Ryan Ayers' Press Conference

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   On 5/5/04, Germantown Academy junior Ryan Ayers announced his decision to
attend Notre Dame for basketball in a press conference at the school. Here are
some photos . . .

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Ryan was wearing an NBA All-Star sweatshirt when the press conference began. Also seated
at the table are his mom, Carol, brother, Cameron, a sixth-grader at GA, and father, Randy,
the former 76ers' coach. Ryan peeled off the sweatshirt to reveal a Notre Dame T-shirt.

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Ryan talks with Jason Shandler, of the Norristown Times Herald, as
his mom speaks with GA's headmaster, Jim Connor. Behind them is
another star junior basketball player, Brian Grimes.

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Ryan talks with Comcast SportsNet's Brian Schiff in the background while GA coach Jim Fenerty
makes a point to a newspaper reporter in the foreground.