Best Teammate 2001
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The winner -- Bryan "Reds" Cole, of Cardinal Dougherty!!

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Bryan and his mom, Pat

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Bryan and one of the guys who
nominated him, Sean McGovern


There were five voters -- Ted, Huck, Amauro, Sparky and Lefty.
We all voted for three guys. Five points for first, three for second, one for third.
The final tally:
Bryan Cole 11
Dan Gargan 10
Tim LeBold 8
Kevin Wolf and Dan Szychulski 6 apiece
Mike McDonald 3
Alex Loew 1.
Thanks to everyone who contributed.


    I have thought long and hard about a special award we could present to wind up our first full school year of covering sports on this site. Hopefully, it's a good one.
    Who is the best teammate in the Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac Leagues? And why?
    Is he always upbeat? Does he never stop hustling? Is he always dependable in the clutch? Does he always know just what to say in dark moments? Does he tell great jokes? Does he set a proper tone in practice?
    Nominations for stars, "mediums" or lesser lights are encouraged. Athletes in any sport are eligible, though I'd imagine the winner will likely come from a sport I cover on a regular basis. 
    We'll take nominations through June 1, have the squad reach a decision and announce a winner shortly thereafter. I will spring for a handsome trophy.

    We've had fun all year and have even encouraged some spoofs. Please, everyone, just this once, be serious. I want thoughtful nominations. There will be no voting. We will go entirely on nominations (though I might consult coaches to be sure that everything said about a kid is on the money.)
    Thanks for participating!!
    ---- Ted Silary
    P.S. -- You may make nominations anonymously.


Mr. Silary,
    I am writing to you today concerning your "Best Teammate" award and your first inductee, Bryan "Reds" Cole.
    Let me say that I think such an acknowledgement is a terrific idea and epitomizes what being involved in sports is all about. I myself, have long been a believer in taking part in sports and specifically team sports. Team-oriented activities such as basketball, soccer, football, and the like are special not only because of the fun and enjoyment one gets out of it,but also because of the values and ethics it helps to instill in our young men and women.
    When I was a senior at Beaver College majoring in graphic design, I was required to do a thesis in order to graduate. The perimeters of the project stated that we had to create a fictitious company based on our own interests and design promotional material such as magazine ads, posters, and any other items that a company would need.
    Being that my passion since the age of 5 was basketball, I naturally decided that I was going to create a sports apparel company that was focused on basketball in much the same mold as And 1. The one stipulation to the thesis however, was that this company had to have some type of socially conscious message in an effort to better our world.
    This stipulation was not a problem for me because the goal for my company from the start was for it to produce basketball t-shirts, shorts, and other apparel that had positive slogans imprinted on them. This is where I felt that I could separate myself from the And 1 brand of trash talking and me-first attitudes. Rather, my company would endorse such qualities as sportsmanship, team play, and hard work. Values that I tried to exemplify while I was playing and what was instilled in me through both my father and grandfathers.
    I named the company Triple Threat Basketball and used the tagline: "Desire. Dedication. Determination." Through these three words, I felt one could be successful both in basketball and in life. In my estimation, being an exemplary teammate who demonstrates those three keys embodies what your award is all about.
    This is the reason why I was especially touched by your selection of my baby brother, Bryan "Reds" Cole. I think he'd agree with me when saying that while he was coming up, I was really tough on him both socially, academically, and athletically. When it came to sports, I was always concerned about whether or not he was getting to practice on time, putting in his best effort at all times, and how well he led by example. Bryan, much like myself, may not have been the most gifted athlete out there on the field or on the court, but he always gave it his all in any way possible to help the TEAM win.
    In an age when some "stars" on all levels of sports are more concerned with scoring averages as opposed to the team goal, I am glad to know that players such as Dan Gargan, Tim LeBold, Kevin Wolf, Dan Szychulski, Mike McDonald, Alex Loew, and Bryan are beacons of light when it comes to how student athletes are supposed to work, play, and act.
    Once again, thank you for instituting such an award and thank you for considering my baby bro....
    Jack Cole
    Cardinal Dougherty basketball alum, 1995
P.S.- I have to agree with the one guy who said that "redheads rule!!!"
    (Ted's note: Jack, this is a wonderful letter. Thank you VERY much.)

    i haven't been around in like a week and i was looking at the best teammate
thing did that say carmen didn't get one vote???? if not thats just rediculas
---- vince

    (Ted's note: My feeling is that the voters were more inclined to vote for guys
who were emotional leaders and participants, at least to some degree.)


