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   In November 2004, I received an e-mail from Jerry Peitzman, a track star for
Cardinal Dougherty in the early 1970s. He told a story about how he came to
join the team. It shows young people that it's never wise to close a door, because
going through it might take you someplace special.
   We appreciate that Jerry allowed us to tell his story here . . .
   -- Ted

   "I got onto the team because the third leg of the 880 relay team had broken his arm.  About two weeks before the championship meet the school had time trials to see who would replace him. I didn't really want to run but Ned Moore, the coach, heard that I was a good sprinter and told me to come to the time trial or I would fail history.  That was good incentive.  My Dad took me to 5th Street to buy some track shoes.  Running shoes were not popular and were hard to come by.  I ended up getting a pair of Bata Bullets to run the time trial in.  I won the trial.
   It changed my whole life.  Two weeks later I was "All-Catholic", had a varsity letter and got a championship jacket.  That seemed pretty easy so I continued to run in my senior year.  My efforts paid off and I got a 4-year scholarship to Temple University."

   Jerry added this . . .
   "Many teens need direction, guidance and goals, which they are not getting from broken homes or parents that are just too busy trying to pay the bills.   Bottom line is that the opportunities are there, but you have to go get them.   Nobody is going to just give it to you.  If you fail there is no one to blame but yourself.  Athletics lay a great foundation for competitive careers in business and prepares teens for the trials that they will face as an adult in the future."

   Jerry is an officer in the Army, stationed in Alabama. We thank him for his service to our country and wish all the best for him and his family.