Kevin Plays Summer Baseball, 2005

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   Kevin Silary, Ted's son, spent the summer playing for a traveling squad
representing the Gibbsboro-Voorhees Athletic Assn. On June 25, the crew
played Del Val, at 7th and Packer, in South Philly. That's the Center City
skyline in the background of the team photo. Oh, by the way. Kevin's
coaches called him SILL-ah-ree. He never bothered to tell them it should be
Sah-LAIR-ee. Wonder where he gets that? (Dad usually doesn't bother, either.)

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wpe20.jpg (59010 bytes)

Front, L to R -- Ross Wagner, Jaron Dorfman, Jared Pomponio, Kevin Silary, Brendan Riley.
Back, L to R -- Jay Ross, Sebastian "Monstrosity" Gilbert, Michael Berry, Brooks Culotta, Brian
Bierman, Ryan Kosyla, John Hill.

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The players warm up before the game. That's Citizens Bank Park in the background.

wpe22.jpg (54613 bytes)

Kevin stretches with some teammates.

wpe23.jpg (26714 bytes)

Kevin stretches at first to retire a Del Val runner.

wpe24.jpg (27841 bytes)

Kevin beats a pickoff throw. And knocks the base off the field (ha ha).

wpe25.jpg (53142 bytes)

Kevin strokes a two-run single to rightfield.

wpe26.jpg (20838 bytes)

And later scores a run.

wpe27.jpg (22560 bytes)

Kevin took this pic of himself on the way home. Next year he'll be going to
school on the short bus (smile).