Episcopal Stars Commit to ACC Powers

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  On 5/18/05, Episcopal Academy junior Gerald Henderson made an oral commitment
to attend Duke in Sept. 2006. On 5/24, teammate Wayne Ellington followed with an oral
commitment to North Carolina. Here are some photos . . . (Gerald's first; Wayne's below). 

wpe7.jpg (38461 bytes)

Gerald's dad, Gerald, a former NBA player, speaks with the media before the press conference.

wpeA.jpg (28667 bytes)

Gerald Sr., Gerald Jr., sister Jade and mom Marie.

wpeB.jpg (18347 bytes)

Gerald is now wearing a Duke hat and his sister, Jade, a student
at runner-up Villanova, is thinking, "Why has he made things so
difficult for me?" (smile)

wpeC.jpg (33537 bytes)

Mom, dad, sis, G, Episcopal coach Dan Dougherty and AAU coach Jimmy Salmons.

wpeE.jpg (27473 bytes)

Dan Dougherty speaks with a TV guy.


wpe17.jpg (32264 bytes)

Wayne Sr., Wayne, mom Elaine, sister Alexi-rae, sister Ericka. The little ones, Wayne's nieces, are Alaina (older) and Ava.

wpe18.jpg (28704 bytes)

On with the Tar Heel hat. At left is EA's AD, Gina Buggy.

wpe19.jpg (27784 bytes)

Coach Dan Dougherty is interviewed by everybody's favorite DN sports
writer, Dick Jerardi.

wpe1A.jpg (39525 bytes)

Wayne bites his lip as Gerald says Duke is going to squash UNC (smile).

wpe1B.jpg (45859 bytes)

Wayne is still amazed at the doo-doo Gerald is talking (just kidding).

wpe1C.jpg (22774 bytes)

Wayne, Dan, Gina and Gerald.