Special Photos, FB 2004

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    Every so often, we'll publish action photos and photos of people in or around the game
as a way of providing recognition. If you see Ted on the trail and think someone's photo,
even yours, deserves to be posted on www.tedsilary.com, speak up.
    For space considerations, photos from previous school years were deleted.


wpe9.jpg (28735 bytes)

Terrell "Li'l Ray" Baylor, a seventh-grader at Gillespie Middle School,
energetically dispenses water for Gratz. His nickname comes from the fact
his brother, Ray, is a junior lineman for the Bulldogs. The guy who's just a
liiiiiiittle bigger than Terrell is Gratz coach Gus Felder, the former Penn
State lineman.

wpeA.jpg (43062 bytes)

Gratz' Donald "Shug" King is sized up by Roxborough franchise Chris Mitchell. Roxborough's
Vinson Jones gives chase.

wpeB.jpg (30002 bytes)

The Bulldogs relax on the track during halftime.

wpeC.jpg (17992 bytes)

Bradley Martin picks off a pass.

wpeE.jpg (39133 bytes)

Roxborough's Richard "Microwave" Williams (No. 1) plays MLB (and RB) at 5-2, 190 pounds.
Others in photo: 31, Vinson Jones; 30, Aaron Washington; 5, Carl Scott; 78, Charles Preston.


wpe7.jpg (23055 bytes)

Brian FitzPatrick (L) and Greg "Izzy" Isdaner, of Episcopal, are the first two
recipients of our wonderful Player of the Week T-shirts. Notice how they find it
hard to contain their enthusiasm. They have promised to cherish the shirts forever.
Well, maybe for a week or two (smile). We thank them for being good sports.

From La Salle FB player Jack Crouse, who writes for the site during hoops
season as "Jack in the Box."

wpe7.jpg (22070 bytes)

This is Jack imitating coach Joe Colistra at a pep rally. At the table are
Mike "Stat Boy" Grant, Tom Little and Mike Lynch. Notice the different
color socks. They were part of the skit.

wpe9.jpg (19396 bytes)

Check out the face on C-DT Andrew Rocks. Coach Colistra is said to love
Jack's impersonations, and gets him to imitate the assistants.
                        (Photos by Brad Murtha, sr. offensive lineman.)

JUDGE 7, RYAN 0   9/25

wpe7.jpg (66824 bytes)

Check out the middle-of-the-line action during a kick by Judge's Dave Read. The holder is QB
Justin DeCristofaro. No. 11 is Ryan's Mike Pinto. This pic was sent in by former Penn
Charter star P.J. Maley. His own site is www.m3photo.com.

wpe7.jpg (45293 bytes)

Ryan's Joe Zeglinski prepares to straight-arm Judge's Matt Rodriguez. No. 31 is Luke Seagrave.

wpe9.jpg (34820 bytes)

Judge's Erik Frazier is sized up by George Colbert (42) and Mark Wyszynski (44).


wpe7.jpg (42671 bytes)

Frankford's Tarryn Pietersen (L) and Shannon Garrett are back for their
final season as the Pub's best managers. Shannon is the senior class
president. Tarryn is the treasurer.

wpe9.jpg (28914 bytes)

Lincoln's Terrell Denson runs and Isaiah Stroman chases.

wpeA.jpg (29471 bytes)

Frankford's famous cutback sweep. Malik "Flip" Walker runs and QB Lamont Brown
carries out his fake. Lincoln's John Hardin-Bey is getting blocked.

wpeB.jpg (43817 bytes)

Lamont Brown has more than enough protection.

wpeC.jpg (51144 bytes)

Frankford's 1954 champions were introduced at halftime.

wpeE.jpg (26494 bytes)

Antonio Wessells pops Lamont Brown as he throws. The pass was
intercepted by Terrell Denson.


wpe7.jpg (36526 bytes)

Your vision's 20-20 for this one. Franklin's Barton French runs. Overbrook's William Brownlee pursues.

wpe9.jpg (49993 bytes)

Franklin's Rodreen Howell delivers hard hit to keep Devon Starks from
making a reception.

wpeA.jpg (45758 bytes)

Hassann Denmark (52) prepares to tackle Barton French as Chris Thornton
blocks (and maybe holds the facemask?? -- smile) William Brownlee.