For Tim LeBold, Dougherty football
        My name is Matt Gregory from Cardinal Dougherty High School and i
would like to nominate Tim LeBold who played middle linebacker and fullback
for us and also played some time at right guard.  There is no one who i know
who was pound for pound the toughest kid in the catholic league.  He is a
great person to hang out with on the weekend and always messes around in
school with you, he always has our backs and will speak up for anyone at
anytime in any given circumstance.  We never won a lot as eveyone knows but i
do not know one kid who played his heart out every play of every game more
than him.  Freshman year he would sit in the dark shower room and he would
never tell anyone what he was thinking untill he came out and would get
everyone hyped up and he did a good job of it too we went 4-2.  He also i
believe came very close or may have broken Imani Bell's (who attened Penn
State) school record for tackles, if you watch our films, that kid was in on
every play.  He is one of the biggest reasons why it was hard playing in that
last game on thanksgiving because he was like a brother and a pleasure to
play with and if there was one person who i would walk into any school yard
with to go into a fight i would not once hesitate to go in with him because i
know we would be the last 2 standing. A lot of the kids on the team looked up
to him and was a role model for the younger players. He is a class act and
would always just walk away if someone would run their mouth and he would get
them back fairly on the field.  Im sorry this is soo long but i could go on
forever and tell you a thousand stories about him and our games.  I know he
wasnt the best player on the best team but he had the MOST heart and
determination than anyone i know.
---- Matt Gregory, lineman class of 2001, #71

    (Ted's note: Excellent job, Matt. You really took the suggestion to heart.

Thank you!!)

For Josh Carmen, Conwell-Egan baseball
    The best teammate I have ever had was Josh Carmen.  He is a box of energy,
jokes, and enthusiasm.  He comes everyday to play and always does his best.   
Some teams in the CL know him as "Mullet Man" but us at Conwell-Egan know him
as "Carmen."  He is not the best player in the world and doesn't always play
but stays in every game that he is at and keeps everyone else on their feet
on the bench.  Everyone in the CL knows who I'm talking about because of all
of his comments that just make the game more fun.  Some people may try to
mock him cause they think he is rude or out of control but he is in the right
place at heart and is the spark plug of our team.  For all these reasons and
more I nominate Josh Carmen of Conwell-Egan as the Best Teammate.
---- Vince Salvatore #14 CEC
    (Ted's note: Another strong effort. Keep 'em coming.)

For multiple Judge nominees
    this is a tough one. i thought long and hard about this one. here at judge we
have many great temaates but the 3 best i ever came across are easily mark
"im the most couragous athlete in the ne" dickson, colin kilkenny and kevin
schulz.  schulz was great during football as he was truly a leader during
practice and if had more playing time during some games than he had we
wouldve been a ball team. mark was also great as he was the captain of our
football team and also leader in his other 2 sports that he exceled at. colin
was also another great 3 sport athlete. too bad his lacrosse season was cut
short with the blown knee. he played a few games and still got all cathlioc.  
but i can't choose mark over colin so i think they are both worthy of this
great award and schulz should get some kind of honor too. good luck to all
three of them next yr wherever they go. judge football aint gonna be the same
with out them 3. they will be missed greatly.
---- anonymous

For Bryan "Redz" Cole, Dougherty
    My nomination for the teammate of the year goes to Bryan "Redz" Cole.  I'll
start off by saying a little something about him.  He was the kicker for the
football team and was a reserve wing guard for the basketball team.  He has
abnormally bright red hair.  He also played JV football even though he was a
senior.  To me he was the greatest teammate, because he made everything fun.   
He was always smiling and joking around.  At one of our away games I remember
the play was "Cardinal 59" I dropped back to pass and threw it through a
bunch of defenders.  It got through and hit Redz in stride.  He faked out the
safety and ran it about 80 yards for the touchdown.  It was so great.  We
lost as usual, but the bus ride home was a lot better knowing he got the TD.  
I'll never forget his last JV game.  He played most of the game both ways.   
He QB'd the offense and played safety on defense.  He had 2 TD passes and
again we lost but it was all good cause he was so happy.  Basketball was totally
different.  Some games he wouldn't play at all.  Other games he was second man
off the bench and he was assigned the job of guarding their best offensive guard.
 I think his game against Wood was the best.  He helped shut down Spadafora,
the leagues leading scorer.  No matter what BC was always there after school to go
get something to eat or play SEGA or just have a sauna.  Bryan Cole gets my vote
and I hope you consider him.
---- Chris Jackson, CDJV

