are over looking the fact that murph and ferrone have an interest in writing and enjoy writing funny game recaps filled with jokes. im sure if the prep allowed them to write such articles in school they would do so. however, they cannot and must post them on the internet for everyone to see. i can understand people being offended by the material. however, the jokes a! re harmless and whose to say every other catholic league team shouldnt have their own article section on ted's site? it promotes team support and the catholic league in general.. just look at the attention it has attracted. i understand ur concerns, but take HawkTalk off the site?? give me a break.
--prep student of class of 2006

All season long, HawkTalk has given me reason to laugh when the new edition hits your site.  Even in the weeks that St. Joe's Prep loses, they keep the articles upbeat, funny, and lighthearted.  The MAHT (Mothers Against Hawk Talk) Club that seems to be forming at North Catholic has given me even more reason to laugh: if the players were offended they would write in themselves, but since they don't, the mothers are standing up for them, seemingly against their will.  Why?  They've let two funny, nice kids get under their skin in the wake of a tough season.  I've seen comments about kids from arch-rival La Salle laughing after reading Hawk Talk, and that tells you one thing: these kids are extremely funny and can take from the monotony of everyday life if taken in the right spirit.  Thanks Ted, and to Pat and Adam, keep up the good work.