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Football, 2004
Basketball, 2005 (December)

    Every so often, we'll publish photos of people in or around the game as a way
of providing recognition. If you see Ted on the trail and think someone's photo,
even yours, deserves to be posted on www.tedsilary.com, speak up.

W. CATHOLIC 41, CARROLL 37   1/31

wpeE.jpg (32901 bytes)

Carroll's John Durante loses ball over baseline.

wpeF.jpg (40972 bytes)

Anthony Watson goes to the hoop.

wpe10.jpg (19785 bytes)

Dutch "Big Suburbs" Gaitley establishes
position to go to the hoop.

wpe11.jpg (33783 bytes)

Tracy Clark moves past Mike Logue (22) and Dutch "Big Suburbs"

UNIV. CITY 81, PARKWAY 51   1/31

wpe9.jpg (25256 bytes)

UC's Ervin Jordan absorbs a hit from Ganiyu Adekunle.

wpeA.jpg (18770 bytes)

Larz Jeter snuffs Ervin Jordan.

wpeB.jpg (22270 bytes)

Anthony Morrison prepares to seize the baseline and, yes, the defender's jersey
is on inside-out.

wpeC.jpg (24146 bytes)

UC's Lou Williams gathers his team for halftime address in corner of the gym.

O'HARA 53, BONNER 32   1/30

wpe7.jpg (33231 bytes)

O'Hara's Chris Myers has had better ideas than trying to challenge
Derrick Graff (40) and Jeff Jones simultaneously (smile).

wpe9.jpg (39275 bytes)

Nothing like a see-through basketball. Mark Concannon is inbounding. Jack Glacken
is defending.

wpeA.jpg (24493 bytes)

Derrick Graff watches as the ball heads out of bounds
after being tipped by Pat Kirby.

wpeB.jpg (32672 bytes)

Derrick Graff attempts to go around Rich "Dickie V, Baby!"
Varrasse. Not an easy chore.

CHESTER 65, CENTRAL 48   1/29

wpeF.jpg (38748 bytes)

Central's Rashiid Coleman needs someone to pass to. Kenny St. George (22) and Scott
Rodgers look like good candidates.

wpe10.jpg (46495 bytes)

Scott Rodgers throws a kick-out pass to Kenny St. George.

EPISCOPAL 57, GRATZ 48   1/29

wpe7.jpg (24243 bytes)

Episcopal's Dylan Brown has just made a bounce pass
and it's going to Mike Yocum (hand up).

wpe9.jpg (16696 bytes)

Joe Rosati thought hard about dunking,
but went with a layup instead (smile).

wpeA.jpg (42317 bytes)

I forget if this ball went in or not, but ref John Luciano is signaling no-good no matter what.

wpeB.jpg (20317 bytes)

Mike Yocum gets one of his five blocks.

wpeC.jpg (28893 bytes)

Vertical leap, anyone? Gerald Henderson is way up there.

wpeE.jpg (21698 bytes)

Jeremy Treatman interviews Episcopal coach Dan
Dougherty on CN8's postgame show as Gerald
Henderson waits his turn.

JUDGE 43, N. CATHOLIC 40   1/28

wpeB.jpg (29537 bytes)

Judge's Art Livingston gets plenty of room from Jeremy Coombs.

wpeC.jpg (30768 bytes)

Hanif Edwards didn't like his original head anyway (smile). The passer is Damien

wpeE.jpg (38567 bytes)

Nate Edwards shakes Jim Schule. The steps are always a desirable "seat" in The Pit.

wpeF.jpg (20314 bytes)

Judge welcomed back guard Tim McCauley, shown
here noting Andrew Pomager's presence right behind
him. Tim suffered a serious injury to his right knee
in the summer.

SJ PREP 59, ROMAN 51   1/28

wpe7.jpg (42676 bytes)

Prep coach Speedy Morris hangs out in his office before the game.

wpe9.jpg (27043 bytes)

Roman's Malik Perry (L) and Larry Loughery are ready
for first-tap liftoff.

wpeA.jpg (22816 bytes)

Roman's Billy Lally and Corey O'Rourke are at a standstill.

