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Prescription for Success

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   Paul Delgado, a second team Daily News All-City catcher for Edison in 1983, and later a bullpen catcher for the Phillies at the Vet, has opened Amigos Pharmacy at 3224 Kensington Ave. Look below for Paul's story.
   We wish him great success!! 

Amigos Pharmacy, 3224 Kensington Ave. (a half-block above Allegheny).
(866) 628-6409. Website:

   After I got hurt on my original job, a blue-collar job, I was placed into a position where it
made it much easier for the company to lay me off. All of this took place in 1998.
   The previous year, my daughter, who was 4 at the time, got diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.
   At this time, my whole world seemed to be crashing down on me.
I didn't know what to do
or who to turn to. So I emailed an old friend to see if I could expose my old employer for what
happened to me. The response to what was going on changed my whole life around.
   I was told not to let the things that happen in life get to me. I was reminded about how good
of a baseball player I was back in my early years. I was told me to use that same determination
and drive that made me the baseball player that I was, and that no one would be able to stop me
in whatever I decided to do.
   Those encouraging words made me who I am today, Dr. Paul Delgado (Pharmacist). I went
back to college to become a pharmacist -- first to Community, then to Temple -- so I could be
on top of all of the medications and the different treatments that are available for my daughter.
   I think GOD had this all planned out for me. He put me in a position where I could do what I
love to do the most -- and that is to help others.
   I opened my pharmacy in August 2007 and I feel so good about all of this.
   My advice to the young guys coming up today is to never lose sight of your dreams. Work
hard to get past whatever obstacles you might face. It's never too late. Reach out to people you
feel might be able to help you. And take to heart their advice. If you're a good person, they won't
say anything to steer you wrong.
   Thanks, Ted, for letting me tell my story.
   -- Dr. Paul Delgado