I tried to take some 'Brook celebration pics, but the memory card was full
and I couldn't make deletions in time. My apologies.


wpe7.jpg (40241 bytes)

John Shaw ran 35 times for 193 yards and three TDs.

wpe9.jpg (40494 bytes)

FB Andrew Spross scored the Hawks' first TD.


wpe9.jpg (22066 bytes)

West goes through pregame drills on the new artificial turf at Truman HS.

wpeA.jpg (24704 bytes)

John Beretzki (left) is in his 39th year of working at Egan/Conwell-Egan sporting
events. He formerly worked on the chain gang at football games, but now collects
admissions at the gate. Said fellow C-E legend Mike Tos: "If the Pope came to
the game, John would get $4 out of him."

wpeB.jpg (20123 bytes)

Your favorite game-pickers and mine, Puck (left) and Huck.

wpeC.jpg (12734 bytes)

C-E's Steve Slaton shakes off a West
player before throwing a halfback pass.

wpeE.jpg (33822 bytes)

West's Marques Slocum ices an ankle injury. At the upper
left is Marques' father, ex-West Phila. HS basketball star
Marc Anderson. He now lives in suburban Washington, D.C.


wpe7.jpg (33814 bytes)

Greg Isdaner (right) and Scott Ritrovato (65) make blocks to spring Episcopal's Brian FitzPatrick
on a quarterback draw. FitzPatrick had 275 yards total offense, four rushing TDs, a passing TD
and an interception.

wpe9.jpg (35649 bytes)

Coach Rick Knox (first step) leads the Churchmen back to the field for the
second half.

wpeA.jpg (34707 bytes)

So, do you think it's easy keeping stats in the pouring rain on a mudpit of
a sideline? (smile). This is me and Huck was on the other side of the camera.

CENTRAL 40, DOBBINS 21   9/17

wpe9.jpg (30024 bytes)

Under pressure from Central's Christian Chaves (43), Dobbins QB Steve Sydnor sends a
pitchout toward RB Paul Boldin.

wpeA.jpg (30265 bytes)

Senior Rachel Marcelis is one of Central's many managers. She
was asked to help on the chain crew and paid a price. Early, she
was knocked on her you-know-what when a play went across the
sideline. She popped right up laughing, though. Later, Central
QB Devon Thompson hit her on the arm with an errant pass.
"They're trying to kill me," she said.


wpe7.jpg (30578 bytes)

SJ Prep coach Gil Brooks talks via speaker phone with coach Joe Paterno as LB Steve Quinn commits to
Penn State. With Steve are his parents, John and Pat.

BARTRAM 16, SOUTHERN 12   9/16

wpeA.jpg (20431 bytes)

Bartram's John Pratt takes a hard hit.

wpeB.jpg (44448 bytes)

Southern WR Michael McClain turns upfield after making a catch.

wpeC.jpg (30548 bytes)

Almost in his own end zone, Southern QB Jalil Harris rolls to his left and looks to pass.
Tyrell Winchester gives chase. No. 58 is Harry Walker.

wpeA.jpg (29953 bytes)

There are no stands on the visiting side at Gratz and the stands on
the home side are condemned. So when Edison played at Gratz
on 9/15, Nam Tran taped the game from atop a ladder.
  (When Huck saw this photo, he sent me a comment: "Before the
game, the videoman went: checklist . . . camera, got it; tape, got
it; extra tape, got it; camera case, forgot it; and of course, ladder,

wpeB.jpg (37688 bytes)

The shortest distance to a first down is not always a straight
line. Check out the angle from one chain guy to the other. Gotta
love The Pub.

wpeC.jpg (35297 bytes)