CENTRAL 54, GRATZ 52   1/27

wpe7.jpg (15432 bytes)

Central's Scott Rodgers guards Ameer Ali on the

wpe9.jpg (13230 bytes)

Rodgers is on the gallop.

wpeA.jpg (23124 bytes)

Rodgers tries to regain possession after losing the ball near midcourt.

wpeB.jpg (32833 bytes)

Raise your hands if you want Andre Woodlin to shoot a free throw!

wpeC.jpg (47605 bytes)

Gratz coach Leonard Poole is outraged late in the game when it appears a possession-arrow call might go
against his squad. After a 10-minute delay, Gratz kept the ball. To Poole's right is assistant Roland Wharton.


wpe7.jpg (38225 bytes)

Ref George Geiss indicates that N-G's Antonio "Scoop" Jardine is not close enough
to Corey O'Rourke to start a 5-second count.

wpe9.jpg (25041 bytes)

Some of the members of N-G's InSaints Asylum.

wpeA.jpg (40122 bytes)

Antonio "Scoop" Jardine prepares to run an offense.

wpeB.jpg (29952 bytes)

Jardine accepts congratulations just after the final buzzer. (I couldn't help it that Jardine was in
all the decent pics -- smile.)


wpeA.jpg (21712 bytes)

If West's Antonio Banks (22) would move a little, we could see the
face of defender Jack Glacken (smile).

wpe7.jpg (27013 bytes)

West's Anthony Lee plots his next move against Jeff Jones.

wpe9.jpg (37508 bytes)

In this one, Tracy Clark tries to set a pick on Jones. To the right, Derrick Graff prepares to defend
Maurice Denton.

SJ PREP 34, CARROLL 32   1/21
(Not the most photogenic game ever)

wpe7.jpg (14864 bytes)

The Prep's Joe Fox tries to break down John Durante.

wpe9.jpg (45670 bytes)

Can you feel the excitement? Reggie Redding dribbles as the third quarter winds down and the defender, Darrell
Floyd, is a good 15 feet away.

wpeA.jpg (47043 bytes)

With 9.7 seconds left, Eugene Adams prepares to shoot the first of two free throws that created a 32-32 tie. The
Prep kids ran out of the stands to the baseline to yell and scream and jump around. The guy in the maroon sweatpants
just to the left of the ref under the basket is Pete "Crispy" Crispino, one of our writers during FB season. He was
the let's-run-over-there ringleader.

EDISON 74, OLNEY 56   1/20

wpe9.jpg (33841 bytes)

Olney's Kevin Riley posts up George Baker and hopes for an entry pass from Lamar Coney.

wpeA.jpg (44431 bytes)

Kevin Riley is a shade late to block Kashief Edwards' shot.

wpeB.jpg (32137 bytes)

Steve Martin is off to the races in pursuit of a loose ball.

wpeC.jpg (40805 bytes)

Ryan Hobdy flies toward three-point shooter George Baker, who hit six of 'em.

wpeE.jpg (15704 bytes)

Steve Martin puts on the brakes as James Gaines defends.


wpe7.jpg (16768 bytes)

Mastbaum's Zelmay Hernandez approaches midcourt and a waiting
Stanley Williams.

wpe9.jpg (21097 bytes)

Stanley Williams makes an entry pass.

wpeA.jpg (16748 bytes)

The ball is WAY up there and no one has yet
to jump for the rebound.

wpeB.jpg (33322 bytes)

It was a little chilly in Mastbaum's gym and Mansion scorekeeper Marketta
Dargan was appropriately bundled up.


wpe7.jpg (32213 bytes)

A pair of freshmen: Roman's Anthony King guards Eric Brennan.

wpe7.jpg (28992 bytes)

West's Derrell Hand seizes the baseline against Malik Perry.

wpe9.jpg (33567 bytes)

Roman's Malik Perry looks back to see whether he blocked enough
of a West player's shot.

wpeA.jpg (32145 bytes)

The ball is loose and Roman's Bobby Jordan is trying to draw a charge.

wpeB.jpg (32515 bytes)

Malik Perry shoots over Derrell Hand as Mike Ringgold spreads out in
case the shot is missed.

wpeC.jpg (33240 bytes)

West's Joe Askew (15) is among those battling for ball.

DOUGHERTY 72, McDEVITT 47   1/16

wpe9.jpg (23344 bytes)

The varsity guys wait not so patiently for the JV game to end.

wpeA.jpg (37465 bytes)

McDevitt's Tom Maha moves past Maurice "Cheeks" Hart.

wpeB.jpg (36909 bytes)

Josh Martin rises and John Gorman gives him a slight nudge. Chris McNicholas (33)
is alone for a rebound opportunity.

wpeC.jpg (36484 bytes)

Robert Townsend goes hard between Leroi Taylor and Tom Maha.

wpeE.jpg (36719 bytes)

Kahlil Mumford inbounds over Andrew Crawford.

(At Saint Joseph's University)

wpe9.jpg (27667 bytes)

GA's Andrew Ott tries to gather his body before making a
move against Mike Yocum.

wpeA.jpg (51355 bytes)

Kyle Griffin has the ball. Dylan Brown wants it.

wpeB.jpg (44400 bytes)

Wayne Ellington converts a reverse layup as Brian Grimes defends.

wpeC.jpg (44898 bytes)

The Episcopal kids go crazy after what turned out to be Wayne Ellington's winning field goal. TedSilary.com
reporter Tom "Takin' a" Mulligan (white T-shirt, middle, yelling) can be seen in the second row to the left of the
kid holding crutches.

