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(Results should be reported to 215-854-4570 as soon after games as possible.)

As you'll see (or already know), we do not cover baseball as heavily as football or basketball.

Also, Intelligent Thoughts no longer exist.

However, in an attempt to give players exposure, we will accept notes on individual teams that mention everyday lineups, pitching staffs, etc., and post them on this file. PLEASE make sure that names are spelled correctly. No bragging. No busting on other teams. Just tell us about your own team. Thanks!

We would also appreciate receiving rosters via e-mail or fax (215-854-5524).

Contributions . . .

About Roxborough . . .
   You need to watch out for the Indians this year. They got a good
team. You need to watch out for a couple of players this year like Vin
Cardona, Andrew Stridiron, Chris Johnson and the little man Shane Salley
all from last years team and the new player on the team Rich Lewis. With
Vin and Andrew pitching they got a good chance to get in the top 3 in
the A Division.

About Mastbaum . . .
   Jose "Tito" Colon is going to be one of the best third baseman this
year. Luis Alicea his cousin is the best second baseman in the league
this year. He's going all pub for the second straight year.

   Mastbaum has a young team, 3 seniors, 3 juniors, 4 sophmores, 4 freshmen
alltogether 11 underclassmen. Mastbaum should be the team to beat in division B.
With strong pitching and good defense their gonna be the class of their division!

About Central . . .
1.   Eric Heisler              Sr.             CF
2.   Craig Gould             Sr.              LF
3.  Kurt Haberle             Jr.              3B
4. Ron Daukaus             Jr.                C
5. Craig Baumbach    Jr.              1B
6. Brandon Watson     Jr.               RF
7. Ryan Abrams           Sr.              SS
8. Erick Navas               Sr.              2B
Pitching for Central this year will be lead by a two headed Craig Monste
with Sr. Craig Gould and Jr. Craig Baumbach as well as Jr. Brandon Watson.

About Olney . . .
   Olney is back this year with a very young team. These kids are loaded with talent. Edwin Deleon is the only returning senior this year. Olney has some returnees but all are sophmores and juniors. They are young but this team is very talented. With Barry  Strube on military orders coach McKenna is in charge of the team again. Edwin Deleon and McKenna still can't get over on what happened last year. Olney wants to show the PL that they really belong in A division and can play against any team in the league. Coach McKenna still talks about the Roxborough game and can't seem to get over it. Olney added a new arm to the pitching rotation he is Edwin Burgos Jr, Mike Burgos brother. Edwin is the first lefty to pitch for Olney since the 97 team when they had Irv Carrillo, also the year that Olney went to the championship. Edwin goes every offseason to the All American Baseball Academy in Warminster, PA. He is coached by Former Coach for Olney Bob Vivian and former coach for Washington Coach O'Hara.
                Edwin Deleon has a new buddy to throw to behind the plate. His brother Jose Deleon is behind the plate this year, another freshman loaded with talent. Olney has 2 more brothers on the team. They're Carlos and Bienvenido Beltre. Carlos is starting 3rd and Bienvo is playing SS and 2nd.
                Olney has speed and agility in the outfield and quick hands and feet in the infeild. Trojans started of on a good foot beating Lincoln 11-7. Good things are set to come for Olney. Watchout for those Trojans.
Let's Playball;
PFC Burgos   
US Army

About McDevitt . . .
10 Sr Rob Dougherty P/3B
1 Sr Brian Fisher 2B
23 Sr Andrew Kovach C*
5 Sr Anthony Kunz OF*
13 Sr Mike Loftus OF*
14 Sr Tim Myers OF/1B
8 Sr Bob Mitros P/SS*
11 Sr Steve Notrris 1B*
28 Sr Brian Ronney P
27 Sr Steve Snyder 1B
21 Sr Sean Woods 2B
10 Jr Sean Cahill 3B*
26 Jr Greg Golding 1B
31 Jr Chuck McLaughlin P
6 Jr Brian O'Donnell 2B*
25 Jr Jim Romano C/1B
22 Jr T.C. Sawich OF*
37 Jr Ricky Sheehan P
36 So Dan Fannon P
4 Fr Brian Mitros SS/2B*

About Neumann...