Gratz receivers Richard Sheppard (3) and Nisia Dunaway are in the area. The
pass is knocked down by Edison's No. 1 (name not provided).

wpeE.jpg (25531 bytes)

Wood's John McFadden makes an interception 9/11 vs. West Catholic.

wpeC.jpg (27711 bytes)

West Catholic WR John Maddox was unable to hold onto this pass. He later made a key
interception. No. 6 is Ryan McAfee.

wpeF.jpg (27230 bytes)

Wood QB Chris Hanson takes off on a keeper as Christian Szablowski blocks Marques
Slocum and Anthony Rhoades pursues.

wpe7.jpg (40602 bytes)

Penn Charter's Colin Hitschler prepares to make a tackle on O'Hara's Steve Cook. O'Hara
won, 41-13, in game played 9/11. No. 73 is Jerry Penrose.

wpe9.jpg (44803 bytes)

Due to a torn ACL in his right knee, PC franchise Zack Zeglinski now has to help as a
statman. Here he confers with QB James Hannah. PC coach Brian McCloskey is in the
background, standing up.

wpeA.jpg (32648 bytes)

Cook is off to the races for a TD. No. 66 is Joe Glace. No. 76 is Matt Lowry.

wpeB.jpg (26617 bytes)

James Hannah has already thrown downfield. Joe Rauchut puts a block
on Brahiim Washington.

wpe7.jpg (38158 bytes)

Germantown QB Brandon Cuff loses the ball under pressure from Jeff Leriche (50)
and Charles Whittington (30).
   Photo by Mireya Taylor (Lincoln parent).

wpe9.jpg (31570 bytes)

Pass is about to fall incomplete in the end zone. The Lincoln players are
Jeff Leriche (left), Quaron Billups and Terrell Denson (26).
   Photo by Mireya Taylor (Lincoln parent).

wpe7.jpg (28225 bytes)

Terrell Denson runs for Lincoln vs. Germantown on 9/10.

wpeA.jpg (20612 bytes)

Lincoln's John Harden-Bey sizes up G-town QB Brandon

wpeB.jpg (26856 bytes)

King WR Sammy Tranks, who won the game with an 87-yard fumble return, charges off the line
to begin a pattern vs. Bok on 9/9.

wpeC.jpg (31291 bytes)

Bok's Cory Moultrie (3) executes a neat cutback.

wpeE.jpg (31113 bytes)

Bok's Sean Jessup sacks Jeff Campbell as Sammy Tranks blocks Amir Nuriddin.

wpe7.jpg (36730 bytes)

Coach Chalie Szydlik addresses the North Catholic Falcons after his first game produced a win, 15-12 over
Neumann-Goretti on 9/4.

wpe9.jpg (29639 bytes)

Neumann-Goretti's Bruce Holloman gets ready to juke a defender en
route to a 4-yard TD run.

wpeA.jpg (41006 bytes)

North QB Joe Waclawski surveys the N-G defense and the water tower welcomes you to Wildwood.

wpeB.jpg (18334 bytes)

In the first game, Roman QB Tim Hoban looks to throw as ref
Tom McClain keeps watch.

wpeC.jpg (30714 bytes)

Evin Jones on the run for Roman.

wpeE.jpg (23560 bytes)

Chris Diaferio tries to get away from Roman LB Sean Matthews; not
an easy task.

wpeF.jpg (27858 bytes)

This is the unofficial WC mascot, 7-year-old
Devin Crosby. He wears that FB thing on his
head, but we thought you'd like to see his face
(smile). His father, Albie, is a Burr assistant.

wpe10.jpg (27500 bytes)     

Northeast's players kill time waiting for Franklin to arrive before season's first game on 9/3.
Franklin got there at 3, so game was held up until 3:30. NE got there at 2.

wpe11.jpg (47776 bytes)

Franklin coach Ken Geiser speaks with his defense as assistant Al Hill listens in. No. 64 is end Kordell
Morgan, a vital member of the unit.