CENTRAL 60, UNIV. CITY 45   1/13

wpeA.jpg (25952 bytes)

Central's Kenny St. George shoots from the
left baseline.

wpeB.jpg (41246 bytes)

The three coaches in UC's hoops history . . . Steve Kane ('74 through '99 seasons) is in the middle. Ken Gritter
(L, 2000 through '04) is assisting first-year boss Lou Williams (R).

wpeC.jpg (24348 bytes)

Scott Rodgers bangs into the partition after saving the ball to Rashiid
Coleman (5).

wpeE.jpg (16903 bytes)

Robert Mosby is just late to block layup
by Kenny St. George.

wpeF.jpg (27722 bytes)

The ball is bouncing out of bounds and -- oh, no! -- Kenny
St. George is running hard right toward me.

wpe10.jpg (26596 bytes)

Scott Rodgers follows through on a trey as Earl Lewis jumps
toward him.


wpe7.jpg (29749 bytes)

Mansion's Leon "Squeek" Rollins passes on the break.

wpe9.jpg (17604 bytes)

Franklin's Roy Douglas wants the ball, but Stanley Williams
has already passed it.

wpeA.jpg (48307 bytes)

Andre "Aynee" Glover launches a runner in the lane and the guys in his personal fan club anticipate exploding with
glee. The ref is Ron Palmer.

wpeB.jpg (46394 bytes)

Matthew "Moo" Johnson contests Deondray King's inbound pass.


wpeE.jpg (36320 bytes)

Carroll's Dutch Gaitley contests Zack Molyneaux's shot.

wpeF.jpg (44717 bytes)

K-K's Tim Bowman is encountered by Pat Filippelli.

wpe10.jpg (37530 bytes)

Anthony Watson fires a trey and Tom Amenta thinks, "How am I going to box out
this gigantic dude?" (smile). That's Dutch "Big Suburbs" Gaitley.

wpe11.jpg (56610 bytes)

Carroll's zany student rooters.


wpe7.jpg (18210 bytes)

Lots of traffic around the basket as FLC's Dante Wooten
(23) blocks a shot.

wpe9.jpg (12756 bytes)

Malcolm Eleby bursts toward the lane.

wpeA.jpg (31549 bytes)

Malcolm Eleby rises in the lane and hits a 10-foot jumper.

wpeB.jpg (14303 bytes)

Denis Delli, a 6-7, 210-pound center, came to this country from
Albania at age 10.

wpeC.jpg (34486 bytes)

Eleby's on the gallop past Jermaine Washington. Curtis Jackson awaits his arrival.


wpe7.jpg (48435 bytes)

This is North's John Adamski, preparing to launch a trey vs. Wood, but that's not why we've
posted this . . . At the table, over John's shoulder, is the legendary Thomas "Hockey Puck"
McKenna. Also at the table, at the far left, is Kevin "Sparky" Cooney, former website stalwart
now with the Bucks County Courier-Times.
(Photo by Bruce Mann; courtesy of Joe Mason)

McDEVITT 58, LA SALLE 45   1/9

wpe9.jpg (23692 bytes)

This pic is from the JV game. Note the size of
La Salle defender Billy Keenan, a junior PG. He
can't weigh more than 100 pounds. But he was
feisty and slick with the ball and varsity coach Joe
Dempsey said of him, "He might have the best
basketball sense of anyone in our program."
Keep hustling, Billy!

wpeA.jpg (38561 bytes)

Gregory Stitt gets to the hoop as Brian Carlin defends.

wpeB.jpg (33039 bytes)

McDevitt's Tom Maha launches a trey as Carlin and Leroi Taylor battle for
rebounding position.

wpeC.jpg (19905 bytes)

Another little guy, freshman Mike Topley, made his varsity debut
as the backup point guard. He's covered by Steven Merlini.

wpeE.jpg (20012 bytes)

Joe Sobocinski scores over Leroi Taylor.

MALVERN 70, PENN CHARTER 66 (2 OTs)   1/8

wpeA.jpg (30252 bytes)

PC's Sammy Zeglinski, who finished with eight treys, 29 points and seven
assists, tosses a pass. Check out the ball. Looks like it's been cut in half.

wpeB.jpg (17876 bytes)

Episcopal's Dylan Brown rejoices after watching
a dunk by Wayne Ellington (22).

 wpeC.jpg (25624 bytes)

Ellington flies past Rory Perner en route to the hoop.

wpeE.jpg (47042 bytes)

Dylan Brown is challenged by Perner and is ready to pass to Gerald Henderson, who's beginning to run
through the lane after running off a pick by Mike Yocum (44). HS' No. 44 is Teddy Schreck.

wpeF.jpg (32764 bytes)