For Bryan "Redz" Cole and Mike McDonald, Dougherty
Dear Mr. Silary,
     I just want to say that the best teammates in the league are Bryan Cole
and Mike McDonald. First I would like to say a little something about "Redz".
He is a great guy wit one of the best personalities around.  He was always
there to cheer me up whether it was "keeping it moist" or reminding me it was
"Miller Time".  "Redz" was truly an enthusiastic person to be around and
although he wasn't much of a score on our team or anything like that but when
we needed a big defensive stop "Redz" was always there, holding Mike
Spadafora to 2 points in 1-5 shooting, and stealing the ball off of Tamal
Forichon in our playoff game against Roman. Redz never stopped having fun and
he will truly be missed by all of us next year. We all look forward to seeing
him bring the loonie bin back to life next year.  Mike is another one of the
best teammates around. He has the ability to score whenever he wants yet he
put all that away to become a pass first, pass second and pass last point
guard always making sure Isaac and I were happy with our points. He was also
very quick with his hands making very key steals at the end of many of our
games to save the win for us. Mike is also one of the best guys to chill
around with even though he's always scaring away my many girls with his
crooked nose. I hope you consider both of these guys because There's no doubt
in my mind that they are the best.
---- Tim Smink, CD Basketball

For Dan Gargan, Chestnut Hill Academy soccer (2000 Interac MVP)
    I was never the greatest athlete, but I loved the game of soccer as much as anybody. And after three years of sub-varsity play, I worked my butt off for a spot on the highly competitive Varsity team and, with a little lobbying, got a uniform. Even though I was somewhat of a mascot, Dan would always take me seriously, working with me to help me become a better player. As a teammate, more generally, he knew the most important rule: The Line, that is, when its time to goof off, and when its time to get to work. But despite his accolades as a player and his ability to lead, Dan takes this award for his merits as a person.
    When you are the best at what you do, like he is, its easy to get caught up with yourself and overlook a benchwarmer. But this was never the case with Dan, who saw my role on that championship team as important as anybody's. More importantly, he let me know that he felt that way. When my African Dribble went awry during a game against GFS or Malvern, or I tangled my legs up attepting a Denilson-esque crossover in practice, he encouraged me to keep my focus and to move on to the next play. When I had to miss a couple of games due to "philosophical differences with school administration" (particularly a math teacher with a skewed world view), it was Dan who kept my chin up and let the team know that I was thinking about them and wishing them well.
    Despite a boisterous exterior and mind for the occasional practical joke -- fall asleep (at the wrong time) and you run the risk of waking up with facial magic marker tattooes of the male anatomy -- Danny is, at heart, one of the best people I know. A scholar, an athlete, a friend. I am proud to have called him my teammate.
---- anonymous

For Alex Loew (Lowe?), McDevitt baseball
    The BEST teammate EVER, would have to be Alex, the true president, Loew, for
Bishop McDevitt's Baseball Team. He is the ONLY World Class bench player in
the CL.  The Inquirrer stated that Kennedy Kendrick had the best bench in the
CL.  Well... when they came to play McDevitt, President Loew hung that
article from the fence, to get the bench pumped, and if the bench is pumped
the rest of the team will be pumped.  Loew brings so much to the game, he
makes it fun, even if we are losing his antics bring us up , and those antics
helped us win our last 3 games.  The Egan game is where he really showed his
stuff to "The Mullet Boy". The Mullet was going strong for the first inning,
but Loew, and a few runs shut him up. "Cross Fire, you'll get caught in the
Cross Fire" between Loew and everyone one the other teams bench .  He's
always got his head in the game, and wants everyone around him to be in the
game to.  Even at practice, Loew tells the team "pracitice is not a time to
goof off, if you goof off at practice, whats gonna happen in the games?"  So
do it for the Krucker, and be PRO -LOEW.  ALEX LOEW FOR BEST TEAMMATE!!!
----  # 3 another bech jockey for Bishop McDevitt

    alex lowe was the best teemate of the year by far...he may not have played
alot on mcdevitt team but he gave his all in practice and was the life of our
bench. without his suuport we would be nowere. alex lowe is the best temamte
and deserves the award without question.
---- anyonymous