41 Sr Jimmy Porreca 1B*
11 Sr Joe Camperchioli 3B/P*
28 Sr Billy Sheridan 2B/P*
30 Sr Robert Matticks OF
33 Sr Joshua Quinlin OF
31 Sr Tom Daly C*
17 Sr Michael Clancy P*
18 Sr Justin Lannutti OF/P
44 Sr John Tangi P
45 Sr James Spratt 1B/P
14 Sr Antonio Raie C
24 Jr Brian Chambers C
42 Jr Billy Canady SS/OF*
34 Jr Chris Meccarellio OF/P*
48 Jr Johnathan Brady 3B/P*
51 Jr Antonio Cima OF/P
39 Jr Frank Baldino OF
37 Jr Vito Cianci 2B
7 So Christian Lannutti SS/P*
22 So Brian Dietrich P

About Frankford . . .
(seniors unless noted)
Matt Colon c
Adam Hartman lf
jr Joe Farina p-3b
Carlos Rivera p-3b
jr Cory Shaeffer ss
Howard Sherman 2b
jr Carlos Masip cf
fr Ramon Reyes rf
jr Geoff Minetola 1b
so Tony Wallace
jr Matt Romanusky
Angel Ortega
jr Jeff Newman
so Andrew Bracero

About Washington . . .
(seniors unless noted)
jr Brian Morgan rf
Steve Kern ss
Dennis Massott lf
Bruce Bauer dh
Harry Parfitt p-1b
jr Ken Radziak 3b
Adam Eisman 2b
Marcus Kennedy cf
jr Eric Seidman p
Bill Coles c

Scott Haze cr-inf
so Matt Peterson c
so Justin Presley c-inf
so Marc Tankel inf-p-of
James Micoletti inf
Mike Marcelline c
so Matt Yankowitz of

About Northeast . . .
(seniors unless noted) 
Kamil Harris ss
jr Andrew Lihotz cf
Steve Sandberg 1b
Ken Wlodarczyk p-3b (injured)
Jeff Barrow rf
so Brandon O'Malley c
so Chris Steinke 2b
Joe Cross 3b
jr Bryan Adamson
so Nick Diamond
jr Mike Hazel
so Dennis Heebner
jr Drew Lessa
jr Craig Solomon
Chris Wendowski
jr Jason Zitman

About Episcopal . . .

NO.         NAME                                         POS.                   BATS                 THROWS              YR.
  3             ANDY BARKS*                             OF                 L                 R                                   SR.
17            CHARLIE BARKS                          OF                      L                 R                              FR.
12             RICKY BROOMAN                        2B/P                 R                 R                              FR.
  4             JASON BROWN*                            P/IF                    R                 R                                   SR.
14             LOU CALABRESE                           IF                 R                 R                              SO.         
27             MARCO CONTINO                       OF/P                 L                 R                              FR.
26             MATT DEASEY                                      OF                 R                       R                             SR.
  7             PAT DEVINE                  1B                 L                 L                               SO.
10             MAX FINKEL                   SS                 R                 R                              FR.
20            JOHN FINNEGAN                         C                 R                       R                             SR.
11            MATT FINNEGAN                 P/OF                   R                 R                                  JR.
15             BRIAN FITZPATRICK                 OF                 R                 R                              SO.
  9             FRAN GRUNDE                                OF/P                 R                 R                              JR.
16             ALEX HAY                        IF/P                 R                 R                              JR.
34             BRINTY MARKLE                 3B/P                 R                 R                              JR.
13             JOSH McLANE                                IF                 R                 R                              FR.         
24             ANDREW MEHALICK                 OF                 R                 R                              SO.
21             JOE ROSATI                  1B/P                 L                 L                               SO.
32             BRIAN SHANAHAN                 IF/OF                 L                 R                              JR.
  5             CHRIS SHERWIN                 P                 R                 R                              SO.
29             RYAN SHUGRUE                 OF                 R                 R                              FR.
28             ANDREW TURNER                 IF                 R                 R                              FR.
  8             CRAIG WALLACE                 IF/P                 R                 R                              SO.
23             PETE WICHMANN                 OF                 R                 R                              SO.
22             DAN WILLIAMS                 SS                 R                 R                              JR.
18             KIT ZIPF                        C                 R                 R                              SO.

About Chestnut Hill . . .
SR. Captain*      *Gilly LANE                             P/ SS        
SR                Artie "FRITZ" FRITZINGER                  1B/DH
SR                Alex   "Whitey" White                    OF
JR                 *Chris "MAC" McINERNEY                 P/ C/ INF
JR                 Mike BRAVERMAN                      OF
JR                 James "FITZ" FITZPATRICK                OF
JR                 Robin Purple                           P
SO                *Anthony "SKI" BIELLO                    2B/SS/P
SO                David "CLAGGLES" CLAGHORN          3B
SO                Jamie COOPER                            C
FR                Mike "NOOTZ" MANZIONE                  P/INF
FR                Cory BRODERICK                         P/OF
FR                Brett "FET" DEFELICE                  P/1B

* Returning Varsity Starters

About GAMP . . .
Coach Art Kratchman
Sr.#24 Dave Sciratto of,
Sr. #4 Mario Malatino p,of,
Sr #7 Anthony Caines ss,p,
Jr #10 Paul La Bruna 3b,
Jr Kyle Torriero 2b,
So #9 Vince Evangelista P ,1b,
So #19 Dom Demarco c,
So #5 Gabe Natale of ,
#18  So Gino Callucci of,
So #2 John Dunn  inf.,
Fr #6 Ryan Challanger Of P 1b,
Fr #12 Joey De Stefano C