Ellington makes an off-balance layup in front of Schreck.


wpeB.jpg (35407 bytes)

N-G's Antonio "Scoop" Jardine sizes up Bobby Jordan.

wpeC.jpg (35104 bytes)

Roman's Raymond "Doodles" Sims on the move. Note people standing along the baseline and school
personnel watching in upstairs room from behind the glass. N-G coach Carl Arrigale is at right.

wpeE.jpg (13472 bytes)

Bradley Wanamaker is bumped by
Derrick "D.J." Rivera.


wpe7.jpg (20875 bytes)

Bartram's Marquise Carrington twists and turns
and gets off shot despite Tyrick "Pookie" Moy's
tough defense.

wpe9.jpg (48053 bytes)

Daziah Miller launches a jumper over Michael Jones.

wpeA.jpg (25230 bytes)

Moy takes it to Miller in this one.


wpe9.jpg (41351 bytes)

Nueva Esperanza's David Rivera puts up a stop sign and closes his eyes.

wpeA.jpg (24694 bytes)

Saul's Tamboura Adens passes to a teammate in the corner.

wpeB.jpg (28633 bytes)

NE coach Terrance Hudson implores his squad during a timeout.

wpeC.jpg (43914 bytes)

Randy Brinkley nails one of his four treys as Kashif Green (11) arrives too late.

wpeE.jpg (22512 bytes)

David Rivera drives along the baseline as Tamboura Adens
gives him some room.

wpeF.jpg (23354 bytes)

NE's Eric Drew slowly walks off the court as the Razorbacks celebrate the first win
in school history.

SJ PREP 57, ROMAN   1/4

wpeE.jpg (35642 bytes)

Roman's Raymond "Doodles" Sims defends Joe Fox as referee Chris DeFelice
looks on. Chris' dad is pictured below in the Bartram-Bok grouping.

wpeF.jpg (19235 bytes)

Forgot to turn on the zoom, folks. Sorry. Anyway, Joe Fox moves
past Bobby Jordan. The guy with his arms folded right behind Fox's
right foot is ex-NBA guard Doug Overton (Dobbins '87).

wpe10.jpg (36039 bytes)

Bradley Wanamaker, one of the soph twins in Roman's rotation (Brian is the other), defends
Reggie Redding as Corey O'Rourke runs toward the corner. The guy along the baseline is
the Daily News' Yong Kim, who actually takes good pictures (smile).

BARTRAM 80, BOK 71   1/4

wpeA.jpg (21296 bytes)

Bartram's Leonard Jackson passes around a
leaping Bok defender.

wpeB.jpg (35411 bytes)

There was a brief halftime ceremony to honor 2000 grad Rodney McCarter, a starting d-back
for James Madison, the Division I-AA national champions!! Rodney is being eyed by the
NFL. At left is Rodney's dad, Rick. In the middle is Bok FB coach Tom DeFelice. Rodney's
brother, Rockeed, is a two-sport star at Northeast.

wpeC.jpg (21987 bytes)

Early in the third quarter, the refs halted the game for
about 10 minutes because condensation had made the
floor quite slippery. Some windows were opened to
make the gym colder and the game proceeded with
no further delays. That's Clarence Armstrong wiping
the floor and Jim Reilly behind him. Others in the pic
are Bok coach Lloyd Jenkins (right) and AD John

WOOD 50, RYAN 38   1/3

wpeA.jpg (25336 bytes)

The teams' headliners . . . Ryan's Joe Zeglinski and Wood's
Matt Spadafora.

wpeB.jpg (12238 bytes)

Zeglinski reached 1,000 career points on a trey late in the
first quarter. Shown are his dad, John (front, second from left),
brother Sammy (historic ball is in his lap, barely visible), and
his mom, Margherita. His other brother, Zack, is in the second
row behind Dad and Sammy.

wpeC.jpg (25215 bytes)

Mike Varanavage tries to spurt past Chris Crawford.

wpeE.jpg (29892 bytes)

Joe Zeglinski passes to Tom Manes. The defender is Mike Murnane.

wpeF.jpg (20424 bytes)

Wood's Rob Pearson gets ready to swat a shot by
Kevin Hudgeons.


wpeB.jpg (36710 bytes)

Gregory Stitt, defended by Tony Dwyer, passes to Andrew Crawford in the corner.

wpeC.jpg (16941 bytes)

Richard Womack flies to the ball.

wpeE.jpg (34700 bytes)

Matt Burns launches a trey over Richard Womack. Between them, a shade back, you
can see one of two tributes to Ryan McGinty painted on the court.

wpeF.jpg (19539 bytes)

The legendary Thomas "Hockey Puck" McKenna
taped the game for North Catholic. At the bottom
are North assistant Tim Hueber (light blue shirt) and
two Falcons, Nate Edwards (hand on chin) and Hanif