    I think Alex Loew, from Bishop McDevitt, maybe the best teammate ever. He
shows up every game ready to chatter and he can chat with the best of them on
the bench. The Inquirer said, Kennedy Kenrick had the best benches in the
area, well Loew proved them wrong and brought his A game, and proved to
Kenrick that McDevitt plays for keeps on the bench and has the best bench in
the CL. Besides Loew makes every game fun, so if you are not starting you
can have just as much fun on the bench then you would in the game. One of the
funnest games I have ever been at was when Loew and Mullet Boy were going
back and forth, but, I think Loew got the best of him that game but, Mullet
Boy is a good chatterer. Not only is he a great bench player, he is Mr.
Clutch, and made a great play in the outfield vs. LaSalle to seal the game
and Loew also won the McDevitt, Class of 2002, Student President election. So
I say PRO-LOEW, All World Bench Jocky, best teammate and should be noticed
for his actions. Maybe an article next year on McDevitt bench??
---- #17 Class of 2002, Member of the best bench in the CL

    i old just like to let the Catholic league know about a great teamate and the
captian of the bench for Bishop McDevitt High school. His name is alex loew
and he comes out ready to play everyday and is loud. when he faces another
vocal bench player. he always comes out on top and he does not fear anyone.
he proved this against Conwell Egan when he was faced head to head against
"mullet boy". i think his name was josh.. alex loew does not get
recognition throughout the league but he is the reason why McDevitt has been
playing better ball. he is the best teamate i have ever had and is very
creative with his chants!
---- anonymous

For Josh Carmen (again), Conwell-Egan baseball
    i would just like to say that through the years i
have never met a man, so hyped on team play. Josh
Carmen left fielder/bench player, is the reason why
our team sticks together. He gets everyone in the
game, keeping everyone on their toes, not knowing what
he is going to say next. Josh Carmen went so far on a
dare for the team, to ride off our catcher's roof with
a bike. Sure enough he did, and sure enough it was
hilarious. Josh Carmen is the epitimy of team
leadership. Thats why Josh Carmen should be the best
teammate in the world.
---- Gary Stricker #22

For Andrew Farrell, Washington baseball
   I would like to nominate Andrew Farrell from Washington High School. He had a
tough time adapting in the begining of the season not being a starter, but he
continued to be the biggest supporter on our bench and eventually got his
chance to play and became our everyday starting DH.
---- GW Baseball Mom

For Alex Loew again, McDevitt baseball
    Alex Loew from McDevitt, most definately deserves the
best teamate award. I am not a player, but a fan of
McDevitt baseball, and a good friend of Loew. When i
can make it to a McD game I go, and when I cant be
there, i always recieve a full report from Alex. He
is a true role player on that team. He is an
underrated player who doesnt complain about playing
time, and doesnt let his teamates get down. If things
arent going good, he's right there, to Chatter away.
Alex and Chatter go hand-in-hand. His constant
chatter on the bench became a part of his everyday
life. Where ever he goes, youll be sure to hear some
chatter. Whether its a Go Kart Track, a Burger King,
a basketball court, Loew brings the chatter just like
its the world series or something. Even during a good
old fashioned wiffle ball game, Loew can chatter like
its the Bottom of the 9th in the Catholic League
Championship. Chatter is now a HUGE part of McDevitt
baseball. Chatter that gets the team started.
Chatter.... from Loew. I have played on teams in
baseball and basketball with Loew since second grade,
and While I can no longer officially call him a
teamate now, because we are at different schools, "The
Dude" as some fans call him, will always be, in my
book, the Best Teamate I have ever had. Thank you
Alex. You mean a great deal to me. Thank you. Keep
that chatter alive, and teach the young guys, so your
Legend can live on for ever. CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!
---- C.H. Pro Loew Supporter

For Josh Carmen again, Conwell-Egan baseball
Dear Ted,
      There are so many words to describe this kid from Conwell Egan.  But
maybe you should ask the other teams in Catholic league about # 16.  They all
want to know what got into the kid with the mullet(eventhough its not short
on top).  He comes to every game with the spirit to lift anyone up that has
had a bad day, to remind them that they are playing baseball and its all
about fun, and thats what it all comes down to is fun.  Josh puts the fun in
baseball, you want this kid on your team because even with a loss, you can
walk away from the and think about Josh and laugh.  Eventhough he doesn't get
into the game that much he is cheering for his teammates from beginning  to
end.  This kid is unique, anyone can tell you that, people when they here him
wonder what to call him, at egan we just call him CARMEN.
---- Tim McLaughlin   #13