About Kennedy-Kenrick...
9 Jr Dan Connor SS
40 Jr Vin Dayton C*
19 So Josh Eidell C/P
21 Jr Victor Evangelist 1B/OF*
1 So Brian Gillin OF
17 Sr Tom Grady 3B/1B/OF*
2 Sr Joe Harris 2B/3B*
15 Sr Tim Johnson P/C
6 Sr Chris Lubanski OF/P*
25 Sr Sean McManus P/1B*
47 Sr Matt O'Hanlon OF
3 Sr Brian Rainone 2B*
18 Sr Jason Rigg SS
29 Sr Marcus Ronca OF/P*
7 Sr Jon Smolenski P/3B*
22 Sr Justin Taphorn OF


About Judge...
9 Sr Eric Blade C
16 Sr Joe Babiasz OF*
1 Sr Ryan Carrelli IF*
18 Sr Jim Glowienka P
6 Sr Dan Leonard IF*
19 Sr Kevin McDevitt OF/C
17 Sr Chris Panas IF/P*
13 Sr Steve Sellers P/1B*
37 Sr Anthony Slane OF*
44 Sr Steve Toroni OF
7 Sr Don Winterbottom IF*
40 Jr Steve Altobelli P/1B
38 Jr Joe Cione P
2 Jr Dale Curry C *
21 Jr George Flack OF
14 Jr Rich Greenfield IF
31 Jr Joe Sanford OF
12 So Eric Andrzejewski P
3 So Shane Erb P
25 So Dan Higgins 1B/OF*

About North Catholic . . .
Danny Paluch SS*
Mike Karpovich C*
Shaun Gallagher IF/P*
Brian Wherman 1B*
Mike Berreta OF*
Chris Wenger IF*
Craig Kubis IF/OF*
Stan Orzechowski OF*
Brett Bryan OF*
John Paffen C/OF
Rich Haggenbach OF
Brian Pasternak OF
Bille Weissinger IF
Ed Jescoviack IF
Robby Thomson P/IF

About Penn Charter . . .
10 So. R.J. Hollinshead C
25 Sr. Taylor Baum 1B-P
8 Sr. Matt Ryan P-2B-1B
14 So. Ryan Nanni CF
21 So. Zack Zeglinski SS
6 Sr. John Samuel LF
22 Sr. Mickey Maley RF
34 Jr. Eric Feinschil DH
44 Jr. David Skinner 3B
8th grade Mark Adzick P
Fr. Mike Parrilla
So. Sean Rust

About Gtn. Academy . . .
7 Jr. Sean Grieve P-CF
9 Jr. Joe Matteo OF
20 Jr. Kevin Gordon OF
10 Jr. Alex Kaplan C
14 Jr. Matt Bruderek 2B
18 So. Dan Overcash 3B
4 So. Tyler Stampone DH
2 Sr. Ivan Alber 1B
8 So. Matt Brown RF
42 So. Andrew Hanson SS
17 Jr. Pete Vernon P

About West Catholic . . .

Starting Lineup:                              Bench

*P/SS-Kyle Whalen-Jr.                   ^OF-Matt Ambrezini-Fr.
*C-Matt Demarco-Soph.              ^OF-Chris Uffleman-Fr.
*1st/P-Kevin Gardner-Jr.              OF-Ray Dougherty-Fr.
*2nd-Mario Ortiz-Soph.                 ^INF-Steven Powers-Fr.
*SS-Chris Sheeran-Sr.                     2nd-Eric Massey-Soph.
*3rd-Ricky Graham-Fr.                 OF-Emanuel Ghrebremariam-Jr.
*LF-Matt Uffleman-Fr.                     OF-Andre Goods-Sr.
*CF/P-Steve Roman-Soph.
*RF-Tom Davis-Soph.
*Starters and their starting positions
^Possible Starters

About Bonner...

00 Jr. Steve Devito OF
1 Jr. James Jordan C/OF*
2 Sr. Paul Cashin 1B*
3 Sr. Joe O'Leary INF*
4 Jr. Anthony DiCola 2B/3B
5 Jr. Bill Minnis OF
6 So. Tom Moran P/C
7 Sr. Mike Shalon SS*
11 Jr. Bruce Berry SS
14 Sr. John Cucinotta INF*
17 Sr. Dave Hudiak 3B
19 Jr. Greg Discher 1B
21 Jr. Jay Kluka P*
24 Sr. Frank Nunan OF/P*
25 So. Kevin Ward OF/1B*
32 Sr. Kevin Horning P/OF*
42 Sr. Kevin Leddy C/P*