Julius Thompson

        Julius Thompson Update
    Julius Thompson covered high school sports for The Philadelphia Bulletin from 1971 to '82, when the paper went out of business, and was the first scholastic sports writer in
city history to put the focus where it belongs . . . on the KIDS.
    Ted worked with Julius for two years, beginning in Dec. '75, before moving to the Daily News, and the two have remained friends since. Parents of many current athletes will remember Julius from his Bulletin days, and he undoubtedly wrote stories about some of them.
    Julius now lives in Georgia and, in addition to teaching at the high school and college levels, is a published author.

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    His second novel, Philly Style and Philly Profile, debuted Sept. 13, 2007, and is
being sold at Robin's bookstore, 108 S. 13th, as well as at Borders stores. His first novel
was A Brownstone in Brooklyn. He is currently editing his third, The Ghosts of Atlanta.

    Website: www.jtwrites.com
    Email: JuliusThomTrilogy@jtwrites.com


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