For Dan Szychulski, North Catholic (three sports)
  He has to be by far  the best teammate  he was a nut on the football field
 (second team all-catholic )   You definitely wanted him on your basketball
team  he wasnt the best basketball player but you definitely wanted him on
your team he did the little  things  and played well  after the whistle  he
played with all his heart and put his team first before anything   and o yeah
dont forget about baseball  (1st team pitcher and second team outfield) and
was mainly responsible for them winning 4  games .....the four games which he
pitched and never said anything about himself the whole  year    our nominee
has to go to Dan Szychulski     noone is even close  and anyone can't say
anything else
---- North Catholic guy

For Bryan "Reds" Cole again, Dougherty
Bryan is a special kid a cardinal dougherty.  First of all he has red hair
(that should be sufficient enough) as a kicker on the football team he was
always a good teammate to come off the field to talk to when things were
down.  He always has a smile on his face and never gets mad, no matter what
the situation.  I never seen his Irish temper! When were off the field he's been
a great friend.  Always there to play some SEGA or just B.S.  Bryan Cole gets
my vote! Did i mention he has red hair?  Cause red heads rule!!!
---- Sincerely,
His favorite Junior !!!!

For Dan Szychulski, North Catholic
I played two jv sports this year for North and throughout Danny "Hoss"
Szychulski was my role model. This was his first year playing football, and
it seemed like he has been playing forever. His leadership on the field is
impeccable. His leadership on the hardwood was also amazing. Diving for the
lose ball, grabbing the board, taking the charge. I played jv basketball for
north and the only reason I stayed to see the dismal varsity team play was
because of Danny. No, he did not score 20 a game but the way he picked his
teammates up and his coaches up was really amazing to say the least. Last but
not least baseball. This year as a sophomore I had a cup of coffee with the
varsity team. I will never forget the first game of the season ageist KK. We
were getting smoked but the senior captain told everyone to keep their heads
up. Than he shut his mouth and pitched a very solid game. He dident complain
that errors killed up that game instead he understood he had to be patient
with his young team, after all everyone knows what kind of "tacky" show KK
puts on. Danny showed up at practice the Sat after the game and went just as
hard as always to set a great example. Danny the Hoss is the best person for
this award!
---- A great fan of Danny "Hoss" Szychulski

For Josh "Mullet" Carmen again, C-E baseball
    It should go to Josh "Mullet Man'' Carmen hands down...He is known across the
catholic league..His special saying is "You get caught up in
the....Crossfire!!"  From that late 80's game..He deserves it.

For Josh "Mullet" Carmen again, C-E baseball
    It's obvious that Josh Carmen is the best teammate, because people compare
their candidate up to Josh Carmen.  This is because he is known throughout
the whole catholic league.  We at Conwell Egan don't know who Loew is, but it
is funny, at McDevitt they know who Josh Carmen is!!!!

For Josh "Mullet" Carmen again, C-E baseball
    My vote for the best teammate goes to Josh "MULLET" (even though it
wasn't a mullet it was all one length, and josh got it cut now he looks
dapper) Carmen.  Hands down Carmen showed recieve this award. I haven't seen
a player in the league with a bigger mouth then Carmen.   Some claim they
compair but none come close.  Most who say they compair just mock what Carmen
says. Carmen is original. Take notes, come up with your own stuff.  Camen's
off the wall comments during the game keeps us, the opposing team, umps,
fans, amd those who traveled far and wide to come see the wonderful CARMEN. 
If you have your head down during the game cause maybe you made a blunder,
Carmen will be in your face telling you that you have to pick it up and
finish strong.  Carmen is a team player, the team player.   Camen's heart is
bigger then a Dump Truck.

