Kevin's Basketball Pics, 2005

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     Kevin spent the winter of 2004-05 playing in a township league for seventh and
eighth graders in Voorhees, N.J. His final game was 3/3 and it was only the second
time my schedule allowed me to be there in person.
     Kevin poured in four points and consumed seven rebounds (smile).
      Here's what he said about his stats, "Yo, Pops, write something like, 'Kevin
usually has about 7-8 points a game and 10-15 rebounds, but tonight he had a
monstrosity of a kid to go up against.' "
     Here are some pics . . .

wpe7.jpg (23461 bytes)

Kevin is on the right.

wpeA.jpg (19201 bytes)

Kevin's about 5-8. The dude behind him is about 6-3.

wpeB.jpg (33337 bytes)

Leaping over the baseline trying to make a save. Wow, what hang time! (smile)

wpeC.jpg (41942 bytes)

Knocking down a free throw.

wpeE.jpg (42568 bytes)

Mr. Six-Foot-Three rejects Kevin's shot. Kevin did not reject the idea of posting this (smile).