Tom Mullineaux Wins Award

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   On 4/28/04, retiring FB coach Tom Mullineaux received Frankford High's Pioneer Award for
leadership, achievement and service. There have been 82 recipients since 1963, and Frankford
has 45,000-plus graduates. Tom will stay on as the athletic director. Here are some photos:

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Before they went to the auditorium for the assembly, Tom (second from R) posed with new
FB coach Mike Capriotti, defensive coordinator Bill Clausen and wrestling/baseball coach
Bob Peffle. All four are Frankford grads.

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Tom prepares to speak. In foreground is Frankford's principal,
Richard Mantell.

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Tom poses with former award winners. Also seated is Dr. Leon Johnston, class of 1929.
Standing, L to R -- Bob Peffle, Dr. Thomas Mills, Terry Tobin, Carrie Rice, Bill Snyder, Paul
Schrenk, Bill Clausen and Harry Fox.

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Some of Frankford's coaches . . .
L to R -- Bill Clausen, Bob Peffle, Bill Snyder, Tom Mullineaux, Mike Capriotti, Jack Creighton, Juan Namnun.
All except Creighton are Frankford grads.

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Tom with his wife, Rae, and son, Max, a senior at La Salle
High and a FB player. His other son, T.J., is away at school.