For Josh "Mullet" Carmen again, C-E baseball
    yo ted what's up i am on conwell egan i'm greg adair the best teamate is josh
carmen "mullet man" as everyone knows him.  he is the best because he is
always up and into the game he always knows the situation and always knows
exactly what to say to a person if he made a bad play or or did something
wrong he knows exactly how to get the best and funnest mood in the dugout. 
he never says anything negative to other teams just funny ace things that
make are whole team laugh and sometimes the other teams.   some teams think he
is very annoying, whoever does i don't know how you do.   if this award
belongs to anyone it should go to the right person josh carmen "mullet man"

---- greg #19

For Kevin McLaughlin, North Catholic football and basketball
    First off I would like to say Kev "Big Red" McLaughlin is as Good of a
Teammate as well as Best Friend.  I've been playing Football with Kev since
7th grade, going back to our Ascension days, though he's always been one of
the Biggest kids on the Field he has had the Biggest Heart also.  For a kid
as talented as Kev, who came to North despite offers from several other
Schools, he's always worked his Hardest and made sure that he got as much out
of his teammates as he got out of himself.  When he went down with a really
bad knee injury against Bonner this year and he could have easily been out
for the rest of the season, but he fought back and sat out for only 2 games
and he came back just in time to lead the attack to give North Catholic their
1st Red Division Win of the Year.  On and Off the field Kev has been a
leader, he's always there for his friends and never lets them down.  Kev I
just want to say it's been a pleasure being able to play along side of You
the past 6 years and I wish you the best of luck while at Moravian.  Thanks
for being there for Me through the Thick and Thin and helping Me realize what
a True Friend is, just remember you always got Weedie to look down on from
Time to Time...
---- Matt "Weedie" Weidenmiller '01, North Catholic Football #21

For Shawn Jones, Frankford baseball
    This may be the only public league player that gets nominated.....but today
we lost our semi final game 13-12 to central in a poor manner.....but he was
the one when we were down 13-6 to get everyone ralling.....and hes done this
all the team up when we were down.....he wasnt a starter and he
didnt play....kinda like me.....but he was the loudest person you could ever
hear on that field if the score was 50-2 he was still cheerin on still had
fight left in him....and when he was called upon he did what he ahd to
do......he never missed a game practice....nothing and after this lose he
told everyone to keep there heads up....he was the main reason we were able
to get the fight back in us....and hes the reason why we had fight all year
---- Will Kennedy

For Kevin Wolf, Judge basketball
    i would like to nominate might mouse, kevin wolf not only was he a good
player but he was a joy to be around, he always put a smile on our teams
faces.even though he didnt get along with coaches he still was a good guy, he
stood up for his rights and he was always there to drop my no look passes but
all in all he is a great teammate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For Kevin Wolf, Judge Basketball
 Ted, I would like to nominate "Mighty Mouse" Kevin Wolf for best teammate of
2001. Not only was he a good player, but he was a joy to be around. He always
put a smile on our teams faces in both good times and bad. After our playoff
lose t Cardinal Dougherty @ LaSalle, Kevin was there to cheer us all up and
tell us that it was a great four years together and no one can take it away
from us. Even though he wasn't a  coaches' pet (like me), he still was a good
guy to get to know. He stood up for his rights all the time. No matter how big
or small you were, Kevin never backed down without giving a fight. I would take
Kevin to war anyday. Kevin is such a great teammate, he is choosing Delaware
Valley Aggies (not Purple Hens Smink) over schools like Duke and North Carolina
because he wants to be teammates with his friend Rich Schmidt for four more
years. I think Kevin deserves this award and no one else.
----#31 Brian Mooney

For Shawn Jones, Frankford baseball
      I would like Shawn to get the award because he try to pick up any
chance he had. He was motor mouth of the team. when we got lose to central by
one o the worse calls in baseball history he just said, even thought he was a
senior, well get them next year. he tried his best to pick his team up. it
worked until the worse call. he yelled at the top of his voice to get every
one in it and it worked every game  he did so. He is a true champion in my
eyes even though he didn't start. he should bvest the guy for the job.
---- anonymous

For Shawn Jones again, Frankford baseball
    I want to nominate Shawn Jones for teamate of the year. He was the voice for
the team always gettin eveyone ready for games. Its his senior year and I
think he deserves this the most. He has  alot of heart and love for the game!!
---- anonymous

For Shawn Jones again, Frankford baseball
        i would like to see shawn win this award he is a voise of the team.
when they were down and out mfor the count shawn would yell and pick there
heads up. he is a very dedicated player and friend. he is always picking
people up when they are down as he did aganst a very bad game with central.
He told everyone to keep there heads high,  and will get them next year, even
though he was a senior talking about a teammate of the year well he is all  
for it.
---- Best friend Brian