Tom DeFelice Wins Award

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   On July 9, long-time Bok Tech football coach Tom DeFelice was named The
Man of the Year by the Southwest Philadelphia Football Coaches Association.
He received the award during a get-together "down the shore." Here is the last
part of the speech made by Tom's good buddy, Mark "Froggy" Carfagno.  

" . . . So why is he Man of the Year? I'll tell you why. "
   Because of the way he presents himself. A presence that exemplifies respect.
Whether it was as a Player, Coach, Teacher, Basketball Official or Recreation
Leader. A respect that myself and these two gentleman (Joe McFadden Sr.
and Jr.) see every week at his football games.

   Unfortunately, many of you don't get the opportunity to see it because most
games are in the afternoon, during the week when you are at work."
   "Let me now say one final thing, I've watched High school
Football in a lot of places. Young Joe also has traveled with me. I've seen

games in the Suburbs, in other states including: N.J., N.Y., Delaware, Maryland,
Washington D.C., Virginia and Florida.
   And believe me I've never seen a team more disciplined and respectful, either
on the field or on the sidelines. Whether the situation was advantageous or

   Once again the question is why? Why, because his players are a reflection of
the man in charge. The man his players call "Coach D."

   Ladies and gentlemen, the Southwest Philadelphia Football Coaches
Association, 2005 Man of the Year, Mr. Tom DeFelice . . . "